First Tee - Miami

First Tee - Miami


Two months to go back for a good round of golf, and it's been snowing in Toronto, and I hate the bad weather.
Give us a 👍if you are playing golf this 4th of July weekend!

📸 The First Tee Miami - Dade Amateur Golf Association
Our next featured First Tee College Scholarship recipient is Nicole Monsalve from The First Tee Miami - Dade Amateur Golf Association!

Nicole has been with the First Tee for five years and serves as a junior coach and counselor each summer.

Her acheivements thus far include:

♦️ Directed First Tee - Miami HS Prep Bootcamp. A camp providing help w/ schoolwork, time management & organization skills for younger athletes of First Tee

♦️ Founder and director of “Box It Tournament," a tournament dedicated to raising funds for local homeless shelters

♦️ Captain of the varsity track and field team and also a member of the varsity golf team

♦️ National Hispanic Scholar

We are so proud of your accomplishemnts, Nicole! We can't wait to see you shine at Duke University this fall majoring in Pre-Med, Biology!
A special message from Honorary Board Chair, President George W. Bush, to our 2020 First Tee College Scholarship Program recipients.

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Nicole Monsalve The First Tee Miami - Dade Amateur Golf Association
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Your former Eagle, Zachary Montaner, graduated this past May from UF, Cum Laude, and has been accepted to graduate school at SMU, NYU and Notre Dame!
With his memorial service taking place today in Miami, #pgatourla bids a fond farewell to #CharlieDeLucca, a major contributor to the success of junior golf and to the growth of PGA TOUR Latinoamérica.

“Charlie DeLucca was a trailblazer when it came to junior golf. He was the founder of the junior golf program in Miami, in 1962. He also created an event for juniors at Doral and then was instrumental in the shaping of The First Tee Miami - Dade Amateur Golf Association, at International Links Miami - Melreese Country Club. Several PGA TOUR Latinoamérica players competed in and benefited from these programs. Today, we are thousands of miles away from Miami, but here in Brazil our thoughts are with Charlie and our hearts are with the DeLucca family. PGA TOUR Latinoamérica lost a great friend in Charlie, but his amazing impact lives on.” –Jack Warfield, PGA TOUR Latinoamérica President.
One of many memories about Senior. I was on the putting green helping Robert, when Charlie comes over and starts giving him a lesson. He never hesitated to help anyone and no one will ever love his kids like he did. He's the Pros/Pro. He was a teacher but mostly my friend. Thank you for your teachings but most of all the memories. You will be missed but never forgotten.
MR. DeLucca we’ll miss you. RIP
Charles De Lucca Jr., known for promoting junior golf through the well-regarded The First Tee Miami program at Melreese Country Club, died Monday. He was 78.
Join us for our annual golf tournament to raise education and training funds for young people.
Our campers had an awesome afternoon at the International Links Miami - Melreese Country Club with the great team from The First Tee Miami - Dade Amateur Golf Association. Many thanks to all the instructors who took time to work with our campers! We’d like to also thank the Columbus golfers who participated in the instructional event. #CPride #Adelante
Does anyone have the link for the live stream of today's commissioner's meeting? thank you in advance!!!

Building Game Changers

Operating as usual


Summer camp registrations is available on our website. Hope to see you this summer!

Photos from First Tee - Miami's post 05/01/2022

Our First Tee Performance League Harry Potter Tournament is a wrap!
Five hole category:
1st Ryan Rocati
2nd Matthew Coombs
3rd Rory McWilliams

Nine Hole Category:
1st Judah Wish
2nd Christian Rodriguez
3rd Maximo Oliveras


Photos from First Tee - Miami's post 04/26/2022

Our boys Star Wars day is complete! We had a blast on Sunday and excited for the next event in our NEW Boys Performance League 💫 #starwarsday #performanceleague #buildinggamechangers #firstteemiami

Photos from First Tee - Miami's post 04/13/2022

It was awesome to take our program to Carver Middle School and introduce two classes of students to golf. This is part of Orange Bowl Leadership Academy… we are looking forward to the next few weeks of this program. #orangebowl #firstteemiami #leadershipacademy #carvermiddleschool #miami #buildinggamechangers

Photos from First Tee - Miami's post 04/13/2022

Some more fun pictures from our Carnival this past weekend! We love seeing so many of our participants and families having fun and joining in on the activities #concertcarnival #carnival #firstteemiami #buildinggamechangers

Photos from First Tee - Miami's post 04/10/2022

Thank you to the 300+ people who came through our Concert Carnival fundraiser tonight! We couldn’t have had the success without you! Thank you to our incredible performers @valenrico @cesarpmusica & our very own superstar @sofiagomez_music it was so much fun to see the games, auction and performances! 🎪🎤❤️ #firstteemiami #firsttee #buildinggamechangers #girlsgolf #girlsgolfmiami #concertcarnival

Photos from First Tee - Miami's post 04/04/2022

We want to see you there! We are hosting a special benefit concert for our program with some incredible artists! Come out with your friends and family to see the concert! #concertcarnival #concert #benefitconcert


We are so excited to invite all our program friends and families to a benefit concert organized by @sofiagomez_music for our program! Come join the carnival fun for the whole family! 🎪🎤🎼 #concertcarnival #youreinvited #firstteemiami #littlegirlsbigdreams #girlsgolfmiami #girlsgolf #firsttee #sandradelucca

Photos from First Tee - Miami's post 03/12/2022

We loved having Jack & Jill Miami Chapter attend a clinic today! And special thank you to Coach Paula for leading the Black History Month golf session! Learning the history of our great game… we loved this clinic #firsttee #firstteemiami #buildinggamechangers #girlsgolf #jackandjillofamerica

Photos from First Tee - Miami's post 03/12/2022

Thank you to Swiss American Chamber Golf Tournament for having our girls work the par 3 event! They were only beat 9/68 times for this event! It was incredible! Great job @romo_golfgirls #firstteemiami #firsttee #littlegirlsbigdreams #girlsgolfmiami #charityevent #fundraiser #beatthegirl


Our 2022 Spring PGA Jr League has started! Over 50 players this season we can’t wait! #pgajrleague #season #firstteemiami #girlsgolfmiami #buildinggamechangers

Photos from First Tee - Miami's post 02/08/2022

@spanishlakeelem showed us their golf skills this morning in their P.E class! We love seeing our school program grow into so many different schools! #schoolprogram #firstteemiami #buildinggamechangers #firstttee

Photos from First Tee - Miami's post 02/07/2022

We had a great time with @girlsinc @girlsincmiami for their first golf session! So much excitement and skill! #orangebowl #girlsgolfmiami #littlegirlsbigdreams #firstteemiami #buildinggamechangers

Photos from First Tee - Miami's post 02/01/2022

It’s not every day our participants get to be on the 18th green with the LPGA Tour Winner! Congratulations @lydsko and so excited to see our participants having a blast meeting the tour players! #lpgatour #lpga #girlsgolf #firstteemiami #littlegirlsbigdreams 💫🏆


We have our Elite group in full training mode! This class is for competitive golfers who want advanced training for tournament seasons! For more information email [email protected] #firstteemiami #firsttee #buildinggamechangers #elite #advanced #tournament #competition

Photos from First Tee - Miami's post 01/19/2022

Thank you @youngwomensprep Future Business Leaders group for being with us this morning! We had 40 girls for our empowerment clinic! It was incredible so see so many amazing confident young ladies trying golf and learning some confidence techniques! #firstteemiami #buildinggamechangers #confidence #empower #girlsgolfmiami #littlegirlsbigdreams


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 🎄🎅🏼 #merrychristmas #happyholidays #love #firstteemiami #firsttee


And that’s a wrap 🎁 Our 2021 Doral Junior Classic presented by Orange Bowl Champions of our 16-18 division. Paul Ulmrich 🇩🇪 & Daniela Abonce 🇲🇽 - congratulations to all our champions, a huge thank you to @trumpdoral for hosting this event, our entire team at First Tee Miami, our sponsors and supporters and our amazing competitors! #firstteemiami #doralpublix #girlsgolfmiami #orangebowl #championship #trumpdoral


Boys 16-18 Doral Publix Junior Championship 2021 :
1st- Paul Ulmrich 🇩🇪
2nd - Carl Siemens 🇩🇪
3rd - Oskari Schuvalow 🇫🇮

#champions #doralpublix #firstteemiami #championship #firsttee #orangebowl #publix #girlsgolfmiami


Girls 16-18 Doral Publix Junior Championship 2021 :
1st- Daniela Abonce 🇲🇽
2nd - Thanana Kotchasanmanee 🇹🇭🇺🇸
3rd - Charlotte Back 🇩🇪
#champions #doralpublix #firstteemiami #championship #firsttee #orangebowl #publix #girlsgolfmiami


Girls 14-15 Doral Publix Junior Championship 2021 :
1st- Veronika Exposito 🇺🇸
2nd - Alisa Inprasit 🇹🇭
3rd - Larissa Carrillo 🇲🇽
#champions #doralpublix #firstteemiami #championship #firsttee #orangebowl #publix #girlsgolfmiami


Boys 14-15 Doral Publix Junior Championship 2021 :
1st- Smith Summerlin 🇺🇸
2nd - Michael Najberg 🇫🇷
3rd - Giovanni Binaghi 🇮🇹
#champions #doralpublix #firstteemiami #championship #firsttee #orangebowl #publix #girlsgolfmiami


Hudson Griffin with a Hole In One! Golden Palm , hole 15 - 146 yards! #doralpublix #doral #championship #round1 #holeinone

Photos from First Tee - Miami's post 12/20/2021

Today we played The 31st Dave Adamonis Cup - congratulations to Team New England for retaining this years cup 🏆 Great effort from team Florida, excited for next years rematch #adamoniscup #2021 #doralpublix #publix #trumpnational #firstteemiami #florida #newengland #buildinggamechangers

Photos from First Tee - Miami's post 12/20/2021

We are so excited to have @biosteelsports at our Doral Publix Junior Championship! Almost 700 players competing this week and fueled by BioSteel… healthy hydration with no sugar #biosteelsports #biosteel #healthyhydration #firstteemiami #doralpublix


🚨Hole In One 🚨 Adriana Eaton, Hole 7 Red course in the Girls 12-13 category! From Greenville RI 🇺🇸 congratulations! This is Adriana 2nd hole in one. #holeinone #doralpublix #doral #championship #firstteemiami #firsttee #girlsgolfmiami #buildinggamechangers


Girls 12 & 13 2021 Doral Publix Junior Champions:
1st Guia Vittoria Acutis 🇮🇹
2nd Danica Ortega 🇺🇸
3rd Valeria Rubio 🇨🇴

#firstteemiami #doralpublix #champions #firsttee #publix #buildinggamechangers #girlsgolfmimi #girlsgolf #littlegirlsnigdreams


Girls 10. & 11 2021 Doral Publix Junior Champions:
1st Grace Carter 🇺🇸
2nd Nobelle Park 🇨🇦
3rd Madison Logan 🇺🇸

#firstteemiami #doralpublix #champions #firsttee #publix #buildinggamechangers #girlsgolfmimi #girlsgolf #littlegirlsnigdreams


Girls 8 & 9 2021 Doral Publix Junior Champions:
1st Bella Simoes 🇧🇷
2nd Riviera Lindholm 🇨🇦
3rd Adelyn Rosada 🇺🇸

#firstteemiami #doralpublix #champions #firsttee #publix #buildinggamechangers #girlsgolfmimi #girlsgolf #littlegirlsnigdreams


Girls 7 & Under 2021 Doral Publix Junior Champions:
1st Isabella Miller 🇺🇸
2nd Arantza Calzada 🇲🇽
3rd Soleil Lindholm 🇨🇦

#firstteemiami #doralpublix #champions #firsttee #publix #buildinggamechangers #girlsgolfmimi #girlsgolf #littlegirlsnigdreams


Boys 12 & 13 2021 Doral Publix Junior Champions:
1st Miles Russel 🇺🇸
2nd Lucas Gimenez🇺🇸
3rd Yordan Yanakiev 🇧🇬

#firstteemiami #doralpublix #champions #firsttee #publix #buildinggamechangers


Boys 10 & 11 2021 Doral Publix Junior Champions:
1st Axel Monssoh 🇺🇸
2nd Blaise Barnum 🇺🇸
3rd Hudson Greene 🇺🇸

#firstteemiami #doralpublix #champions #firsttee #publix #buildinggamechangers


Boys 8 & 9 2021 Doral Publix Junior Champions:
1st Danilo Custer 🇺🇸
2nd Benny Ossi 🇺🇸
3rd Cameron Amen 🇺🇸

#firstteemiami #doralpublix #champions #firsttee #publix #buildinggamechangers


Boys 7 & Under 2021 Doral Publix Junior Champions:
1st Jose Emiliano Becerril 🇲🇽
2nd Victor Monssoh 🇺🇸
3rd Paolo Yerena 🇲🇽

#firstteemiami #doralpublix #champions #firsttee #publix #buildinggamechangers

Photos from First Tee - Miami's post 12/19/2021

Our day 1 recap for our leaders! So amazing to see these juniors in the red and under par! The course isn’t easy and the competition is high! Best of luck to all of today’s competitors in today’s final round! #doralpublix #firstteemiami #girlsgolfmiami

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