Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy L.L.C.

Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy L.L.C.


Thank you ! We had an amazing day of community, education and exercise at Explora last Friday. Thank you to our wonderful speakers, Dr. Sephira Ryman The Mind Research Network & UNM Health Sciences, Robert Bibeau Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy L.L.C., Lauril Sachet The University of New Mexico - UNM, and Kelly Papesh Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance! Additional thanks to our partners and volunteers! We truly missed seeing your beautiful faces after two years of isolation, what a FUN day!
Congratulations to all the young students who shared their skills and won medals at Desert Dragon yesterday! We are proud of you all!
One group of hardworking young men earned their gold sashes tonight!
The school attended Star Wars night at the Albuquerque Isotopes. Great turn out-over 30 students and their families.
Hope you don't mind me sharing this on your FB ~ Steve

Southern 5 is working in cooperation with Ark Yuey Wong Kung Fu Center to present a rarely seen Ng Ga Kuen form. We hope everyone can come out and support and help preserve the legacy and teachings of Grandmaster Wong Ark Yuey.

If you support this event, please share it on your FB.


Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy is committed to teaching traditional Kung Fu and Tradition

Albuquerque's only Kung Fu School teaching the traditional Chinese Kung Fu style Ng Ga Kuen (5 Family Fist), Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy is committed to teaching Traditional Kung Fu and Traditional Values.


9 years ago, on this day, Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy L.L.C. First opened its doors to the public. I am very happy to announce that, as of today, we are once again open for business!

We made it through the pandemic on a skeleton crew, but we never ceased teaching, learning, or training. Now our school is collocated with our Acupuncture clinic, Mountain Path Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine LLC. It’s the realization of a dream nearly 15 years in the making. Come and see us!


6 Years at Mountain Path video

On this day, 6 years ago, we opened our doors for the first time at Mountain Path Kung Fu. That day we set out to create a community. We wanted our school to be welcoming to all, a place where the stressors of our world could melt away. We wanted to foster a sense of belonging for each student and family member that came through our doors. We strove from that day forward to have our school be a school in which you could work on honing your mind, your body and your spirit… and maybe have a few laughs and create some great memories in the process. We wanted to do all that and to teach authentic Kung Fu in a no non-sense authentic and traditional way. I think we may have accomplished that.

Today it is a bit bitter-sweet to celebrate this anniversary “remotely.” It is our hope that for each student and their family members that have ever been a part of the Mountain Path family that you’ll take a moment to reflect on the memories, lessons and laughs you’ve shared with us through the years and if you’ve got some great pictures to share, please post them to the page!

Our school has been through a lot over these six years, yet we’ve always persisted and grown in our Kung Fu and in our sense of community. Our nation has been through a lot in its history as well. We will, as a school and as a nation, overcome these current difficulties as we navigate through the Quarantine and through this illness. We are really looking forward to seeing each and every one of you after this chaotic time has passed and we are looking forward to many more years, memories, laughs and time spent training with you all!

-Sifu Rob


A reminder to all our students:

Tonight marks the first night of training in our school located at

7520 Fourth St. NW
Los Ranchos, NM 87107

Across the court yard from Balanced Vitality Wellness Center

Classes begin at the normal time, see you all there!


The date is coming fast folks! Get registered NOW!


How Much Time Do You Have To React To a Punch?

Excellent post.


Mountain Path Kung Fu students at the annual Star Wars night watching the Albuquerque Isotopes take on the Fresno Grizzlies! Students and family filled two rows! Thanks to all for helping to make our second annual trip a GREAT TIME!

Photos from Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy L.L.C.'s post 11/03/2017

On October 21st and 22nd Mountain Path Kung Fu was proud to host GM Seming Ma and my teacher, Sifu Steven Perez. Our students were able to present a small demonstration of the work we have been doing, Katie Neeley was able to unveil an exquisite piece of her artwork (which we present the very first two prints of to GM Seming Ma and Sifu Steven Perez!) and we were fortunate enough to learn one of the true jewels of our Kung Fu from the Grand Master himself!

This was an EXQUISITE event! I am so proud of all of our students, the and family and community that we have all built together.

This event was something of a landmark for us, and for me personally. Since I founded Mountain Path, I have dreamed of opportunities like this to bring Kung Fu and practitioners of this magnitude to New Mexico and I am truly grateful to GM Seming Ma and Sifu Steven for this opportunity.

A true capstone to the event was our induction by GM Seming Ma as members of the Ark Yuey Wong Kung Fu Center!

We are looking forward to our next opportunity to have these great practitioners out again and to share our Kung Fu with the community!


Sword of Goujian: The Mysterious Ancient Sword That DEFIED Time

This is cool!


I am proud to announce that Mountain Path Kung Fu, in conjunction with Neeley Arts will be hosting this event in Albuquerque, NM on October 22, 2017. This event is open to the public and all are welcome to attend!

I am also extremely grateful to Master Steven Perez of the Southern 5 Chinese Boxing Academy and Grand Master Seming Ma of the Ark Yuey Wong Kung Fu Center and Lineage Holder of Ng Ga Kuen for presenting us with the opportunity!

How Exercise Works According to Chinese Medicine 03/13/2017

How Exercise Works According to Chinese Medicine

To my students:
Read this. A lot of the things we've been talking about lately are captured in this article!

How Exercise Works According to Chinese Medicine While Western medicine focuses mostly on the physical and physiological benefits of activity, Chinese medicine has a slightly different spin.

Photos from Southern 5 Chinese Boxing Academy's post 09/17/2016

My Sifu,Sifu Steven Perez, and some of his Kung Fu Brothers! This is AWESOME!

Timeline photos 09/09/2016

Last night was the very first dinner that our school shared. We trained for a good two hours to work up an appetite and even saw two of our Students earn their White Sashes, then went to dinner!

I'm so grateful to have students who are truly helping to create a sense of community in sharing our Ng Ga Kuen Kung Fu!

Photos from Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy L.L.C.'s post 09/08/2016

So we've been training in the park lately. Personally, I think it's been awesome. Of course I've been warned like a Game of Thrones re-run that "winter is coming." Evidently our students come from hearty stock! Remember the down pour yesterday? These guys came out to train in it!



Yep! Everything about this video, just "yep!"

During my time as an Infantry Officer in the Marine Corps I can't tell you how many times I heard warfighting professionals discuss "violence of action". Multiple levels to this idea and what it means: On the one hand you've got the simple notion that your actions must be executed violently. Not just swiftly, not just precisely, violently. On the other hand you've got the notion that the ethical warrior is not just physically prepared but also mentally and psychologically prepared for and willing to apply violence.

To my Students, we've discussed each of these topics a number of times, watch this video for a nice refresher!




For the parents at my school, there's a language warning on this video, so if your 5 year old is sitting next to you, maybe watch later, but definitely understand this mans message is spot on and I love what he says!

I've said before I respect how hard many of the MMA players work. But when we've talked before about the difference in symmetrical and asymmetrical combat in our class discussions... Well, this guy nails it!

Photos from Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy L.L.C.'s post 04/03/2016

On April 1st, Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy celebrated our two year anniversary. I'm extremely proud of the work we've done and the efforts made by our students both in their training and in the impact they've had in our community.

Yesterday, April 2nd, we further celebrated our two year anniversary by attending and participating in the Desert Dragon Kung Fu Tournament. Our three competitors Daniel Price, Kelly Knupp and Alex Sokol each took First Place in their respective competitions.

I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate and recognize such a bench mark. I am humbled by our students hard work and love of their Kung Fu. I am extremely grateful in particular to Sifu Steven Perez and Sifu Orlando Ayala of Southern 5 Chinese Boxing Academy for their efforts, support, mentorship and quality instruction to me and to my students.

To all in the Ng Ga Kuen world, thank you for your support and encouragement getting our school to this point. It is our earnest desire to properly promote our system and heritage.

Martial Arts and the Autism Spectrum 03/21/2016

Martial Arts and the Autism Spectrum

A GREAT article! At Mountain Path we've got a little more than a year working our Adaptive Kung Fu class, the majority of those students are on the spectrum and the results have been ASTOUNDING! We've been fortunate to have wonderful instructors, but we've been truly blessed to have such great students in that class!

Please take sometime to read this wonderful article!

-Sifu Rob

Martial Arts and the Autism Spectrum Patterning in martial arts may help reduce stereotypic activity in autism.

Timeline photos 03/03/2016

Two of our newest White Sashes!

Why can governments so easily manipulate our fear? 02/22/2016

Why can governments so easily manipulate our fear?

For my Students:

We've discussed often the need to inoculate yourself to interpersonal violence. We need to go beyond discussion and actually endeavor to understand the psychology of violence and why we as a species are so averse to it.

Relevant to our studies and recent class discussion and theory points, this certainly falls into the realm of the ethical application of violence in defense of oneself or others.

A fabulous detail point in the video is how even the threat of violence is so psychologically damaging that we can easily assess why bullying can be so severe.

Understanding that you are just as susceptible to these psychological and even physiological events helps you to be a vastly superior as a martial artist and warrior (for those of you who the term "warrior" is appropriate for!) but it also helps to give you another layer of empathy to develop the benign compassion we all strive for through our training.

-Sifu Rob

Why can governments so easily manipulate our fear? In this video filmed at the University of New England, West Point graduate and Iraq War veteran Paul K. Chappell discusses aspects of our shared humanity tha...

Special Needs Parenting and Hypervigilance - Sheri Dacon 02/07/2016

Special Needs Parenting and Hypervigilance - Sheri Dacon

This is a great article! If you're a parent of a special needs child, I encourage you to take a read.

Special Needs Parenting and Hypervigilance - Sheri Dacon Here's what you need to know about special needs parenting and hypervigilance. It's real and it's scary, but awareness is key.

Photos from Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy L.L.C.'s post 02/02/2016

A few of our newly promoted students and pictures of their test!

Please join us in congratulating our three new Gray Sashes and our newest Green Sash, Kelly Knupp!

Timeline photos 01/28/2016

Our new Gray Sashes!!!


2015 Year in Review

It was an amazing 2015 At Mountain Path. As I took time this weekend to build our completed 2016 training plan and set goals for the year, it caused me to reflect on all that we accomplished in 2015. It is incredible to see how far we've come!

Take a look at our most recent blog post, and while you're at the site, take a look around, change and growth even to our webiste!

2015 Year in Review Traditional Kung Fu and Traditional Values in Albuquerque, NM. An alternative to the "ground and pound" menace in modern martial arts and martial sports.

Timeline photos 01/16/2016

What a great trip that was! Thanks to all for such a wonderful event. A special thanks to SiGueng Seming Ma, Sifu Steven Perez and Sifu Orlando Ayala for your kindness and hospitality!

Sifu Robert Bibeau & his students from Mountain Path Kung Fu Academy in NM. Making the trip out here because of dedication and love of Ng Ga Kuen. Proud to have you as one of our affiliate schools.

Timeline photos 11/24/2015

Great memories of our first "class trip" out to California to see the extended family!

Thank you all for the training, the fellowship and the memories!

Monk Pang Seminar participants. Thank you all.


This was some GREAT training! My students and I felt extremely privileged to train with so many wonderful martial artists, share in some camaraderie and to hear their stories of training in the old days!

Thank you all for making our first trip as a school such a wonderful success!

Mobile uploads 09/20/2015


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Photos from Southern 5 Chinese Boxing Academy's post 09/09/2015

Not here to brag, but I've got some pride in this. In particular, that pride is vested in our lineage, the quality of our Kung Fu and the skill of my teachers and seniors in this system.

I'm also proud to have brought Ng Ga Kuen to my home state of New Mexico!

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