Breaking Bars Training Center

At Breaking Bars Training Center, we provide exercise education, dietary advice, and suggestions on maintaining a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages.

Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸

We are happy to announce that we have an awesome addition to the Breaking Bars Family. Trish Jayroe is a Certified Personal Trainer and is now taking new clients at Breaking Bars. Trish is an active Bikini competitor with several fitness organizations. She has three children and is a veteran of the United States Military. Please follow her Instagram @pjayroe and feel free contact her for a training consultation. #nasmcertified #bikini #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #fitnessmodel #glutes🍑 #bikinibodybuilding #squatsbooty #thefitboss

Sign up is still open for the Biggest Loser Challenge. The more people that enter, the BIGGER the CASH PRIZE! 💰 Results will be measured by percentages, so everyone is welcome to enter. Must be a Breaking Bars member to participate.

So excited to have @goodhumanfitness back with us! This talented therapist will have you feeling better in no time with her specialty in MPS Therapy. Contact Zamia at [email protected] or on Instagram to schedule an appointment!

New isolate proteins to shake up your day. 🥤

Sign up began yesterday, and the cash prize continues to grow! Come by Breaking Bars and join the challenge TODAY! Sign up ends July 1st, challenge ends August 10th.

It’s not too late to achieve that summer body! We all know how long the heat can last around here in South Carolina. 🔥 Join @saralily28’s first annual Summer Time Biggest Loser Challenge! Sign up starts June 10th and will be open until July 1st. Challenge ends August 10th. There is a $20 entry fee and measurements will be taken by staff, as well as an optional before picture. Encourage your friends to join! The more people that participate, the BIGGER THE CASH PRIZE. 💰 Must be a member of Breaking Bars to participate. People are welcome to join the gym and sign up for the challenge in the same day! Good luck to everyone!

Some great options available this week! Place an order before Sunday and get it delivered here to Breaking Bars. 🍽

#SummerStrong12 is one for the books! Such an amazing experience for all, and we were all so excited to listen to @the_fit_boss speak this year! Can’t wait for the BB family to go back next year. #PhysicallyCultures #SS12

We will be leaving this Saturday at 6:30am! Please be here beforehand if you would like to follow us there, especially if this is your first time going to Sorinex. Safe travels, everyone!

Bang bang ⚡️ New flavors are in! Also introducing Bang Energy Shots — same energy, quicker results.

#Repost @brenda.keels
Hello BB family all the way from Mexico.

Very excited about this menu!! #Repost @cleaneatzofflorence
It’s ☔️ raining meals hallelujah it rainin meals!
#fitness #fitnessmotivation #goals #itsalifestyle #healthylifestyle #keto #iifym #mealplan #mealprep #diet #gains #wechangelivez

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Could it be you? Be sure to post your #CleanEatz meals for a chance to win! Drawings held every 30 days!
Today at 5pm!! We will announce the $5000 #WeChangeLivez winner for April! 🤫💰💸
Everyone participating has done an incredible job this month and we are so excited to announce the next winner or the #WeChangeLivez challenge! Stay Tuned!!

Meals are in! Thank you for the new graphics, @cleaneatzofflorence!

Breaking Bars is looking for members to walk with us in this year’s Striped Bass parade! A sign up sheet will be on the main table in the gym, children are welcome to participate! The parade will be this Saturday, April 27th.

Meals are in! Excited to share the goodness of @cleaneatzofflorence with Clarendon and Sumter counties! 🍽

(Round 2) High Fives from us at BB for Paul Chapman! #highfive4paul #wegotyourback #yougotthis #breakingbars #sorinex

(Round 1) High Fives today for Paul Chapman from Breaking Bars. We are all with you little man! #wegotyou #yougotthis #sorinex #highfive4paul

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@cleaneatzlife is a go to for me. They food quality is unreal for the price, ease of meal prep is unmatched, they're convenient when a nearby location has you covered when you forget your lunch or breakfast (or you're just on-the-go). I also love that the macronutrients are labeled, they use whole food ingredients and prepare everything fresh! Check em out! #WeChangeLivez #ItsALifeStyle #EveryBodyFitz @cleaneatzcary

The New Menu is active! #cleaneatzlife #breakingbars #wechangelivez #breakingbars #thefitboss #satellite

Bangs are back at Breaking Bars! ⚡️ A great way to start the day, or get energized for your workout. We’re currently running a special for our Meltdown Keto energy drinks (regularly $2.50) with our Bangs! Purchase one Bang ($3) and buy a Meltdown for only $1, or buy two Bangs and receive a Meltdown for free! Each month, Clean Eatz will reward $5,000 to one customer who documents their efforts on Facebook and Instagram. Sign up on the web page in the bio above to enter. Participants must show through video and pictures how they’ve incorporated Clean Eatz into their routines, including the hashtags #WeChangeLivez, #EveryBODYFitz, and #ItsALifeStyle, as well as tagging @cleaneatzlife, with each post. Clean Eatz will track each individual’s progress, incentivizing one person every 30 days for their hard work. #cleaneatzlife #breakingbars #thefitboss

Meals are at BB! “come and get it!!!”

Meals will be delivered Monday by the Fitboss. Satellite delivery starts April 22, 2019. #Repost @cleaneatzofflorence
Happy Friday Pee Dee!! Perfect time to start your journey to healthier eating !! It’s getting warm outside! Cooking ,prepping, and being prepared is the hardest part. This is where we got your back 😉
#fitness #weightloss #goals #fitnessmotivation #mealplan #mealprep #healthy #diet #healthylifestyle #newyearnewme #gymmotivation #keto #iifym

That’s a big ole Cooler! Thank you Bobby! CleanEatz of Florence is ready to Serve the folks in Manning

Thank you Meree! Keep crushing it! #Repost @mereestrange
Reppin’ the new gym shirt on this gorgeous spring day! #mygym @_breakingbars @elmer_bench

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I walked back into our warehouse today and caught a glimpse of the orders being shipped out. I don’t normally think too much of it. But today i did.
I started to reminisce of how we got started, where we came from. And where we are now.
Just two meatheads with a mission to creat an atmosphere for others like us. .
In 2010 when we started meal prepping, there was no Facebook, No IG, No Twitter, MySpace was the big thing then. We used to send our weekly meal plan menus out on a FLIP PHONE!! Not even a cool razor, a old skool flip phone!!!! I mean the one you used to have hit #2 button three times to get a C! .
Now fast forward almost 10 years later, we have 50+ franchise partners and a distribution company that ships meals all over the country. .
There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel very grateful for everyone that has helped us along the way and a day doesn’t go by that I remind myself that it can it all go away in a split second if I let it all go to my head. I’ve learned things from some amazing people along the way. I have mentors that don’t even know they were mentoring me along the way. I’m sure i could say the same for Evonne. That’s how we’ve always learned. By listening, surrounding ourselves with the right people. Learning from our mistakes when we didn’t! And most importantly, our failures! .
If you have a dream I encourage you to chase it!! You don’t have to have a degree in business, finance, or psychology. You gotta have a set of nuts! (Not literally) But you have to have the courage to take a risk and chase it! Surround yourself with the right people and be willing to listen!!
@cleaneatzlife @cleaneatzkitchen @evonnevarady @cleaneatzwilmington .
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Our First Satellite Delivery day will be Monday April 22, 2019 at 10:30 am.

PSA: CleanEatz of Florence is coming to Manning, SC Breaking Bars will serve as a Satellite Pick-up location. All orders must be placed by Midnight Sunday and picked up at Breaking Bars on Monday. We at Breaking Bars are very pleased that we can provide the greater Manning area with this opportunity to eat and live a healthy lifestyle through CleanEatz. Contact us for more details @cleaneatzofflorence #healthyfood #nohasselmealprep #orderonline #satellite #cleaneatzlife #cleaneatz #breakingbars

Working better together. 💪 @basement_amy @brenda.keels

Motivation Monday! Great Job Cody Welch! A lifestyle change, counting your macros, and a steady dose of Breaking Bars. Very impressive sir! Congratulations my friend! #shredded #boatseason #lean #transformation #workoutmotivation

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“Heads Carolina, Tails California” Zamia will finally be here tomorrow morning! From Los Angeles to Manning, SC. @goodhumanfitness @_breakingbars #mpstherapy #healing #micropointstimulation #acutepaintreatment #sorinex #goodhuman #thefitboss

Quality read guys. Thanks Dr. Contreras. #Repost @bretcontreras1
I’ve traveled all over the world and asked coaches how they teach the RDL and SLDL. They’re almost always the same. There seems to be no consensus. ⁣

I teach the RDL as a top-down partial. It stops just below the knee caps. The shins remain vertical, and you push the hips back while allowing the knees to bend. If you sit back as far as possible and hold an anterior pelvic tilt, you can often feel a good stretch in the hamstrings. But if you have flexible hamstrings, you may not feel a stretch. Who cares? You’re still strengthening them and improving your deadlift lockout strength. ⁣

I teach the SLDL as a bottom-up full range movement. To fine tune the stretch in your hammies, you may: take a wider grip, assume a wider stance, or stand on a box. Some people with poor hamstring flexibility may need to do this from blocks or out of a rack, or just not touch the bar down to the ground. You can also let the bar drift forward slightly once the bar passes the knees during the descent. The bar will touch down at around the front of the shoes. But if this doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it. If you’d prefer to do these standing on a box, you can round the upper back slightly as long as it feels okay. ⁣

Unlike some coaches, I do not let RDLs go to the floor, nor do I ever do SLDLs with straight legs. This is how I’ve coached them for the last decade or so, and it’s served me well. You can adopt my coaching methods or not. But somebody needs to clear up the confusion between the two exercises. ⁣Swipe left to watch a video.
#gluteguy #glutelab

Breaking Bars is excited for the arrival of @goodhumanfitness who will be here March 28-30 to perform Dolphin Neurotism and MPS Therapy! To sign up, come by the gym or contact Zamia through Instagram or email ([email protected]).

As Promised! 8 weeks! This baby is finally here! Come get you a big back. That’s where the money is at! Special Thanks to the hard working people at Sorinex for making this gem! #bodybuilding #chestsupportedrow #breakingbars #backworkout

We can’t express how proud we are of @elmer_bench for this amazing opportunity to speak at SummerStrong this year! Everyone here at BB loves and appreciates everything you do. Let the countdown to SS12 begin!
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Capturing Lighting in a Bottle.⚡️
@cameronrhanes / Cam Hanes
@taitfletcher / Tait Fletcher
@adam_dutch / Adam Kuehl
@bo.sandoval / Bo Sandoval
@ryanmichler / Ryan Michler
@vernongriffith4 / Vernon Griffith
@derekwoodske / Derek Woodske
@drcoach_pativey / Dr. Pat Ivey
@ryanmichler / Ryan Michler
@coach_brettb / Brett Bartholomew
@cal.dietz / Cal Dietz
@onetimepowerlifting / Maj. Donny Bigham
@elmer_bench / Elmer Bench
@drjserrano / Dr. Eric Serrano
@pharoah.kaz / Kaz Kazadi
@coach.megastrong / Megan Young
@rpm_neil / Neil Kamimura
@coach_rlyons / Robin Lyons
Mike Srock
#SS12 #SummerStrong12 #lightninginabottle #sorinex #belegendary #physicallycultured #boscobrotherhood

More additions to the wall! @hviiibrandgoods @squatoberofficial @deadcemberofficial #strengthtraining #gymmotivation #powerlifting #bodybuilding #training #train #nolimits #culture #thismakesmesmile😊 #thefitboss

Kudos to JJ Bailey @bigun1300 for this idea. Each shirt has a unique story or personal connection to Breaking Bars. I’m sure there will be many more additions as our family continues to rapidly grow everyday. Inching closer to 500 members everyday. #familyinstrength #culture #strengthtraining #gymfamily #nolimits #belegendary #strengthandconditioning #support #1peter223 #thefitboss

Boot Camp with Rack! Saturday at 9:00 am! Don’t be Average, Be Savage! #bootcampworkout #gymshark #cyborg #strengthtraining #burpees #joelrackley

When you know, you just know. Josh and I both recognized each other almost instantly. Josh: “it’s always great to see another Bosco brother in the house” P.S. Josh squatted 605 at Summer Strong 11. #strongaf #arnoldclassic2019 #sorinex #strengthtraining #boscobrothers #boscobrotherhood #familyinstrength #thefitboss

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Anyone who knows me knows I take my hugs very seriously...when I know my friends are going to be seeing each other and I won’t be there I’ll often tell one or both of them to “give them a hug for me”

All I can say is the made my heart very happy...good humans giving each other a good hug ❤️🙏🏼

@elmer_bench @ihviiimattvincent I’ll be hugging both of you in the not too distant future

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