The Minyan at Common Ground

Welcome to Kabbolos Shabbos at Common Ground!

Operating as usual


We're going "old shul" tonight. Kabbalos Shabbos minyan with song and intention at the Mallinger residence 1471 Bedford st. #2. 7:45 mincha followed by kabbalos Shabbos. Come one come all, and please bring a siddur or two.


A Gutten Erev Shabbos!

Unfortunately there will not be a minyan this week at Common Ground.

B'ezrat Hashem we will be back in action next week!


Just a reminder that there will be no minyan tonight at Common Ground. We wish you a joyous Shabbos wherever you are, and a kosher and freilichen Pesach!


Just a reminder that the Minyan at Common Ground will not be convening again until after Pesach. We wish everyone a joyous and kosher Pesach!


Good erev shabbos to you!
Mincha will be b'ezrat Hashem at 6:45 followed by a short dvar torah and kabbolos shabbos. Yay it's shabbos :-)


Holy chevra! Is there anyone who feels inspired to give a short dvar Torah (under 5 minutes) or tell an inspirational story this shabbos between mincha/kabbolos shabbos? Please get in touch.


Farbrengen/malava malka happening NOW at the Slodowitz residence with Rabbi Kaplan from Mayanot Yeshiva. 03/08/2013

שלום עליכם-הרב יצחק גינזבורג-זהר דוד ונדב בכר To buy-לרכישת הניגון: לחן מפי הרב יצחק גינזבורג-הפיוט מבוסס על אגדת חז"ל בתלמוד הבבלי, מסכת שבת קיט, ב:"...


A gutten erev shabbos!!!!

Shabbat Parshat Vayakhel-Pekudei

Mincha 5:45 Followed by a surprise dvar torah and Kabbalat Shabbos. Wooohooo!!

It would be very lovely if we can get a minyan for Mincha-so please do try and come on time.

Spread the word! Spread the light!


This Saturday night! Malava Malka with Rabbi Kaplan (from Mayanot Yeshiva in Jerusalem) at the home of Motti Slodowitz (1551 S. Crest Drive). If you have learned at Mayanot, thought about learning at Mayanot, or just want to meet one of the awesome rabbis from Mayanot, then be there or be square!


So we all know how much lighting can help with the overall atmosphere of our cute little Shul..

That being said, we are looking for lamps and lanterns of all shapes and sizes.

If you are interested in donating or sponsoring please do let us know!!


Happy birthday to Yaakov Lewis! A true chossid and mentsch! He should continue to inspire yidden and be a light to people near and far!


Come let us wish farewell to this holy shabbos!

Musical havdalah and jam 8:15
You know you want to be there!



A gutten erev shabbos!!

Parshat ki sisa. Yeahh!

Mincha 5:35 (please do come on time so we can have a minyan)

Followed by a dvar torah and Kabbalos shabbos (around 5:50)

Come a little early and have a lchaim :-)


A freilichn Purim!!!!


"לכה דודי"- פרויקט שירי שבת

פרויקט שירי שבת - הShabat song project"-פקה יחודית של מרכז שמים ומ.א.מ.י הפקות. הפרוייקט הוא התנדבותי שמטרתו היא הפצת אור השבת. האומנים שרים שירי שבת בלחנים ...


Just so you cant say you got lost... :)


Hey there everyone! Come join us again for another high and holy kabbolos shabbos!

Mincha at 5:35 followed by a brief dvar torah and Kabbalos shabbos.

Spread the word! Tell your friends!
Let's make this pre-purim Friday night a joyous one :-)


A guten erev Shabbos!!

Shabbos parshat Terumah
Candle lighting-5:19 Mincha-5:25 followed by a dvar torah and Kabbalos Shabbos.

Come one come all! Bring a friend or two! or three or a hundred!


האדרת והאמונה -"פרויקט שירי שבת"

This should keep you going until Shabbos :)

האדרת והאמונה -"פרויקט שירי שבת" Shabat song project"- הפקה יחודית של מרכז שמים ומ.א.מ.י הפקות. הפרוייקט הוא התנדבותי שמטרתו היא הפצת אור השבת. האומנים שרים ...


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