Lynda McCloskey, Soul Guide

Lynda McCloskey, Soul Guide


Lynda, lovely to see your beautiful face again. Love to you!!!
woman, you are so divine :)
that's all. just saw your face and
had to say :)
Lynda-Love! Yay. Awesome!! Excited to hear what you have to say, share, offer and enlighten us with.
She has helped guide MY soul--that's for sure.
Congratulations Lynda on taking this next step in expressing and sharing sacred you!

Lynda McCloskey is a Somatic Spiritual Life Coach, Soulful Guide, Workshop Facilitator, NATouch, CranioSacral Therapist and Reiki Master, She has been sought after for counsel as far back as she can remember.

Joyfully she has answered this calling and has been supporting women professionally for over 15 years. Her compassionate approach to transformational life-coaching creates space where women feel safe and accepted exactly as they are. Her work helps women return to love no matter what the situation or circumstance they are experiencing. This is the foundation of her offering: the remembrance to re

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7 Polyvagal Theory Practices To Help You Heal Trauma, Develop Interoception, & Move Between Autonomic Nervous System States

As a follow up to yesterday's article "How Learning Polyvagal Theory & "Interoception" Can Help You Heal Trauma (& Open Your Heart)," I wanted to share more of my Cliff Notes from Deb Dana's book The Polyvagal Theory In Therapy, which I'm studying as part of my curriculum development for my non-profit work at Heal At Last and to help me train health care providers to be more trauma-informed in the Whole Health Medicine Institute. If you haven't read yesterday's article, read that first so you understand polyvagal theory and the importance of using these practices as a core, foundational step to healing trauma (and the physical and mental illnesses trauma causes.)

Here are a few exercises to help you develop your "interoception" (awareness of the state of your Autonomic Nervous System) so you can become more aware when your nervous system is in the Ventral Vagal (open, relaxed, socially connected, safe), the Sympathetic (hyper-aroused, activated, "fight or flight"), or the Dorsal Vagal (hypo-aroused, collapsed, dissociated, "freeze.")

When you're in Dorsal Vagal, think about how you sleep, your relationship to food, any stimulating substances (caffeine, ci******es, co***ne), stimulating behaviors (s*x, working out) or subduing substances (alcohol, ma*****na) that you might use to get you out of this state. Make note of and map out what survival strategies you might use when you feel collapsed, frozen, or immobilized.

When you're in Dorsal Vagal, complete these two sentences:
I am...
The world is...

When you're in Sympathetic, how does your sleep, your relationship to food, and any stimulating substances (caffeine, ci******es, co***ne), stimulating behaviors (s*x, working out), or subduing substances (alcohol, ma*****na) that you might use to get you out of this state change? Make note of and map out what survival strategies you might use when you feel like you have too much energy, you're overstimulated, you're full of adrenaline, or you're tempted to fight or flee.

When you're in Sympathetic, complete these two sentences:
I am...
The world is...

What about when you're in the healthy, restorative, relaxation response-inducing, socially connected, safe Ventral Vagal? How does your sleep, relationship to food, or engagement with any stimulating substances (caffeine, ci******es, co***ne), stimulating behaviors (s*x, working out), or subduing substances (alcohol, ma*****na) that you might use to get you out of this state change? Make note of and map out how you react when your nervous system feels safe, relaxed, connected to others, and open.

When you're in Ventral Vagal, complete these two sentences:
I am...
The world is...

What triggers Dorsal Vagal?
What triggers Sympathetic?
What "glimmers" activate Ventral Vagal and make you feel safe, loved, connected, relaxed, open-hearted, and content?

Choose an object that represents all three states of the autonomic nervous system.

4. WRITING EXERCISE: Write about all three states: Dorsal Vagal, Sympathetic, Ventral Vagal

Write about what you to do to move from one state to another? How do you get unstuck? How do you get energized if you're collapsed? How do you discharge energy if there's too much in your system? How do you open your heart and reconnect socially?

Make playlists for each autonomic state.

Build a playlist of songs that activate sensations and feelings of Ventral Vagal connection

Play songs of safety (Ventral Vagal) intermixed with songs that activate Dorsal Vagal collapse and Sympathetic arousal so you can learn to move between states without getting stuck in any one state.

Make a body movement or even a whole dance for each autonomic state.

Have someone else mirror your movements so you can see what your body does in response to each state.

Pendulate between Ventral Vagal movements/dances and shorter Dorsal Vagal/ Sympathetic movements/dances- moving in and out. Invite someone else to mirror you so you're not alone (you're practicing relating via your ANS states.)

Experiment between leading the movement (without someone else mirroring) and following the lead of someone else's movement (mirroring them). What you're doing is teaching your autonomic nervous systems to communicate with each other wordlessly- via movement.


Make it a practice to tune in many times during the day for a "Notice & Name" practice. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to check in with yourself.
1. Tune into your thoughts, feelings, and the way your body feels
2. Notice where you are on your autonomic map (Ventral Vagal, Sympathetic, Dorsal Vagal)
3. Name the state
4. Bring curiosity. What is there to learn from your autonomic nervous system in this moment?

* These exercises are best done with the support of a trauma therapist trained to facilitate this, but if you don’t have access to someone trained or can’t afford it, at least try to do this with a safe, trusted friend.


If you are needing support, reach out for a free consult. ❤ I offer Somatic and Spiritual Counseling providing Body, Mind & Soul Therapy. I work with clients who desire to live from their innate fullness and are ready to understand and release the wounds that stand in the way of this longing.

Through this somatic journey, a compassionate bridge is built, self-trust is established, self-worth is embodied, and boundaries are grounded in a healthy relationship with Self.

My work is an integration of Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching, NeuroAffective Touch, Somatic Experiencing, Inner Child Work, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, and Guided Meditation Journeys.


When we learn to understand the exiled parts of ourselves; the parts that feel not enough, unworthy, and stuck in the loop of judgment, a compassionate response begins to happen.

The next time you feel upset, pause and begin to notice how and what you are feeling. Name what you are noticing with the sentence stem: A part of me is feeling (name the feeling).

This establishes space between the hurt feelings and your adult presence. Now you can hold space to listen to the part of you that is feeling upset.

With curiosity ask:
What is this part feeling?
Listen with care. Maybe it comes in emotional thoughts, an image, and/or sensations.
What are you noticing in your body right now? Where in your body do you feel it?
What does it feel like?
Can you name the sensations?
(warm, cold, tingly, light, numb, tight, heavy, sharp, etc.)
See if you can stay with the sensation. Does it shift over time? Is it unpleasant, pleasant, or neutral?
Ask this part what it needs? Take your time to see if something surfaces.
If you like, start the process over again.
What did you notice when you heard what that part needed? Can you sense any sensations? Where is it in your body? What does it feel like? When you stay with it, does the sensation shift?

When you feel complete with this exploration re-orientate yourself by feeling the weight of your body and begin to take in your environment.

This is just a sweet little step towards building a compassionate relationship with yourself. ~*~

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me to schedule a free consult.

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At the root of Self-Love is COMPASSION

When we learn to understand the exiled parts of ourselves; the parts that feel not enough, unworthy, and stuck in the loop of judgment, a compassionate response begins to happen.

Click the below link for a Somatic Awareness Practice. Enjoy

Exiled Body, Mind & Soul Therapy is a way to deepen your connection with yourself and Life. Sessions include counseling for life guidance that supports clarity, direction, and practical actions while releasing the physical, emotional, and mental burdens that keep you from moving forward. This is a safe spa...

Lynda McCloskey, Soul Guide updated their information in their About section. 01/17/2021

Lynda McCloskey, Soul Guide updated their information in their About section.

Lynda McCloskey, Soul Guide updated their information in their About section.

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Gift Inside: Audio Meditation & New Year's Reflection Ritual -

New Year's Reflection Ritual Meditation 12/31/2020

New Year's Reflection Ritual Meditation

A little gift for those who are wanting to bring a ritual to your completion out of 2020. Meditation and prompt questions are in the Youtube link.

Blessings upon Blessings!

New Year's Reflection Ritual Meditation Taking time to reflect and honor the fullness of your journey before starting a new one can be a powerful and rewarding practice. ~*~What challenges did you...

Timeline photos 12/24/2020

Holiday Wishes & Reflections ~*~ -



Dance to soften the body
Meditate to soften the mind
Praise in gratitude to soften the heart ⠀
To live fully
And give love generously

Oh, that intense moment
Right before surrender
With its tight tension
Sounding off the alarms
Bodyguards rushing in to secure
The vulnerable armor

This holding
This resistance
This moment dances
Between the grip of resistance
And the yearning for freedom


The bodyguards have done a good job
To keep you safe
But it's time my loves
To choose Love ⠀

Let’s pull up a chair
For our dedicated guards
Have them sit back and relax their feet
Serve them tea and sweets ⠀
Don't make them wrong
It's all they've ever known
Love them with every breath⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

This portal of love
We dance the in-between
As we awaken from the dream

~ Lynda


Somatic Healing & Spiritual Life Coaching is a holistic approach to coaching. It isn't about making a list and using your will power to achieve a goal. It is an exploration where we listen to the wisdom of your body, mind, and soul. From this place of attunement, we give space to release that which no longer serves you which then leads to a natural flow into the right action. When there is more coherency between mind and body there is greater access to the full range of your desired potential.

I am available to take on two new clients for online sessions. If you like to learn more, please reach out, let's talk. ❤


I am passing by today to remind you that you matter and to make sure you are taking time for self-care.

Self-care creates a sense of safety in our nervous system. If we are in a constant state of overwhelm our nervous system gets stuck in survival patterns of fight, flight, and/or freeze. From this state of being, we do not have access to clarity or rational thinking. Thoughts keep looping in the mind, tension builds in the body while division from self and others gets wider.

More then ever we need more coherency between mind and body so we can access clarity of mind while staying centered in our bodies as we navigate our mental and emotional well-being.

Resource your resources my lovelies. 💕

Timeline photos 08/20/2020

This morning I woke up with the intensity of the world heavy in my heart. Meditation wasn't going to be enough for this kind of collective grief. I needed to give it space to express through my feminine nature. I put my earbuds on and danced until the stagnant overwhelm energy dissipated into a soulful expression of all my wordless feelings. 💃🏻

Today I am reminded (again) how important it is to call upon different practices that help build up resilience in body, mind, and soul.

What are you doing to support yourself during these times?

With Love
As Love
For Love
Lynda 💗





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