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What yall think of my new improvemed sign ?
I am not against the range, folks. Its the rest of the proposed training that I oppose. It would be better suited in a less sparsely populated area. If it was just the range as described, I would be there to sign up myself. I honestly don't feel its against our right to bear arms, just to protect our peace and quiet and the serenity of the community. If it passes, so be it. If it doesn't so be it.
Kirk Christy Peavy please delete if you feel this post is inappropriate, because in truth it doesn't have anything to do with RMA, but I know several of the opponents that spoke at the hearing last night are monitoring this site. To the sweet lady that was so upset and spoke about the church and how it wasn't her obligation to go and meet the Peavys and they should have come to her to introduce themselves, and every person that said amen and clapped, I would like to personally invite you to contact me to discuss the calling of the church and the responsibilities placed upon us as laid out in the Bible. I would love to buy each of you a cup of coffee or have a call and discuss the Great Commission. Acts 1:8 "But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth." Keith Summitt
They let me back in the group big mistake lol #supportRMA
Did you ever do the trivia drawing or did I overlook it
Representing! #RMA
Do you have a tour the facility setup where one can come look around.
Another great husband and wife training day! Thank you Recoil Management for a great time and incredible instruction.
Have you done this weeks trivia or did I miss it.
Met with Kirk this weekend and had a great experience at RMA. Kirk’s very knowledgeable and a great instructor who is very present and dedicated. We had a blast and I recommend checking out RMA and meeting Kirk in person to anyone who is interested in learning or just checking out a great range to shoot here in Davie county! 👍👍
Hello RMA, I had the privilege and honor to get a special visit at this state of the art facility, Kirk let me and my son and co worker sight in our new AR 15 rifles on Saturday, Kirk not only gave us the privilege but he also spent hours with us making sure we were dialed in. The professionalism and knowledge he share with us was priceless, not mention his time..... Kirk has the opportunity to allow us in Davie County to have one of the finest shooting and training facilities in N.C. What ever feelings you are having about this will all go away when you meet Kirk. He has our best interest and is going over and above the state regulations to provide us the safest place to shoot. He has no problem explaining every detail where you fully understand it. I encourage all shooters and non shooters to keep and open mind and see for your self what RMA is really all about. I will be returning and supporting this drive to complete all stages of his vision for RMA. This is a place that we as Davie County Residents can use and provide not only fun, but have the skills to protect our communities and exercise our 2nd Amendment Rights for decades to come. Thank You RMA!!! Shane Stephens Davie County USA!!!!
Well since I know that members of Roots in davie are reading the post on this website, I will just speak my mind here. It really is bad when a group, Rootsndavie, claim to be trying to better inform its members and the community but blocks opposing views. So in other words I guess some of them or other administrators feel that only their word should be heard in regard to RMA. I don't recall any of them being God almighty with only their word to believe. I have been most curtious to all its members just stating the facts from what is being proposed at RMA, not MISLEADING scare tactics. The use of selecting only parts of a comment or of the application without the full explanation of terms used in it is spreading misleading information.Since they have chosen to block the truth and the facts from coming out only proves that they know they are misrepresenting the facts. I hope all on this page that read this will pick up my slack now and go to the Rootsndavie page and show ur support for RMA. React to the falsities being put out and exaggerations of the facts. Everyone swamp their page with the truth. I have heard numerous ones in the opposition claim that kirk is hiding, which is a total lie, but now rootsndavie is hiding. And if they are blocking the truth, that means they are sprea ding falsities. No disrespect meant to anyone, we can all be adults and debate facts in order to make a clear and strong decision in the end.

RMA IS A PRIVATE CLUB RMA LLC Executive Team: Kirk W Peavy Owner/CEO Christina Peavy Vice President Matt Hallsey Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Mission: Recoil Management Academy (RMA) LLC. Capabilities We offer a range of personnel with vast military special operations experiences from US Army Delta/CAG, US Naval Special Warfare SEALS, US Army Rangers, Marine MARSOC/Force Recon, Military Intelligence/Counterintelligence, Law Enforcement and Other Governmental agencies with real-world applications, many actively engaged in each of their disciplines. Capabilities: COMING SOON - State of the Art Training Facility Church/Congregational Security Services Pastoral Protection Programs Executive Protection Surveillance Counter-surveillance Intelligence gathering Intelligence analysis Threat and Vulnerability Assessments Security Audits High Threat Training Cells (Protection/Firearms/Long Range Shooting (Sniper/DDM) Driving (on and off-road, Tact-Medicine) Active Shooter Training/Preparedness Training Incident Response Training Work Place Violence Prevention Specialists (High Risk Terminations) UAV/Drone Surveillance and Protection Operations (mobile and residential applications)

Operating as usual

[11/04/20]   RMA Appeal Time!!

Who’s with US?

Stay Tuned!!

John Wick 2

Just a little “get your mind right” before the election tonight!

Patriots Stand Fast!!

🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump/Pence 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸


Today is a BIG day in our Nation’s History, yes it’s voting day!

The reality is there is a movement in this Country that has actually been brewing for years, it’s a movement of pure HATE for these United States.

Intel Sources have released that there is EXPECTED unrest, crimes of opportunity (rioting/looting) by the Ignorant of Society in the days coming. MOST of these activities will be in the larger metropolitan cities, but for us rural folks don’t drop your awareness.

All of us need to help out a neighbor, friends and family!


All plans are forged through true training!

Train Hard Shoot Straight

Train to Win


Happy Halloween From RMA!

Be diligent out there tonight, keep a close eye on your precious ones, keep your head on a swivel (situational awareness) and INSPECT their loot, sad truth there are some sick disturb people or there!!

Enjoy all you ghosts and ghouls tonight!!


[10/30/20]   Just a teaser...standby for some EXCITING news!!!

Get Signed Up!!!

Get the best UNCENSORED platform for all your firearms questions, training tips, ammo/gun deals and just a like minded platform!! 2A Supporters

[10/27/20]   Theatrics belong Nowhere in your firearms training, stick to basic, slide bitting, dirt under the finger nails training! RMA

OODA Loop!! Stay ahead of the game

Don’t miss out, sign up and get approved today to our UNCENSORED forum and groups!

We just posted on the link below about some exciting FREE classes!

Go check out the new discussion happening in the Guns & Ammo Group


RMA Family, we are happy to announce that we are moving portions of our social community to our website for members only. There is no cost to this, just a quick and easy sign up. This will allow all 2A fans, as well as RMA supporters to get news and updates from us. 🔥🔥 WE HAVE ALOT OF NEW INFORMATION AND RMA SUPPORTER NEWS🔥🔥 There is no social media police on our site that will ban free speech. We do however have some regular, good human being rules. The typical (no harassment of other members, harsh cussing (as we have younger fans that come to us for assistance with weapon training), profiling in any way, etc. We have broken this up into forums and groups to be able to determine what you really want to focus your attention on. We have a forum for general discussion, and then groups for training, gun and ammo talk, and 2A conversation and more being added like a classified section. We value all feedback in this process. Considering all that is going on with gun targeting related to social media, we felt it was the best time to move our audience over should it get worse. We are all in this because we LOVE guns and believe in not only 2A but also the 1st. Please come and join us! We reserve the right to refuse members at our discretion without explanation. Please share this with your friends and family and have them join us in a very robust new community of social media speech!!

We will continue to post on FB regularly but will choose strategically what is shared publicly and what is shared with our REAL supporters!


Select forum or groups and do a quick sign up. You will have to request which group you wish to join as well.

Amateurs Train until they get it RIGHT, Professionals Train until they get it WRONG....

[10/19/20]   As a man, a father, husband and a friend, I want to THANK EVERYONE that answered the call to assist a family in need!

You all humbled me with your eagerness and willingness to help folks you have never met!

We are SO thankful for you all!!

Thank you. thank you, thank you!!

Kirk & Christy

ATF Suffers Rare Court Loss in Ohio Unregistered 'Short Barrel Rifle' Prosecution - The Truth About Guns

GREAT READ & and some knowledgeable info for your tool box!

Knowing is power! An Ohio Marine vet was prosecuted for possessing an unregistered short barrel rifle by the ATF. But the .gov didn't have its legal ducks a row. What a shame.


Good times!

Worldwide Deployments, these you never forget!!

🔥🔥OK RMA & 2A Supporters - Wednesday Teaser!!!
Comment Below. 🔥🔥

Be Realistic & Put Caliber and Quantity!! Let's have some fun with this.

RMA may have some surprises coming!!

RMA Family


Get professional coaching from proven techniques and experience!

Contact us today for ALL your training needs!

All the “gadgets” in the world will NOT make you John Wick, it’s pure monotonous disciplined slow training techniques!

Sign up for your private or open course lessons today!

It doesn’t get explained ANY simpler then this!!

Say NO to infringements by ANYONE!

Mechanical Offset ~ AR-15 shooters should know this well and understand how and why this occurs.

A good “Zero” is the much needed baseline for accuracy, take your time on this process

If you need assistance, reach out to RMA and we can assist you in all aspects of Rifle marksmanship


Senator McCain's Diplomatic Protection Detail, Irbil Iraq

[10/06/20]   Hey All local Mocksville Folks!!

We call upon all your heart strings... we have a really great family in dire need of household goods...anything you all can part with, bed, couch, dressers, kitchen items and anything else you can spare are have been wanting to get rid of....this kind act would greatly assist a true family in need!!!

Please PM us as soon as you are ready to donate!

My family really appreciates your kindness for this local family in need!

Never leave home without it!

🇺🇸🇺🇸Get Trained!!

My time with this amazing outfit was an experience like no other, the men and women I met along the way, we have built long lasting bonds!

Who will stand for HER?!

Who is trained and ready?!

“DEFUND THE POLICE” from Raleigh to Charlotte and Guilford County, with many more NC districts to list...

The question is this?

Are you prepared to be your own “First Responder”? Have you been tested under stress?

You are a hunter, does that make you prepared for a real-life home invasion?
(Which has happened downtown Main St Mocksville)

Do you have adequate training how to defend your home WITHOUT risking the lives of loved ones within the home?

Find the outdoor shooting range and company that offers this kind of skill set training.

🇺🇸🇺🇸Don’t be caught with your pants down...seconds count🇺🇸🇺🇸


NEW STUDY: Muzzle position can have major impact on your shooting decisions - Calibre Press

Can you under pressure, make the “Tactical” decision to shoot?

The Shoot, No Shoot drill can be a very beneficial drill to assist you as a responsible gun owner to rapidly decide when to press the trigger..

🇺🇸🇺🇸 Make sure you find an appropriate outdoor shooting range to practice these kinds of life saving drills, especially under the supervision of a trained professional.🇺🇸🇺🇸

#Sheffield You confront a suspect you’ve been told may be armed. No weapon is visible, but his hands are hidden in his pockets. You have no cover, no concealment. If he suddenly whips a hand out, he may be gripping a gun…a benign object…or nothing at all. How you react to that pressurized uncertainty —...

Grand Jury Declines To Indict Church Security Guard Who Killed Gunman In Texas

Training & Preparations don’t stop at the training range. Get the correct 2nd Amendment Law Firm in your corner!

U.S. & Texas LawShield

This is the organization that backs you at the start line & past the finish line! Jack Wilson didn't hesitate when a man with a shotgun fired into a packed church near Fort Worth last winter. Wilson killed the man with one shot. On Monday, a grand jury declined to indict him.

I am PRO 2nd Amendment

Check out for your instructor searches and classes near you!


Our business plan was formulated in the same environment that our experience and skills were obtained. Itis these skills, earned through the trials and tribulations of extensive time spent operating within theHigh Threat arenas of Iraq and Afghanistan that make our Instructors and RMA as whole unique.

With the skills we have obtained, we also believe in the BE PROFESSIONAL ALWAYS mentality. We will let ourskills and our training speak for them. With this in mind, it will allow us to adequately teach everyone from first time gun owners to youth groups to female shooters. Our goal is NOT to intimidate our students, as is seen at most shooting ranges, our goal is to teach and pass on our love firearms and the shooting sport(s).

We at RMA have a deep belief in the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Not only for personal protection but also for the enjoyment of the shooting sportsand hunting. We will provide an environment for all gun owners to not only safely shoot but to advance their individual skills and their levels of awareness and understanding of firearms safety and marksmanship.

RMA will provide a safe, clean, comfortable and professionally operated Firearms Safety and Marksmanship Training Facility for people of all skill levels to enjoy. Our goal is for everyone to safely enjoy the shooting sports, be capable of defending one’s self and enjoy their 2nd Amendment Rights!

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1548 Sheffield Rd
Mocksville, NC

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 18:00
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