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Operating as usual

One of my favorite things about our bus is all the views that we have seen through the back windows and all of the beautiful locations we have opened this back door up to.

We hit 32 states on our first trip across the U.S. and we definitely plan on going out again. It wasn’t a goal at first, but now we want to cross every state off of this list!

Have you ever been on an epic road trip?
If so where did you go, and what did you do?


Post yoga in our bus home with our minion haha Feels good to start working out consistently again. We have been living in a cabin up in Oregon without WiFi for a few months and it is awesome to unplug but I did miss holding myself accountable to my fitness and helping others get started on crushing their goals!! I have been working hard, but drinking a lot of beer, and putting my health on the back burner, I started feeling it in my energy levels, my girlfriend and I decided to try #dryjanuary this month to detox our bodies from alcohol and help us get motivated plus we just got signed up with a new business/fitness mentor and I’m excited to get back into a routine with things, set some goals and crush them in 2020. It’s a new year! A new decade!!! Time to level the f**k up. #struggleandsucceed #tribestruggleandsucceed #levelthef**kup

I’ve always loved California, but Oregon is pretty f**king rad!

Stoked to commit to the longest program I’ve ever done.

💯workouts!!! 💯 days!!!


I was totally looking for a different photo to post when I found myself scrolling through our Florida photos, and it got me thinking about how lucky I am. Not only because I’m the father of the prettiest little girl 👧🏼in the world 🌎 but also because @keely.shae is by my side. #WCW #LuckyGuy #NewDad

How many states have you been to???? 🤔
I’m missing the open road! It was awesome driving and stopping at random places along the way! We went to 31 states so far in our home on wheels! 🚌 We got some repairs to do before we can take off again and we will definitely be going back to some of the states we already drove through to explore more! 🗺

I will always be a work in progress, and as I get older I start to see more and more things that I need to work on..
Not just physically, but mentally too.

Being a dad is the best thing in the world 🌎 but it can totally distract us from taking care of ourselves. Even tho we need to take better care of ourselves so that we can be there for the ones that need us most.

It’s not always or ever easy to make time for the gym or to eat healthy meals, but when you’re apart of a positive likeminded community like our Free To Be Fit Club® you’ll find that there is strength in numbers. You don’t have to do it alone!

When one of us ask’s a question inside the group, we all learn from it and grow together! Doesn’t that sound like a fun and fresh way to get and stay healthy while making some new friends?!

Do you think that you would like to be included in a group like this?

Another workout in the books! Consistency is key my friends. There is no secret. You need to understand nutrition, eat the right foods for your body (most of the time) and have a fitness program that’s designed to give you results! And you have to stop making f**king excuses for yourself!! Stop scrolling through your phone wishing you had someone else’s life and start making yours something that you are proud of!! Click the link in my bio to get started. Fill out the form to join my Free to be Fit Club Virtual Gym and let’s talk about your goals, I am available for free video consultations also! 👨🏻‍💻🤙🏼💪🏼

Feeling good is important to me. It’s not just about showing muscle, it’s about confidence, strength, and consistency. Showing up for myself and my family everyday is the best accountability. I’m not going let life get the best of me. I am going to run this sh*t and build the life I’ve always wanted for my family. #StruggleAndSucceed

Working out in the mountains 🏔 today 🤘🏼felt great!
It’s day 1 of my workout program. 3 weeks to go!

Most people wouldn’t want to start a program before a camping trip but I @keely.shae downloaded all our workouts ahead of time so We’re good to go!

She’s the best little helper!!! We have been spending some time working on a new project that we are excited about! Wasn’t part of our “plan” but we know that sometimes we gotta trust the universe’s timing with things and this just feels right! It’s not official yet so we are going to wait to share more but we are feeling really good about what’s to come and choosing to keep an open mind about it all. The quote, “what messes us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it’s suppose to be,” resonates with us a lot as we go through this transition period, just taking it one day at a time, trying not to force things that don’t flow. #freetobefitmovement

Back when we had just got the bus and started the conversion! We wanted to take her on a test run, so we took off on our first camping trip near Hat Creek CA in our new home for our anniversary! Spent the night talking about all of the ideas we had for this beast! Got to test out our new mattress! We had been sleeping on a queen size for the last 5 years so switching to a full size was be a bit of a change but we are happy with the decision of going alittle smaller, it worked great for our Murphy bed. We had so much left to do till she was finished when we snapped this photo but we were so happy with the progress we had made. The hardest part was deciding exactly how we wanted to build this thing and where everything should go! And it’s still a work in progress! After being on the road in the bus for almost a year, we are excited to make some updates to the inside and outside and we will starting construction again 🚧 soon!
#freetobefitmovement #struggleandsucceed

Bonding. I don’t know who has more fun at these parks, her, or me?! Lol #freetobefitmovement #dadlife

We have so much fun on the road and we learn a lot! The last few days of our trip back to our home town were long and stressful but we did our best to focus on the beauty around us! With our turbo going out, whenever we saw a hill, our flashers went on and we were going about 15 miles an hour up mountains ⛰ ... cheering as we climbed to the top of each summit haha. We didn’t spend much time in Utah, Nevada, Colorado or Arizona and we definitely plan to go back and spend a lot of time there once the bus is redone, just driving through small parts of those states on our way back home were highlights of being on the road! We still want to see Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon and a few others for sure! But we are stoked to be back in our home state and we plan to be more intentional about exploring where we grew up while we are here! Since being on the road our love for Redding CA has grown stronger because we appreciate a lot more after being in some places that don’t have much. #freetobefitmovement #struggleandsucceed #buslife

We made it back to California yesterday after being on the road for 11 months and the trip back was a wild one.. 🤪🤘🏼🚌 we started having some issues with our alternator and bus battery so we decided to have longer driving days to get back quicker
We covered A LOT of ground and we put a ton of miles on our bus. We almost made it across the US, down the East Coast and back without a hiccup. On our way into Nevada coming from Utah our turbo also went out... And it f**king sucked.. But like Diesel engines do, it kept on chugging and we were able to travel about 300 miles without a turbo. For those of you that don’t know much about diesels, the turbo is a pretty important part.. Without it you have ZERO power.

Now that we are back in our hometown, we plan on slowly remodeling the inside of our bus and getting some engine work done.
I’ll be sharing a lot more during this process than I did when I first built it, @struggleandsucceed and I are going to dive into this blogging/vlogging thing, stay tuned!

Move A Mile A Day In May Starts Today!!!

Hey everyone! Are you ready to #MoveAMileADayInMay!? I accidently went LIVE on this Page instead of inside our Free to be Fit Club Virtual Gym, opps!! Just shared this video into our Fit Club, but if you are watching this and you are not a Member of our Virtual Gym and you would like more information about joining us to participate in the daily check-ins, message me!
You don’t have to be a member of the group to do this challenge with us either, just move a mile every day in May and use our hashtag so we can support each other #MoveAMileADayInMay 💪🏼

Finding a FREE electrical outlet/RV space last night to plug in was a blessing after waking up to a dead 💀 bus 🚌 battery 🔋 the last few days. AAA has jump started us twice and Keely Shae asked a really nice truck driver to help us out once which we are really grateful for! We have a wire shorting out somewhere and I can’t find it, so once we get back to California I will be tearing apart our dash and all the electrical to figure sh*t out! So we will be trying to plug in as much as we can to keep the batteries charged up.
We were kinda in disbelief when we found somewhere that said we could plug in completely free, for up to 3 days!
We found this spot on a website we recently stumbled upon, ... wish we knew about this site since we got on the road! We have been using @ioverlander mostly which is a badass resource too! #freetobefitmovement

I feel like I’m walking around in a kids movie.. there are flowers everywhere!! 🤣 And I’m not one to get excited about flowers 💐 but this Texas’ super-bloom is pretty rad and the best part is watching my girls run around through the grass and flowers with big smiles on their faces. I’m a lucky guy, and they remind me of that everyday.
What’s Spring looking like for you?! #superboom #freetobefitmovement

This open space in the back of our bus has been perfect for us! It’s a great area for our workouts, projects and our daughter to play. We are excited to make some updates back here tho now that we have been on the road for over 10 months and have a better idea of the things we want.
With our daughter growing we are thinking about building her a toddler size murphy bed next to ours and we’re curious, we know everyone is different but if you have kids.. at what age did you decide to start transitioning them away from a crib? Or did they never sleep in one?!
#freetobefitmovement #struggleandsucceed #buslife #ourgymiswhereweparkit

I want to expand my dad tribe! 🤘🏼👶🏻 If you are looking for accountability in your fitness and health, I’d like to partner with you! I’m sure your lady and your kids love you just the way you are, but there’s nothing wrong with gaining more confidence and energy for yourself! It could make you a better version of you which will positively impact the ones around you!

It’s not always as easy as we would like it to be to make it to the gym 4-6 days a week, but it’s pretty f**kin easy to make it to your living room or garage right?..

So why not make that your gym?!

Since living on the road I chose to workout at home (or outside) which is why making a gym area in the bus was a must! Even tho it turned into a play area too haha

I’m sure your home gym will be a little bigger then mine, maybe not, and that doesn’t matter! And you don’t even need weights to get started. It’s almost summer my dude! Let’s pack on some muscle! 💪🏼 Message me or Click the link below in the comments, fill out the enrollment form for my Virtual Gym and I’ll be in contact with you soon. 🤘🏼

1 year ago my daughter was under the bus helping me instal our refrigerator, that she now runs to whenever the door opens wanting to help me eat my food! Is she always going to want everything I have?? Haha 😆 She is so funny and I love that we can tell she feels at home in her bus! It’s going to be awesome to show her photos and tell her stories about how she helped build her first home! Seeing memories like this reminds me how grateful I am to have the opportunity to work for myself and build a life of freedom. I really don’t want to have anyone telling me when I need to go to work.

Feeling more open and centered then ever before. Not only because I’ve been gettin down on yoga, but because I’ve been fueling myself with high quality nutrition, and it’s payed off big time!

Did you know that eating right can lower stress levels?!?!

Adaptogenic herbs and botanicals have been used to help the body adapt and respond to the effects of stress. And because of that we have Ashwagandha, Reishi, and Chaga formulated into our daily superfood shake. It works wonders physically and mentally and I would recommend it to anyone!

Watching sunsets 🌅 with our toes in the sand. We don’t take these days for granted! #freetobefitmovement

Got to meet up with my buddy @wisesuccessor in New Orleans! I tried some fried alligator 🐊 and oysters for the first time. They were really good! We also went to @cafedumonde which was delicious!
It was also really cool to invite Justin into our home on wheels because Justin saw the bus before we got on the road, and now he’s seeing it on the other side of the country! 🤘🏼

So one of @klarity.serene new favorite things to do is hop on my stomach while I foam roll my back. 🤷🏼‍♂️ She gets a huge smile on her face and she hangs on pretty good! The little bit of extra weight totally helps me roll out my back too! Haha, so it’s a win for both of us. She gets a free ride and I get a deep tissue massage!💆‍♂️

Do your kids have any funny little tendencies?

We are wrapping up Movement Is Medicine inside our Virtual Gym and we are about to Spring Into Health!!! Who is ready for April?! Are you setting any new goals?? One thing that I am going to improve on is foam rolling, daily!!

Link in bio if you’re ready to Spring Into Health and learn more about becoming a Member of our virtual gym!

We don’t want a house full of stuff. We want a mind full of memories!! We are so happy we decided to take on the #buslife in 2017! We have been living life on the road for about 10 months now! Here is quick little timeline of how things went down.

May 2017 - We officially decided we wanted to convert a school bus and put in our 30 days notice to move out of our Hollywood, California studio apartment that we were living in the past 5 years together.

June 2017 - We sold our car, filled up a uhaul, moved back to our hometown, bought a school bus and started converting it while living at our parents house.

July 2017 - We found out we were pregnant!

September 2017 - We took our first trip (in our unfinished bus) to Samoa, the Coast in Northern California to have a gender reveal for ourselves.

February 2018 - We moved into an RV Park in our hometown Redding, officially living in our bus and our daughter was born a few weeks later on the 23rd!

April 2018 - We took our first “quick” trip as a family in the bus down to Los Angeles, California

June 2018 - We drove to McCloud, California for @wooingthewild & @meowtaincatt‘s wedding! (Congrats you two!) After the wedding we left California and started heading toward the East Coast, booked it pretty quickly to Indianapolis for a business conference.

After that we had no set plans!
We knew we wanted to drive from Maine down to Key West, but other than that we had no idea what we were doing! Tried to follow the nice weather and just took it one day at a time!
We are not on a tour of the United States. Both of us are not really into history museums or a lot of touristy stuff. That’s not why we took decided to travel. We just wanted to live louder. We wanted to vibrate higher. We wanted to be free. We wanted to experience the open road. We wanted to practice minimalism. We wanted to declutter our life. We wanted to get clear on our intentions for life. We wanted to show people that fitness is a lifestyle and that you can take your workouts anywhere!
Our bus home is still a work in progress and our adventures are just getting started! Thanks for supporting our journey! #freetobefitmovement #struggleandsucceed

HOLIDAY MEMORIES | 2018 | BUS LIFE #FreetobeFitMovement

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After traveling from California, to Maine and starting to make our way down the East Coast to Florida, we stopped in South Carolina and stayed at Myrtle Beac...

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Move A Mile A Day In May Starts Today!!!



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