Maria Ramsdell - Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist

Personal Trainer & Nutritionist - Co-Owner of Chain Fitness with husband Taylor Ramsdell

Mission: "In 2009 I decided to take responsibility for my own happiness and pursue a new career in the field of my true and fitness. The first step of any journey is sometimes the hardest, but with a little encouragement and support, no goal is unattainable. Watching my clients push past their expectations and attain more healthy lifesyles is the most gratifying part of my job. My clients entrust me with their health and well-being. I am honored to take on this responsibility and hold it in the highest regard."

Operating as usual

This has always been one of my favorite photos of my grandmaw and I. It perfectly captures a moment that tipifies our relationship perfectly. Whatever she said...I was always “po’mayed”. For you non-Cajun folk, that means cracking up laughing.

When I was small she often took care of me while my parents worked. Her kitchen on Sundays was the meeting grounds for our entire family where we would eat, play, watch football and enjoy being together. And we would laugh. Watching the banter between her and Uncle Floyd was pure comedic genius on a level that I can’t even explain.

As I got older and brought friends to her house, she became their “Maw Maw Rose” too. It was the ease and comfort of just being in her presence that made everyone feel that she belonged to them. To have met her is to have loved her...deeply.

I eventually moved away but always missed her company. When my dad fell sick and life seemed too heavy, I would call her. She always listened. She was always there for me. For anyone who needed her.

I can say with the utmost certainty that she was the most godly person I ever knew. She never spoke ill of anyone. She accepted you as you are. She loved you at first sight.

I consider myself the luckiest person in the world to have been so close to her. She helped shape the woman I am today and I am beyond grateful for that. I will miss her deeply every single day. Rest In Peace, Maw Maw Rose. You are gone but still loved, very much missed and will never be forgotten.

Challenge accepted! #challengeaccepted

LA has been my home for 20 years. I will fiercely miss this city and all of the people I’ve been honored to call my friends. It’s been a wild and truly incredible ride, and now it’s time to write the next chapter in my story. Nervous, excited, ecstatic. And REALLY grateful...for my memories, for this very moment, and for all that is to come!!! ✌️♥️🤗 See you on the gram & when I’m back to visit. As always, hit me up for virtual training (from the Ramsdell family garage gym in Missouri 💪😃💪😃💪)
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📦 RAMSDELL FAMILY UPDATE!! 📦 Earlier this month when we were back in Missouri, the initial reason was to look at a property and get it all checked out. Well, it checked out! So we decided to go ahead and BUY THAT PROPERTY and MOVE ON IN!! Great opportunity for our future (AND a great yard 🙌😁). We’ve been considering doing this for quite a while. The timing works well and with it being this particular house, it made everything perfect for us.’s the house my grandparents lived in a long time ago!! Many awesome memories from my childhood. This is all so very cool!! 🏡❤️💯!!! :) (and if you noticed the cat in the photo, don’t worry. Ray won’t be packed in the box 😂. He and Jason will be accompanying Maria, Levi, and myself on the plane 🐈🐈💃👦🕺✈️🏡)
TRAINING!!! I’ll be back in Los Angeles quite often still for work, so of course I’ll be seeing you again Angeleno fam! Plan on some 🔥 collabs whenever I’m in town! And for many others across the world, I’ll be going much further into my training app 📱💪! Plus, got a handful of fights already on the books! My passion for my work always finds a way to make it happen. Let’s go!! 💥
We are very excited and very grateful. So much fun to be had. Life’s short! Live it up!
#CAtoMOtoeverywhereelsewego #ramsdellstrong

🏆 Happy Father’s Day to the worlds best “how to make a super tough face when you have a bloody nose” teacher. For always turning our tears into giggles and for totally crushing this whole Dad thing...we love you. ♥️

🎉 He is 6!!!🎉 Happy birthday to this cool cat. 😽😽😽

All mothers were summoned. #Repost @theglowdotcom

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So cute. So deceptive. I’m grateful to have toys at home so I can vary up my routines. toys, no problem. You can still get in awesome workouts with little to no equipment. Seems like finding and ordering fitness gear is a bit tough right now.

Contact me if you’re in a rut and need some one on one sessions. I’ll program them with whatever you have access to! 💪

I’m blessed with a mom and mother-in-law that are the most amazing and supportive duo a daughter could ask for. And they make a pretty kick butt pair of grandma’s for Levi too. Grateful to be able to wish them both a Happy Mother’s Day today!

The world is your playground...or your gym. I’m grateful for at home workouts, for afternoon jogs and for stairs to exercise on. But I am really missing my clients and gym pals and looking forward to getting back to work! See you soon. ☮️ ❤️ 🤗

So proud of the work that this crew is doing with their fearless leader @taylor_ramsdell. Follow him and join in for the BEST (AND most entertaining) at home workouts 💪
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@ramsdellstronglive 🔥💪 Become a member TODAY!!! Only $10 for four live workouts a week through April 30!
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Live-streaming at home workouts coached by me 🔥💪
First LIVE workout will be tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10am PST!! Workout will be 20-30 minutes long. First one will be BODYWEIGHT ONLY. And each workout will be available for viewing for 24 hours!! Schedule will vary. Again, each workout will remain on the profile for 24 hours.
Send $ and then get access to tune in for one month! The minimum donation is $10. Maximum donation ... NO MAX!! 😁💪❤️
When you make your donation, make sure you put your IG name on it. Then, request to follow @ramsdellstronglive on IG so we can accept your follow request! Then, just tune in to the live feed at the scheduled time!
Your donation will be good for ONE MONTH of live streaming. I will be doing 3-4 LIVE workouts a week, starting TOMORROW March 17 and will go through Fri April 17! Let’s go!!!!
Accepted donation methods:
Venmo: @taylor_ramsdell
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PayPal: [email protected]

So, I was gonna scroll through my most recent pix of @taylor_ramsdell to find the perfect snapshot to post to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. This is the most recent video of him in my camera roll. No scrolling necessary. Every photo and video he takes is a gem 💎...Just like he is.
Happy birthday to my big baby. I love you so much. You’re the peanut butter to my jelly, the yin to my yang, the twinkle in my eye, the beat of my heart and the love of my life. 🎂 #babyfilter #happybirthday

Ab wheel! Why does @taylor_ramsdell’s growl-voice always make me work a little harder? 🤔🤔🤔

Chin-up progression! Get ya bootie under the bar and pull! Use a smith machine or any rack. To make it a little more challenging, extend your legs straight or just don’t use them as much to help assist you up. 💪 💪 💪

Single leg kneeling squat. For extra 🔥, superset them with barbell hip thrusts.
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Want to build diastasis tension? Load it! I find that I need to load the fascia of my fit mamas in a way that matches how hard they are used to working out. The more intensity they are familiar with, the more I need to load their fascia to create a change.

We usually lay a client down on their back to test and challenge their diastasis. This is an-anti-gravity position and therefore, the least stimulating. When the fascia or gap doesn’t change or respond, the tendency is to back off, assume they can’t take more challenge and further restrict the client’s activities. —
Instead, we should consider we aren’t stimulating the fascia enough to actually wake it up, particularly when you consider what level of challenge the athletic woman’s fascia and abdomen is used to.

In addition, the internet has scared women away from exercise that challenges their center. All for FEAR of creating or worsening a diastasis. We must work the center in order to bring a change! It is the only way to build diastasis tension! Challenging the center will prepare the capacity of the tissues to resist the inevitable demands of motherhood and the fitness they long for. So let’s get really good at clinical reasoning and create a demand on the tissues that will bring change. Simultaneously, let’s monitor and modify the activity to be able to appropriately turn the dial of intensity up or down when needed for symptoms, doming, pressure control, or to build more tension. —
PS Intensity isn’t the only consideration we can modify, monitoring their strategy for how they do the activity is paramount! Learn more strategies here:
Don’t wanna miss a post? Or a sale (Black Friday is coming soon!)? Join my newsletter (link in bio). Want to find pros to help near you? Check out my Find-A-Pro map (link from my home page). #diastasis #diastasisrecti #fascia #mummytummy #pregnancybelly #pregnancyrecovery #postpartum #postpartumfitness #physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #pelvichealth #fitness #educatedhope #monitorandmodify #pistonscience #BlackFriday

Itsa Mario Time!!!

Monkey mama at @skyzone.

KINDERGARTEN!!! Levi was a champ this morning. So brave and excited. Mom and dad were able to hold it together until after our goodbye. Then, well...yea that’s us happy crying in the last photo. 😊 Go Levi!!!!!! 🎉

Diastasis recti is an internal abdominal pressure problem, not just a post baby belly problem. Sometimes it can be fixed with therapy and sometimes surgery is required. In some cases, it looks like the bellies in these photos. In others, it looks like a “pooch” that just won’t go away with diet and exercise. Thanks to @thetummyteam for this illustration.

Yea sure, anyone can sing a baby to sleep. But to turn a T.I. song into a lullaby...that’s special. Throwback to nana and newborn baby Levi.

Yea sure, anyone can sing a baby to sleep. But to turn a T.I. song into a lullaby...that’s special. Throwback to nana and newborn baby Levi.

Cucumbers, mushrooms, carrots, chickpeas, olives, cilantro, broccoli, chicken!

This is my salad lunch meal prep. It’s too hot to eat anything warm!!! I’m much more likely to stick to it if the veggies are already cut, washed and ready to eat! And this base gives me the flexibility to change it up when I need new flavors.
1. Change the dressing (or add lemon or lime juice) 🍋

2. Change up the PROTEIN. Shrimp, turkey burger leftovers, fish, rotisserie chicken or sausage. Sometimes I cook these at home. But I’m always on the hunt for good quality pre cooked proteins. 🍤

3. Add avocado, seeds or cheese for extra satiating FAT. 🧀

4. For CARBS, add rice or potatoes or even tortilla chips for a crunch. (Rice and potatoes both come fully cooked and frozen, so heating them up is faster) I add this on heavier workout days. 🥔

5. For a sweet tooth, add dried cranberries or raisins or fruit. 🍓

6. Change up the greens. Spinach, kale, butter lettuce, spring mix! 🥬

I hope you’re having a happy summer!!! ☀️

❤️🌙 🚀 💫❤️

My cousin @mmullaly920 texted this photo to me this morning. Is it weird that I absolutely LOVE the fact that when people think about the pelvic floor, they think of me? 😁 #ineedthisonashirt

Missing dad today. #yesiknowilookjustlikehim #imlucky ♥️

@taylor_ramsdell, you blow me away with your pure awesomeness. For everything you do for us...Happy Fathers Day!

♥️🎁♥️ I can’t believe he’s 5. The happiest birthday wishes to my little bruiser, Levi. ♥️🎁♥️

Just monkeying around. 🐒 #happyplace

Happy Mother’s Day mom!!! Man, this woman and I have been through so much together. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do, day in and day out for me. ❤️(And yes, that’s a strawberry shortcake belt around my head...don’t judge.)

Think you need lots of equipment to get in a seriously challenging workout? Think again! @taylor_ramsdell’s new bodyweight workout on Playbook app is my new favorite gym go to! Download the app to get the full workout. It’s goooooooood.

Back squats are my least favorite exercise of all time. They’re hard for me. I’m not good at them. They’re like the devil. I’d rather do burpees. I’m serious.

I know the mechanics of them inside and out and can teach them in my sleep. Nevertheless, they remain on my personal “suck list”.

So, I did them to see if we could be friends...nope! Still not a fan.

But I’m glad I did them. I’m glad I tried. I’m glad they’re done. And I’ll be glad tomorrow. #dayafterlegday #walkingfunny #neverregretaworkout

Link is in Taylor’s bio!!! Go get the app now!!! 👏👏👏

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We are LIVE!!! Subscribe through the link in my bio! 💪💪
I’m VERY excited about this!! Right now, there’s a week of my workouts on there (5 total)! You can do them together as a week (or more), or you can add them into your existing routine to spice things up. I will be adding more workouts on a regular basis for the gym and/or at home. I’ll be giving you workouts utilizing certain pieces of equipment, as well as workouts using no equipment! And I will be launching full programs soon!!! So, please let me know what types of workouts and workout programs you’d love me to share! I want your feedback so I can give you great content! Let’s make it happen! Thank you!
The link is in my bio! Click it and subscribe! LET’S GO!!!!! #ramsdellstrong

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