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Howard Racing


Good luck
Just wanted to thank you for an amazing birthday date night race night at tri city last night. I was rockin my Cody Howard shirt and rooting for you.
Thanks again, Cody! You made a big impression on a little race fan! Ross loved meeting you and getting to sit in your car!! He wears your hat now more than his Napa one! 😉 Hope to watch you race again sometime!
Thanks for letting the kids sit in your car they loved it. Thanks man

Howard Racing began in 2011 with the purchase of a open wheel micro sprint. After some sucess in micros, its time for a bump in horsepower (stay tuned).

Operating as usual


Come out and support a great show in honor of an even greater friend! I-96 Speedway for the MARK STRPKO MEMORIAL.

Hate not having a car in the show as he was all about having fun and enjoying the moment. Hope he enjoys the show with the best seat in the house!

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How sweet it is 🏁


If we can’t be on the track. The next best thing is cheering on our friend Max Frank 1st feature victory at the Silver Bullet. Drove consistently and kept the tires straight enough to conserve for the end! Proud of this teams accomplishments and how hard they grind to make it all happen! Congratulations to the father-son duo! Todd Frank


Those traveling just an fyi.
Hartford GLSS/GLTS cancelled due to weather

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With GLTS Silver Bullet on the weekends schedule. I wanted to give an update on plans:

At this time we are not planning on having the team at the event as funding and prep time are extremely limited. It is very disheartening decision but ultimately the only option at this time.

We are still planning on having a wing car together for the GLSS Event at Silver Bullet on 8/6. Hope everyone has a safe weekend and have fun turning left 😎

In the mean time on Friday and Saturday nights I’ve been lending a hand to a good friend of mine, JaySteinebachRacing team in order to help scratch the itch to run a car ourselves 😝.

Cody Howard on TikTok 01/01/2022

Cody Howard on TikTok

Hope Everyone had a Safe New Years,& have a great 2022! 🎉

Getting the itch again. btw huge news for CHR home track coming for ‘22, get ready! (if u know u know 🤫)

Little clip showing some love to our local slideways track 🤘🏼

Cody Howard on TikTok #10 #410


CHR wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! 🎄


Apologies for no updates as of late. We recently had a batch of Bernadoodle pups and they’re a handful 😏.
Getting things together for upcoming swap meets and tearing cars down to be fixed and prepped for ‘22. Also been working on sponsorship proposals and have already contacted a few potentials for helping us out next year👍🏻 More to come shortly.

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Thursday 09-16-21 Wing 360 Test and Tune


Yesterday on very short notice I decided to pack up our wing car and visit Owendale to the Silver Bullet for testntune.
I’m beyond thankful I had the opportunity to run a wing sprint on that specific track and meant more than words.

To run a sprintcar was all I ever wanted to do in life as a youngster and that passion hasn’t changed. To check that off my bucket list after the recent loss of my grandpa who raced around that same surface was very peaceful. I really needed it.

Afterward I took a trip into town to gramas and waiting in the kitchen she had trophies she had tucked away from my grandpa in 1967 and my uncle Scott from a modified in 1983 waiting for me. Couldn’t have had a more fulfilling track day 🙂


Our last race of the year was super busy running double duty at TriCity Speedway on Friday night.

Wanted to try both in a night and I’m soo proud of my little team for their hard work and effort in making it a success! To say it was busy nonstop is an understatement. I have a new found respect for teams like the Jay Steinebach, Greg Dalman, Dustin Dagget, and others who work their tails off to run two classes in a night!

Here’s the recap:

Nonwing 410 qualifying we went 9th overall with a 13.3 second lap. However the throttle kept sticking so I wasn’t able to drive as smooth as I wanted to. Went in and fixed the issue as a tiny set screw that holds the throttle shaft in place was loose allowing the shaft to shift and hang open.

Wing Qualifying went not so good as our motor wasn’t getting the power it needed. This problem plagued us most of the night keeping us out of a transfer spot for the A later on. (Hoping it’s just some buildup debris on the nozzles) We still went out for the B Main to turn laps and get practice but she didn’t wanna compete tonight.

Heat races the 410 felt decent but on corner entry it biked like crazy and kept our speed down. The twisted frame from i96 flip I believe made the car upset and wouldn’t cooperate.

Still ran the nonwing feature started 12 and I believe finished around there as well.

Overall it’s been a terrible year with lots of heartaches. Wreckes and equipment malfunctions have beat us up. However with that being said, 2022 is comming and I know sit with two beautiful motors that need nothing. Biggest expenses should be updates for shocks and frames to be fixed and safety equipment updates. 🤑

I’m getting excited for the future 🙂

🏁Work Hard🏁


Headed to TriCity Motor Speedway for our last race of the year.
Why not run both cars
Gates open at 4:30
Racing starts 6pm

Cody Howard on TikTok 09/07/2021

Cody Howard on TikTok

Love you papa. Even though we wrecked. He always ended his goodbyes with Work Hard. I intend to..

Cody Howard on TikTok #10


Last Friday at I96 we finally got to run our 410 and bad luck struck again. Can’t seem to shake it 😒

Trouble getting the car to fire on all eight through hot laps and qualifying. We figured that out and went into our heat race without a proper setup on the car. Just glad to finish the heat with some info for feature setup.

Feature we started 12th and car acted upset with our setup. As laps progressed the car started comming in but wheel stands off the corner made it hard to stay fast.

From what I gathered the last wheel stand blew the left front shock and made the car veer to the left violently. I immediately counter steered but couldn’t get it straightened out.

Would have ended in a spin out and a new left front shock however terra tires are tracks choice for corner markers. I blasted the first one and flipped over it. (whatever happened to small car tires for markers anyhow?)

Frame is bent but the motors good.

Tri City wing & non this Friday should wrap up our nasty season.

Ride along with our GoPro in car cam.


Phone has been broken so I apologize for no new updates. Here is a list of things going on with CHR🤩:

Our wing car is out to Larsons Graphics thanks to Countryside Sales & Service it is receiving a fresh look!

I also made a trip down to our friends @ Rutan Racing Engines and picked up our 410 for our DRC. With any luck we will be back up and running this week 💪

We are also planning a Saturday Car Show appearance at the Frankenmuth Auto Festival on the 11th of September the day after out Tri City Speedway double header ✨

Our next scheduled event is this Saturday with the GLTS guys at our home track; Silver Bullet Speedway👍

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Just realized I didn’t update our last race report for Tri City Speedway with the GLSS guys.

Qualifying we went easy as the track had lots of grip and we set the car for a slicker condition to start. Felt drivable and picked up speed as I felt we could.

Heat we set the car Way to tight and biked the car on two wheels a couple times. Wasn’t worth it to drive it past it’s means so I laid back and eeked her through the best we could.

In the B we started 7th and passed a few cars for 5th. Car got a lot better thanks to some tips from our buddy Troy!

Made the show and in the A we started 20th and finished 19th. Overall I wasn’t really happy as I feel we have a better car than the finish. But learned a lot and had fun doing it!

Also loved the pre-race autograph/meet the fans session we had. I think we need to get back to that as the kids being excited to see the cars up close is part of what I love about our sport!

We also had literally no time to do the raffle and I’ve been working forced doubles almost everyday so I apologize for the late panel raffle. I have everyone’s info and with all confidence should have the tickets wrote out to do the drawing this evening. Most likely around 5-6ish 🤞🏻

Qualifying Efforts at #i96speedway #glss #fypシ #codyhowardracing #10 #sprintcar #livefortoday #howardracing #race #dirt #michigan #countrysidenation 08/09/2021

Qualifying Efforts at #i96speedway #glss #fypシ #codyhowardracing #10 #sprintcar #livefortoday #howardracing #race #dirt #michigan #countrysidenation

Little edit fun with our first time at i96 speedway in the wing 10 car. First corner at speed 👍🏻

Also work has been nuts but I’m planning on going live tonight for the wing panel raffles. For those who requested a spot let me know if your still wanting one as I haven’t been paid up on some the tickets. Thanks a million! ✌️

PS: CHR does not own the rights to the music in the tictok video 🤭

Qualifying Efforts at #i96speedway #glss #fypシ #codyhowardracing #10 #sprintcar #livefortoday #howardracing #race #dirt #michigan #countrysidenation Cody Howard () has created a short video on TikTok with music Fast. | Qualifying Efforts at #10 | 🤘🏼Enjoy Yo’self 🤘🏼

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Last night for an impromptu trip went really well. I wanted to run the motor after our wreck and make sure it was running without issues before our close to home TriCity race.

Haven’t run wing at i96 and went out for qualifying looking like it. Took it easy and timed horrible 🥴.

Heat race we started 7th and finished 6th.

In the B we started 5th and got a real good setup thanks to our friends Troy and Max. Car was very comfortable on the bottom and worked through the field to a photo finish with my buddy Jay Steinebach coming just shy by .107 🙈

Qualifying for the a main in our first ever trip to the big track was a proud moment starting 16th we were able to hold our own and make up a few spots at the end finishing 15th.

27 competitors showed up and I feel really happy about going from no car to a week later making the A main against some of the toughest 360 drivers out there!

Thanks to the Franks for the equipment to run and Troy for setting up and keeping the car in running order all night. Also thanks to Timmy for helping get the car squared away as I was solo without my regular crew.

Very Special Thanks to our Sponsors!

ALSO: Special shoutout to Roscos Rooster Ranch in Cass City Michigan for providing us a place to rest after our Merritt Show. Anybody looking for a pheasant hunt look them up and give them a call. Hands down some Great Friends!

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Had to run the B main. Started 5th. Made it to second. Couldn’t get around my buddy Jay Steinebach 😆.

Starting 18th in the A


Blew a trailer tire on 69. When life gives you lemons you say keep your dang lemons im goin racing


Gonna shakedown a wing car tomorrow afternoon at I96 Speedway. 🤙🏼

Gotta thank Todd and Max from Frank Racing for being so helpful with another car after our primary got thrashed. Without their help it would have been next to impossible to keep going this year.


Silver Bullet just canceled for the evening as I secured the last ratchet strap. Guess it’s better than just pulling into the pit gate 😣

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My wife has been working on surprising me with this since May. Ain’t she something. Check out VonSeeger Designs for more great local work like this. I’m in love with this tumbler!

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🎟🎟🎟Planning on running a raffle from now until Saturday or the following Saturday depending on how many entries we can get.

Raffling two wrecked/ autographed (if you like) top wing panels from our Merritt Speedway deal.

Selling tickets for $1 per panel. Two tickets drawn with the first ticket getting choice.

I’ll be at Silver Bullet Speedway this Saturday with the GLTS group as well as the following Saturday running at Tri City with the GLSS.

It’s been an expensive year and any support is greatly appreciated to help us keep going. 👍🏻

Depending on the ticket sales I’ll either draw a name at one of the two tracks in person or if that is not allowed I’ll do it Facebook Live.

Still figuring out how to take funds. I’ll either do a “go fund me” account or do PayPal and in person. Once you pay I’ll screenshot a picture of your ticket 🎟 with your info on it for your chance to win 🙂

Sounds like fun right 🤩

Share away and tell your friends 😉


🤘🏼Awesome 🤘🏼


Apologize for the late update just got cell service.

Well we yardsaled the car in qualifying at Merritt Speedway yesterday. Went into turn three and drifted into the marbles. Car just wouldn’t hook, got on it harder to try and bring it round the corner but it sailed over the lip. Soon as the right rear dug it flipped into the fence.

Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and messaged as well as stopping by the trailer to make sure I was good. Also special thanks to the safety guys for the help and my buddy’s helping get the car tore down and shoved into the trailer.

Just a bumped up knee and a sore wallet 😖

Photos from Howard Racing's post 07/10/2021

Taking on the GLSS boys today at Merritt Speedway. Stark contrast going from nonwing 410 to Wing 360 but I love the challenge 🤘🏼

Also had a sponsor sighting heading through the Bay City Saginaw area 🙂. Justin Price and family putting in some work on the weekend. Tell you what this guy burns it at both ends and truly does it all!

From Best Price Towing
Tree Services
Auto Service and Scrap Yard
Concrete work

this fella don’t know what a day off is. And I appreciate the hell outa him for his continued support literally from day one ☝️🤙🏼

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This Saturday we’re back at it in our Countryside Sales & Service wing sprint car @ Merritt Speedway with GLSS.

To the people who have invested themselves in my little team and I can’t thank you all enough! To all my sponsors and family, you guys keep the wheels turning on this hotwheel!

Really excited to go racing again however I recently was informed of a young sprint racing fan named Bransyn. He is a four year old boy who is currently undergoing his second round of chemotherapy at Hershey Medical Facility for his fight against leukemia. 🥺 I attached some photos I received of this little guy and I can’t help but see the fear in this little fellas face as he’s laid up in a hospital bed. 😔All I ask is for everyone to say a couple prayers for this young dude every now and then for him and his mommy and daddy.

If your a sprint car driver there is also a call to make a short video clip of you and your car letting him know us drivers are thinking of him and behind him 100 percent. The woman name who is putting the videos together is in the second photo I posted. Message her for more information and or to send your car clip.

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Saturday was rough for our little team.

Started good out of the box qualifying 3rd overall

Heat race started 4th and overcooked it into turn one. Next restart we took off and within a lap a car decided to park it in turn one. Before I could react the car was already set into the corner sideways and hit the spun car so hard it actually restarted the other cars motor 😒.
We restarted and brought it home 3rd to a very ill handling car. After the heat we found we ripped the bolt inserts out of the fuel cell completely on the left side, broke the jacobs ladder and heim that holds the ladder to the birdcage.

Started 9th in the A and was doing alright with our 360 until I stepped on it a bit and clipped an infield tera tire. Saved it the best we could and restarted tail. Brought it home 11th I believe with a bunch of twisted and broke parts we now have to fix 🙄.

Wanted to have a better finish than we did in front of our home town crowd, luck just wasn’t on our side.

Also: Happy Fathers Day to the guy in the picture below ⬇️ This dude has gives the team the help I need for you guys to see me on Saturday nights!
Thanks very much pops 😎


Be the cool parent today and take your kid to the races 😉 CHR words of wisdom

Racing the 360 against some 410s today at the Bullet. Trying some different setups changes to see if it can compete.

Also got some great news on our 410 yesterday. Our new crank and rods are in route shipped from California 🤘🏼 Thanks to Rutan Racing Engines for Craig’s ongoing support and hard work 💯


Decision has been made to take the weekend off and concentrate on our hometown shows in the coming weeks. Here are our plans through the summer (schedule is always tentative)

GLTS- Owendale (Silver Bullet) June 19th

GLSS- Crystal Speedway July 3rd

GLTS- Owendale (Silver Bullet) July 24th

GLSS- Tri City Speedway August 6th

GLTS- Owendale (Silver Bullet) August 21st

GLSS- Tri City Speedway September 10th

Eldora Four Crown Weekend (tentative) Sept.

GLTS- I-96 Speedway Oct 8-9

Cody Howard on TikTok 06/07/2021

Cody Howard on TikTok

New Video added to Tiktok. Includes some in-car GoPro clips 👍🏻

I’ll post all our GoPro stuff on my YouTube page and link it later.

We have a long break before our nonwing Silver Bullet event the 19th so I’ll try and keep ya entertained before then 😉

Cody Howard on TikTok BMain at Crystal #360 #10

Videos (show all)

Qualifying Efforts
In route from prison to freedom 😉GLSS @CrystalMotorSpeedway
Second time out of the box this year. Hoping for a good result tonight!  👍🏻 Sunny day here at I96 Speedway.
I’m in love with white racecars ♥️💯
360 Reveal
Taking a break in the shop. Things are about to take shape. Can’t happen soon enough!





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