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KL Equestrian provides dressage and jumping lessons and training for beginner to intermediate riders No school horses available at this time.

Currently based in the Twin Cities area, Kjirsten Lee is a graduate "B" pony clubber with nearly 20 years of experience in the horse industry. She has worked with young horses and horses coming into work later in life, as well as horses coming back from injuries. Her horses have included OTTBs, Morgans, warmbloods, Quarter Horses, and Arabians. She has competed successfully in recognized dressage

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Exercises For The Dressage Horse/Rider From The Adequan/USDF Trainers Conference 01/20/2016

Exercises For The Dressage Horse/Rider From The Adequan/USDF Trainers Conference

Exercises For The Dressage Horse/Rider From The Adequan/USDF Trainers Conference Wishing you could have been at the 2016 Adequan/USDF FEI-Level Trainers Conference to learn what exercises you should be working on with your horses and students this winter? Wish granted! The Chronicle was on the scene at High Meadow Farm on day two of the conference and took note of the different…

Timeline Photos 11/11/2015

Timeline Photos

“George’s lessons were a great reminder to me about the importance of the finer points of equitation,” said Boyd Martin. “He pushed us all to learn something new and was very precise in what he wanted from us as riders. He’s a very demanding but fair instructor.”

Find out what George Morris had to say to a group of top eventers at a recent clinic at Boyd's farm.

>> http://practicalhorsemanmag.com/article/george-morris-teaches-classic-equitation-to-eventers-29557

Photos from Tamarack Hill Farm's post 10/25/2015

Cheering on all the RRP finalists from a distance!! What a great event, to showcase an amazing breed


Gobain had a solid 1-3 test at our barn schooling show today! We have made some good progress. Very excited to head down centerline next year!


GOOD LUCK to everyone at Regionals in Conyers, GA and St. Louis, MO this weekend!!

Timeline Photos 09/30/2015

This. Because not every ride can be a good ride.

Avoiding those bad days, a discussion:

Few riders haven't had one, a day when either you, or your horse, or both of you are "having a bad day" of one kind or another.

Say you are tired, or hassled at work, or have had an argument with someone, or frustrated by your car that wouldn't start---It doesn't take much.

Or say your horse is high from being stuck inside in the rain, or stiff from a long workout the previous day, or spooking at the loud leaf blower---It doesn't take much.

And, say, that you had planned to work on something, like walk-trot transitions, or shoulder in, or flying changes, or cantering circles, whatever.

And you can feel it starting to bubble up, that tension, frustration, anxiety, anger, resistance, stiffness, all those negatives, either within you, or within your horse, or within both of you.

And you know exactly where it can lead, to an increasingly adversarial session, that snowball effect, so that the worse it gets, the worse it gets.

And the problem with getting into a fight with a horse is that with many horses, the damage doesn't just evaporate by the next day, and if you say, "I apologize", it means nothing to a horse.

You are going to have to apologize by the way you ride him, and if you really scared or hurt him, that may take many days, and on each of those days, because he doesn't quite trust you, he will likely feel "resistant" and you are going to have to be doubly careful that you don't get into another altercation, and now be even deeper in the hole.

So what can you do to avoid those bad days?

You can make a plan on a good day about what you will do on a bad day, so as to not make the bad day worse. You can just get off and put him away. You can get off and lunge him, but not in an angry, fast way. You can go for a walk, if he isn't going to jig and shy, and make you more annoyed. You can ask a friend or your trainer to get on if you can't find the key to the problem.

In other words, acknowledge right up front, that your path is not going to be one unending progression where "Every day, in every way, we're getting better and better", because it isn't how things work. So decide coping strategies for those potentially downward spiraling days before they happen, so when they do happen, which they absolutely will, you can prevent a bad day from becoming a whole lot worse, with negative repercussions that last well past the actual day.


Teaching Pony Club lessons in my hometown club today!!


Gobain is settling in at his new home. Looking forward to continuing to learn together!

Photos from Tamarack Hill Farm's post 08/17/2015

Good equitation is both functional AND attractive!

Judging Remarks by Janet Foy Second Level Test 2 08/10/2015

Judging Remarks by Janet Foy Second Level Test 2

Judging Remarks by Janet Foy Second Level Test 2 Test riding comes with a unique set of challenges in the world of dressage. In this video we have the unique opportunity to listen to FEI 4* judge Janet Foy ...

Mobile Uploads 08/07/2015

Mobile Uploads

35 Tips from Carl Hester 08/03/2015

35 Tips from Carl Hester

Great tips!

35 Tips from Carl Hester Elite dressage rider Carl Hester gives tips on a variety of topics, from selecting the right horse to training your horse and managing your stables effectively.


Dear friends,

On August 9, we will be moving to Minneapolis. We are sorry to leave all of our great friends in Memphis, but look forward to new friends and new opportunities. Please let me know if you want to schedule anything for next week.

Much love,
Kjirsten & Gobain

Ask 5: What's Your Plan Before The Bell Rings? 07/22/2015

Ask 5: What's Your Plan Before The Bell Rings?

Ask 5: What's Your Plan Before The Bell Rings? Riders at the Pan American Games have 45 seconds to trot around the outside of the ring once the judge rings the bell and we wanted to know how they prepared their horses to enter at A.


Super rides this morning! Gobain likes his freestyle music and Fallaby seems to enjoy Kings of Leon and FUN.

Photos from KL Equestrian's post 07/18/2015

Some photos from our early morning ride today. Gobain found a snapping turtle in his field - he was unimpressed.

Timeline Photos 07/14/2015

Good reference.

Really great visual on conformation and the stress points that are created!

Mobile Uploads 07/12/2015

So true!

Photos from KL Equestrian's post 07/10/2015

A few more photos from MegFord June 20th.

Laura Graves Teaching 3 Parts of the Medium Canter 07/08/2015

Laura Graves Teaching 3 Parts of the Medium Canter

Laura Graves Teaching 3 Parts of the Medium Canter In this video Laura Graves breaks down the medium or extended canter as a movement into three parts. Each with it's own very clear objective. This is very im...

Develop Your Dressage Horse's Topline 07/05/2015

Develop Your Dressage Horse's Topline

Excellent article with great imagery for developing a horse's topline.

Develop Your Dressage Horse's Topline Successful dressage riders, regardless of their system, are able to develop the horse’s topline so it serves as a suspension bridge of musculature from the hindquarters through the back and the base of the neck to the horse’s poll. With the benefit of


Body Pad Hip Treatment

Timeline Photos 07/04/2015

Happy 4th of July everyone!! Enjoy your holiday weekend!



More of Gobain at Vonna's this morning.


Gobain at my friend Vonna's house this morning. Vonna is the DC of the West Tennessee Pony Club and an all-around awesome lady!

Horses and the Heat: Fact vs. Fiction 06/29/2015

Horses and the Heat: Fact vs. Fiction

Riders: lots of this can apply to you, too! When riding in hot weather always allow plenty of water for yourself and your horse, both to drink and for cooling off after your ride. I try to let the water run over my horses until it is the same temperature (according to my hand) coming off the horse as it is going on.

Horses and the Heat: Fact vs. Fiction Working horses in summer heat creates some significant welfare issues with consequences as severe as death. Research has provided some very valuable information but despite this there are still many myths and misconceptions. It isn’t only upper level performance/racing horses that are at risk. Se

Photos from KL Equestrian's post 06/20/2015

We had a great couple of days at the MegFord Horse Shows schooling show! Gobain got some good experience in the jumper ring and we had fun with our friends Brooke and Monty, representing Shady Side Farm.

Mobile Uploads 06/19/2015

Jess and K'Ehleyr had a super lesson tonight! Such a cute pair.

Photos from KL Equestrian's post 06/11/2015

Grace (on the bay) and Ethan (on the palomino) did a great job schooling cross-country today!


Nice rides on Gobain the past couple of days! Excited for cross-country schooling with some Pony Clubbers this week.

Timeline Photos 06/07/2015

Congratulations to an amazing thoroughbred on an amazing race to win the Triple Crown!

Congratulations to American Pharoah and all of his connections!


Gobain was awesome in our lesson today! Very excited to see what the future holds for us.

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