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Update from Harter Investigations, LLC.

Jarrett Brooks Missing Juvenile NCSO case # 2307 -0135.

We have been running leads, following up on those leads, and diligently working on the case since we contracted with a relative of Jarrett's on July 18th.

As much as we appreciate everyone asking questions, please do not get alarmed or put off if we do not answer questions regarding the investigation.

We will NOT share details with the general public that could jeopardize the investigation. We do, however, share details of this investigation with the Navajo County Sheriff's Department Detectives (NCSO). My team would like to thank NCSO for their support and steadfast communication during this investigation.

We have had leads from all over the southwest, and our most significant problem with the tips is always the same: There is NO proof, such as pictures or video; sometimes, the lead/tip is days or weeks old. We still want the information, but please take pictures, get a video, get clothing descriptions (start at the head and work to the feet), license plates, illustrations of vehicles, etc. All details matter.

My team and I have spent many days and nights trying to find Jarrett. My investigators are skilled, licensed investigators who have devoted their time and talent to this case. We are committed to finding him for his well-being and his family's.

By The Numbers, according to

77% of Endangered Runaways reported to NCMEC were between 15 and 17 years old.

87% of these missing children had at least one reported risk factor, and 62% had two or more risk factors.

We know someone knows something. You can remain anonymous. If you know something, call or text us, or reach out on Facebook. We guarantee you can remain anonymous if you desire.

The following is also from and defines why we changed his flyer to read "Endangered"

NCMEC defines an Endangered Runaway as a child under 18 who is missing or on their own accord and whose whereabouts are unknown to their parent or legal guardian. These children are highly vulnerable and can experience homelessness when they are missing. According to a recent report from Chapin Hall,1 in 30 adolescent minors ages 13 to 17 endures some form of homelessness in a year.

Having facts is more supportive than rumors. Rumors interfere with the narrative. Get educated on the facts. Use those facts to guide you and stick to the goal. Let's bring Jarrett's case to a favorable resolution for all, especially Jarrett.

Our #1 goal is to find Jarrett and ensure he is safe.

We have measures in place if Jarrett is willing to call us. We guarantee his safety if he reaches out to us or law enforcement.

Jarrett, we know time heals wounds. Jarrett, we will help you! Just so you know, all you have to do is reach out. 24/7. Call/text 480-904-2628.

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and continued support for Jarrett.


Photos from American Ronin's post 08/02/2023

It doesn’t take a law degree to know this! is infringing. If your not a FPC or other class included member while waiting for this horse 💩 to get thrown out by SCOTUS you may be under threat of federal felony charges if you possess one these disassembled or not.


Assisting w another. Give a shout if you know anything. Do not approach! Call police if spotted.

Photos from American Ronin's post 07/25/2023

Leaked new models or elaborate hoax?


New Vortex Razor 6-36 Gen III click value of .27, that’s 1.08 instead of advertised 1. Requires extra calculations for longer shots (as little as 500 yards) if your going to accept this mediocrity in manufacturing. 2nd time I personally have witnessed a student w one of these new scopes experiencing issues.

Do you recommend owner send it back or live w it?!?!?


I have been hand drawing tall tree drills for years. Had a student offer to make some printed versions for me! Phenomenal job. This will cover students using either mil or MOA. Making sure your reticle doesn’t have cant and knowing your true click value is essential before “going the distance”. The box drill helps new shooters familiarize themselves w the scopes functions, and builds confidence in your equipment. This is often shot on the first day but not always. You have to be able to shoot roughly a 1 MOA group before doing this drill.

Credit due, I learned this drill at NTOA’s Sniper school, kept it in my digital dope book.


might be better known as a firearm instruction company, but we are also a licensed, bonded and insured Private Investigations Agency in AZ. 20 years in Law Enforcement investigations and going on 4 years in private investigations, we have significant experience to help our clients. Offering a vast array of services including:

Background checks
Criminal case review
Locating Witnesses and interview
Surveillance, picture/ video documented
Missing Persons
Child Custody/ Divorce, Court order / Protection violations
Body Guard / Threat Investigations
Electronic surveillance/GPS (when legal)
Debugging / counter surveillance


Updated photo, we located Surv footage and had a sighting last night after passing out numerous flyers. Trying to get this kid back home and out of the heat.

If your missing juvenile case needs to be be someone’s top priority, sadly it’s not the PD’s, no fault of theirs, a lot on their plate, contact or , we make it our priority!

Echelon™ - Springfield Armory® 07/12/2023

Springfield going hard after duty guns at PD’s using a P320 like chassis system. While that concepts not new, the slide being cut to accept 30 different red dots in a low mount fashion w/o plates is. I am not a striker fired fan, but still found their new offering interesting. They are clearly looking to replace G***k as a duty issued sidearm.

Echelon™ - Springfield Armory® The Echelon from Springfield Armory sets a new standard for modern, striker-fired duty pistols. With a host of patent pending features, this modular and high...


Possibly in area of Queen Creek. Ran from Canyon State Academy.


will be holding another match in October at Archangel Ranges in Maricopa AZ.
5th (Thursday) Zero confirmation day
6th (Friday) Light Class
7th (Saturday) Heavy Class.

Each class will have 6 targets, with heavy class having a target at our exceeding 2 miles.

Each class likely limited to 18 shooters
Entrance fee around $150 will include lunch
Prize table likely again but no commitments yet.
This time all targets will be hanging in compliance w ELR rules in order to count towards Ko2M.

More details to come.

Photos from Bryan Litz Ballistics's post 12/30/2022

Finally Hosting a Match. Not too many in AZ, come take a shot at it! #416


Who'd be interested in a 50 BMG benefit match for Archangel Companies (West Maricopa). A quick and simple 1000 yard and 1760 yard target match. 50% funds given to Archangel for Range improvements. One of the few ranges to still allow 50 BMG!!! Message and or reply if you're interested. Thinking mid December. For the sake of supporting Archangel all other caliber prob allowed too. Prob cap at 30 shooters, schedule out times, Match entry fee $40, range fee $20

Knight Vision® AN/PVS-30 Night Vision Weapon Sight - Refurbished | NightVisionNetwork 11/04/2022

Why the PVS 30 over 22 or otherscheaper options? It’s actually rated for up to 20x magnification. The PVS22 only 10x. Despite being a refurbished model, still really pricey, advances in tech here are slow and prices have not gone down in years. If you know a better deal, for medium to long range clip on devices, don’t hesitate to educate me!

Knight Vision® AN/PVS-30 Night Vision Weapon Sight - Refurbished | NightVisionNetwork The Knight Vision® MIL Spec AN/PVS-30 Clip-on Night Vision Weapon Sight, adds the latest high performance Gen 3 light intensification night vision to most rifles and day scopes. This product is appropriate for front line long range rifles. The Knight Vision® patented technology makes the AN/PVS-30...

Photos from American Ronin's post 10/19/2022

got outshot by his student yesterday. Center hit in white was his, several in black mine. 1780 Yards, (Hair over a mile).


Pretty Close for those 12" barrels too,... why a 50 yard zero? see below.

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Whether you rely on 1 or all three to defend yourself let help you stay sharp, certified and safe.

Supreme Court expands gun rights in major Second Amendment ruling 06/23/2022

Illegal and corrupt “may issue” ccw policies just blown out of the water in Democrats scum run states. This will abolish infringement laws in CA, NY, WA, OR, HI, NJ, MA and other co**ie run states!

Supreme Court expands gun rights in major Second Amendment ruling The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a New York state law that made it difficult to obtain a permit to carry a handgun outside the home, marking the justices’ first major opinion on Second Ame…


What types of cases has your PI worked. While PI’s don’t often if ever disclose their clients, having been a detective, some of my cases are public knowledge from failed appeal attempts. One such link attached where a defendant appealed all the way to SCOTUS.

Photos from American Ronin's post 06/11/2022

got another brotha nationwide today! !

Timeline photos 05/26/2022

can help schools train and certify staff to be armed with the same or better training that is required of armed guards in this state. Training isnt just shooting, it’s how to properly conceal and knowing the law surrounding lethal force. Who better to prepare your staff than a retired detective and swat officer?

Liability is always a concern, has solutions to alleviate liability. Contact American Ronin for a consultation, help in crafting firearm policy or a threat vulnerability assessment of your campus that includes solution options.

Timeline photos 05/19/2022

Possibly the reason I can’t get my SD/ES down, so I am going to do this now too, the never ending list of brass prep!


So… Berger 30 cal 185 grain Juggernaut, transonic promises, think I’ll test em!

Timeline photos 05/15/2022

So I learned anything over .50 is considered a destructive device. How did I encounter this info? The below prompted some research.

Timeline photos 05/14/2022

PCC’s might be fun, but they don’t pack the same punch. 9mm 124 grain barely supersonic, if it is, the 125 grain BO, 1700-1800 FPS! There’s a reason the military looked to and uses this caliber in the sub gun role now. My loads should make about 1700 FPS.

Timeline photos 05/12/2022

One mans desert trash….
Found a honey hole, twice this month a great bounty!
Anyone reload 44mag!? Or 40cal,
willing to trade for 9mm, 556, 300 blkout, 6.5cm

Photos from American Ronin's post 05/12/2022

Got carried away w converting pics to comic book looking art

Timeline photos 05/10/2022

“Would the real slim shady please stand up”…. One started life as a real 300 Blkout, the other as a 5.56 piece of brass, which is which?

Photos from American Ronin's post 04/28/2022

Load Development . Between the two of us we found a way to be accurate more testing to follow w slightly below 138 grains. CE def performed better than A-Tips. Some 3 round groups were nearly single holes (.38, .40), but we shot 5 round groups, didn’t need ego stroking.

Photos from American Ronin's post 04/26/2022

Sub Mil - Said no one ever! }’Merica! 🇺🇸

Photos from American Ronin's post 04/23/2022

The Honey Badger in 300 Blkout intrigues me. The $3500 price does not. An Aero build might be in the works for me! Don’t hold your breath though, … one piece at a time.

Army selects Vortex for Next Generation Squad Weapon – Fire Control. What is it? 04/22/2022

I have studied Wilcox’s Raptor and Silencer CO’s Radius. Very interested if this will be avl publicly but afraid to see a price given the Wilcox Raptor. Well looks like min two years from now hopefully big Army might drive cost down.

Army selects Vortex for Next Generation Squad Weapon – Fire Control. What is it? The U.S. Army Selected Vortex to provide its Next Generation Squad Weapon - Fire Control Optic (NGSW-FC). But what is an NGSW-FC? What is Vortex’s new scope ...

Photos from American Ronin's post 04/16/2022

Testing a new Bullet and powder load for accuracy in 5 round groups (100 yard line). My normally accurate student/client shot on the left. In utter disbelief after the results I tried 5 rounds (on right). Everyone has an off day but this could have given us a false impression of the load. The load needs reworking anyways the SD is double digits, can’t have that for ELR work.

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AR-15 Maintenance
Client taking a head shot at 700 yards.
Warm up at 350 yards
Dialed In
Getting the lead out
At Rio Salado today, doing some "essential work" w a client at 350 yards to warm up
While some people are panicking, out here helping a brotha sharpen his skills
Tee Time with American Ronin! Up you long game, schedule a class or coaching session!
Aim small miss small
Getting the Lead out!!
A client shaking off rust hitting steel out at 350 yards
Full Auto Friday!





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