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Reflecting about a day with the best swim☀️
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Photos from CrazyPretty Bikinis's post 12/21/2022

🧡Trancoso, Ba,Brazil
Trancoso’s draw isn’t exactly what you’d expect. There’s nothing fancy about this tiny beach town in Brazil’s coastal state of Bahia. There are no resorts, no Michelin star restaurants, or nightlife. No strip of luxury boutiques, or intimidating marinas with 120-foot yachts. So what is it, exactly, that has made Trancoso the It-destination among a stylish crowd of international celebrities—Naomi Campbell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyoncé and more.
What makes Trancoso special is its
Trancoso was once a fishing town. In the 1970s, hippies moved in, living harmoniously with the fishing population. Together, they enjoyed the area’s unspoiled beauty: its stretches of untouched beaches, and the town’s grassy central square. “The hippies and natives that have lived secluded for decades are now banding together to share their tropical haven with the world.
Local hoteliers, artisans, and fishermen have protected their secluded paradise by building intimate pousadas and boutique hotels; maintaining the unpretentious string of restaurants and cafes. The beaches and town square have remained unspoiled by large hotel chains and swarms of tourists who prefer something a little more polished.
At the heart of Trancoso is its quadrado, a grassy square in the center of town with a white church at its focal point and kids playing soccer (featured briefly in Beyoncé’s Blue music video). The quadrado is dotted with colorful buildings housing local restaurants, cafes, shops and lawn chairs looking out onto the square. There’s an air of freedom and togetherness that fills the air in this tiny, energetic Bahian town. A togetherness that prompted even Beyoncé to kick around a soccer ball with the kids in the quadrado in a moment that made everyone forget who she was—and that is the draw of this idyllic place.


The perfect matching! It is all about
B l U E!💙
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Sometimes u just gotta grab one, two or better three bikinis and go on that dreaming trip🤪👙🌞⛱️
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Hollidays ahead!
Keep calm and boat on😁
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Wednesday: the official day to wear pink .. 💖 Barbiecore trend is also on BIKINIS !

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✨ Elegant W.H.I.T.E

This color brings peace, innocence, clarity, perfectionism, tranquility and freshness!


The vibes are high in our California swim!
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🧡Monaco, French Riviera

Maybe you're enchanted by real life fairy tales? American sweetheart Grace Kelly married Monaco's prince. Perhaps you have a need for speed? The Monaco Grand Prix zooms through this principality each year. Or maybe you're interested in the see-and-be-seen scene? Monaco is the getaway of the jet-set or, should we say, the yacht-set crowd. Multimillion dollar boats line the harbors of Fontvieille and Monte-Carlo, luxury vehicles like Aston Martins and Rolls-Royces are parked outside of the Monte Carlo Casino and upscale hotels welcome travelers with open arms. Monaco's warm, sunny weather beckons to globetrotters year-round but its glitz and glamour is what really draws visitors to this part of the French Riviera.

In addition to beach-bumming and Champagne-sipping, you can visit the fish at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, the cacti at the Exotic Gardens and the changing guards at the Prince's Palace. You could also experience some spa treatments at Les Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo or try your luck at the slots of Monte Carlo Casino. When you're not touring the city's top attractions, simply admire the stunning scenery while sampling some delicious Monégasque fare.
See u there babies!


Hello lady in red!
Extremely 🌶️

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Black state of mind!Bringing in the Curaçao One Piece

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She is on board and glowing in our Belize White Bikini Set ✨💫

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🧡 Porto Seguro, Brazil

Porto Seguro is in the southern part of the Brazilian state of Bahia. The region possesses amazing beaches and preserved areas of Mata Atlântica, an original tropical jungle found by the Portuguese discoverers in the year 1500.

Replica of Pedro Alvares Cabral's Ship You can walk there from downtown. It's north of downtown on the beach. If it's closed, you can see all you really need to see from the beach.

Up the hill near the bus station is a historic area that has some of the first houses and churches the Portuguese built in Brazil. There are local "guides" that stand at the top of the stairs and give decent tours of the historic city.

Porto Seguro's nightlife is one of the most popular attractions for young people.


Need it!! Want it!🍊
Turn heads on Neon.

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So much color!
We love all🧡❤️💛💚💙💜💖

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H A P P Y L A B O R D A Y ☀️🇺🇸

Vacay look of choice!
Neon on the beach ⛱️

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From clear turquoise seas to the coffee farms and cloud forests of Chiriquí, Panama can be as chilled out or as thrilling as you wish.

With a plethora of deserted islands, chilled Caribbean vibes on one side and monster Pacific swells on the other, Panama sits poised to deliver the best of beach life. And a whole other world begins at the water's edge. Seize it by scuba diving with whale sharks in the Pacific, snorkeling the rainbow reefs of Bocas del Toro or setting sail in the indigenous territory of Guna Yala, where virgin isles sport nary a footprint. Meanwhile, surfers will be psyched to have world-class breaks all to themselves. Hello, paradise.

In Panama, nature is all about discovery. Explore the ruins of Spanish forts on the Caribbean coast or boat deep into indigenous territories in a dugout canoe. Wildlife is incidental: a resplendent quetzal on the highland trail, an unruly troupe of screeching howler monkeys outside your cabin or a breaching whale that turns your ferry ride into an adrenaline-filled event.
Adventure tourism means zipping through rainforest canopies, swimming alongside sea turtles or trekking to sublime cloud-forest vistas. One small tropical country with two long coasts makes for a pretty big playground.


Humpy day in our Sunburn color!
The perfect seamless bottom without showing too much! ✨☀️

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Summer in white 🤍✨Peaceful & chic.
One piece two ways. Strapless or with straps.

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We love seeing you babes!
Buzios Bikinis for the girlies🙋🏽‍♀️☀️🌴💦

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Photos from CrazyPretty Bikinis's post 08/25/2022

🧡Zanzibar, Tanzania

Languishing just off mainland Tanzania in the turquoise-blue Indian Ocean, the island of Zanzibar conjures images of perfect, palm-swayed beaches, white sand, billowing sailing boats and smiling locals.

The jewel of Africa’s 3,500km Swahili Coast, Zanzibar was long a key hub on ancient trade routes: slaves, spices, ivory and more all passed through Zanzibar, bound from the continent for Arabia and beyond. This lead to Zanzibar becoming a cultural melting pot – still in evidence today, in the Omani-style buildings, in the polyglot Kiswahili language and the diverse dishes on the restaurant menus.

So understandably Zanzibar is popular, but away from the busy coastal resorts you can still find quiet coves, dense mangroves and traditional villages to fulfill your shipwreck fantasies.

Photos from CrazyPretty Bikinis's post 08/24/2022

Smile Collection everyone loved!
It is full of color and
R E E S T O C K E D😊

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Photos from CrazyPretty Bikinis's post 08/23/2022

🧡 Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is one of Mexico’s largest and most popular resort destinations, hosting millions of visitors from around the world each year. The beaches, the water, the amenities, and the nightlife are just a few of the things that make Cancun the ultimate Mexican Caribbean destination.

There is so much to do in Cancun! From live shows to sailing cruises and more, it’s really easy to make each day in Cancun a special experience.

Cancun is famous for its stunning beaches, pristine turquoise waters, and exciting nightlife. But on top of being an electrifying destination to visit, you can also find a wide range of wonderful bites to eat.


When the Flower Power meets seduction🌼
You will find the Angra Bikini Set at

🧡Made in Brazil

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Around here we still are enjoying a day at the beach with our Fluorescent N E O N!
We have some accessories as well.

Get that bronze you too☀️

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🧡 Mallorca, Spain

This little piece of paradise in the Mediterranean leaves no one indifferent. Many people come to the island looking for sunshine and idyllic beaches.

However, Mallorca also has impressive cliffs and mountain ranges that hide gems such as the villages of Valldemossa or Deia. The climate is mild all year round and it is the perfect place to enjoy healthy and delicious Mediterranean gastronomy.

Mallorca, the largest of the collection of islands located off the east coast of Spain, is also the most diverse of the Balearics. Although it's true that the same aquamarine waters that lap Ibiza its southwestern neighbor also roll onto Mallorca's pristine shores, Mallorca's landscape holds many more treasures. For examples, look no further than the island's Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, which lines the northern coast and drops into the rocky Cap de Formentor, or the inland's swaths of green that are draped in olive, almond and carob groves. And its medieval town Palma with its soaring cathedrals and palaces and its quaint streets and squares, are in their own way just as delightful to behold. Couple that with a local culture that appreciates good food, good wine and fun summer is a nonstop party! and you'll start to wonder, why not Mallorca?


Must have alert🖤The comfiest set you will ever try on!
Two ways top: removable straps.

Belize Bikini Set

Photos from CrazyPretty Bikinis's post 08/04/2022

🧡Angra dos Reis, Brazil

If you are planning a trip to Brazil, Angra dos Reis is packed with things to do, from paradise islands to amazing nature and unique landscape.

The coast of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil holds some hidden treasures. Among the most famous destinations in the Angra dos Reis region, with a bay of protected waters, pristine beaches, and breathtaking views, considered one of the top Dream Destinations for any travel lover!

Considered a paradise between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the country. The 365 islands and over 2,000 beaches are the biggest attractions. But here are also many other wonderful things to do in Angra dos Reis, including hiking trails, history, gastronomy, and more!

Photos from CrazyPretty Bikinis's post 08/03/2022

A little be of spice 🌶️
Summer in Red!

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Flower Power pattern. So bright and beautiful. Peace, Love and Summer all year!

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All Summer long!
Pink & Red the best combination!

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Summer and Sunny days call for a
N E O N pink!
Really stunning!☀️

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Hot colors + hot bikinis + hot summer = hot girls ☀️🔥❤️‍🔥

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Paradise is calling 📞 🌴 It is time to bring the heat ! Always
the ☀️ !

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A close up of Black.
Check out our new styles!

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Where to next? Pack your suitcase with one of our Summer faves☀️

🧡 Panama Ripple Bikini Set

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