Coach Mike G.

Trains countless athletes from all levels: NFL to pop-warner, WTA to Junior level, NBA to travel ball, professional boxers to the amateur level.

Current Role: Independent Consultant/NBA Performance Coach for the New Orleans Pelicans. Since his 2010 graduation from California State University, Northridge (CSUN) with a degree in Exercise Science, Mike “Coach G.” has quickly ascended through the performance training world to become one of the most well-respected performance coaches in the United States. Prior to receiving his degree from CSUN


@taylored2perform and a @gbg.hoops collaboration. Enjoy the fruits of potentiation, sh*t works. #GBG @officialsportsacademy


G-Hinge time!!!! Kettlebell loaded with manipulations. Share your Greatness! #GBG @gbg.hoops app coming soon!!


Training doesn’t have to be rigid and structured all the time. Program some fun days and allow whatever happens happen. @swishcultures with the video production. @gbg.hoops app coming soon!! #GBG @ashten.jewell @jordanswishcultures


You CAN do conditioning without running or doing lower body dominant movement! Utilizing this Strategy not only is great for those who are injured and can’t load their lower body but also if you’re trying to limit fatigue! #GBG


@swishcultures documenting and creating an exclusive look into how we train during the offseason as well as what we talk about. #GBG @jrue_holiday11 @the_4th_holiday @raymac3 @ryangreye24 @ashteng


Admire the separation. You can train for it. 🎥: @swishcultures #GBG s/o @officialsportsacademy


Same footwork, different tool, different exercise, different application. Enjoy. #GBG 🎥: @hadayalive 💚

[09/10/20]   @coryg412 shot and edited this movie. Thanks brodie. Check him out!!! #GBG


Yall make me better, Thank you. #GBG @hustle_and_flow_fitness @revivedwithalexis @amoila_cesar @tifannyurrea


.......... #BLM @ E93 and Union


P and I talk sand training. Do’s and don’ts of this amazing environment for athletic development. #GBG


Us vs yall. #GBG


No Cheat Days. But we still eatin’... created and edited by @hadayalive ✊🏽😍 #GBG


Been 15 years since stepping foot on a college field. Thank you @kaiwelz for the blessings! And s/o to @dcharles8 for the gear!!

[09/16/19]   Flash 15 folks. 🚀 🚀 #GBG 🎥: @swishcultures


Holiday Szn... #GBG @ Ochsner Sports Performance Center


Good times at the ranch. 😊🦍💪 #GBG 🎥: @swishcultures


... #GBG 🎥: @swishcultures


Prepare for whatever. #gbg


Fellowship. #GBG #OG


Trained up. #GBG #GBGhoops 🎥: @hadayalive


Ultimate poise. #GBG


Stay ready. #gbg #gbgfit 🎥: @swishcultures with edit.


🧠⚡️#gbg #gbgfit


Surround yourself with people who are better then you. @hustle_and_flow_fitness #GBGfit


Cut angles. #GBG 📷: @akeenster HIRE HER.


What yo ones look like? @swishcultures salute!


Competition is healthy. #GBG Thank you @swishcultures for capturing this one.


Conditioning. #GBG #og


Nobody safe. Float game go crazy. #GBG @swishcultures with the heat!!!!


Practice excellence daily. We do. #GBG #OG 🎥 @swishcultures


🦍vs🦍... #tmc #GBG 🎥: @swishcultures once again brodie!!!!

[07/22/19]   Silverback work. #GBG #tmc 🏁🏁🏁


New levels... #GBG #TMC 🏁🏁🏁

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P and I talk sand training. Do’s and don’ts of this amazing environment for athletic development. #GBG
No Cheat Days. But we still eatin’... created and edited by @hadayalive ✊🏽😍 #GBG
Good times at the ranch. 😊🦍💪 #GBG 🎥: @swishcultures
... #GBG 🎥: @swishcultures



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