Abraham Hernández

Abraham Hernández


Do you have any videos on YouTube???
Hola Abraham solo quiero saber cuando puedes venir a colorado a dar un entrenamiento de Strong.
Por favor podriamos conversar al respecto?
Hi ,,I was curious,,I have a friend named Abraham,,,back in the 90's,he called himself,,Mickey,,,I've searched for him,,but could never remember his last name,,I know this is a Sure long shot???? Asking u if u ever went by that name??,,This man lived in Logan Square,,near me in Chicago.Abrsham you kind of resemble his Good looks.....I hope u can get back to me,,so I would know,??God Bless You,,,my name is Victoria Moore and I live in Ocala Florida,,,,,,,
Hi! This is a longshot- would you come out and do a 20-30 minute Zumba demo at the Relay for Life at OdySea in the Desert on November 17th? We benefit the American Cancer Society......Pretty please?
You proved that I can push myself more than I thought I would be able to. Thank you for a great ‘Strong’ by Zumba Training in Houston. Still sore but it was more than worth it!
Donde es la clase de zumba
To join this type of class.
Super busy guy! Thanks for the motivation, the laughs, the tips and most importantly, the education. It was a “STRONG 💪” by Zumba day. Continue to be the super hero to your kids and to your fellow SBZI!

https://goo.gl/images/8HS847 🤛

Certified Fitness Professional, Zumba and Strong Nation Master Trainer, AFAA Master Instructor - International Zumba Education Specialist
- Strong by Zumba Master Trainer
- Equinox GFI
- Zumbawear Ambassador: ZESABRAHAM 10% off
- Hickies Ambassador: ABRAHAMH 20% off

Operating as usual


Ya puedes escuchar mi podcast en YouTube! Suscríbete para que te notifique cuando haya nuevo episodio!

Ayúdame a ayudar a más personas compartiéndolo!



Nuevo episodio de mi podcast!! Esta vez te platico acerca de mi nuevo trabajo con entrenador personal usando EMS (Estimulación Electro Muscular)






Qué harías si tuvieras USD$1000 extra?


Es Martes de nuevo episodio del Podcast LatinX Fitness!! 🙌🏼🎉☺️

Si lo que quieres es entrenar a la mayor cantidad de personas al mismo tiempo, entonces las clases grupales son la mejor opción.

En este episodio hablo de las diferencias entre entrenamiento personal y entrenamiento grupal de fitness, diferentes tipos de clases: pre coreografiadas, pre diseñadas y estilo libre, así como diferente tipo de especializaciones.

También te doy ideas de como cobrar y como se gana siendo instructor de clases grupales en gimnasio, estudio o por tu propia cuenta.

Toma una captura de pantalla, ponla en tus historias y etiquétame para compartirlo.

LatinX Fitness | iHeart 11/24/2021

LatinX Fitness | iHeart

Te gusta el fitness, te dedicas al fitness o te gustaría dedicarte al fitness como profesion? Sigue mi podcast LatinX Fitness en español:

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LatinX Fitness | iHeart Podcast dedicado al mundo del fitness en español, información necesaria para hacer de esta pasión una profesión.Abraham Hernandez es un profesional del fitness mexicano que radica en Los Angeles, CA. Cuenta con mas de 20 años de experiencia en el mundo de fitness como entrenador personal y grup...


Post workout shoulder pump! Have you trained today??


Aprende a comer correctamente para lograr tus objetivos, curso en español en linea!

Mas información y registro:



Aprende como comer para lograr tus objetivos. Mas información y registro:



We start tomorrow!


Last days to register for my online group personal training program, it starts on October 11th!

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Looking for men in their 40’s that want to gain their confidence back! Training with me for 6 weeks in my online group personal training program


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Only have ONE dumbbell? Here’s a full body workout with it (45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest, 2-4 rounds):

1. Goblet Squat: keep your dumbbell close to your chest and your elbows towards the knees when coming down.

2. Rows: Stay on a lunge position to engage more muscles. Pull your dumbbell towards the hip.

3. Chest Press: Keep your elbow open on your chest level. Hold the bridge position to engage more muscles.

4. Bicep Curls: Keep your armpit squeezed and elbow down. Bring the dumbbell towards the opposite pec.

5. Tricep Press: Keep your arm close to your ear, push the dumbbell towards the ceiling.

6. Russian Twist: keep your elbows bent 90 degrees.


Did you gain weight during due the pandemic? Is your selfsteem lower than usual? Can’t affod to hire a personal trainer to help you? Would you like to learn how to train yourself?

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Photos from Abraham Hernández's post 05/05/2021

Is it possible to be over 40 and have the body you want???

100% YESS!!

We need to change the way we think about ourselves, we need to make smarter decisions about what we eat, we need to do the exercises that work for us, we need to start new habits that will make a huge change in the long run.

I’m here, I’m doing it, I’m helping others, I can help you!

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FB PEEPS, I need your input since this would be for you... If I start a podcast, should I do it in English, Spanish or Spanglish??

Mi gente de FB, necesito su opinión ya que esto sería para ustedes, si empiezo un Podcast, lo hago en Ingles, Español o Spanglish??

Photos from Abraham Hernández's post 04/28/2021

If I can get in the best shape of my life at 44 , you can do it! I will share everything, (even things that I never share on Social Media) I did to get ripped! Don’t miss out this opportunity. Save the date: May 8th

Register: https://www.upgradefitnesstraining.com/event-details/my-fitness-journey-group-coaching-session-live


II've been asked so many times how I got ripped at 44 during COVID times ! So here it is I've put together this information in a LIVE webinar for you.

Come join me and I'll tell you everything about it: Food, Macros, Supplements, Workouts, etc.

Secrets and hacks that I've never posted on social media!

And you can ask any questions you want!



InnovaFIT Podcast - EP 1 - Entrevista con Abraham Hernández

Watch this interview for Innovafit MX, where I share part of my personal and professional journey. You're gonna laugh and maybe cry a little ;)

Foam Roller Routine by Abe Hernandez 04/18/2021

Foam Roller Routine by Abe Hernandez

Do you have a foam roller and not sure how to use it? I got you!

I just uploaded it a Foam Roller Routine to my YouTube channel:

Foam Roller Routine by Abe Hernandez This 10 minute follow along routine is perfect to warm up or after you are done with your workout.You can split it in lower body when you train legs and uppe...


Cafecito con Abraham today at 11:30am PST on my IG!


It’s official, I’m a Certified Wellness Advisor! 🙌🏼

Send me me a message if you need to get your 💩 together!!!

Jk, but seriously, I’m here for you. Sometimes all you need is someone that has been there, someone that helps you find out the right direction to go.

You have what it takes and I’m here to help you to embrace it and bring it to light.

Let’s do it together!



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Photos from Abraham Hernández's post 04/04/2021

Exercise because you love your body not because you hate it! Be kind to your body.

Happy Easter! I wish I had a 🐰 costume!


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Looking for a fun fitness class? Feel free to join any on my on demand classes:


Zumba Toning:

Strong Nation:

SUNDAY 05/04:


Zumba Toning:

Strong Nation:


You still can sign up for tomorrow’s class!



Do you have a busy schedule? Can’t make it to classes? Cannot commit to a workout plan for long term? Do you have 10 minutes?

Then this program is perfect for you! It’s only 10 minutes a day for 10 days! It will motivate you to keep going and get your workout done quickly.

You set thw date you want to start and you’ll do it at any time of the day, it’s on demand style.

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Do you get bored of the same workouts?? Take this one, change it up, half Sentao followed by half Zumba! And it’s only $7, invite your friends.



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Es martes y hay nuevo episodio de LatinX Fitness!!! En eata ocasion hablamos de Spinning con el Master Instructor Randal...
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Es Martes de nuevo episodio del Podcast LatinX Fitness!! 🙌🏼🎉☺️Si lo que quieres es entrenar a la mayor cantidad de perso...
Only have ONE dumbbell? Here’s a full body workout with  it (45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest, 2-4 rounds):1. Goblet Squ...




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