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Are we not able to schedule classes on the app while the studio is closed? It keeps telling me an error has occurred when I try - I know the closure could possibly get extended, but it gives me a sense of normalcy to be able to schedule so I know I can get in when we resume.
I miss you Orange Theory - day 1
New Jersey just announced all fitness centers are closed until further notice. Kill me now if that happens in KY
I am a huge OTF fan, but something struck me as "off" today in class with a fairly new instructor named Zan during the 10:45 Sunday class. I was snapping a picture before class of an empty treadmill & rower for a streak my girlfriend and I have going (to encourage each other's OTF work outs. Zan approached me and said, "No photos are allowed...What is that picture for... I need you to leave." There was a harsh tone to the whole thing. Here's the deal... I respect Corporate Policy. But YOU need to cite: Pictures aren't allowed in the gym area due to Corporate Policy and then tell me why. Example: A hospital would say to protect the patients privacy. I have been with OTF four years in Charlotte, NC and LOU, KY... PEOPLE TAKE PICTURES ALL OF THE TIME. Group shots. Selfies. You name it. So, if it is corporate policy: Tell me that. Tell me why it's corporate policy. And be consistent with your photography messaging. Try a softer approach too... Tone is everything to a customer. Regards, Carolyn Gaeta McLean Public Relations Practitioner Senior Strategist Media Relations Trainer Former WAVE 3 news reporter
Great coaches ! The workouts make you feel amazing and push you . I feel great and motivated
Does anyone know when this class is? Im trying to figure out what time it is tomorrow in case I food coma myself too hard tonight and it still doesn’t show a time.
When is Hell Week this month? Trying to fit it in my schedule. Gotta get that shirt!
I would love for you and your crew to JOIN ME THIS SATURDAY 8/11/18 for a Zumba Dance Fitness Class at one of these locations💕 Plz Rsvp via email or inbox me which class you're able to attend if u can!
Hi everyone! I wanted to let those of you who are interested in participating in the Great Pumpkin Run 5K on 10/6/18, that a group has been set up and you will save $5 on the registration fee if you sign up through the group. Our group name is OTF Wild Things. Thanks!
Footage of me leaving OTF this morning clutching my new OTF water bottle and towel “gifts” after completing Day Five of Mayhem

Orangetheory Fitness is the leading high intensity training gym. Our innovative workouts make us a health studio that you will see results at.

Orangetheory Fitness is the leading fitness gym near you. It offers group personal training workouts based on high intensity interval training that blend cardiovascular and strength training. Our innovative workouts make us a health studio that you will see results at. Call our Louisville, KY fitness studio today!

April 27th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

Give some love to your legs, core and more in your next Orangetheory At Home™ Greatest HIITs Edition! In this 47-minute workout, there will be times you’ll move slow and steady, and times you’ll pick up the pace. Whatever you do, always remember to breathe. And move with purpose! Check our feed a little later to view the full workout.

Clear your schedule — you’ve got some workouts to do! Here’s a preview of what’s coming your way to help you plan your week and get in a little “you” time. What are some of the best tips that have helped you carve out a distraction-free hour to work out at home? Share them in the comments below! #otflouisville #morelife #orangetheoryathome #togetherky #teamkentucky #healthyathome #athomeworkouts

April 26th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

Got 38 minutes in your schedule tomorrow? Make the most of them in your next Orangetheory At Home™. You’ll fire up muscles you never knew you had, and you’ll get results you never knew you needed. Let’s get that upper body and core talking! Click this link a little later to view the full workout >>

Here's to You, Parents

Shout out to all the parents out there who are inventing new ways to work, home-school AND make time to work out - all under one roof 👊. Who knew kids could make such great workout partners…or substitute weights?! Your choice. Share with us how you and your family work out together using #OrangetheoryAtHome! #otflouisville #morelife #togetherky #teamkentucky #healthyathome

April 24th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

Been missing run/row workouts? Don’t worry, we’ve got some exercises you can do from the comfort of your living room to mimic the movements on the tread and the rower. In your next 45-minute Orangetheory At Home™, you’ll get to visit the hometowns of Coach Hope from OTF Wellesley, Coach Kelly from OTF Robinson and Coach Dex from OTF Newport News. Click this link a little later to view the full workout:!

We so wish we were back in the studio, cheering each other on and raking in the Splat Points together. To help pass the time until that happens, let’s play a little game of Would You Rather, Orangetheory style. #otflouisville #morelife #wouldyourather #togetherky #healthyahome #teamkentucky #otfwouldyourather


You don’t need a fancy treadmill, bike or strider to go All Out. In your next Orangetheory At Home™, our coaches will take you through a series of interval-training inspired exercises targeting your lower body and core to get your heart rate into that Orange Zone. Ready to get your glutes in gear? Click the link a little later to view the 41-minute workout. Orangetheory Fitness is the latest high intensity workout that's scientifically proven to spike your metabolism and boost energy. Try us for FREE today!

April 22nd 10-Minute Isometric Hold Challenge

Mid-week slump? Burn through it with our next 10-minute Isometric Hold Challenge. You’ll hold 5 different exercises now so you can spring into action the rest of your week. Grab two objects that weigh about 5 lbs. a piece, and let’s get started. Don’t forget to share your results with the tag #OTFAtHomeChallenge. Have a friend who’s been craving a little extra? Tag them in the comments below!

April 22nd #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

Get ready to push, pull, reach and lift your way through your next Orangetheory At Home™. This 34-minute upper body strength and core workout is the perfect balance of strength training and cardio to help you boost your energy, build muscle and even improve your outlook on life. Who doesn’t need that right about now? Click the link a little later to view it in full.

Orangetheory Misses You - Rower Edition

Think of how much you long for those smooth, strong power pulls on the WaterRower. Well, the rower has feelings too, you know. And it misses you back. What’s your favorite rower number? We’ve all got one, so share it with us in the comments below!

April 21st #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

Pack your bags — we’re (virtually) off to Canada in your next Orangetheory At Home™ Hometown Edition. Let’s show some love to Coach Brittne from OTF Calgary, Coach Ian from OTF Toronto and Coach Jason from OTF Fairview, who will challenge you to level up each and every round. Why? Because it’s those last few reps that count the most. Ready for 45 minutes of total body endurance? Click this link a little later to view the full workout:!

April 20th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

Time for our Greatest HIITs Edition, take 3! Your favorite blocks from the past week, packaged into one spectacular workout. For 42 glorious minutes, you’ll get to fire up your core and activate all of the muscles in your legs. Click this link a little later to view the full Orangetheory At Home™ workout:!

For all of you planners out there, we hear you! We’ve got your next few Orangetheory At Home™ workouts lined up to give your routine (and your results) a little boost. Who’s ready to crush it this coming week? #orangetheoryathome #morelife #otflouisville #togetherky #healthyathome #teamkentucky

April 19th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

The only weight on your shoulders should be the weight you’ll be using in your next 44-minute Orangetheory At Home™ upper body strength workout. Once you’ve built up some shoulder and core strength, you’ll have the opportunity to earn your Splat Points with a mini tornado. Remember, give it your all so you can really earn that rest in between. Click this link a little later to view the full workout:

Since day one, our mission has been to provide you more energy and more strength. During this time where we can’t be together in person, YOU are giving us so much energy and strength. Keep the inspiration coming by sharing your #OrangetheoryAtHome workouts. Let’s do this! 💪🏼🧡 #otflouisvillemiddletown #otflouisville #morelife #togetherky #healthyathome #teamkentucky

April 18th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

Strap on your OTbeat™ heart rate monitor and get ready to jump into the Orange Zone in your next Orangetheory At Home.™ In this 50-minute total body power and endurance workout, you will not only strengthen your heart as you work through some intervals, you’ll also improve your muscular endurance. Click this link a little later to view the full workout.

While it feels like the world is telling us to do less right now, many of you have reached out asking how you can help do more. You’ve inspired us to create ways to support us, a local independently owned and operated @orangetheory studio. We've listed two ways you can do that below!

1: Donate. If you’re loving the free Orangetheory At Home™ workouts we’re creating daily while your membership is on freeze, you can opt to pay it forward to contribute to your local Orangetheory studio.
2: Shop our new limited-edition “For the Love of Orangetheory” collection. 100% of profits go directly to your local studio. Click this link to learn more and have the option to donate or shop now:

We're beyond blessed and thankful for each and every one of you, and we can't wait to welcome you all back into the studio with open arms.

April 17th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

A core and cardio combo is coming your way! We’re headed to Canada in this 50-minute Orangetheory At Home™ Hometown Edition. The energy you’ll need to push through those uncomfortable moments is brought to you by Coach Rick from Orangetheory Fitness Davie Street, Coach Jessica from Orangetheory Fitness Namao and Coach Thomas from Orangetheory Fitness Halifax. Click this link a little later to view the full workout. Your heart is going to love you for this one.

April 16th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

Look good, feel good and perform BETTER after your next 50-minute Orangetheory At Home.™ It’s a lower body endurance workout that’s got it all — exercises that strengthen the major movers of your lower body, some interval training work, a dose of cardio, and of course, some much-needed flexibility to recover after your work is done. Check our feed a little later to view the full workout.

OTconnectTM Tablets Miss You!

We hate it when social distancing keeps us apart. Can you imagine how our OTconnectTM tablets feel? They miss you more than you know. So let’s reminisce — what’s your greatest, happiest memory in the studio? Tell us in the comments below!

April 15th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

Get your upper body ready for some serious bear hugs when this is all behind us. We’re coming for your chest, shoulders, arms, back and core in your next Orangetheory At Home.™ In addition to these strength-building exercises, we’ve also weaved in some agility training to channel your inner athlete and get that heart rate up. Click the link a little later to view the full workout.

Orangetheory Fitness Shanghai Stands With Us

Our coaches in Shanghai are back in the studio and they want you to know that you too will soon be back under the orange lights. Stay positive. If you can’t wait to see your OTF community, send them some love in the comments below.

April 14th #OrangetheoryAtHome

In your next #OrangetheoryAtHome, we’re bringing one of your favorite workout formats — the tornado — straight to your living room. This Hometown Edition features coaches from the land down under: Coach Brittany Walters from Brisbane, Coach Rebekah ‘Bits’ Allen from Canberra and Coach Mike Dewar from Melbourne! Click link in bio a little later to view the full workout. #otflouisville #morelife #healthyathome #teamkentucky #togetherky

#OTFChallengeatHome The 5-Minute Burpee Breakdown Challenge

Another Orangetheory challenge is coming at you, burpee style! You can do anything for 5 minutes, right? Get in as many rounds as possible, and then encourage your friends to rise to the challenge by tagging them in the comments below. The 5-minute Burpee Breakdown Challenge starts NOW! Let’s do this. Show us your results with the tag #OTFAtHomeChallenge.

April 13th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

Your favorite blocks from the week are making their comeback in your next Orangetheory At Home ™ Greatest HIITs Edition Part 2! Working out on a Monday will put you in a positive frame of mind so you can tackle the challenges of the week ahead. And what better way to do that than with a total body endurance workout? Click this link a little later to view it in full >>

In times like these, it’s more important than ever to come together. Orangetheory is proud to join the #StayHome movement, uniting our entire industry to encourage everyone to stay home where possible to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Together, we can save lives. #AloneTogether

April 12th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

Ready to get comfortable with being uncomfortable? The exercises in your next #OrangetheoryAtHome will mimic the motions on the WaterRower and recreate the treadmill intervals you miss so much in studio. You’ll elevate your heart rate while getting in a little strength training, too. Click link in bio a little later to view the full workout. #morelife #otflouisville #healthyathome #togetherky #teamkentucky

April 11th #OrangetheoryAtHome

Drumroll please … it’s time for some of our Greatest HIITs! See what we did there? Expect some of your favorite blocks of the week in your next Orangetheory At Home™ workout. Your legs and metabolism will be thanking you. Check our feed a little later to view the full workout.

April 10th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

For your next Orangetheory At Home™, think slow and controlled movements to build your upper body strength. But don’t worry — in true OTF fashion, we’ve also incorporated explosive exercises designed to get you in the Orange Zone. The coach-inspired energy that you miss in studio will be brought to you virtually by Coach John Driscoll (FL), Coach Liz Javier (TX) and Coach Tayler LaBellarte (CA). Get your OTbeat™ charged up and ready so you can earn your daily dose of Splat Points. Check our feed a little later to view the full workout.

Proud of our home city of Louisville for really coming together during these trying times, and we’re incredibly proud to have been able to partner with @louwaterfrontpark to share a bit of our #OrangetheoryAtHome workouts! Head to their page to see Coach @i_ayanna_’s full workout and stay tuned for two more videos coming your way soon! #morelife @orangetheory #otflouisville #healthyathome #togetherky #teamkentucky

April 9th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

We activated your upper body in the last workout, so it’s only fair to show your lower body and core some love in the next #OrangetheoryAtHome. We’ll challenge you to give it your max effort with little rest and recovery so that you come out of this workout feeling more successful than ever. Click link in bio a little later to view the full workout. What weights will you choose for the explosive ab block? Post them with the tag #OrangetheoryAtHome! #otflouisville #morelife #healthyathome #togetherky #teamkentucky

Orangetheory Misses You

Think about how much you miss OTF. Now, multiply that by a million. And maybe, just maybe, you have an idea of how much we miss you back. What’s that one thing you can’t wait to get back to once we’re back in arm’s reach? Tell us in the comments below! #orangetheoryathome #morelife #otflouisville #teamkentucky #togetherky #healthyathome

April 8th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

Put your agility skills to the test in the next Orangetheory At Home. Not only will you get your heart pumping, you’ll improve your balance and coordination, too. Grab a set of mini bands to activate your smaller stabilizer muscles and make this workout even more effective. Don’t have a set of your own? They’re available on our online store — just visit to purchase. And, as always, click the link a little later to view the full upper-body endurance and agility workout >>

April 7th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

Work up a sweat and kickstart your metabolism in your next total body power workout. Exercises are brought to you by Coach Angie Krueger (Brookfield, WI), Coach Benzo Anderson (West Hollywood, CA) and Coach Caty Yount (South Lamar, TX). Give it up for Cruels
for helping you power through this Orangetheory At Home. Check our feed a little later to view the full workout!

#OrangetheoryAtHome The 100 Rep Challenge

You want more? We’ll give you more. Feed your exercise addiction with our brand-new Orangetheory At Home Challenge Edition! We’ll provide the challenges, you bring the energy. Crush it, and then encourage your friends to rise to the challenge by tagging them in the comments below. And remember, if you aren’t comfortable doing a full pushup or burpee, use the options you learned in class. First challenge starts in 3, 2, 1 ... GO! #orangetheoryathome #morelife #otflouisville #healthyathome #togetherky #teamkentucky

April 6th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

Earn tickets to the gun show with the push-up variations you’ll be doing in this next Orangetheory At Home. You’ll activate and strengthen all the major muscles in your upper body and core to help you move easier and reduce your risk of injury later on. And the best part? The tickets are free, so you can’t miss it. Check out our feed a little later to view the full workout.

April 5th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout

Burpees are fun! Said every Orangetheory member ever. In your next Orangetheory At Home, we’ll kick things off with Base, Push and All Out efforts, and finish off with everyone’s favorite total body exercise. You guessed it — burpees! Get a little taste of the interval training you’ve been missing in the studio, and don’t forget to show us how you did. Check our feed a little later to view the full workout.

During this moment of forced contemplation, it is vital to remember that we are all stronger than we think. Momentum Shift reminds us that difficult times call for strong hearts. The film is now available on Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play, FandangoNOW, Xbox, Vimeo On Demand, Hoopla and The Roku Channel. If you are looking for inspiration, stream it tonight. #orangetheoryathome #otflouisville #morelife #healthyathome #teamkentucky #togetherky

Get out tomorrow and walk!! Don’t forget to tag us with your artwork 🖼 🍊

April 4th #OrangetheoryAtHome

Do you have a naturally dominant side? The answer is probably yes, even if you’re not aware of it. In this #OrangetheoryAtHome, Coach Nick LoCicero from New York, Coach Michael Ferraro from Illinois and Coach Troy Taylor from Texas will take you through exercises that target one side of your body at a time to help balance the scale. We’ve made this Hometown Edition extra special with music artists from each of these hometowns you’ll see featured. A huge shoutout goes to The Microphone Misfitz, Water From Your Eyes, and Lolita Lynne.

Our Story

Orangetheory Fitness is a one-of-a kind fitness experience that combines two concepts: heart rate-monitored interval training and group personal training. The one-hour, ever changing workout was formulated by an exercise physiologist and consists of diverse components, including high-energy cardiovascular and strength training using treadmills, rowing machines, suspension training, and free weights with short bursts of intense exercise. The result is the Orange Effect -- more energy, visible toning, and extra calorie burn for up to 36 hours after your workout. Contact us today to get started!

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April 27th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout
April 26th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout
Here's to You, Parents
April 24th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout
April 22nd 10-Minute Isometric Hold Challenge
April 22nd #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout
Orangetheory Misses You - Rower Edition
April 21st #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout
April 20th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout
April 19th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout
April 18th #OrangetheoryAtHome Workout




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