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Holistic Physical Therapy & wellness center in Milwaukee for women’s health, pelvic health, prenatal and postpartum health, rehabilitative Pilates, inclusive yoga, myofascial release & community education

Mindful Matters Wellness, is a Wellness Center Located on Milwaukee's East Side and is a provider of Physical Therapy, Pilates, Yoga and Customized Health, Wellness & Fitness Plans. Using hands on approaches to therapy including Myofasical Release and Dry Needling physical therapy patients get one-one-one treatment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Reformers, Trapezes table, spine correctors and combo chairs are just a few of the Pilates equipment utilizes in group, private and semi private Pilates sessions. With an intimate environment and atmosphere, all levels of experience are welcome to enjoy our fitness classes including vinyasa yoga, yoga flow, restorative yoga, mat pilates, and yoga*lates, just to name a few. Wether your in pain, looking to loose weight, get toned or want to stay active as you age, Mindful Matters Wellness is a center that believes in helping you in the matters that mean the most in your life and as a provider of solutions, we are here to help educate, support and motivate so you can live the life you deserve.

Operating as usual

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the closure of Mindful Matters Wellness’ office location in Milwaukee.

While I may not have a physical location in Wisconsin moving forward, being a licensed physical therapist in Wisconsin, Illinois and Colorado allows me the ability to continue to provide support to this amazing community not only via virtual classes, courses, workshops and trainings but also through virtual physical therapy appointments as well.

The expectation I had for 2020, just like all of you, was turned on its head because of COVID-19. It brought a multitude of challenges and changes to my business, life and relationships that were completely unexpected. A lot of these changes were scary and overwhelming at first, but with time, contemplation and evaluation I began to see a positive reflection to a unimaginable situation.

Many of you know my boyfriend lives in Colorado, so while I close this Milwaukee location with a heavy heart, it's with an overjoyed soul that the two of us are merging our lives together and growing as a couple.

Words can not express the appreciation I have for everyone's support in building such an amazing community these past few years. I have loved calling Milwaukee my home, will miss it dearly, and look forward to the day that travel becomes normalized again so I can visit as much as possible.

I will keep everyone updated on relocation details, upcoming virtual offerings and will be happy to provide recommendations and referrals to those in need of in-person services.

I will still be accessible via phone and email to assist in any way needed.

Thank you again for all your support!

With Love and Gratitude,

Dr. Jennifer Lavin


Virtual Class Schedule — Mindful Matters Wellness

Don't Forget to Sign up for our Free Virtual Classes today!
-Mat Pilates 11am
- Prenatal Yoga 12:30pm

We just ask you register an hour before class start time so we can make sure everyone gets a link to the class.

Sign up at: https://www.mindfulmatterswellness.com/virtual-class-schedule

mindfulmatterswellness.com Mindful Matters Wellness Pilates, yoga and fitness classes. 

“Seriously...get back to work” - Luna the Laptop Labmix

...but for reals we’ve got a lot planned for the next few weeks! So I’m on it 👩🏼‍💻👍🏻
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This, all of this! It is why we do what we do. Thank you Chrissy!
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Obstetric Physical Therapy — Mindful Matters Wellness

Obstetric Physical Therapy https://www.mindfulmatterswellness.com/blog/2020/1/16/obstetric-physical-therapy

mindfulmatterswellness.com ... OB Physical Therapists are there to support women, and individuals with female reproductive organs, regain and/or maintain their physical activities of daily living, hobbies, and sexual health so they can live the life they deserve...


Exciting 2020 Happenings!

Exciting 2020 Happenings! - https://mailchi.mp/cb97f8ce0a01/exciting-2020-happenings

mailchi.mp With a new year comes a renewed sense of commitment and for 2020 we are committing to provide our community with the best quality care and customer experience! We have a lot of amazing events already planned for this upcoming year and are excited to share them with you!  


2019 Best of Milwaukee

We are so excited to announce that Mindful Matters Wellness is officially a "Best of Milwaukee 2019" Finalists for BOTH... Physical Therapy AND.. Pilates!

Final Voting is goes from Nov 7th- Dec 5th so we are asking our community to continue to spread the love and vote for us in the finals by voting at the link below.

*Note that in order for your votes to count you need to have voted on 5 entries. So while voting for us under Physical Therapy and Pilates will give you 2 votes, don't forget to check out the other categories to at least cast 3 more votes to make sure your contribution counts.

Thank you again everyone for the support! We love you and look forward to providing you all with superb care for even more years to come!



We often get asked as pelvic physical therapists what we are feeling for during an internal exam. This is a fantastic image that shows the muscles we are assessing and addressing.

Not all pelvic floor issues present the same but this post does a great job of bringing to light the link of the pelvic floor to the deep rotators of the hip because the deep hip rotators are an extension to your pelvic floor!

If your interested in reducing your pelvic or hip pain then schedule your free discovery visit with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy to learn more.

Yes. That’s a finger going inside a vagina. Where is it going?
Let the clinical pearls begin...
🌸 When most people get a GYN exam or “well woman exam” or pap smear- they are NOT getting the pelvic floor muscles assessed typically. It’s usually described as “a health care provider examines your pelvic area. It includes your vulva and your internal reproductive organs — your cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and vagina.”
🌸 But what if an underlying cause of pelvic pain or urinary issues has to do with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, or urethral fascia, or the nerves deep near the back wall of the vagina? Is someone checking that? No. Typically not in these exams. But alas, there are people who DO assess these things (and we are training more OB/GYNs on this too because this isn’t usually taught in Med school or residencies!)....
🌸Pelvic floor /Pelvic health therapists specialize in assessing all of the pelvic floor muscles, fascia, scars, nerves within the pelvis/vagina/rectum AND at the external pelvic area, abdomen, legs,spine, diaphragm, and more...
🌸This image highlights a super important area that is often missed. The (random) finger 😃👈 is touching the OBTURATOR INTERNUS muscle. It’s a deep pelvic floor muscle. The obturator internus muscle can be a contributing cause of vaginal pain, pain with penetration, mimic bladder, abdominal pain (or refer there) and more. It’s actually a deep hip external rotator which means it actually attaches to the HIP! It can be a cause of hip or back pain or become an issue due to hip or back issues. It’s not always as simple as one muscle issue 😉
🌸 And to get more pelvic anatomy nerdy- there are all sorts of attachments and connections to the obturator internus. So, it should get more attention. The arcus tendoneus levator ani is attached to it and that runs down to the ischial spine (and the Pudendal nerve goes through the obturator internus fascia and is also at the ischial spine)
🌸 So, has anyone touched your obturator internus (OI) lately? 😉🌸 And, shout out to all the pelvic floor therapists who regularly assess and treat pelvuc floor dysfunction, including OI!

You can find a pelvic floor specialist - physical therapist or other specialists by searching our directory at www.PelvicGuru.com


Why a Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation is essential after every Pregnancy? - My French Physio

Did you know in France women automatically receive TEN (10) physical therapy sessions following childbirth!

While in the U.S. there are women who don’t even know there is a speciality of physical therapy dedicated to treating pelvic issues.

Pain and dysfunction doesn’t have to be accepted as a normal just because you gave birth. Think about it, you get referred to orthopedic physical therapists for shoulder or knee surgery, why not a pelvic physical therapist for postpartum?

So for all those women out there struggling, we want you to know you are not alone and there is help out there that specifically address your needs.

Both of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, Dr. Lavin and Dr. Beecher, specialize in women’s and pelvic health and are here to help women return to the matters that mean the most to them.


myfrenchphysio.london Why a Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation is essential after every Pregnancy? by Virgil | Jan 23, 2018 | Woman’s health (obstetric) | Why a Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation is essential after every Pregnancy? In France, Women automatically have 10 Physiotherapy sessions with a women’s health specialist af....

Self trigger point release vs self myofascial release can often times be confused as the same technique. However, there is a difference between the two. The primary difference being in the ball we recommend. For trigger point release you can use a tennis ball. For myofascial release we recommend a softer ball such as Sportime’s 4” inflatable ball.
See with trigger point release the idea is to create an ischemic environment, or lack of blood flow, around the muscle knot by maintaining pressure over the sore muscle for 1-3 mins. Afterward when you remove the pressure from the area it is suppose to have the affect of a damn releasing to flush out the knot.
However, from our clinical experience that technique can often aggravate the muscle knot instead of making it better because it’s so painful that you either can’t hold for the appropriate duration needed, or you can not relax enough causing added tension to the area.
With the use of a larger softer ball you can actually relax your sore muscles around the ball, decreasing neural tension, and comfortably hold the duration of time needed to release the fascia that may be restricting factor in the first place.
If your interested in learning more about fascia check out Dr. Lavin’s latest blog post on the matter by clicking the link in our bio!
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Myofasical Release (MFR) for Mobility and Pain Management — Mindful Matters Wellness

Interested in learning why & how myofascial release (MFR) is used in our physical therapy and bodywork sessions then check out our new blog post below!


mindfulmatterswellness.com What is Myofascial Release (MFR) and how is it different from Massage Therapy? 

Mind Body Radio

Take a listen to our very own Dr. Jenn talking about MMW on Mind Body Radio!

Listen to Jennifer Lavin of Mindful Matters Wellness discuss her work in yoga, physical therapy, and women's health.

Did you know pressure on the body can increase the release of serotonin in the brain. This neurotransmitter is sometimes called the “happy” chemical because it creates a sense of calm and well-being.
At Mindful Matters Wellness we utilize our Manduka blankets to help our patients who struggle with managing emotions, coping with feelings of anger, settling down after overexcitement, dealing with stress and winding down at night. At 3.5 lbs it’s provides just enough pressure while remaining versatility with its moldable, foldable and rollable capabilities. So whether it is used for pressure, warmth or support these blankets are a PT must for patient comfort
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Thank you Lynne for your kind words! #ptfirst #choosept #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #kneepainrelief #dryneedlingtherapy

A few changes to the schedule this weekend and next week because Dr. Jenn will be on vacation. Be sure to check mindbody before coming to class.

Join us for a small group, medically supervised fitness class this week. #eastsidemke #mkefitness #pilates #yoga #phyicaltherapy

Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique used by #physicaltherapists to help reduce pain. The technique teaches patients to consciously concentrate on relaxing every muscle in their body. First, focus your mind on a muscle group. As you inhale, squeeze the muscles group as hard as you can for eight seconds. As you exhale, quickly release the muscle group and let the pain and tightness go. Be #mindful of the muscles relaxing and becoming loose and limp as the tension flows away. We ask patients to repeat this tension-relaxation process for all the major muscle groups in their body. This technique is one of many we use to reduce pain and has an added benefit of reducing stress and anxiety. #lesspain #lessstress #lessanxiety #physicaltherapy #healthybodyandmind #choosept

There are a lot of benefits to #strengthtraining but most people actually need #stabilizationtraining before they can focus on getting stronger. Stabilization training is a form of #PhysicalTherapy that is designed to support the muscles by increasing the ability of the right muscles to work and stabilize joint movement while developing optimal posture. Stabilization training utilizes exercises as well as stretching and aerobic conditioning to #rehabilitate and address overcompensations and unbalances. It also provides an efficient #workout in terms of caloric burn and building #endurance in your muscles. #ptfirst #choosept #getstrong #worksmarternotharder

Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga is now on Saturday mornings ✨🧘🏼‍♂️🤰🏻Come join us for a small group class led by one of our #physicaltherapists this week.

We’re so excited we can barely stand it! Our very own Dr. Lauryn Beecher is now accepting #physicaltherapy patients @mindfulmatterswellness! Seems like a perfect time for a #introductionmonday for those of you who have not had the pleasure of attending one of Lauryn’s amazing yoga classes. Lauryn’s love for physical activity and dedication to wellbeing led her to a career in Physical Therapy. When she learned that Physical Therapy could help drastically improve, or even resolve, many ”taboo” issues like #incontinence and #pelvicpain she decided to expand her practice to include #pelvichealth.

Lauryn’s treatment approach involves individualized, one-on-one patient care. Her first goal is that you feel listened too and understood, so you can actively participate in your care. She believes in treating, and working with, the whole person and not just their symptoms in order to provide the best care and see the best outcomes! Her priority is to help you feel inspired to take back control of your health and get you back to doing what you love!

In her spare time she enjoys yoga, weight lifting, and hiking with her dog. Schedule a #pt appointment or check out her available classes on our website, link in bio.

Milwaukee Mom

What an amazing event! So happy we got to be a part of it!

Wow! To say this year's Bloom Event was amazing would be an understatement. The best thing about this event is getting to meet so many incredible mamas and to hear your stories and to take an evening to spoil you and love on you. We hope you enjoy this video overview of the fantastic night we spent at Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts this year for Bloom 2019!

This year's event was presented by Summit Credit Union and Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Need to find out where to get more of that awesome thing from your swag bag or want to follow up with a provider you met? The full list of sponsors and event participants can be found here: http://bit.ly/Bloom2019Recap

We’re blushing! 😊😊 We love happy patients! @mindfulmatterswellness is a small local business that thrives on the kind words and referrals of happy patients. So when a patient goes out of their way to say something nice it is appreciated beyond words. #physicaltherapy #localbusiness #smalbusiness #loveourpatients #supportlocal #localfirstmke #kindwords

Pilates for Back Pain, Partner Yoga for Labor & Baby Yoga oh my! It’s going to be a good week @mindfulmatterswellness! Join us for a #smallgroup #medicallysupervised class this week. Register online, space is limited.


Mothers refuse to suffer in silence with pelvic floor problems


So glad that women getting help for their pelvic floor problems is getting national attention! Thanks to The Today Show for spotlighting this issue.

today.com Women are waking up and realizing that there's no reason to be embarrassed, and life doesn't have to be like this.

Mysofascial Release is a hands on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. #myofascialrelease is a safe and gentle form of manual therapy that is extremely effective in treating pain and restoring motion. @mindfulmatterswellness we use MFR as a treatment option for a number of health problems including back pain, headaches, migraines, pelvic floor dysfunction, sports injuries, and a wide variety of women’s health issues. #livepainfree #physicaltherapy #pt #physicaltherapist #wellnesswednesday

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Do You Want A Free Yoga Class?
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