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I will come to your home, park or other location to complete strength training, yoga/general stretching, cardio and to assess your nutritional needs.



These strength exercises work EVERY muscle group!

Get the full workout: http://trib.al/mWBNSGc

gethealthyu.com 09/16/2019

7 Resistance Band Moves to Tone The Whole Body

gethealthyu.com Get a total-body workout with just one piece of equipment: the resistance band. Work your glutes, arms, core, and more with these seven moves.

sparkpeople.com 08/25/2019

Bye-Bye, Back Fat: 11 Exercises to Improve Your Rear View

sparkpeople.com Want to feel more confident in tank tops? Start sculpting and toning your back muscles with these 11 targeted exercises.


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Number 2 is really surprising!

sparkpeople.com 04/29/2019

8 Effective Exercises You Can Do With 1 Resistance Band

sparkpeople.com When you're short on time or recovering from an injury, resistance bands provide a quick, safe alternative to traditional weight training. Jump on the BANDwagon!


Chris Freytag Get Healthy U

Who doesn't love a good Belly Fat Blaster Workout?!

Try this workout you don't want to miss out on!
1. Sit Up Punches - 25 total
2. Snow Angels/ Snow Balls - 20 total
3. Plank Jacks/ Plank Pikes - 15 total
4. Hip Dips - 20 total (10 each side)
5. Swimmers - 20 total

Complete these exercises 3 rounds through! Your belly will be burning by the end of this belly blaster workout! Enjoy!


Chris Freytag Get Healthy U

I can't say it enough, I LOVE summertime and truly enjoy getting outside for my workouts!!! ☀ So next time you're outdoors give this little number a try!!! It's simple, yet SO effective and totally counts as your 10 minute work out for the day.
Warm up for 1 minute prior with some jumping jacks, high knees, butt kickers, and/or tuck jumps.
Perform each exercise for 45 seconds with a 1-minute rest between each round. 2 rounds total!
🌈 Side lunges
🌈 Squats
🌈 Burpees
🌈 Push-ups
As always, outfit is Athleta!! 😙 #athletaambassador #Athleta #athletaridgedale #powerofshe

sparkpeople.com 06/13/2018

The Secret to Ending Shoulder Pain Could Be Your Spine

sparkpeople.com Smartphones, we love you, but you're really messing with our posture. Discover how improving mobility in your spine could help your posture and decrease tension and pain in the shoulders. 

sparkpeople.com 05/01/2018

Bye-Bye, Back Fat: 11 Exercises to Improve Your Rear View

sparkpeople.com Want to feel more confident in tank tops? Start sculpting and toning your back muscles with these 11 targeted exercises.

gethealthyu.com 04/27/2018

3 Walking Workouts To Help You Lose Weight

gethealthyu.com Lose weight by taking your walking workouts up a notch! These 3 walking workouts to boost your weight loss are fun and challenging.


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Forget the scales, all you need to measure your weight is a simple piece of string.



Don't forget your hips!!


Chris Freytag Get Healthy U

Hip pain is bothersome for sure!! Here are some of the best exercises to strengthen and treat your hip pain:

gethealthyu.com 02/14/2018

How to Support Overall Health & A Healthy Inflammation Response

gethealthyu.com Inflammation has become a bit of a buzzword lately, and there are things you can do to promote a healthy inflammation response in your body that aren’t all that complicated or difficult. Also, here are a few things you can do on a daily basis to help your overall well-being. Get enough sleep We of...


Chris Freytag Get Healthy U

Ladies, strength training as we age is the MAJOR KEY! If you are over 50, you should be doing these exercises to build some muscle or maintain what you have! Don't give up ... get going !! Muscle is a big part of our metabolism!! So what's the key to keeping weight off and feeling good? Building muscle!

Perform 8-12 repetitions of each of the following moves with 30-60 seconds rest in between:

🔥 Squat Bicep wth Knee Lift
🔥 Forearm Plank
🔥 Single Leg Hamstring Bridge
🔥 Kneeling Push Ups
🔥 Reverse Grip Double Arm Row
🔥 Cross Behind Lunge with Lateral Raise

Get the whole workout here: https://gethealthyu.com/strength-training-moves-for-women-over-50/


Chris Freytag Get Healthy U

If you struggle with a little lower belly pooch and just can't get rid of it, try my 15-minute flat ab workout! 15 minutes CAN make a huge difference! #YesUCan 💪🏼 https://gethealthyu.com/15-minute-flat-ab-workout/

gethealthyu.com 01/28/2018

9 Ways To Beat Menopausal Belly Fat

gethealthyu.com Most women gain some stubborn belly fat in menopause, but fortunately there are things you can do to get rid of menopausal belly fat naturally.


Chris Freytag Get Healthy U

Ready-Set-Go!! Quick-do-anywhere-workout for the week: 7-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) in 7 minutes.
Warm up with some leg swings and arm circles. Then start your AMRAP:
⭐10 Tricep dips and kicks (Modification-do dips off a chair.)
⭐10 Ab sprawlers (Modification-try crunches on the floor or in the chair.)
⭐ 10 Side to side squats. (5 ea side) (Modification-stationary squats.)
⭐20 Jumping jacks. (Modification-side steps)
Do as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes! You'll be breathing hard and be energized. Short but effective! Ready, set, go!



Emily Skye's ab and core workout is the flat-belly workout you need! (via PopSugar Fitness)


Chris Freytag Get Healthy U

Let’s face it, everyone wants a better butt. And we've got the moves for you to make it happen! Work each of these exercises into your normal workout routine!
💋 Pass Through Lunge
💋 Side to Side Squat
💋 Cross Behind Lunge
💋 Squat Jumps
(Capris and tank from Athleta)


Chris Freytag Get Healthy U

Do double duty—get in a great workout and clean your house!😉 Just grab a towel and try this workout on a hardwood floor. If you are on carpet, grab a paper plate.

Start with:

💫 Ab tucks -15x
💫 Ab pikes -15x
💫 Leg sweeps to the side 15 each leg
💫 Mountain climbers 15 each side

Rest for 30 seconds to give your arms a rest and then repeat! Holding a plank that long is good exercise!



We’re doing an abs workout with 8fit - Workouts & Meal Plans. Join in!


Chris Freytag Get Healthy U

Get rid of that menopausal belly fat! 😬 Here are 9 ways!


Chris Freytag Get Healthy U

Cardio can be rough for some of us, but this 20-min cardio workout will help you get 'er done! #justdoit!!

Perform each exercise for 1 minute and repeat 2 times for an awesome 20-minute workout:
💦 Jogging In Place
💦 Jump Rope
💦 Jumping Jacks
💦 Skiers
💦 Power Skips
💦 Front Kicks
💦 High Knees
💦 Surfer Squats
💦 Butt Kicks
💦 Mountain Climbers

Outfit from @athleta 👌


Chris Freytag Get Healthy U

Skip the crunches today and pick up the stability ball for your core work! Use these moves to tighten and tone your tummy.
🐶 Stability Ball Ab Tuck
🐶 Stability Ball Ab Pike
🐶 Stability Ball Back Extension
🐶 Stability Ball Core Rotation
🐶 Stability Ball Forearm Plank
Perform each excercise 10 times and hold the plank 45 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times!

Here is the whole workout if you want to print it: https://gethealthyu.com/stability-ball-core-workout/


Precision Nutrition

Desserts don't need to be off limits.

However, when it’s time for a treat, go for the best possible version. Want chocolate, only get the best. Want ice cream, go out and get real ice cream on special occasions.

Don’t waste your indulgences on half-assed treats. Get the real thing or save it till you can.


Chris Freytag Get Healthy U

Ready for lean legs?? Make this workout a part of your routine. Here's how: This workout is divided into a cardio portion and a strength exercise portion. Each of these portions are 5 minutes long. Alternate doing the cardio or strength section each day or combine them together at once for a 10-minute leaner leg workout. Go through the cardio exercises for 1 minute each. Do 15 reps of the strength training exercises on each side.
Cardio Moves:
👖 Jumping Jacks
👖 Split Jumps
👖 Squat Jumps
👖 Butt Kicks
👖 Jump Rope
Strength Moves:
👖 Plié Leg Lift
👖 Releve Plié
👖 Leg Lift
👖 Fire Hydrant
👖 Single Leg Hamstring Bridge (both sides)
Full workout at the link in my bio.



5 Tips for Finding Relief from Plantar Fasciitis

blog.myfitnesspal.com 09/19/2017

The 5 Most Underrated Exercises You Should Be Doing | MyFitnessPal

blog.myfitnesspal.com There's no shortage of exercises you can do to target any muscle you want to work. Just turn to Google and you'll find lists of the best moves for abs ...


Chris Freytag Get Healthy U

Are you trying to burn fat, tone muscle and get an effective workout all at the same time? This 10-minute Tabata is just what you're looking for :)

To start: Warm up for 1 minute by jogging in place. Then perform each of the below exercises with intensity for 20 seconds; then take a quick 10 second rest.

💋 Pliè Squats
💋 Jumping Jacks
💋 Curtsy Lunges
💋 Punching

That will be 2 minutes. Repeat this cycle again and that's one Tabata (a Tabata is 4 minutes). One minute rest and repeat 👊 that's a 10 min workout!! .

Outfit = Athleta tank and sonar capris.


Chris Freytag Get Healthy U

As summer starts to end, take advantage of the outdoors with this awesome pool workout! Do each of these moves next time you're in the pool! Try doing 1 minute of each exercise and repeat 3 times!
🐬 Twisters
🐬 Core Rotators
🐬 Leg Lifts
🐬 Crunches
Want more pool workouts? Click the link in my bio! Swimsuit from @athleta!





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