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We are a mom-and-pop retail store that specializes in modern firearms, muzzleloaders, archery supplies, reloading supplies, and special orders. We also performs gunsmithing and bow tuning, custom knife sharpening and arrow fletching. We buy used pieces!

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2015/2016 Hunting & Trapping Digest has arrived. License sales start June 8th.

G***K 43 | G43 | 9mm Pistol | G***K USA

G***k 43 came in today. New for $ 555. The G43 is our new single stack, 9mm pistol. The G43 is the most highly desired and anticipated release in G***Ks history.

[11/27/14]   Open today from 10 till 5.

[11/19/14]   We have over 100 new and used flintlocks and muzzleloaders in stock. Here is some of our used inventory for today.

Ken Ishler two barrel set 36 Cal and 45 Cal Flintlock 40" RH Used $ 2,500
Mark Weaver Jacob Albright pattern 50 Cal Flintlock 38" RH Used $ 2,500
TVM Matt Avance Early Virginia 54 Cal Flintlock RH 42" Used $ 900
Custom Tennessee style 36 Cal Flintlock RH 42" Used $ 1,100
Pedersoli Kentucky 45 Cal Flintlock RH 42" Used $ 750
Thompson Center Hawken 50 Cal Flintlock RH 28" Used $ 650
Thompson Center PA Hunter 50 Cal Flintlock RH 31" Used $ 400
Thompson Center PA Hunter 50 Cal Flintlock RH 28" Used $ 495
Lyman Deerstalker 50 Cal Flintlock RH 24" Used $ 350
Traditions Shenandoah 50 Cal Flintlock RH 32" Used $ 500
Traditions Buckhunter 50 Cal Flintlock RH 21" $ 350
CVA Hawken 50 Cal Flintlock RH 28" Used $ 150
Ultra-Hi Kentucky 45 Cal Flintlock RH 33" Used $ 100

Pedersoli 12 Ga Side by Side choke tubes used $ 965
Pedersoli 12 ga Side by Side used $ 850

Thompson Center Renegade LEFT HANDED 54 Cal percussion Used $ 250
Cabela's Hawken 50 Cal Right Handed percussion Used $ 200
American Revolution 1853 3 band Endield CSA State names in Gold $ 1250
Dog Lock Spanish trade gun 62 cal smooth bore RH made 1857 Used $ 500

Traditions Kentucky Pistol 45 Cal percussion 10" Used $ 180
Pedersoli Howdah 20 Ga Used $ 800
F P Chaubet A Bordeaux late 19th century target pistol 52 Cal original $ 1,500

Italian 1847 Walker 44 Cal 9" Used $ 500
Italian 1st model Dragoon 44 Cal 7 1/2" Used $ 400
Uberti 2nd model Dragoon 44 Cal 7 1/2" Used $ 400
Pietta 1858 fully engraved 44 Cal 8" Unfired $ 400
Colt 1865 Pocket Navy 36 cal 4.5" appears original $ 1,000
Navy Arms Dragoon 36 Cal 5" Used $ 280
Pietta 1849 Pocket 31 Cal 4" Used $ 230
Pietta New Model Navy 36 Cal 8" NEW $ 320
Pietta 1851 Navy 36 Cal 7.5" Used $ 300
Armi San Marco 1851 44 Cal 7.5" Used $ 250
Pietta 1858 brass 44 Cal 8" NEW $ 290
Pietta 1858 steel 44 Cal 7.5" $ 300
U S Historical Society 1860 44 Cal 8" cased $ 1,250
Colt 1860 U S Cavalry Gold 44 Cal 8" unfired $ 1,000
Colt 1851 Brigadere General J B Jett C.S.A. cased Used $ 800

Live Pray Love - Penns Valley Community Church - Youth

We will be at the Spring Mills FREE Sportsman's Dinner on Feb. 8th, being held at the church at Gregg Township School. Come hear Charles Alsheimer's talk, eat great food, and hang out with us.

[01/18/13]   Just received Ruger Gunsite rifle in 308 win., cases of Tula .223 rem 55 FMJ, and cases of Tula 7.62x32 122 FMJ

[01/18/13]   Just received Ruger Gunsite rifle in 308 win., cases of Tula .223 rem 55 FMJ, and cases of Tula 7.62x32 122 FMJ

List of executive actions Obama plans to take as part of anti-gun violence plan The following is a list, provided by the White House, of executive actions President Obama plans to take to address gun violence.

[01/16/13]   Just received a DPMS Oracle AR-15 5.56 Pheasants Forever edition with Lost Camo forearm, action, and buttstock.

[01/04/13]   We just received:
Springfield XDS 45
G***k 17 Gen 4
G***k 22 Gen 4
G***k 21 Gen 4
G***k 23 Gen 4
Ruger LC9
Federal XM193 5.56x45 55 gr fmj
PMC 223A 223 55 gr fmj
Federal RT 9mm 115gr
Federal american eagle 9mm 115gr
Federal 40 S&W 180 gr
Federal 40 S&W 165 gr
Rem UMC 45 ACP 230 gr

[12/24/12]   Open until 6 today for those last minute shoppers. Closed Christmas day, then back at 'em Wednesday morning! Enjoy your holidays.

[12/20/12]   BTW - we have purchased some amazingly beautiful muzzleloaders recently and put them in their own cabinet for show. I've never seen a "moddled" walnut stock such as the new Lyman - took it to a specialist who said, in 26 years he's never seen anything that nice on a gun before. Come check it out! Oh, and we have a full stock of black powder ready for the muzzleloading season!

Gun retailers differ on selling assault-style weapons | News |

You may have seen our "no comment" in today's Centre Daily Times article on gun shops. What did you think of the article? At least one local retailer won’t be pulling assault weapons off the shelves in the wake of the Connecticut massacre and other national retailers suspending sales of the weapons.

Concealed Carry: How to Dress For Concealed Carry | The Art of Manliness
Our daughter found this website while looking for edible plants. Love the concealed carry article! Check it out. Conceal carry in style with this dressing guide for men.

[10/13/12]   Need shooting gloves? It's pretty chilly out there this morning!

[09/26/12]   Hunting season is right around the corner! Are you ready?

Laws & Regulations

Greetings 22 followers! This week has brought an extra appreciation for AC. For you PA hunters out there, the state has finally released its 2012-2013 regulations. You can go to this link to see details. SQUIRRELS, Red, Gray, Black and Fox (Combined): Special season for eligible junior hunters, with or without required license, and mentored youth –

Colt Woodsman 3rd Series Sport 6” box manual screw : Semi Auto Pistols at

This is gorgeous! Check it out. Buy Colt Woodsman 3rd Series Sport 6” box manual screw: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Pistols Pistols Firearms All

[02/23/12]   We have a few used G***ks in stock. Let us know if you need to try one before you buy.

[01/24/12]   Shop is closed today as we are in Dallas trying out new guns. We will be back up and running Wednesday morning! We'll get you more info on the pistols we tried and what we thought...

[01/12/12]   Pedersolis coming in!

[01/08/12]   Got the most amazing used guns in lately... some beautiful muzzleloader shotguns. Also, the back rooms have an odd assortment of used and vintage items for those of you who like to find something unique.

[12/30/11]   How's your muzzleloader season been?

[12/27/11]   We made it through the holidays. Thanks to all of our customers who were kind and patient during the pre-holiday muzzleloading stampede. Chris fixed 24 guns on Thursday alone! Happy New Year.

[12/17/11]   Buying lots of used guns lately. Selling lots of muzzleloaders. Oh, and we have a zombie in our front window, next to the coyote. Ballistic gelatin zombie.

[11/24/11]   Happy Thanksgiving All! Well, the shop was crazy busy yesterday and we hope it will be again on Friday, when we have extra help. Stop in and say "hi."

[11/23/11]   Happy Hunting and Happy Thanksgiving, folks! Tell us what you think of our new profile picture. Would you buy a t_shirt with Chris's face on the back?

Darkotic™ Targets

Ordered some new targets today (the deer, the boar, and the rat): Zombie Targets

[09/18/11]   We cannot seem to keep our G***ks in stock. As soon as we order, they are sold!

[09/10/11]   Today we may actually close the shop on time so we can do some shooting ourselves. Make sure you get in here before one o-clock. As Chris says, "We need to unload some ammo and test some product."

[09/03/11]   Fresh Deer lure is in!!!!!!!!!!

[08/27/11]   Fall is coming! Make sure your hunting equipment is in good condition and you are well prepared!

[08/26/11]   We are now a "G***k Certified Armorer." What does that mean? It means that Chris, who already knew his way around a G***k, is now officially trained and has been certified to know his way around a G***k. (He got a 100% on the test!)

[08/18/11]   Just in:
Magic Stop Crossbow Extreme Field Point Bag Targets.
24" x 24" x 12". Easy arrow removal. Great for Compound Bows! $ 45.00

S&W 327 TRR8 Performance Center Revolver. Used. $ 800.00

Ruger M77 SS Skeleton Stock 7mm Rem Mag . Used $ 450.00

CVA Pennsylvania Full Stock Flintlock 50 cal. Used $ 300.00

[08/09/11]   Sewing gun socks and polishing brass today. Not very exciting, but it's good honest work.

[07/23/11]   Just in case you were wondering... we are air conditioned!

FN Model 1949 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Just in! FN 1949 Argentine Naval Conversion - pics coming this weekend - and a couple CVA full-stock flintlock rifles.

Also - we will be selling all our Parker Crossbows at prices too low to advertise in August. (We are serious, we aren't allowed to advertise these prices - I am NOT kidding.) The Fabrique Nationale Model 1949 (often referred to as the FN-49, SAFN, or FN AL) is a semi-automatic rifle designed by Dieudonné Saive and manufactured by Fabrique Nationale. It was used by the militaries of Argentina, Belgium, the Belgian Congo, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Luxembourg, and

98 Ma**er 219 Donaldson WASP Bench Rifle : Bolt Action at

219 Donaldson WASP

Nosler M48 Custom Sporter

CZ 527 7.62x39 Buy 98 Ma**er 219 Donaldson WASP Bench Rifle : GunBroker is the largest seller of Bolt Action Rifles Firearms (Modern)

[07/19/11]   Fletching arrows and cleaning guns today...

[07/15/11]   Oh, and I have two large baskets of holsters to price tomorrow!

[07/15/11]   Those of you who know me (the missus), know I'm from Wisconsin, right? Well, Wisconsin's governor just signed into law the right to carry concealed. I think they are the 38th state to do so. Way to go, Wisconsin (took ya long enough)!!!!

[07/14/11]   You should see what's sitting in front of the modern gun racks today!

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