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Me gustaria comprar este FORM lifting pero la pagina web esta fuera de servicio. Como puedo comprarlo????
Company no longer supporting the application - I think my $1000+ investment of equipment is useless now. Just posted to their support, not sure if they'll even respond. I cant find any information on why the app has no support. Their website hasn't been updated since I bought these 2+ years ago.
Are you guys out of buissness? the app isn't on the google play store anymore? Have I paid £250 for a piece of s**t paper weight?
Does did the app stop working?
I have an iPhone X
Front Squats. 315 sets of 3. FORM Lifting VBT and moving this weight pretty good. @devhayes15 coming out with an article on his experience using this platform and what he's trying to accomplish. #teamwass #baseball #lifting #wassermanstrength #squats #highlevelthrowing #training Nick Esposito
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In the meantime, check out our sponsors page. We want to give a HUGE shout out and Thank You to all of our sponsors. We wouldn't be here without you!
#RYG2017 #RailyardGames
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Is there a way to shorten the range of motion on the bench press ? I think my ROM is too short for the collar to register anything
Question ... I know whey you first started you mainly supported the Olympic movements. Was wondering if Powerlifting movements are now covered
So if i use bands/ chains for speed training do i input the bar weight or the weight of the chains + the bar weight?
I am trying to get a hold of Scott. Can you have Scott call me.
Been getting this prompt to calibrate my collar almost every set, is there something I can do to not get it so often?

Train Smarter. The FORM Collar will revolutionize the way you train with game-changing, real-time feedback. Every Rep. Every Workout. Every Time.

With 7 integrated motion sensors and 200 samples per second relayed directly to your smartphone via bluetooth, you’ll be able to see the power, velocity, and force production of every lift in the palm of your hand giving you metrics that matter. Upgrade your training experience. No BS or devices that claim to accurately count your reps. Just performance based feedback to give you the ultimate unfa

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 07/25/2017

Train smarter like Coach Kinney!

@coachkinney21 (@get_repost)
Pretty pumped to give my new @formlifting collar a try. This thing is awesome and the feedback from my lifts is going to help me get to the next level!!

Timeline photos 07/05/2017

hope you all are having a safe & fun 4th of July!!

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check out this analysis of the data gathered by the FORM lifting platform. so cool!!

@rhussty (@get_repost)
From Top to Bottom🏋🏼 (Weight not including band tension)
50, 40, 30, 20kg

Each lift tells me how quick the bar was and the max force that I could apply.
How can I make a change with training as a result of this data?
You can see my velocity profile is high in the low weights, but I reach quite a ceiling point when it comes to mid range weight. Speed drop off is expected, however given the dramatic drop off it appears more Strength-Speed work could be prescribed.
Basically, ✅I can bench light explosive ✅I can bench heavy slow ❇️I need improvement on my mid range strength-speed

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happy monday...enjoy your coffee & go crush this week!!

@cebuddha (@get_repost)
...Aaaand we're back to our regular scheduled programming!

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have a fun & safe weekend folks!! lift fast & lift heavy!!

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words of wisdom from @njfitnesskent!!

@njfitnesskent (@get_repost)
Sound familiar? Make time for you this week, invest a little more in you and you and those around you will benefit. Exercise is good for both the and the ✌🏻 Exercise can boost your mood, improve your sleep and help you to achieve a body that you are comfortable in. Push your body and be amazed by what it can achieve.


keep up the good work!! velocity based training & FORM lifting collars in action!! 💪🏻💪🏻

@hankklein_cscs (@get_repost)
Testing out our new FORM lifting collar for Velocity Based Training! Analyzing velocity, force production, and acceleration with every lift 💪🏼


@the_cbharbaugh showing is how it's done. Bravo, good sir!! 💪🏻

@the_cbharbaugh (@get_repost)
The sound of the chains stacking, snap of the weights at the top of the lift... Worked up to 6x2 speed doubles, keeping bar speed above 0.9 m/s thanks to the @formlifting collar

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our friends from Sydney are gettin' after it with their !! What are you waiting for?

@susfstrengthandconditioning (@get_repost)
Head of Physical Preparation, Sam Pervan showing how to use our @formlifting collars for velocity based training👌

Timeline photos 05/30/2017

please excuse my tardiness in posting this, but we would like to pay our respects to our fellow Americans that have sacrificed their lives to protect our freedoms, ideals & country!

Gone but not forgotten!!

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we're shipping collars to happy lifters & happy pups worldwide!!

enjoy, guys!!

@chrisetf (@get_repost)
Daddy what's that? Why it's my new collar!


Sending our best to @gmanf3 & his team that are headed to the AAPF Nationals next weekend!! Go get 'em guys!!

@gmanf3 (@get_repost)
Explosive day in the F3 Lab! I woke up weighing 165.8 lbs, almost exactly where I need to be for weigh ins. People that know me know how much I hate cutting weight. I tend to stay no more than 3 pounds away from my competing weight class and just gradually come down the week of competition. The times I have cut more than 5 pounds leading up to an event, my energy, focus and performance was always off a bit. This strategy works for me. Today was our last heavy lifting day before AAPF Nationals coming up next weekend. The Team looked absolutely phenomenal today. We all have solid strategies in place for openers, 2nd attempts as well as 3rds. I am truly looking forward to having some fun on the platform with the rest of Team F3 as well as the many friends I have gett'n down next weekend. Our programming for Deadlifts was 1x80, 82.5, 85, 87.5, 90, and 92.5% of projected one rep max. Right around the 3rd set I started ramping up my intensity, and things actually started feeling easier and faster. My top set was with 475 lbs and I was able to move that faster than the other 5x I have messed around with that weight.

Timeline photos 05/19/2017

we're ready for summer!! are you?

amp up your training program this summer with our FORM lifting collar!! it's gonna be a hot one!

Timeline photos 05/14/2017

sending all of our love to all the Mom's out there today!! words can never express our gratitude. stay strong! 💪🏻😘


@4everstrong32 putting in some powerful work on the squat rack!! if you're in Springfield, Oregon, check these gentleman out!!

@4everstrong32 with @repostapp
In the trying to move weight as fast as possible w/ @jabbafob . I really need better speed on my so experimenting w/ letting the velocity determine my load. Working weight was only 45% + 140lb of chains. Never just a workout for us coaches. Always looking for another opportunity to learn and get better. @formlifting

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I know you have all heard the saying "Practice What You Preach", but Jacob says "Use What You Build!!".

@n6hpa with @repostapp
Did some velocity based training today with the @formlifting collar I designed!

Timeline photos 05/01/2017

no excuses today, friends!!

get up, grind it out & get after it.

life won't wait til you're ready!! start now!!


check out this video of @gmanf3 blasting through 345# back squats!!

Can you spot the @formlifting collar on his barbell?

Keep it up Garrin!!
@gmanf3 with @repostapp
I have never felt as strong and confident under the squat bar in my entire life. Yesterday's programming called for 2x1x82.5% and 2x1x85%. This set was my last single at 85% (345lbs) of projected 1RM, morning body weight was 166.7. This is actually more weight that I have squatted in any competition. At the beginning of the current 15 week programming I set my projected 1RM high at 405lbs. This is the number I want to be able to confidently hit by Worlds in September. So, I have been training with the percentages based on that weight. So far I have been able to consistently hit my numbers. Now, if a meet was tomorrow and they put 405 on the bar, I know I could work the eccentric under control, I could get out of the hole, but then fail about 4"s out. I feel confident that if my mind was right I could hit 380-385. We use the @formlifting collar in our training and one of the things it tells you is max force. My max force output on my first single of 345 was 396, and my second was 386. There are times I get a little emotional when I think about how far my team and I have come. The learning process, the hours of work, and the dedication to nutrition and recovery, has made this process nothing short of amazing. As a coach and competitor, and an individual who has always loved competition and challenges; prepping myself and a team to perform at peak level has been a dream come true.

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We got what you need to stick with it this year! Thanks The Huffington Post for the feature.

"We get it, it's February. It's hard. Maybe you made your resolution a little bit tipsy pre 12am but you're going to hold yourself to it because, hey, you got this. But, if you're feeling like your New Years Resolution is beginning to go wayside, these products are here to help."

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Ready to show the NSCA Coaches Conference how to . Come by our both and lift with us for the next three days!

Timeline photos 12/15/2016

Very .

The Sam Pervan showing us how it's done💪! Testing out our new for velocity lifting @formlifting .

Timeline photos 12/07/2016

The future of training is coming...

We have lift off! The new Coach's Platform from Form Lifting allows coaches to monitor every athlete from computer or tablet in real time. Great way track progress throughout the workout.

Timeline photos 12/06/2016

Boom! Your friendly neighborhood FORM Collar is now available on Rogue Fitness for your fitness pleasure. Shop now and receive a set of collars BEFORE the Holidays!


Solid work @4everstrong32.
Ending w/ speed singles at 80% w/ @formlifting measuring and .

Timeline photos 11/28/2016

We're letting it ride for CYBER MONDAY! Use codes CYBMON30 to get 30% off of collars and SHIP4FREE for free shipping!

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It's HERE! Use codes BLKFRI30 to receive 30% off all Smart Collars and SHIP4FREE to receive FREE Shipping until Midnight PST tonight!

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Last call to sign-up for our MASSIVE Black Friday deal! We'll be sending out the codes tonight at Midnight PST so make sure to get on our list:

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Motivation to ! AND the time is NOW to get the best deal on Collars with our Black Friday deal. Sign-up at now to get your code on Friday!

This is what starting looks like, what's your motivation?


Working on form is one of my favourite parts of strength training. Lifting is so technical and teaching that technique is a challenging aspect. @formlifting has designed a innovative product that helps measure force and velocity during your major lifts to help evaluate form. The aspect I really like is their ability to visually show someone how the first lift from off the floor looks, which is a critical part of lifting. If you are sloppy with that initial movement off the floor, it can decrease the amount force you can produce and can result in potential injury. @formlifting has called this the "yank phase" and you want that phase reading a number of 0. That gives you a great visual to see if you're starting the lift properly.
In order to properly lift the weight off the ground you need to create tension in your lats, hamstrings and glutes. This will engage the body and help lift that weight smoothly and with good force. A great drill to help improve this is by doing tension lifts. Engage the muscle, increase the tension and slowly move the weight through very short movement. It's tedious and it sure does burn, but this will help teach the body to create and maintain that tension that is needed.

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