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Rebecca Benenati

Rebecca has been in the business of Health and Fitness since 1992.

Before training as a doula, she'd already made a name for herself with her own personal training and massage business. She began teaching yoga in 1993 after being reminded of how fun it was to move and stretch like she did as a young gymnast. Her yoga practice has not only become a way of life, it has become the one single thing that keeps her grounded, sane, happy, challenged and strong. As a mot

Operating as usual


Comfort measures for expectant couples. We offer a 2 hour workshop every 2nd Saturday of the month at . This workshop prepares you and your partner for the basics of what to expect and how to be the best support. We teach helpful hands on support and offer other methods of support for both expectant parents. Join us!


Prenatal Yoga today at 10:00 am! ,2,3


Restorative yoga is perfect for expectant Mamas and for postnatal recharging.


When your last doula client/friend of the year sends this. We love our job!we love being of service! we love new families! We love birth!! Thank you for a great year of trusting us with your birth experience. We are now accepting clients with due dates from January 20th on.


This Saturday at proceeds will be going to


Thank you firefighters!


Yay! We love Sean!


and got out together to vote. 🇺🇸


This makes a very luxurious spa room for a doula who’s on for over 48 hours . Or this makes a great storage room when all the sisterhood, mamatribe is called to the bedside to pray, sing and encourage the mama to be! Wow! What. Week we’ve had at Wellborn Birth Doula Services. Two births. Long labor. Babies arrived. Family born, family expanded. All are happy! And that concludes our birth year here at WBBDS. We shall rest during November and December. Mommy and Me, Toddler Class, prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga all year long.


True! Also try that you may not love them the moment you meet them and that’s NORMAL but you will grow to love them and they [email protected] your heart space forever!

To all the moms waiting, we send you warm wishes, lots of love and a sea of patience!!


Happy November!


Happy Halloween to our expectant mamas and all our new mamas and babies! Have a good time and don’t worry if you can’t manage to get baby in a costume!! Really!!! It’s OK!! But don’t pass up the candy! Enjoy a treat!


Waiting for baby, day 2! Sometimes it’s long, slow but steady!


Postnatal yoga at 11:00 am at

Dance with your baby bump TUE/THU at 11:15 with at

6:00 pm yoga with MON/WED at

Come try something different with your fabulous pregnant body! We support you!


What will you do in this day that starts the weekend? Set yourself up for a sweet weekend. Order your groceries, tidy up a little, take a nap, cuddle with baby or belly, plan out dinner and start your weekend off with intention! 10:00 yoga with at its not prenatal yoga but if you show up, it can be! We teach to whose there. Happy Friday everyone!


Starting a family is a great new beginning. New beginnings need support. Ask for help Mamas! Whether you as us at or ask a neighbor, it truly takes a village to feel all the magic!


This is coming up! We will help your partner feel confident while you just do your laboring thing, sweet mamas!


New parents!!! Stick together, take a deep breath, lean in and on each other like you didn’t even know you knew how. You will get through the first year!!! You will have energy and a good nights sleep soon! I PROMISE!


Mamas! How’s your bladder been since having baby? It’s pumpkin season and here is a tip from

Pumpkin seeds were traditionally used by Native American tribes to “facilitate passage of urine.” A European herbal encyclopedia first mentioned the use of pumpkins seeds to treat urinary problems in the year 1578. The German health regulators approve pumpkin seed as a treatment for irritable bladder.


We have an official office and space to hold doula interviews, workshops for childbirth support and mentor ship for doulas. We support women! We are a women run business and are hearts are all in!


Postnatal yoga tomorrow at 11:00 am!
Wellborn Lifestyles
13721 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks


Looking forward to seeing some mamas and babies tomorrow!


Look at these moms of toddlers!!!! Toddler class with every Wednesday at 3:30pm. The class for walkers that aren’t old enough for preschool.


Postnatal yoga today at 11:00 am with 818-853-BORN


Now you can bring your little one and get back on your mat or come alone for a mommy break. Whatever your need is, we will meet it at


Stunning Harvest Moon didn’t do its magic for any of my expectant Mamas that are due and over due but someone out there gave birth underneath this magical moon.


This in the shower with hot water on your back! Lights dim, partner and doula giving you water. There’s an option. You will try several things when you are in labor and eventually something will feel great. Possibilities are in list, just your body, trust yourself and do what you need.


Pregnant selfie’s are the best selfie‘s.


Birthing balls are a great tool for labor. Bounce. Rock. Figure 8. Helps to open pelvis and can relieve back aches.


I hope you get to take a load off this weekend. Resting is always a smart choice when you are growing a human.


To all who celebrate this sweet time of year!


Postpartum visits are not closure for me, they are opportunities to open up more possibilities for community, gathering, bonding and spreading joy! We do talk about the birth experience and of course screen for postpartum depression, and we also deepen our bond of an experience cherished by all.


Pregnant women practice yoga as they attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest prenatal yoga class, in Changsha, Hunan province June 8, 2014. A total of 505 pregnant women participated in a yoga class together for 37 minutes and 28 seconds on Sunday, exceeding the current Guinness World Record set in Shenzhen in 2013 with 423 women, local media reported. Picture taken June 8, 2014. (Reuters) classes also at with


Just me and my Mentor, friend and peer. Listen to me and having a chat about life! Life as a doula, life as a Mom and Futbol!!

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A less obvious tip for preparing for a smooth transition home with baby!
a brief video to give you an idea about family meeting topic!
Trust that you will know what you need and how to ask for it. It is ok to say exactly what you need.
Tune in to find out the word of the day to remember during your labor and delivery.





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