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JV’s PRO Summer XC Training Group – Series 3 (NEW GROUP STARTING) - Please share my post :) - Time to Make the Magic Happen! 7:00pm – 8:20pm every Sunday night (Aug. 18-Sept 15) To sign up, please click on the link below and complete the very short registration. - https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/5160949/2019-JV-s-PRO-Summer-XC-Training-Series-3 Series 1 & 2 were a HUGE success! The progress that took place was incredibly inspiring.
JV's Pro Life & Fitness - 2019 Spring Training Group - Click on the link below for more details & registration. Have questions, just send me a text or call @ 502-221-0040 - http://sgiz.mobi/s3/JV-s-PRO-Spring-Training-2019 See you there!
Do you have s contact I can reach out to for Derby City Athletics in regards to my daughter being interested in cross country? Thank you!

Helping You Hurdle Life's Road Blocks by improving the physical & mental development, of life & athletics, at all levels

JV’s Fitness and Life Coaching Information • 45 minutes to an hour per session • Pre-Planned Workout sent to your email account • Motivational & Mental Confidence Building • Home visits or facility of your choice. I come to you & work around your schedule! • Goal Setting • Team Leadership Tips • Dynamic Warm Ups and Stretches • Biomechanics / Running Form Drills • Individualized workouts based on the need of the individual (Fitness, Quickness, Agility, Speed, Endurance, Footwork, Strength, ETC) • Sport Specific Workouts (track, cross country, football, soccer, golf, baseball, basketball, etc.) just ask! • All Ages Youth – Adults! • Positive reinforcement • Feedback from previous workouts • Nutrition Tips • Also if there are any other areas that you would like me to address, please just let me know. I can implement pretty much anything into our workouts (self-confidence, assertiveness, and bullying issues, being competitive, mental toughness, leadership qualities, and issues at school, home, and/or with teammates, along with many other topics while coaching. I take great pride in developing a complete athlete/person (mentally and physically) If you have any questions or would like to speak with any of my clients for reference purposes, please do not hesitate to contact me at my contact information listed below. Jeff Vincent [email protected] (502) 221-0040 USATF Certified Level 1 Coach Certified Professional Life Coach

Morning motivation!! #wakepuandkickass #kickyourgoalsintheface #getitdonetoday #noexcuses🚫 #expectexcellencefromyourself #thegrindneverstops #greenlights

To all the amazing moms out there, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! ❤️. Thank you for all the little & big things you do for your children. They may not show or realize it “yet” however trust me when I say each and everyone of them depend, love, care, appreciate & would do anything for the “TRUE MVP” in their lives which includes each of the mother figures in their lives (mom, step, grandma, single dads, aunts, foster, family friends, etc.) - NEVER DOUBT IT! If it weren’t for my mom, no way I’d survive throughout my athletic career attempting to keep up with all the demands of organizing, scheduling, travel, washing & preparing practice clothes & uniforms and especially my confidence due to the many times she listened when I needed to vent or my spirits were down from a tough day/practice/game.

Thanks for be there along the way during the tough & fun times and even those trips to the ER, Charlotte Vincent! Love you ❤️

#momsarethetruemvp #happymothersday

#momsarethetruemvp #mothersday

If your child is experiencing stress due to the times we are living currently, reach out and let’s chat about how I can help.

Get Mentally Fit 💪

#mentalfitness #Getmentallyfit

Apply this to the world & life “obstacles” we/you are going through right now. #findawaytobehappy

Please take 15 seconds and vote for Riley Neal of North Oldham HS for OC Winter Athlete of the Year! https://twitter.com/oldhamerasports/status/1243202402402160641?s=21

While others rest...... we work! 💪

Take 2 seconds & vote for Riley Neal of NOHS & JV’s Pro Life & Fitness Athlete! 💪💪

[03/13/20]   Good afternoon.

What a crazy week, right?! I’ve been noticing all of the cancellations of athletic events along with the KHSAA just announcing today that all spring sports are considering to be in the dead period until April 12. The dead period means that middle or high schools are not allowed to practice and/or meet as a team during this time frame. (Click Here to Read Full Post)

Since all of my workouts are individual or small group, I will be open for business. Feel free to reach out to me if your child needs to maintain their conditioning, fitness levels, get in their weekly tough speed workout and/or you just simply need a break and would like me to make them tired. 😊

The Sunday night workout group will continue. The indoor gym has garage doors that open. To make sure that place is aired out we can open those, if needed. I just ask if your child is experiencing any virus type symptoms to stay home and inform me. If your child isn’t feeling healthy and you’ve already paid, we will definitely work something out. I want to make sure everyone gets their money worth.

FYI – I will not be available due to vacation from April 1-11. I will be back on Sunday, April 12th

#championsaremadewhennooneiswatching #wantitmorethananyoneelse #doingwhatothersdont


3rd teen cross-country runner dies after driver plows into high school team

To all the xc/track/weekend running warriors... Be safe out there running. Not sure any of the below would have prevented this sad situation but always.......
🔹Stay alert.
🔹Keep your eyes up and moving.
🔹Constantly think & look for escape routes.
🔹Run towards the traffic not with it so you can see what’s coming at you.
🔹Wear bright clothes
🔹Run at a local park whenever possible.
🔹Never assume drivers are paying attention or see you.
🔹Just be safe. ❤️


nbcnews.com A day after his adult son was killed in a car crash, Max Leroy Townsend drove across two lanes of traffic and onto a sidewalk, hitting seven members of a school cross-country team.

Justyn Knight is a beast 💪💪.


Youngest JV’s Pro Athlete Ever (Besides my niece, Anna)! 2 years old!! 💪💪

This group from Richmond, KY has made jaw dropping improvements. The athletes are a combo of softball, baseball, basketball & soccer players. Unbelievable how much faster & better shape they were from our start just 10 weeks ago! 💪💪

A HUGE congrats to Rebekah Howard of Ashland Blazer for recently signing with East Tennessee State to run XC/track! I had the amazing opportunity to work with her mother, Mabel in the migrant education program. At a work conference, Mabel & I got to talking about xc. She told me her daughter was a runner. When she told me her daughter’s name I immediately said, “I know that name very well. She was one of the main girls I kept an eye on when working with Nina Walker of Goshen.” Later that day, Mabel introduced the two of us & we instantly connected as she shared my passion for the sport. The following day, Rebekah asked if I would work with her. Of course. I agreed. Since that day, her family & I have stayed in touch so when hearing her great news.... I definitely had to give her a shout out! I’m super pumped & proud of you!! Thanks for allowing me to be a very small part of your amazing success! You’re a rockstar! 💪💪💪.



North Oldham girls basketball quick turnaround

Riley Neal representing on & off the basketball court!! 💪💪

wlky.com The North Oldham High School girls basketball team went from mediocre to must-watch when head coach Jimmy Segar took over.

Huge shoutout to this JV’s Pro Fitness Athlete from Lexington, KY. Ari scored a 31 on his ACT (36 in math)! Oh yea, Ari is only in 7th grade. #intellegentathlete #smartsoccerplayers #ACT #gettingitdoneintheclassroomandsoccerfield

To all the JV’s Pro Fitness Athletes racing @ AAU XC Nationals tomorrow in Knoxville...Remember
💪 You were born for Greatness!
💪 Go be LEGENDARY! 🔥🔥

*And don’t forget to make me look good in the process. 😂

Got called out & challenged tonight by my speed development group athletes. Luckily I didn’t embarrass myself in front of them. 😂#oldmanhops #42inchhurdle #gotlucky - Beyond thankful my knee is feeling better thanks to Dr. Steve Smith @coach_smith132 with #louisvilleorthopedicclinic

Beyond thankful for each and everyone of you! Can’t even begin to express how blessed I have been over the years getting to know so many amazing people and families through this business, coaching track for DCAC, etc. Seriously can’t imagine my life without each of you! Thanks for allowing me to be a small part of your life & success! Happy Thanksgiving from JV’s Pro Life & Fitness, LLC. (Jeff)!! #thankfulgratefulblessed #thankyou #godisgoodallthetime #blessedbeyondmeasure #howdidigetsolucky #amazingkids #amazingfamilies

[11/12/19]   Congrats to the following past & present JV’s Pro Life & Fitness, LLC. Athletes for earning ALL- AREA 4 Honors!!:
Elle Cargould - 6th Grade & U - Runner of the Year!!
Adam Patel - Middle School Boys - Runner of the Year!!
Julia Schmitt - Middle School Girls - Runner of the Year!!
Tristian Hindorff, Grant Neal, Ashley Terry, Jake Pyles, Julia Anastasio, Lincoln Krezmien, Alex Egan, Luke Whitlow, Conner Nesmith, Josie Trevino, Jonah Terry, Kayla Mbaraka, Kiki May, Eli Green, Reese Bramer, Julia May, Marya Mbaraka, Riley Auton and Griffin Staude!!

#thanksformakingmelookgood #beastmode #hardworkpaysoff #theyhatemyspeedworkoutsbutlovemenow #blessedbeyondblessed #proudtrainermoments

[11/12/19]   Congrats to the following past & present JV’s Pro Life & Fitness, LLC. for earning KENTUCKY KTCCCA All-State Honors for Middle & Elementary!!!!!:

Kix Verbroekken, Jonah Terry, Jo Sierpina, Julia Anastasio, Alex Egan, Kiki May, Nora Starr, Lincoln Krezmien, Conner Nesmith, Eli Green, Elle Cargould, Josie Trevino, Reese Bramer, Marya Mbaraka, Julia Schmitt, Grant Neal, Tristan Hindorff and Adam Patel

#makingmelookgoodagain #proudcoachingmoments #hardworkpaysoff #blessedbeyondblessed #thankful


Oldham Era Sports on Twitter

Jake Pyles getting interviewed after his beast performance at state!

“Jake Pyles placed 11th (17:04.06) for North Oldham at the Class 2-A cross country state meet. https://t.co/9BlAhFhMkT”

Can’t even explain how proud I am of this volleyball rockstar! I was unbelievably blessed with the opportunity to work with Brie @brie.postema in cross country years ago. I’ll never forget our workouts together. She was such a hard worker, learned how to push herself outside the comfort zone, developed grit, mental toughness & became Goshen’s top 2 runner that season! Her determination & drive for success made me into a better coach. Though her family & I have kept in touch over the years, I was surprised & honored when getting a text invite from Brie asking me to come watch her play on senior night. There was no way I was going miss it. I knew she was insanely talented based on fact Brie signed with NCAA D-1 volleyball powerhouse, Virginia Tech as a freshman in high school but after hearing all of Brie’s high school accomplishments announced then watching how effortless she made everything look on the court along with her amazing #nohsvolleyball team..... I was incredibly impressed and proud! Keep climbing, @brie.postema ! And don’t forget our pinky promise we made a long time ago. When you get interviewed for winning a gold medal for Team USA, the NCAA National Championship &/or MVP of the ACC, NCAA, etc. you gotta give me a quick shoutout. 😂 - Just teasing ya but you have my 💯% okay if choosing to do so. Haha 😆 - But seriously, thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your life & athletic success! Looking forward to seeing you play again soon! Thinking you & the team turned me into a volleyball fan. The game was a blast to watch! #keepclimbing💪 #proudcoachmoment #vtvolleyball fan #hardworkpaysoff💪 #erasethedoubt #magicerasersworkwonders #volleyballfitnesstraining

#makeimpossiblepossible #bethatonecrazyperson


Eliud Kipchoge runs 1:59 marathon, first to break 2 hours

Wow!! 💪💪

olympics.nbcsports.com Eliud Kipchoge became the first man to break two hours in a marathon in a non-record-eligible event.

You may beat my athletes but it will NOT be because they are not physically or mentally prepared - Coaches, Parents & Athletes - I have tons of experience in squeezing out the very best performance from athletes & teams! Offering team & individual speeches, course walkthroughs, all of the mental aspects for enhancing performances (anxiety, focus, nutritional tips, confidence, getting kids to step outside their comfort zones, the controlling of emotions, race strategies, scouting, motivation, reports, etc. for individuals & teams. Focus on your team & your training. Let me help with all the research, problem solving & bringing out the inner greatness your athletes are capable of accomplishing! Experience at all age group levels - Elementary, Middle & High school and College Teams & Individuals -
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Follow @junemcbridema and learn how you can earn FREE $$$ for college by applying for scholarships. June’s Path of Scholarships Workbook provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions on college & career readiness along with how to earning free money to attend college or vocational education. I use this workbook throughout our summer educational program and #keysacademy #migranteducationprogram #elementaryschoolcounselor #middleschoolcounselors #highschoolcounselors #upwardboundprograms #collegeandcareerreadiness - Reach out to me if you have any questions on how I use @junemcbridema #pathtoscholarships #thebest - All educational levels #governersscholarrecognition #21stcenturyprogram #summereducationprograms #summereducationprograms #afterschooleducationcenter #freemoney #freemoneyforcollege #collegeandcareerreadiness #collegeandcareerreadinessforall #vocationaleducation #educationaltransition #publiclibrary #summerreadingprogram #easytofollowbreakdowns #innovativeeducationaltools #homeschool #homeschoolmom #homeschoolroom #homeschoolcollegeprep - 502-221-0040 [email protected] - Please tell June I referred you 😉! Thanks! June McBride


Workout Wednesday: Trinity High School |

Several JV's Pro Life & Fitness, LLC. Athletes featured on kytrackxc milesplit - Workout Wednesdays! Two weeks ago it was Kaylee Wilson at Christian Academy High School and this week it was Riggs Hardy, Colin Murphy, Rollins Hardy, Alex Wright, Henry Robinson, Jack Charmoli, Lloyd Soards, etc. from Trinity High School XC! Click on the links below to view! So cool!

Trinity XC




Steve Prefontaine- The Real Purpose of Running. A Distance Running Story (Without Limits)

TO ALL THE JV's PRO ATHLETES - THE REAL PURPOSE OF RUNNING! - PRE (Without Limits) -#allin #allheart #testyourlimits #don'tbeafraidtofail
(Parents - This video has one mild cuss word)


[10/08/19]   I mean....Just WOW!! How much faster will humans get?! My man, Justyn Knight runs a 13:26 and places 10th!!??
2019 IAAF World Championships - 5000 METRES MEN Final

1 700 Muktar EDRIS ETHETH 12:58.85 SB
2 695 Selemon BAREGA ETHETH 12:59.70
3 394 Mohammed AHMED CANCAN 13:01.11
4 696 Telahun Haile BEKELE ETHETH 13:02.29
5 1486 Jakob INGEBRIGTSEN NORNOR 13:02.93
6 1290 Jacob KROP KENKEN 13:03.08 PB
7 1873 Paul CHELIMO USAUSA 13:04.60 SB
8 1280 Nicholas Kipkorir KIMELI KENKEN 13:05.27
9 361 Birhanu BALEW BRNBRN 13:14.66
10 407 Justyn KNIGHT CANCAN 13:26.63

JV’s Pro Life & Fitness, LLC

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