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Josh Wise is a fitness trainer based in North Hollywood. Certifications: NASM-CPT, Medical Exercise Specialist, CPR/AED Hey-yo! I'm Josh Wise, and I am a certified personal trainer currently located the Arts District of NoHo.

I have locations around LA where I train clients. I received my certification from one of the most respected certifying bodies in the business: The National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am also certified in Lifeguarding and CPR/AED through the American Red Cross.  My job is to make your desire to live a healthy lifestyle a habit, and to keep you moving forward toward your goals through encouragement and knowledge.  Speaking of knowledge, I consider it my job to stay on top of the latest exercise science research to make sure I am prescribing the most effective and efficient workout. I tend to stay away from fad fitness trends, and stick to the exercises and protocols that are backed by decades of science.

Sohee Fit

There are SO many ways to make your nutrition work.

- You can consume the same total calories and macronutrient numbers everyday.
- You can eat higher calories on training days and lower calories on off days (or vice versa).
- You can consume lower calories during the week and higher (controlled) calories over the weekend.
- You can consume high carbs, moderate carbs, or low carbs.
- You can eat a little bit of junk food everyday, a moderate amount once a week, or hardly ever at all.
- You can eat a la intermittent fasting, or you can eat more moderate-sized meals all throughout the day.

All of the above are completely valid strategies provided that they meet the following criteria:

1. Total calories are appropriately set for your individual goal
2. Adequate protein intake is met (approximately 1g/1lb bodyweight per day; can consume a little less)
3. Adherence is consistently high

These 3 points are by far and above the most important factors in seeing the physique results you're after. The rest of the little details are just that - little details.

Moral of the story: Like the way you eat.

[08/04/16]   After 5 weeks of using Avatar Nutrition's protocol and continuing my strength training routines, I have lost 2lbs and 1.3% body fat (using the most conservative fat loss setting). All of this while eating literally whatever I want, and a refeed day once a week with more carbs (read "pizza"). Oh, and no cardio. ZERO CARDIO HAS BEEN PERFORMED.

With that said, I have added in one 15 minute session of HIIT per week beginning this week to help with fat loss.

Tracking calories and macros has a small learning curve, but once you master it, it's extremely easy and liberating.

I recommend all my clients to use Avatar Nutrition's service, and use the MyMacros app (free) to track food (I receive nothing from either of these companies). It's possible for me to calculate and adjust numbers for clients, but I will never, ever, be as accurate as the science behind those services.

Sohee Fit

Great post from Sohee, as always.

We were once told that we had to consume smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day to stoke the metabolic fire. We once believed this to be true, and we were scared into nibbling on tiny bite-sized meals.

Thanks to science, we now know better.

Brad Schoenfeld, Alan Aragon, and James Krieger conducted a meta-analysis on meal frequency and called into question the purported benefits of higher meal frequency on body composition. What seems to be the case, now, is that whether you consume 3 meals a day or 6, the differential effects are negligible at best.

In short, stick to the meal frequency that YOU like the most and you can adhere to. For me, that's 3 square meals a day. For you, that might mean 5 or 6. It really doesn't matter. #youdoyou

Read the meta-analysis here:

52 Compelling Reasons Calories Count – Revive Stronger

Read all of these, and develop a healthier relationship with food. And try to forget what you think you know about nutrition. How important are Calories? Well if you didn't think they were important, this article will change your mind. No. 38 might get a few people upset, whoops.

Layne Norton

"However, the data suggests that sugar isn't the demon many of us have been led to believe. It can be incorporated into a healthy diet, and you can still lose fat and progress towards your goals."

More solid evidence that specific food groups or macronutrients shouldn't be demonized. Focusing on total caloric intake while striving for an optimal macronutrient ratio is the best way to achieve body composition goals.

Remember that time sugar caused the obesity epidemic? Oh wait...

This is Why You Get Fat Eating Healthy - Healthy Living, Heavy Lifting

The amount of food containing chemicals is a shocking 100%! 😜 Not getting results when you feel like you’re doing everything right really is a massive kick in the nuts. You put in the effort day after day (or more realistically Monday to Friday, but more on that later,) hit the gym, plan your foods carefully, and stick to what you think you’re supposed to do o…

[02/12/16]   Congrats to new client Jovonnie on losing 7lbs in only 4 weeks! (A excellent, healthy pace, btw.)

Jovonnie started tracking his food immediately, which is the most important habit to develop in this process. Coupled with a custom workout plan, he's on his way to seeing some big results!

Josh Wise Personal Trainer, Josh Wise Trainer

Losing motivation after setting your gym goals this year? Hire a trainer! Like me! :P

Send me a message today! Josh Wise is a NASM certified personal trainer in the North Hollywood area.

Bret Contreras PhD

Amen. Cardio should not be the first choice when attempting to make physique changes, even fat loss.

If you talk to most people about their bodies, they'll tell you that they think they need to lose 15 lbs or so, and that they need to clean up their diet. Typically, they believe that if they start doing regular cardio, it will be the most efficient route in helping them achieve their physique goals. What they do not realize is that strength training is far more effective in the long run in improving the physique.

Let's say a 200 lb male with 25% bodyfat loses 15 lbs through improved eating habits and cardio. He may lose 8 lbs of fat and 7 lbs of muscle, causing him to end up at 185 lbs and 23% bodyfat. Let's say he instead loses 15 lbs through improved eating habits and progressive resistance training. He may lose 15 lbs of fat and 0 lbs of muscle, causing him to end up at 185 lbs and 19% bodyfat. Visually, this makes a huge difference, especially if carried out over the course of many months.

It is common sense that strength training trumps cardio for physique improvements. Unfortunately, many people out there focus on the wrong strategy when dieting down. For optimal health, you can and should incorporate both strength training and cardio into your regimen, but getting stronger over time is always the better strategy if your primary goal is to improve your aesthetics.

10 Awful Nutrition Myths Perpetuated by the Media - Blog

Probably the most useful article on nutrition you will read this year. If you can see through all these myths, you are ahead of 90% of the gym crowd. 10 Awful Nutrition Myths Perpetuated by the Media - Blog The truth behind the lies

I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here's How.

"Every day is April Fool's in nutrition." I constantly talk about the fact that there is so much conflicting information, or "noise", inside the exercise and nutrition industries. The unfortunate fact is, it's extremely easy to manipulate a scientific study to produce scintillating magazine-worthy results.

Don't believe fads in nutrition - track your food, get your food mostly from nutrient-dense sources. Boom, done. “Slim by Chocolate!” the headlines blared. A team of German researchers had found that people on a low-carb diet lost weight 10 percent faster if they ate a chocolate bar every day. It made the front page of Bild, Europe’s largest daily newspaper, just beneath their update about the Germanwings cras…

Sugar – The Sweet Truth - Bret Contreras

Stop demonizing sugar. In fact, stop demonizing any kind of food. If you're looking for body composition changes, DO start tracking your food, hit your numbers, and eat a variety of foods. The following is a guest article discussing the evidence behind sugar by my friend Menno Henselmans. For some of you, the following information is going to seem hard to believe. I confess, when I first learned the truth about sugar, I was highly skeptical. However, starting a couple of years ago, I…

Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale with Removable Glass Platform and Countdown Kitchen Timer (1...

Amazing deal on this highly rated food scale! From 60 bucks to only 20! If you were thinking about starting to take control of your nutrition, this would be a great way to start.

(FYI, I obviously don't make any money from this - just thought I'd pass along the deal) Now featuring a built-in countdown kitchen timer with 3 alarm modes, the newly designed Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale is the ultimate accessory for the modern kitchen. Designed for the culinary perfectionist, the Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale features a large removable glass weighing platform...

10 Things The Best Athletes Do (That You Don't) - Eat to Perform

Great article. So many people have misconceptions about the work involved with physique goals. It's probably not what you imagine. If you’re actively involved in strength and conditioning, I think it’s safe to say you live among people that are “different.”  Supposedly, there are all these people out there that don’t even lift, hate their lives, and eat horrible things.  Meanwhile, everyone I know is fairly active, loves their…

Insanely-Fit Marine Breaks World Plank Record

Wow. A 57-year-old U.S. Marine veteran from San Diego County broke a world record over the weekend by holding an abdominal plank for over five hours.

BioLayne Video Log 9 - Metabolic Damage

Took a look back today at what I believe is one of the most important bits of information about nutrition. If you're starving yourself, exercising, and still not seeing results, take a look at this video.

In this BioLayne Video Log we discuss Metabolic Damage. What is it? How does it occur? How can you prevent it? And how can you recover from it if it's alread...

Do muscle building supplements cause testicular cancer? A deeper look at the latest study on MBS...

Seems I'm going with a trend of "what in the news lately" - here is an excellent unbiased article with the takeaway: "At this moment in time, there is no reason to fear ‘muscle building supplements’ as a group." Do muscle building supplements cause testicular cancer? A deeper look at the latest study on MBS usage and testicular cancer. - Blog

Bret Contreras PhD

Bret knows what he's talking about. You should follow him.

You know that miracle supplement you're searching for? Or those magnificent superfoods? Or that magical training method or combination of methods? Or that secret exercise, technique, or program? Or that perfect amount of cardio? Or that supernatural recovery method? Guess what? You'll likely see much better aesthetics results if you quit searching and simply nail down your diet. Consume an ideal caloric intake and macronutrient split per your goals with most of your foods coming from whole and minimally processed sources for 3 straight months and watch your physique improve dramatically. Once you've gotten a handle on your eating and attained sufficient leanness, then shift the focus toward your training and start experimenting to figure out the best protocol for your goals. (This advice applies to those with physique/aesthetics goals, not to sport or strength athletes)

[03/24/15]   "Based on the assessment of the evidence of effectiveness of homeopathy, NHMRC concludes that
there are no health conditions for which there is reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective."

You might have seen this study being referenced in the media lately. I don't think it's particularly groundbreaking (after all, there's just "no reliable evidence"), but I think it's important to note.

I think it can easily be transferred to the fitness industry - copper sleeves, belly wraps, and other products that promise radical results in little time have been preying upon people who seek immediate results and quick fixes. In reality, these products are not based in science and have not been studied.

We must keep in mind that health and fitness is a journey; save your time and money, and focus on building a better you day by day without resorting to extremes or products meant to take advantage of that desire for success.

Why The Fitness Industry is Broken | Dick Talens Fitness

Excellent article about the state of the fitness industry. Why The Fitness Industry is Broken March 20, 2014February 6, 2015 dicktalens The Fitness Summit vs. The Broken Industry I just came back from The Fitness Summit in Kansas City. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a yearly summit that takes place in Kansas City featuring lectures from the world’s b…

Should you exercise when sick? [Infographic] How to make working out work for your immunity.

Should you exercise when you're sick? Here's a very detailed, illustrated answer to that question. Working out can boost your immunity... or make your cold last longer. Here’s exactly how to exercise when sick.

What 200 Calories Look Like in Different Foods

Not necessarily fitness related, but an interesting article. If anything, it opens your eyes to the fact that not all foods have the same caloric "density". WiseGEEK conducted a very visual and informative study and presented a photo series, which compares what 200 calories actually look like in different foods. You'd think that even with the bikini season coming up, a handful of gummy bears couldn't hurt much, right..? Well, turns out, just 51 gram of…

» Are Frequent Meals Beneficial for Body Composition

"The results of our analysis do not support a tangible benefit to eating small frequent meals on body composition as long as daily caloric intake and macronutrient content is similar." Conventional wisdom states that eating small, frequent meals helps to optimize weight loss. In theory, eating frequently enhances a phenomenon called the thermic effect of food (TEF), which results in more energy expended after consumption of the meal. What’s more, some postulate that mu...

I Was On "The Biggest Loser" And It Was The Biggest Mistake I've Ever Made

"Crash dieting and over-exercising are bad for you, and can permanently alter your metabolism" Interesting article about the show from one of the contestants (with some unnecessary language, so you've been warned). This is a fat-shaming sh*t show that hurts people.

25 Things to Know About Training & Conditioning - Sohee Fit

I like #1 the best. Don't chase fatigue; 500 burpees will get you fatigued really quick. But that's not smart training. 1. Don’t chase fatigue. Is your goal to be exhausted, or is your goal to look better and get stronger? If you want to be tired, then you can do 500 burpees and call it a day. If you want to look better, you’ll follow a smart training program that prioritizes strength. 2. Delayed Onset…

[12/26/14]   "Going from zero to slightly active offers the biggest possible health boost according to a National Institutes of Health study that followed 250,000 people between the ages of 50-71." Alex Hutchinson, Ph.D

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