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Gazelle Pilates will help you transform into the long and lean animal you were born to be! All ages Gazelle Pilates is Sherman Oaks’ debut Pilates practice, teaching the Authentic Pilates method based on the art of Contrology.

Instruction from Gazelle Pilates is done by certified instructors from Joseph Pilates protege Romana Kryzanowska, founder of Romana’s Pilates of New York. Gazelle Pilates mission is to help meet the needs of the Sherman Oaks community by bringing balance to client's daily lives, focus on building client's skills to connect the mind to their bodies, improve any discomfort in the client's body and i

Operating as usual


Join & this Saturday, March 12th from 10a-11a to donate brand new diapers for our Congress District 32 community!


RIP my little Henry. Love you always. Henry died yesterday after 16 magical years on this Earth plane. I first rescued Henry (from a puppy mill) at 8 weeks. He successfully destroyed magazines, my Stiletos and basically anything his terrier teeth could get on. Apparently Henry needed more attention then I was able to give while I was at school. He lived with my parents in CA for a few years, running and playing with their 2 dogs. We were finally reunited when he was 3/4 and I brought him home to Seattle. Aaron and I just moved into together and still had a Christmas tree up. Henry peed on the tree. That was funny. Since then, we've been through several moves, Aaron's passing, we both had left torn acls, he went out into the world twice without my knowledge, found both times with a call & good Samaritans, survived a dog attack, spent all of Covid together, just had blood work in December was in perfect health. Although Covid presented its own great challenges -- I'll be forever grateful for the extra time I got to spend with him. I can still hear the pitter patter of his little paws on the hardwood floors. Henry had an adversity toward vacuums, swiffers and basically most cleaning tools. He didn't have any beef with brooms but loved his bologna. He passed swiftly as I knew it was near. I held him so close to my heart on Monday and I will always remember him as the great Lion he was inside his little tiny body. Henry was an awesome dog. Ryan who is not a dog person fell in love with him too. Ryan said good bye to Henry in his last moments. We may have lost Henry, but Heaven gained another angel. Aaron was waiting for him and that's cool. Rip Henry Adamski Olds Manuel. Cheers to my longest male relationship next to my Dad and brothers. You were my baby boo and I will always love you. He was not just a dog, he was my part of the family. What once was 3, is now just 2. But how wonderful it was to be 3 for so long.


Happy Valentine's!! -- Thank you for the shout out Riff Raff!! Was screaming and crying like a baby girl. Love my sweetie -- couldn't be more grateful for this!!!


Merry Christmas from my family to yours! Many blessings to you and wishing you all wonderful holiday!

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Gazelle Pilates is partnering with Aarika Rhodes on a Toy & Diaper Drive. Please drop off brand new toys and boxes of diapers anytime between now and December 14th from 5-7pm. Thank you for your support and generosity.

Ps. Sarah is a Board Member with the Sherman Oaks NC and Sarah as an individual is endorsing Congressional Candidate Aarika Rhodes. Thanks

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Family day! w/ &

Ps. This legitly took 10 minutes. ;)

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


Don't forget to book ahead -- Monday's are a busy day here at Gazelle Pilates -- we have availability for early morning 7a-10a and evening from 3p-7pm. Book online. Visit Bio for link.


Please join Gazelle Pilates for our annual Halloween masquerade cocktail party - October 30th, 6pm - Spooky Soiree. There will be terrifying tunes, bloodcurdling beverages & sinful snacks provided. Masks & costumes encouraged. Please RSVP, feel free to bring a plus 1. The more the merrier!


Are you a highly-motivated, passionate Pilates teacher who lives close to Sherman Oaks, CA? Do you love working on Saturday's? Gazelle Pilates is hiring for Saturdays, 7am-3pm. Competitive pay. Great atmosphere. Parking. And oh yes, excellent company with yours truly! If yes, PLEASE DM!!!


Questions to consider... are you strong? Are you Joe strong? Do you know who Joe is? He might be your neighbor?! You never know! But chances he's looking down on us wondering why he sees the back of your skulls all the time. (Looking down at the phone syndrome). And not at our crowns! Lift that crown up. Be proud -- being able to do a push up/pull up is valuable. But if you look like a roly-poly doing it -- whats the point?


Covid Baby brewing in your belly? Feeling lethargic and like you've had one too many chocolate covered pickles? Come give Prenatal Pilates a try! Of course with MD approval -- we will help you get baby ready!! Visit link in bio to book!


Love working out with your partner? But are tired of the same mat and free weight circuit you saw on Tic Tok 1000 times?! Local to the San Fernando Valley? Then come check out Gazelle Pilates -- we offer duet training. Two clients work with one teacher. Family and Friends who work out together generally enjoy happy hour too. So why not make it a night! Pilates at 5pm -- Dinner at by 6pm! Book today at -- or visit link in bio!

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Gazelle Pilates - Fall Newsletter is out -- check it! Handbag Drive, Spooky Soiree and more!

Gazelle Pilates is collaborating with an organization called Empowered Gifts for a Handbag Drive for the whole month of September through October 15th. Please bring in your gently loved or new Handbags for a tax-deductible donation. Extra bonus, please be sure to write an anonymous note to the new handbag owner wishing them good luck in their future endeavors. Want to donate a new bag but don't have time to go shopping? Click here for Empowered Gits Amazon Wishlist. Want to learn more about Empowered Gifts? Click here to watch an interview with Founder, Candy Williams. It will inspire you and give you insight about the women in LA that are helped by Empowered Gifts. Please watch. Thanks!

Sarah Manuel is a full-time Pilates studio Owner and a public servant with the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council. She has served on the SONC Board since 2018. Her collaboration with Candy Williams/Empowered Gifts is in effort to benefit the community as individual businesses in the Sherman Oaks Area. If you want to learn more about who your representatives are in your area -- please reach out! It's never too late to get involved with your community!!

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Blue Monday's! No shame in the game in coordinating. Have a great week everyone!

Shout out to for directing & photography!


Double fuzzies! Cheers to Mother/Daughter work outs.


Please read!! So good, so good!

This article is from the Longview Daily News (Washington) 20 December 1954.

NEW YORK (UP) - The chances are, if you're the average American citizen, you can play Santa Claus this year without any padding.
At least, that's the way body builder Joe Pilates sees it.
Joe says: "Most people are 90 per cent dead and don't know it. They have round shoulders, hollow chests, bow legs, spinal curvature and stomachs that hang over their belts. They don't even know how to breathe correctly."
Pilates, who is 74 and breathes with elegant correctness, likes to single out himself as a happy example of how body building can contribute to life, liberty and the pursuit of dapperness.
He has been in the body building business almost 60 years, the last 30 of it in the United States. Right now Pilates runs a studio-gymnasium in West Manhattan where his clients are twisted on a series of infernal machines—a process he Iabels "contrology."

Borrowed From Animals
Joe, who claims among other things to be a direct descendant of the inventor of Judo*, explains that contrology is borrowed from the animals. He says, "Watch animals. Look at cats. They stretch, they twist, they turn. Animals are in good shape. Human beings do nothing. Most of them are slobs."
His roster of clients over the years has been impressive. Among those who have emulated the animals with a fair degree of facility, he says, are Laurence Olivier and his wife, Vivien Leigh, Katherine Hepburn, Clifton Webb and Madame Schiaparelli and a group of distinguished musicians that have included Yehudi Menuhin, Roberta Peters and Carmen Lombardo.
Pilates takes on all comers. He claims he can cure everything from arthritis to television squat with the aid of his exercises. And as proof he likes to point to some of his more conspicuous successes.
Joe says, “Jose Ferrer was a customer and was he sloppy! I took 20 pounds off him and sent him out like a new man. I also treated Zachary Scott's mother-in-law who had backache. She went out feeling wonderful.” Pilates takes pains to emphasize that he does not aim to put muscles on his clients, as a matter of fact, he thinks over-development is tragic. He says, “There is nothing uglier than big muscles. They make a man look like he is suffering from a bad case of bumps."

Suppleness Stressed
But Pilates does stress suppleness and coordination. He says, "Your body should be your church — contribute to it regularly and it will pay off in the end."
As an example of how body care can pay off, Pilates lists a young girl who came into his studio. She was so unattractive that her friends called her 'Tom Tom’ - she looked all beat. But after a few sessions with Pilates, she began to glow. Now, he says she's happily pursued by males up and down New York.
But the most rewarding client in Pilates' history was a fellow who came in a wheelchair. Says Joe: “When he completed the course, he went out of here carrying the chair over his shoulder."

Judo was created in 1882 by Kano Jigoro born 10 December 1860, almost 23 years to the day before Joseph Pilates was born.
We don’t know if this was a tongue in cheek comment or the reporter misunderstood Joe with his German accent, but Joe was clearly not descended from the founder of Judo.


Happy Mother's Day! Without getting too sappy, I'll say this -- Mom's are mountains, so children can be the wind. The last few weeks have been particularly challenging for my family and for the first time, I saw my Mom cry in front of strangers. Her strength in showing her tears reminds me not only how strong she is -- how fiercely she loves. Not only is she in my corner, she's the freaking arena. If I had to plan a battle -- she would be the Admiral. If I were the butterfly, she would be the lioness I landed on. If I were cheese, she'd be ham. See where I'm going with this?! She's simply the best. So to all the mother's out there -- Happy Mother's Day! You are so loved.

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New year, new sites -- double meaning style! Gazelle Pilates is located in Sherman Oaks just of the 101 Freeway near Ventura & Van Nuys. If you want to work out focusing reducing inflammation, reclaiming your core & vitality, consider working with us! Visit our lnktree for more information or DM Sarah direct.


"Greetings from the San Fernando Valley... The happiest place on Earth!"

Love my new sweatshirt by -- so cozy & accurate.


Good morning! The sun is shining, happier times are here. Take a deep breath and smell the roses -- but in this case -- the orchids. Just in case you've missed it -- Gazelle Pilates is open and booking for Private Pilates lessons. Visit our lnktree for details. Have a beautiful Monday!!

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"Return to Life" with Gazelle Pilates. We've moved! Same building, more parking and only 3 doors down from our old location. We have 1600 sq feet of breathing room! Brand new HVAC system, medical grade air purifiers, socially distant equipment, bright eyes because you can't see the s**t eating grins (because of the facemasks) -- I mean what more could you ask for?! Book today for your first Pilates session with a Certified Pilates teacher. We look forward to helping you reduce inflammation, reclaim your body and let your spirit sore! See what I did there?! Yes, you will be sore -- but the good kind and your spirit will soar because the joy of the studio is contagious. Get ready to change your life and visit for more information.



Enough's gone down - it's okay to be up! Hope you are all having a great Monday!!

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Big announcement!!


Hey LA -- Please join this Saturday, Feb 13th from 10a-12p & drop of new socks & towels for the Hope of The Valley. Details include drop off at Creative Ceramics --

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The last 2 weeks have forced me to address what my goals are, what I envision for my future and the future of Gazelle Pilates. I attended a Virtual Vision Board Party with last Sat. Such a wonderful time -- met some amazing & supportive women! I also learned a very valuable lesson -- dream loudly, chose, focus and then make it happen! So if you are like me and the first thing you say to yourself is "get up you've got sh*t to do" then perhaps you can agree that maybe that isn't the right approach because it can perpetuate stress and rapid thoughts. And to remember 1. The mind is very powerful. 2. It's essential to ground yourself more when you feel the human experience is too intense. 3. Ways to ground: movement practices, self-care, focus on gratitude, etc... 4. Ask for help. 5. Ask for more help. is the house!

Big shout out to founder of , Candy Williams -- Please check out her non-profit to learn more!

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Happy Valentine's!! #pricelessmoments -- @jodyhighroller  Thank you for the shout out Riff Raff!! Was screaming and cryi...





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