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Chad Rigby # 53 hobby stock from Madrid, IA!

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🔴 Hobby Stock Driver Pages: 🔴
02c Cody Boulware Racing - Cody Boulware
01F Fink Racing - Jeff Fink
22T Trosin Racing - Jeff Trosin
👉7H Adam Hensel Racing - Adam Hensel
Andrew Harris Racing - Andrew Harris
👉Asche Motorsports - Nathan Asche
Austin Pinney 7P Racing - Austin Pinney
Ayers Racing - Daniel Ayers
👉Barglof racing - Drew Barglof
Bates Racing - David Bates
Blaine Hanson Racing - Blaine Hanson
👉Brandon Cox 66 Racing - Brandon Cox
👉Caster Racing 2t - Todd Caster
Colby Olson racing - Colby Olson
Craig Brotherton racing 45b - Craig Brotherton
👉DeVries Racing - Jay Devries
👉Eddinger Racing - 32E - Michael Eddinger
Eric Stanton Racing - Eric Stanton
Fink Racing - Travis Fink
👉Frederick Racing - Justin Frederick
Gilliland Racing
👉Halder racing 24H - Dylan Halder
Hinders Racing - Calvin Hinders
Hoffman 8x Racing - Andy Hoffman
Janssen’s Racing - Lowell Jahnssen - Rich Shaefer
✔Jason Kohl Racing - Jason Kohl
Key Racing #7 - Bobby Key
Long's Racing - Brandon Long
Magnussen Racing #28 - Dillon Magnussen
Mason Racin'
👉Nielsen Racing - Brandon & Cody Nielsen
Ramsey Racing - Luke Ramsey
Richards Racing - Braden Richards
👉Sassman Racing - Danny Sassman
Sisk Racing - James Sisk
Tony Fetterman Racing - Tony Fetterman
✔Weier Racing 61W - Zach Weier
Williams Racing - Andy Williams
👉Zac Smith Racing - Zac Smith
Fenton Racing # 10 - Travis Fenton
Close Counts Racing - Chad Rigby
Williams Racing 2020 - Dellas Williams

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Carson Carpenter & Chad Rigby... you guys are awesome. Thank you for my early birthday present!! What a ride!!
Awesome season!!
Let’s get em!!
Our team winner!
Way to go boys!!! Congratulations on your win at Indianola Chad Rigby and Carson Carpenter!!!

Racing info for Chad Rigby and his racing team we are currently racing hobby stocks

Operating as usual

Photos from Close Counts Racing's post 03/08/2022

Got some shots of her outside today! Look at them sparkles ✨😈🤘🏼


Ol girl is ready for a wrap 😈🤘🏼


Here’s what the car is gonna look like this year! Sponsor locations aren’t set yet get ahold of me if you want your business on this sweet thang!🤘🏼we do plan on doing a shirt order eventually to so your logo will make it to the shirts as well!

Photos from Close Counts Racing's post 10/05/2021

With my rookie race season officially over for me it was definitely full of ups and downs from picking up my first win to rolling and totaling my car 2 weeks later then building a whole new car to finish out the year. Had a lot of bad luck towards the end of the year but overall I learned a lot. First of all I’ve gotta give a shout out to my amazing girlfriend chelsie for supporting me racing I’m sure me rolling the race car and getting in a few decent wrecks it made her worry a lot and it didn’t scare her away 😂 second I’ve gotta thank Chuck Rigby and Carson Carpenter for everything they have done to help me throughout the season also to Eliminator Chassis LLC for building me a fast car in such a short notice I can’t wait to see what I can do with this car next year and last gotta thank all my sponsors without all of you guys I wouldn’t be able to do what I do

Elite Racing Team
MAC Diversified Enterprises, Madrid, IA
Colby's Lawn Care
Louie Wickett - Mortgage Lender - NMLS #1212160
CropRite, Inc.
Flat Tire Lounge
Midwest technologies Andy Knauss
Tiger Bowl
TMB Custom Homes
Bo Cosens - Realtor
Janet Ivers Weber
Invisible Fence
boyz repair Blaine Hoyt
Titus repair Grant Titus
Interstate power systems
Drewis Electric, Inc.
J-town auto
Matco tools
Eliminator Chassis LLC
Jagerson farms
Hotrods speed shop
Princess Emily
Finishline body & paint


Night 2 of the fall bash drew 11 which put me 1st in the heat fell back after a lap cause some one threw a slider and didn’t clear it and let up was dealing them back in and rf lower ball joint snapped (track had a buuuuunch of character) had to rush to fix the car huge thanks to Braden Richards and Chuck Rigbyfor helping get it together in a short time and Curt Reed for letting me use some of his parts rolled out 21st in the feature and drove all the way up to 7th and was working on 6th and my steering shaft came off and lost steering ended up 15th hoping to get this thing to the front where it belongs tonight!


Recap from last night at tipton for night 1 of the fall bash drew 36 which put me 3rd in my head and took the lead on the first lap and won the heat redrew 12th for the feature and Drove up to 4th with a caution filled race that we barely got laps in we gotta fast car just need better redrawing skills lol


Well with super nationals being over and I didn’t really give many updates heres a recap Monday started 6th in my heat and finished 2nd made the a feature started 10th had a fast car scrapped the wall twice trying to pass on the outside was running 8th and tie rod broke had to pull off got it all fixed up for Tuesday started 1st in my heat and won it redrew 12th for the a. Got up to 5th when a red flag came out and got caught up in everyone slowing down had no where to go and ran into the back of some one and folded the radiator back. really thought I could of won that race if that didn’t happen the car was quick. made it to the lcq race for points and started 20th was up to 15th or so gor a rr flat spun got it changed and not even a lap later smashed in the radiator again rough week but it is what it is got 1 more week of racing at tipton at the end of this month then I’ll be done for the year gotta thank all my sponsors for everything they have done for me this year it’s been a tough one but I know I’ve got a fast car and can’t wait for left year!

Elite Racing Team
MAC Diversified Enterprises, Madrid, IA
Colby's Lawn Care
Louie Wickett - Mortgage Lender - NMLS #1212160
CropRite, Inc.
Flat Tire Lounge
Midwest technologies Andy Knauss
Tiger Bowl
TMB Custom Homes
Bo Cosens - Realtor
Janet Ivers Weber
Invisible Fence
boyz repair Blaine Hoyt
Titus repair Grant Titus
Interstate power systems
Drewis Electric, Inc.
J-town auto
Matco tools
Eliminator Chassis LLC
Jagerson farms
Hotrods speed shop
Princess Emily


39th Annual Speedway Motors IMCA Racing Super Nationals Fueled by Casey's | Chad Rigby

I’m famous lol



🏁 Chad Rigby
📍 Madrid, Iowa
📺 Watch Every Lap LIVE on
The IMCA Super Nationals take place Monday- Saturday, September 6-11, 2021 at Boone Speedway.


Well feature didn’t go as I wanted to started 5th drove up to 3rd and then a caution came out and I got stuck on the bottom fell back quite a few spots and on the last lap a brake line blew out and went full speed into turn 1 ran into another car destroyed my front end and luckily I didn’t hit one of the poles we will get her fixed for next weekend hopefully


Starting 5th in the feature let’s see if I can park this thing


Here at boone starting 5th in the heat did some changes on the car and she’s back to her old self quick!

Photos from Close Counts Racing's post 08/04/2021

Photos from Close Counts Racing's post


Recap from Sunday at Dubuque drew 80 out of 200 started second in my heat and won redrew second for the feature had a bunch of early cautions and the guy who started first decided to try sliding me in the first corner the first 2 attemps of starting the race first time I let it go second time i was still at his door and he ran into be bending my left upper ball joint led some laps with the I’ll handling car but made a mistake and fell to second I caught back up to the leader but didn’t have enough time to pass for the win and finished second! Definitely think I would of won if the guy wouldn’t of ran into me but it is what it is 🤷🏻‍♂️ thanks to all my sponsors and everyone who helped make the trip!

Timeline Photos 08/02/2021

Go to the actual post find my picture and give it a like! Let’s win this thing!


Loaded up and heading to Dubuque for their fair race!


Welp tonight didn’t go as I wanted to drew 98 so that put me last in the second heat 9th drove up to 3rd but caution came out and they went back a lap and I hadn’t passed then guy yet so started 4th on the restart and got to antsy and drove over a infield tire and broke a tie rod which put me into a b main started 6th was up to 3rd and was running the cushion to hard and popped the rr didn’t make the feature


Started 6th in the heat and won the heat race gonna start 5th in the feature let’s see if I can park this hot rod in victory lane again!


Will be racing boone tonight it’s gonna be a hot one!


Update from last night tried to make it 4 wide into turn 3 and that was a mistake bent a upper a arm and tie rod and bent a spindle arm got most of it fixed but was towed out 1/2 a inch so went out for the feature just to turn some laps and got ran over for what seemed like last place lost a left rear tire and pulled off just wasn’t my night


I’ll be taking the hot rod to stuart tonight to sling some dirt 😈🤘🏼


Sorry for the late update Went to boone on Saturday made some adjustments from the last race and boy let me tell you this car is fast anywhere I put it she handled well started 5th in the heat race and drove her up to 2nd! Started 7th for the feature was 4th but jumped the cushion and fell back a spot to 5th but for only the second night on the new chassis I’ll take it! Thanks to all my sponsors for getting me to where I am! Also thanks to my father for helping out this weekend!


Got the new car back together just in time to make it to boone last night! First off I’ve gotta huge thanks to all these guys for helping to get the car back together I wouldn’t be done with the car with Out them! Carson Carpenter wyatt carpenter Braden Richards Austin Meiners Chuck Rigby hot rod Steven Myer and craig Carlson!

Had issues in hot laps car wasn’t running right got hot rod over and we found the issue started 4th in the heat and finished 2nd! Started 6th in the feature and finished 8th was fighting the car in the feature got some fine tuning to do we will be back next week!


As much as I wanted to be ready for this weekend I’ve decided not to rush the next day or two to finish the car and take my time and finish it through the week next week so it will be ready with no problems next Saturday. We should see everyone back at the track next Saturday!


If your a race car driver and your wardrobe doesn’t consist of more than half of your shirts being racing shirts are you really a race car driver? Lol

Photos from Colby's Lawn Care's post 06/12/2021

Photos from Colby's Lawn Care's post


The come back begins 😈🤘🏼

marshalltown roll 5-6-21 05/13/2021

marshalltown roll 5-6-21 full go pro video of my rollover didnt edit the ending so you see how quick the crew was getting to me they did a hell of a job! Marshalltown Speedway

marshalltown roll 5-6-21 go pro footage of my rollover from 5-6-21

Photos from Close Counts Racing's post 05/12/2021

A little update on the car it’s not fixable the halo took a lot of damage and the whole car is twisted pretty bad gonna be out for a few weeks got something in the works but not 100% sure when I’ll be back. Gotta get this car apart and see what all needs replaced I’m hoping to find something in the next few weeks. Big thanks to Gary McNelly at Eliminator Chassis LLC for building a safe fast car!


Well finished second in my heat and redrew 9th for the feature was running around 8th when I drove it in a little hard on the top and got the right rear over the banking and the car caught and rolled atleast 3 times pretty hard I’m ok but the car took a good amount of damage. Won’t be racing Boone Saturday and might be a few weeks before I get back on the track

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Here’s a peak at how we get good results with getting the body straight again lol
B main
Heat race
Stuart Practice #2 - May 10, 2020
Hot Laps Adel 8-24-2019
Here’s our feature win last night! Thanks to all of our sponsors that are with us we wouldn’t be anywhere without all of...
Well here’s Mary’s b main where she wrecked and took a pretty hard hit and took a ride in the wee woo machine we think s...





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