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Moe Sass Fitness, LLC is all about forming a positive impact into individual lives, by creating healthy and happy lifestyles. Some of the services we offer are: Personalized Fitness Plans, Wellness Life Coaching, Motivational Speaking, One-to-One Training

About Me: I am a busy mom of 6 (3 at home), who fell in love with fitness back in 2006 when I decided to get healthy. My journey into fitness changed my life! I wanted to share the amazing feeling of inspiration and hope with everyone that I crossed paths with because I knew this was MY PUPOSE for being on this earth. I became a instructor in 2010. I currently work full time in the Telecom industry, Dance team director for the Lehigh Valley Storm DIVAS, teach group fitness and personal train. Certifications: CPR/AED, Primary Group Fitness, Personal Trainer, Strength Conditioning & Weight Training Consultant, Total Body Strength Conditioning, STRIDE, RIPPED and licensed Zumba Instructor.

[04/29/20]   I learned to respect the POWER OF LOVE!
I need you, I want you beside me
I trust you, I believe, I believe in you, I adore you, I love you sooooo #E #loveiseverything #loveyou #alphaandomega #respect #stephaniemills #dnice #clubquarantine #straightvibes #idontowntherightstothismusic

Good Morning beautiful people! So often we get caught in the midst of a storm and it “feels” like we can’t make it thru. That’s because we FORGOT that we have made it through MANY storms in life.

I want you to take just 5 to 10mins out your day and journal your experiences. That way the next time a storm hits (because life never ceases to happen) you can look back and see YOU ALWAYS make it through.

What may seem like an end could be a beautiful beginning, awakening or fresh start. Give yourself these small tools to help yourself when it “feels” like no one is there.

If you want more tips on the small daily habits that will help you win in life, feel free to reach out.

I love you and we are in this together❤️ #bettertogether #stormsdontlastforever #igotyou #iloveyou #reachout #haveaniceday

I know that it’s tough for so many people right now but you have to keep looking UP!

Trouble don’t last always. Learn to dance, praise, call on a higher source than yourself and be grateful that you opened your beautiful eyes this morning.

If nobody else tells you, I love you. You will get through this. Reach out for support. We are better together❤️ #lookup #iloveyou #bettertogether #reachout #mondaymotivation

**I don’t own the rights to this music**

Happy Monday! Carry these simple things with you all week long. Change one small act per day. How you achieve big victories is in the small changes we do everyday.

If you haven’t listened to my Self Love Sunday videos, check them out for tips for daily changes.

If you need help uncovering any blocks that are stopping you from getting to the next level in any areas your life, reach out and let’s work on removing those blocks. #3things #happymonday #haveagoodday #iloveyou #bettertogether

Self love Sunday w/ Sass- Let’s rewind it back

Happy Self Love Sunday! I hope that you are doing well. I hope that your journeys are going well.

In light of everything that is going on, I wanted to bring back a video that I did back in August in terms of dealing with grief as well as those who are supporting someone who is grieving.

I hope that something resonates with you. Please feel free to like, share, reachout ([email protected] and IG: Moesassfitness,LLC) and give feedback.

I love you for listening❤️

Have a great rest of your day

Happy Saturday!

The moment I decided to love and care for myself was the moment that my life changed.

I have been surrounded by nothing but love, blessings and opportunities. All while life is happening, I’m still thriving in love. It’s all a choice.

Choose YOU! Choose LOVE! and watch your world change❤️ #iloveyou #selflove #selfcare

[04/24/20]   #tgif It’s Friday and on Friday we dance no matter WHAT! I promise you when this mess is over me and my girls are going to have THE BIGGEST party EVER!

F all these zoom calls n air hugs, I need a real hug from my girls. I miss them. But I promise we are going to ROCK OUTTTT! We dancing ALL night no rest in between.

Oh and if you didn’t know that’s Zumbawith Caressa James and @templewarrior dancing with me in this video with @kbellross and Vernelle Gupton in the back sipping n eating cause they greedy🤣

I can honestly say my new normal when all of this is over is to spend more quality time with the people I love the most❤️ It’s to many to tag but y’all know who you are #happyfriday #imissrealhugs #wegonedance #iloveyou #bettertogether #idontowntherightstothismusic

Firsts are always hard. I think about you often. I love when you come in my dreams. But today is your day and I know you would prefer laughter over tears.

I miss you more than you will ever know. My love hasn’t changed a bit because real love doesn’t die it steadily grows. It was never about being together it was about wanting to see all your dreams come true, that hurts the most. So tonight I’m going to throw on some club, bust a move with a happy birthday toast and laugh at our videos because we was always doing the most.

Happy Birthday KC ❤️ #forever #happybirthday

The question I get the most is why/how did I decide to become a self love and wellness life coach. The reason is, I understand that so many women (including me) are the end all be all for everyone but when it’s our turn we often have no one there for us or don’t even know how to ask for help.

I had to learn how to seek those people/professionals out to help me in terms of my mental/emotional, physical, and financial health. Especially after losing my son because most people just looked at me, like I’m a superhero with no feelings.

Once I was able to get the help I needed to remove “blocks” from my life and learned to love and care for myself. I instantly said, “I will leave no woman left behind.” In other words I went to work to become certified to give back. I know there are so many women out there that all you need is a little guidance in terms of exercises to help release what’s blocking you to get to the next level. I just want to be the one to help you get there.

If you need something more in depth in terms of a therapist, that’s okay, seek one out. When my son and my love passed away, I had to turn to a grief counselor. There is NO shame in your healing journey. The shame comes when you chose to never get help/heal/grow and you harm those around you. Intentional or not, hurt people, hurt people.

If you need help to set out on a journey of how to love yourself and/or wellness message me. I love you, will never judge you and here for you. You don’t have to do it alone. Have a great day #selflovecoach #wellnesscoach #reachout #iamhere #iloveyou

Good Morning beautiful people😊

Take what you need today. I know that these uncertain times has us all out whack, which is even more of a reason to STOP and care/love on yourself.

Isolation teaches us that we can’t always rely on others to give us what we need to grow, heal and love ourselves. Give yourself what you need.

Utilize this time to set yourself on the course to who/what you want to be when we are all set free and start our new normal.

If you’re having a difficult time, please reach out me to and let’s work together. I got you. #lifecoach #wellnesscoach #selflovecoach #iloveyou #haveaniceday

Hate takes to much energy. Love is simple, people complicate it.

All we need is love, empathy and compassion right now anything less just won’t do. #iloveyou #haveaniceday #itgetsbetter #bettertogether #❤️

Self Love Sunday w/ Sass- Champion Your Change

Happy Self Love Sunday! I hope you are doing well. I hope your journeys are going well.

Let’s come out of this pandemic better than when we started by making small changes. It’s time for us to take our lives in our hands. Won’t you join me?

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

IG: Moe Sass Fitness, LLC

Good Morning beautiful people! By a show of hands, how many of you have DECIDED to CHOOSE to come out of this a BETTER person, whether it’s mentally, physically, emotionally or financially 🙋🏽‍♀️

I know it’s hard but do it HARD! We should be eating healthier and exercising amongst other things. How is it that we are in a pandemic that deals with health and our immune system and it’s still not enough for you to chose to change some behaviors?

I know it takes time but you have to start! Health is wealth! Money don’t mean sh*t if you’re dead. I’m about to hop on my Peloton and ride like the wind. I hope you CHOOSE to turn on YouTube (walk away the pounds) or an fitness app and take a class, get outside and walk or just do calisthenics in your room. Make a choice. This is how you make a difference. Just give yourself 10, 20, 30 or 60mins a day to set yourself on the right course.

Especially my people! Let’s stop waiting for the doctors to diagnose us and take care of ourselves. I love you and I want you to live so JOIN ME today in the fight to get our MINDS and BODIES right! Give me whatever time you have.

Frankly you don’t have sh*t else to do so NO EXCUSES! You have RESULTS or EXCUSES so LETS GO🙌🏾 If you need suggestions let me know. I got you❤️#exercise #boostyourimmunesystem #chooselife #mental #physical #emotional #financial #health #loveyou #happysaturday

#tgif Don’t judge me🤷🏽‍♀️ I don’t even go out but as soon as this is lifted, I’m going to be in them STREETS🗣🗣! The sad part is I don’t need nobody else but my own crazy azz. So if you see me, mind ya business🤣 #happyfriday #smile #havefun #itsgoingtobeokay #alaughadaykeepsthestressaway #loveya #idontowntherightstothismusic

It’s all about returning to love. Sometimes we are so wrapped up into money and material items, that are of no value, we forget that EVERYTHING that’s worth ANYTHING begins and ends with love.

Just look at those who have more material possessions and money than God and RIGHT now during this quarantine are bored, miserable, depressed and unhappy. They have the means to buy whatever they want and go stay in any one of their many houses and yet they still are talking about they feel like they are in prison. They don’t even enjoy the fruits of their labor.

It’s because if you don’t have true and genuine love of self, a higher power and others NOTHING you posses in the form of material can satisfy the hole in your heart that can only be filled with LOVE!

If this doesn’t show people that in a blink of an eye everything can be taken from you and to return to love of a higher power and self NOTHING will. #love #loveyourself #selflove #mindsetiseverything #godsplan #universallaws

18yrs ago! I can’t believe my babygirl is 18! Where does the time go?

My beautiful, smart, crazy, sensitive (she will cry in a second), little best friend, mini me and heart beat is growing up way to fast.

I can’t believe my baby is 18. Yup I cried. I cry because I made a lot of mistakes in my life but with my babies, I got it right. I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter.

Perfectly, imperfect with all her procrastination🤣she is EVERYTHING! The way she carries herself just speaks volumes and I’m so damn proud. She rights ALL my wrongs and is walking into Queendom better than I ever could at her age.

Simply put I love my Bean aka Kamurah and Proud to be her mom. Happy birthday my beautiful Beany ❤️❤️ #happybirthday #18 #timeflies #myworld #mybabygirl

HAPPY Easter! There will be no Self Love Sunday video today.

I plan on honoring and celebrating my God today. My heart is so THANKFUL this morning. He just keeps pulling me THROUGH! Every time I think I have fallen, he picks me right on up.

When my thoughts get ahead of his love and grace he pulls me right back in his arms. The reminder is ever present to lean on him. If you don’t know TODAY with all that’s going on that you need to lean on a higher source, then you are truly, the walking dead.

Call on your source and don’t stop. Even when I’m at my worse on my knees, crying and in pain, I look UP! I look up because that’s my reminder, I won’t be down for long.

Look UP with me TODAY! I know it seems that so much is lost but LOOK UP, trouble don’t last always.

Let’s come out of this RENEWED❤️ I LOVE YALL!!! #happyeaster #godsplan #wecandothis #lookup #iloveyou

#TGIF I KNOW I’m not the only one that goes this hard in the paint during #clubquarantine 🤣

This is literally me and the horse represents my wig because right about now it’s looking real horse’ish🤣

I hope everyone keeps dancing through this storm so that when we come out on the other side we are better TOGETHER!

I love ALL y’all ❤️❤️

#dance #stormsdontlastforever #mindsetiseverything #loveyou #bettertogether #idontowntherightstothismusic

I put this on my vision board almost 2yrs ago and as of today it’s in my living room.

I haven’t been able to exercise the way I like because my knee has been on my nerves but NOW ITS ON!

Exercise is therapeutic for me. All this negativity, pain, suffering, death, anger that comes along with this pandemic/life, I feel just like the next person.

However, I CHOSE to find ways to gain peace, happiness, joy, love, hope and hold onto faith. I chose to lean NOT upon my own understanding. So I’m going to chose to get on this bike and RIDE like the WINDDDDD🚴🏾‍♀️🚴🏾‍♀️🚴🏾‍♀️🚴🏾‍♀️

Pray for my crazy azz cause I’m going to be on this bike acting a WHOLE fool🤣 Moral of the story:

Manifest your dreams, dance thru the storms and find your little pockets of joy. It was never promised to us anyway. #grateful #manifestation #visionary #therapy #mentalhealth #peloton #letswork

For those who feel “out of control”, I realize that the screaming on the internet, anger and negativity are your way of trying to gain control over the uncontrollable.

However, control is always an illusion. We never had any. Nothing was ever promised, not even waking up this morning to read this post so you are going to have to learn to BITE THE HARDEST BULLET OF YOUR LIFE and LET IT GO!

The harder it is for you to let go, that says, you have serious internal work to do. You tell yourself that your looking out for others by behaving in that way but that’s simply NOT TRUE. I know it’s hard to believe AND I’m not calling anyone a liar.

I understand from experience that we CONVINCE ourselves that we are not PROJECTING our inner hurts, fears and past trauma on to others. But the fact is that’s EXACTLY what your doing. I just needed to be honest this morning.

The only thing within your control is YOU! Spend this time healing, working, growing and loving on YOU. Watch how your world and EVERYTHING around you change. Those very people your yelling at just might here your HEALED self. Because you will be leading from a loving space.

Try it and if you need help, tips and tools on your journey, I am here. Just message me.

Have a wonderful day, after all that’s within YOUR CONTROL! #control #heal #growth #love #loveyourself #selflove #mindsetiseverything

Happy Wednesday!

Just know that you matter, you are love, appreciated and supported.

If no one else loves you, I do.

Have a wonderful day❤️ #iloveyou #haveaniceday

[04/07/20]   This has me CRYING laughing! If you grew up with my grandparents you was going to church and you gone be there until whenever 🤣 Don’t get caught chewing no gum either🤦🏽‍♀️ Anyone who grew up Baptist or Pentecostal knows exactly how this feels😂 #churchflow #oldschool #goodtimes #memories #idontowncopyrightstothemusic

Happy Tuesday! I just want to say that I love East Penn School district. Yes we are all uncertain in these times but it’s so IMPORTANT to give kids HOPE and something to look FORWARD too. It gives them incentive to want to stay connected and do their work.

As a mom of a Senior it felt good to get the news that they are continuing to work so that our seniors can have their graduation ceremony and prom. I saw a smile on my baby girls face and that put a smile on mine.

My wish is, that everyone post something positive or something they are happy about today as apposed to the negative on their social media platforms.

SPREAD LOVE! It’s a choice not and emotion❤️ #spreadlove #justBE #BEjoy #BEpassion #BEcourage #choose

Good Morning my beautiful people!

Know you are loved, supported and appreciated.

This to shall pass.

Patience, compassion and tapping into your faith is where you will find your rainbow in the midst of the storm. #iloveyou #peace #patience #love #faith #haveaniceday

Self Love Sunday w/ Sass- Chaos reveals ALL

Happy Self Love Sunday! I hope you are doing well. I hope your journeys are going well.

I hope this resonates.

Please share, comment, give feedback and reach out.

Email: [email protected]
IG: Moe Sass Fitness LLC

I don’t know about you but I’m over here dancing thru the storms💃🏽

Trust me when I tell you that I feel stuff deep but music is the great equalizer! I just dance!

Come meet me in the VIP #poppinbottles #clubquarantine #dnice #vip #dance #freeyourmind #freeyoursoul #loveya #idontowntherightstothismusic

I know some of you are feeling lonely or alone right now, especially with this Rona lock down but I want to encourage to enjoy your singleness right now. Take this time to focus on starting, growing or investing in a business. Healing yourself. Reading or writing a book. Enjoy this phase because when two become one everything changes.

I’m taking a leadership course this weekend. During this down time, I’m stretching myself so that I’m ready for the next phase of my journey when this is all said and done. If you want help on trying to figure out what that could be for you, reach out. I’m here for you❤️

Sidebar: I hope to see my IG peeps in #clubquarantine on Saturday. As soon as my class is done, I’m headed straight there to the VIP❤️ #single #growthmindset #heal #entrepreneurs #tgif

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Self love Sunday w/ Sass- Let’s rewind it back
Self Love Sunday w/ Sass- Champion Your Change
Self Love Sunday w/ Sass- Chaos reveals ALL
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