Unstoppable Greatness

Unstoppable Greatness is all about being your highest purest self while reaching your full potentials in life, for Anything is Possible once you completely Believe in yourself.

This company and business focuses on Mental Health, Movement, and Nutrition.

Operating as usual

[04/03/20]   About to Go Live on Zoom for a 6pm (Pacific Time) Full Bodyweight Workout!
Having some Fun Here with some Push-Ups to Plank Kick Throughs!
Every Week at 6pm Pacific Time I’ll Be Teaching and Leading a Full 60 Minute Bodyweight Only Workout on Zoom! If you’ve never used Zoom before it’s a Free Video Platform and App you can Download to your Computer, Phone, or iPad!
I’ll Be Doing these Workouts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Send me your Email if You Would like to Be on my Morning Email List!
Cost of Class is Only $20 Let’s GEEEEET IT!!!
Excited to See Where I’ll Be at the End of this Month!

[03/04/20]   With Health, Fitness, and Movement, I find it easiest to have Consistency by Moving Every Single Day. Having some Fun here going for 12 Pull-ups, the first 4 were on a 2-2 tempo. Two second Concentric Motion as I’m Pulling my Body Up and a Two Second Eccentric Motion as I’m Lowering my Body All the Way Back Down. Notice how I’m getting a full range of motion and a full extension on the descend. You really want to stretch your muscles out while exercising, also squeeze them as hard as you can at the top of the motion. This allows for maximum muscle fiber recruitment and will give you the Best Results. Your Breath is Very Important too. As you pull yourself up open Mouth Exhale and as you lower yourself down Inhale through your Nose. After the first 4 tempo pull-ups I increased the speed to rep them out.
🎶 Song is Free Falling by @tonyk
He’s Got Some Great Music and Workout Tunes
Have an Amazing Beautiful Day today, stop talking about the Health, Mental, and Body Goals you have and Start Doing them Each and Every Single Day. You’ll Get Stronger, Feel Better, Gain Confidence, and Ultimately Live Longer. Why Wait? Do It.
Stay Unstoppable My Friends

[02/04/20]   Come join my Friend @lizzycastmoves and me for an Intro to Acro Yoga Workshop this Saturday on the 8th at Griffith Park! We’ll be teaching all the introduction and foundational exercises for a fun safe practice 😊 our Peak Pose for this Workshop will be Star Pose! 🌟 we’ll also teach you how to Cartwheel into Straddle Bat! 🦇 in this Video we’re doing Both of this Poses! Tickets for the Workshop are in the Link on my Bio through Eventbrite. We’ll be hosting it Outside at Griffith Park from 2-4pm, Max Capacity is 20 People! Let’s Have a ton of Fun this Weekend, See All of You There!! 👏🏼🎊☺️☀️🦇❤️🌟☺️

[12/28/19]   Results Don’t Work Unless You Do 😝
📸 Shot and Edited by the Talented @aidan.gawne

[12/22/19]   Remember my Friends ANYTHING is Possible, Truly Anything You Want to Go for in Your Life You Can Accomplish

I’m so Excited, Proud, and Inspired by How Far @lizzycastmoves and I have come with our Acro Yoga Practice and Training!! We’ve only been doing it together for about 7 Weeks! This was our first time trying Full extension with the foot to hand. It can be scary I got some long arms! And I was trying to find my alignment at first too. In the beginning we were calibrating each other’s bodies. To build up that solid connection and Trust. We got this in about 4-5 attempts. It doesn’t matter how many times in Life you Try, Attempt, or Practice something, what Matters is that You Keep Going and have Fun with the Journey! 😊 Stay Focused, Commit, Believe in Yourself and Bust Out a Smile While Doing it!! Lastly Always Remember Good things Take Time 👏🏼☺️🎊😝💪🏼❤️😊

[12/05/19]   Working on that COMPRESSION! 😝
Goal was 10 Reps, was my first time doing this, only going to Get Better and Better! Where You at Press?! I See You!!

meetup.com 03/09/2019

We are what we do

Our Cause and Community is Now Live on Facebook!
Each Weekend there will Be Classes Lead at Griffith Park!
I’ll also have Event Brite Events on here and also Events through MeetUp.com Excited to Meet You All! Classes start at 10am on Both Days!!

meetup.com Find Meetups so you can do more of what matters to you. Or create your own group and meet people near you who share your interests.

Why Unstoppable Greatness?

Hey Everyone! My name is Gene Leonard I’m the founder and owner of the Fitness and Yoga Company Unstoppable Greatness. I currently live in Hollywood, California and became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a 250 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher in the fall of 2015, back in Chicago where I’m originally from. When I first become a Personal Trainer I started my own business training and teaching people yoga out of my apartment complex gym in Lincoln Park of Chicago, IL. Since I love movement so much and was just starting out I was doing each session for $20. I would train anywhere from 6-8 clients a day, everyday. I still do this in LA, almost everyday I’m doing a personal training session, teaching a yoga private, or teaching my fitness and yoga classes on the weekends. I love Movement it’s a Necessity in my Life and is Very Healing for me, which is why I don’t mind Helping others with it as often as I can. I’m Very Grateful for my current training rate out here in Los Angeles, but this took time to build and I wouldn’t have had it any other way :)

I truly believe that every human being is capable of achieving any vision and goal they want and have in their lives. I believe life is all about your mindset and how you perceive things. You can only control two things in your life. Your actions and your reactions, also life is happening for you not to you. I came up with the name Unstoppable Greatness for my Company because I believe that if you have an Unstoppable Mindset and Belief in yourself you are truly capable of anything. I like the word Greatness, because that is what you are. You’re not average nor good, you my Friend are Great. Every single person on this earth was born with a special talent and uniqueness that no one else can duplicate. It’s your talent and gift and it’s up to you to find it and show the world it. For if you can you will be rewarded immensely.

Through my Company and Community I’ve built up that is what I do. I’m a motivator, trainer, teacher, healer, movement specialist, and person inspiring you to live your best life. I’ve had very sad moments of depression and crippling anxiety in my life where I couldn’t get out of bed, because I was so fearful the world was going to make fun of me. In my early years 19-23 were the hardest years of my life. I was in jail, rehab, and had done almost every drug under the sun. I believe in life we live and learn. I put myself through so many painful experiences that I had to learn the hard way.

I’ve been doing the work in my life for the past 6 years. Everyday I meditate, do yoga, workout, and help people. I love life very much and am extremely grateful I am still here. But that’s because I have a purpose and my purpose is to help you. I want to help you to see how Amazing, Beautiful, and Courageous you are. Through my site you’ll see how I train and help people reach their goals which instills a Radiant Confidence in them. If you live in the Los Angeles are and would like to talk about anything going on in your life, reach out I can help you. My email is [email protected] please contact me and we can set something up, I’m all ears and will be here for you.




Personal Training, Yoga Privates, Group Fitness Classes, Yoga Classes, Nutrition Guidance, and Apparel.



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