Getting Unmarried: Reinventing Happily Ever After

Getting Unmarried is for people who want to move through their divorce with intention, dignity, compassion, & thoughtfulness. Compass | DRE 01522243

Certified divorce coach and certified real estate divorce specialist, Kira Gould is dedicated to helping people "get unmarried" in a conscious, clear and compassionate way. A child of divorce, Kira ended her own marriage in 2009, and learned the hard way that she needed more help and support during those tumultuous times. Today, in addition to one-on-one coaching, she runs two support groups: "Get


Happy Holidays Everyone! As we turn to the New Year, I wanted to share this quote to get us all thinking...

So many are in a hurry to have 2020 behind you. Yes, life flows in cycles, and New Years are the start of one of the greatest you experience, but what of each day? Do not believe that the calendar will turn on January 1st and suddenly all of your challenges will be behind you. Life goes on, and challenges are part of it. You see a new year as an opportunity for a fresh start, and it is. But see each day, each minute, each moment as a new start, for they are. Looking towards the future in hopes that something will change negates the power that you have in this moment to change your thoughts as to how you view the year, the day, the minute. Do not lose a second of your life wishing for something better. Embrace this moment by looking about you and finding the opportunity … to be grateful and to love with all your heart. In so doing, 'better' will naturally unfold."

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Ask A Super Lawyer Anything!

Join us tonight at 5:30pm PST for an informative virtual event with a fantastic family law attorney! Click the link below to RSVP and get details. Mon, Nov 16, 2020, 5:30 PM: Super Lawyer Matthew A. Breddan joins us in an open forum to answer your most important divorce questions and concerns.Come talk with and learn from Mr. Breddan. We'll addr 11/05/2020

Absolute Support!

Please join us for this online support group...would love to see you there! Tue, Nov 10, 2020, 5:30 PM: Join us for a virtual support group on Zoom!Are you thinking about ending your marriage? Are you in the process of divorce, or transitioning to life after the split? Do you

10/17/2020 10/15/2020

What the Heck is a QDRO? And Why Does My Attorney Say I Need One?

Join us for a really important virtual event where we will hear from QDRO attorney Darren Goodman, who specializes in the division of retirement plan benefits. Darren will explain to us how this process entails so much more than simply preparing Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs). Mon, Oct 19, 2020, 5:30 PM: QDROs seem to be one of the great mysteries of divorce. But chances are if you or your spouse have a retirement account, you're going to need one. And they have to be handl

10/10/2020 10/07/2020

7 Signs of a Passive-Aggressive Gaslighter

Are you a victim of gaslighting? Be on the lookout before you're manipulated.

10/01/2020 09/29/2020

How To Divorce With Mindfulness & Intention For A Peaceful, Joyful Future

When it comes to divorce, mindfulness and setting intentions are so vital and important. It makes the difference between being a victim and being the architect and creator of your newly envisioned life. Going through a divorce is never easy for anyone experiencing the heartbreak. But by learning some mindfulness tools and techniques, you can move on and find love again. 09/28/2020

Absolute Support!

Join us for a virtual support session on Zoom! Tue, Sep 29, 2020, 5:30 PM: Join us for a virtual support group on Zoom!Are you thinking about ending your marriage? Are you in the process of divorce, or transitioning to life after the split? Do you

09/25/2020 09/15/2020

Virtual Absolute Support Session

We're now hosting virtual support groups online! Check out our group on Tue, Sep 15, 2020, 5:30 PM: Join us for a virtual support group on Zoom!Are you thinking about ending your marriage? Are you in the process of divorce, or transitioning to life after the split? Do you 09/15/2020

8 Steps To Divorce: Charting Your Own Course To Getting ‘Unmarried’

My article on charting your own course through divorce is up live on YourTango... It's an 8-step path through divorce -- a "choose your own adventure"-type guide. Hope it's helpful! Successfully navigate the pathways of divorce from complicated and perilous to happily ever after!


Creating my own little “Zoom Room” corner from where I will record more Getting Unmarried videos. The house has gotten a lot smaller with kids doing Zoom school and husband working from home! It’s important to find our own personal space, and make it fully ours.


Shift Your Story - Change Your Life | Episode 02 | Kira Wilson Gould

We all have a story we tell about our divorce. What's yours? Do you put yourself in the role of victim? Perpetrator? Are you stuck in the past? This podcast will help you break out of that rut, and get you on the road to your new best life. 06/20/2019

5 Love Language Profiles - The 5 Love Languages®

Question of the Day: What's your love language? Gary Chapman's book "The Five Love Languages" outlines how we each communicate and receive love. Through: words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, physical touch, and gifts. We typically are most comfortable with one or two of those languages. Which one is yours?


Question of the day: What is a CDFA?
Answer: A certified divorce financial analyst. Someone who focuses on the longterm financial effects of divorce. Hiring a CDFA can help you to figure out the financial piece of your divorce. Many can be hired by the hour (at usually much less than your attorney's hourly rate) to act as a consultant. 06/13/2019

If You Want To Get Over The Heartbreak Of Divorce, You Need To Learn How To Find Yourself

Finding yourself is ALWAYS a worthwhile venture! Find yourself first. 05/18/2019

5 Signs Your Partner Is Falling Out Of Love With You (& May Ask For A Divorce)

Are the signs all there, and you're just missing them? Read this article to find out... Notice these signs and start re-thinking your relationship. 04/29/2019

Redefining the Meaning of Life After Divorce -- Getting Unmarried™

Creating a life of meaning, value, purpose, love, and fulfillment cannot come from an outside source. It must be the result of our own design and dedication. Redefining the meaning of life after divorce is the result of your own design. This is the opportunity to reinvent yourself, and live an authentic life. 04/28/2019

3 Ways Dealing With Divorce Is Different When You’ve Been Divorced More Than Once

There it is: that horrible sinking feeling that divorce may be your only option…again. Click on the link below to my new article about surviving ANOTHER divorce. I'll show you ways to tap into your previous experience, and use it, to help chart a well-thought-out course for your future. Divorce is never easy. 04/20/2019

Getting Unmarried™ Road Map: Possible Pathways to a Successful Divorce - Getting Unmarried™

Launching a new video series for anyone thinking about, going through, or recovering from, divorce. Please share with a friend if you think it could be beneficial. There's one whole workshop called the Getting Unmarried™ Road Map that is free! FREE WORKSHOP! Divorce is one of the most personal, meaningful, and important steps you might ever take. How do you know where to start, and which route will get you where you want to go? Simple: you need the best map you can find, and a damn good guide. What comes with the bundle: 43-minute (approx... 02/06/2019

Get Strategic: Insight on Divorce from a Private Eye

New event happening next week in Brentwood. Come meet a Private Investigator, and hear his divorce stories from the field. It's amazing what a PI can do for you! Mon, Feb 11, 2019, 6:15 PM: You don't want to miss this event!We've got an incredible expert to share with you: A Private Investigator! You will be enthralled by Paul's stories, and his services. You 02/04/2019

Divorce Rates Around the World: A Love Story

Really interesting article from Psychology Today about divorce rates around the world, and how they are high in countries with more wealth, more education, and more rights for women. Also, a great second part of the article which talks about how divorce can be a love story. In four decades, divorce rates around the world have more than doubled. 01/17/2019

Keeping Your House!

Come join us for a live/in-person event! Look forward to seeing you there! :) Tue, Jan 22, 2019, 6:15 PM: Keeping the house may be what your heart desires, but it is it good for your bottom line? Can you buy your spouse out of the house? Can you refinance in your own name? How 12/29/2018


My friend Sheree Clark is putting together an online event called “The Magnificent Midlife Woman: How to Feel Fabulous in Your Skin, Your Body, and Your Life When You’re 40+.” Join in (it’s free)here. The Magnificent Midlife Woman How to feel fabulous in your skin, your body, and your life when you’re 40+ Join me and two dozen experts to learn how to magnify your magnificence!! We’ll be covering everything from menopause to makeup, pain to physical intimacy, 10/31/2018

Kira Gould, United States, California, Los Angeles | DivorceForce Professional Directory - Find Divorce Experts and Services

I've joined forces with DivorceForce! An amazing platform and resource for anyone thinking about, or going through divorce. Click on the link below to check it out! Kira Gould Divorce Coach Real Estate Agent/Broker (Residential Real Estate) About Certified real estate divorce specialist® and certified divorce coach®, Kira is dedicated to helping people “move on” in a conscious, clear and compassionate way. She works predominantly with clients who are goin... 04/24/2018

Balanced Parenting (In a Sometimes Crazy World!)

We've got an amazing event coming up! Hope you'll join us! Tue, May 15, 2018, 6:15 PM: We're going to help you find your balance!Just what does "Balanced Parenting" mean? It means finding the balance between: parenting and care of self; making our kids happy

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