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I come to my work as a couples coach from a place of authenticity: I’ve been there. I have the professional training and certification that provide a strong grounding, and as a lifelong New York resident and member of the Orthodox Jewish community, I know how difficult it can be when your “real” life doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would – whether that means a divorce or a struggling marriage. Delving into learning from the top relationship experts, exploring Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt’s Imago Relationship Therapy, I earned certifications in The Gottman Method and Michelle Weiner’s Divorce Busting. And with that knowledge, I’ve worked and continue to work, to build a true relationship of love and harmony with my husband. My biggest accomplishment is going to sleep at night very happily married b”h. Now I know what good communication entails, and what a mutually satisfying and fulfilling relationship based on understanding, respect, and love feels like – and it’s my passion to bring that joy to others. In my learning, I found wisdom in each school of thought, and I also recognized a common theme along them: marriage is work. All marriages require active, conscious participation. You need to invest in behaviors, actions, and words that bring you – and keep you – close as a couple. With those skills, you cannot only survive as a couple, but thrive! And here’s the good news: everyone and anyone can learn those skills. Marriage can come with an instruction manual, and I’ll share it with you, so you too can build your very own happy and connected marriage. In coaching couples and divorcees, I found my true calling. I am passionate about helping others by sharing what I’ve learned through my life experience and relationship education. Add my persistent optimism and “get it done” attitude, and you have a person who is uniquely qualified to guide you through your divorce or marriage problems. Sound good? Let’s start the conversation, and see if I can be the ally you need to get through this difficult time.

Wondering how your current situation could possibly change? Feeling hopeless? I can help YOU. As a trained relationship coach, I have successfully helped many observant Jewish couples to build great marriages defined by mutual satisfaction, respect, and love, and to enjoy healthy and happy family lives. I’ve Been There, Done That. Not many therapists or coaches have my life experience, and it makes me uniquely qualified to help you. I understand what you’re going through – whether that’s a struggling marriage, divorce, or blending families – and I know how to come out of it stronger on the other side. My personal journey has been full of unexpected twists and turns, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m passionate about helping you find a smoother path to a happy marriage and family life. Based in Boro Park, Brooklyn, I work with couples and individuals in the local area and around the world using proven professional coaching techniques and a deep understanding of Orthodox Jewish family values. My solutions-oriented services include: - Couples Coaching - Individual Coaching - Divorce Coaching - Speaking Engagements - Group Workshops Be among the many individuals and couples I’ve successfully helped.

For a Limited Time! Only $2.99 for ebook and $4.99 for paperback. Do you communicate with your spouse primarily through bickering? Feel a distance growing between you? Don’t be a victim of regret and 20/20 hindsight. Get proven, practical tools with the "Develop 20/20 Relationship Foresight" workbook:

Only $2.99 for a Limited Time! Do you communicate with your spouse primarily through bickering? Feel a distance growing between you? Don’t be a victim of regret and 20/20 hindsight. Get proven, practical tools with the "Develop 20/20 Relationship Foresight" workbook:

I’ve Moved to Monsey, NY - and Welcome New Clients!

I’ve Moved to Monsey – and Welcome New Clients! It’s been a busy few months for me! But I am excited to announce that my family and my practice have moved to the beautiful hamlet of Monsey, New York. We have been getting to know the area and, most importantly, the people. And we are now settled down enough that I am ready to …

The Power of a Compliment - Sara Freed

How often do you compliment your spouse? You need to have more positive interactions than negative ones to maintain a happy, stable marriage. That makes sense, right? But what you might not know is how many more positive interactions you need. It’s a lot more. And it turns out that there actually is a magic ratio. Relationship expert Joh...

[01/16/18]   Have you taken time to "count your blessings" in your relationship? There’s something that may be even more powerful to do.

Do you lash out or run away when your partner hurts your feelings?

Change the Way You Think about Your Relationship for Happiness

Do you associate your partner with routine, responsibility, and stress? If you associate your relationship with routine, responsibility, stress, not surprisingly, that influences how you feel about your partner, too.

Get a Good Night's Sleep to Help Your Relationship (and Your Health)

Are you getting enough sleep? Have you thought about how it impacts your interactions with your partner? A New York marriage coach talks about how simply getting a good night of sleep can help your relationship - and your health. It can reduce conflict.

Marital Conflict: How to Let Go of "Being Right"

Have you ever had a fight with your spouse about some small, inconsequential detail? ​Have you ever had a fight with your spouse about some small, inconsequential detail? Here's why - and how to overcome this kind of marital conflict.

[10/31/17]   Are you and your spouse stuck in a pattern?

How do you maintain emotional intimacy in your relationship?

Wishing You a Happy New Year! I’ll Be Back on Oct. 17th. - Sara Freed

Wishing you a Happy New Year! I'll be back on Oct. 17th. I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year and blessed holidays! Due to the holidays, I will take a break from my blog, but I’ll be back on...

Marriage Coach: Show Your Love by Having Fun Together

What do you do for fun with your spouse? A marriage coach explains how you can show your love for your partner by having fun together - and why it is so important for your happiness.

Relationship Coach: Communicate What Bothers You

Do you talk about what bothers you in your relationship? A relationship coach talks about why it’s important to communicate with your partner about things that bother you. It starts by talking about it.

Are you willing to sacrifice for your love?

Check out this link

What's your partner's attachment style? It is valuable to know.

What are two words you should never say in a fight with your spouse?

A Forgiveness Exercise to Try with Your Spouse

Practicing forgiveness leads to greater marital health. Do you still find it hard? We’re all human. Even your soulmate will make mistakes. Probably many of them. Repeatedly. That’s why forgiveness is such a vital part of a...

Give Love to Receive Love - Sara Freed

Do you sometimes feel unloved - even though you know your spouse loves you? Do you sometimes feel unloved - even though you know your spouse loves you?Don’t ask for love anymore. Give love instead.

Time Together vs. Time Apart: Which Is More Important for Couples

How much time should a couple spend together? Apart? What do you think? How much time should a couple spend together? Apart? That’s the tug and pull of many couples. You can prevent feelings of isolation and suffocation.

Want to know how you can stop yourself from lashing out when your spouse does something annoying and have a more productive conversation?

6 Passover Relationship Tips for a Happier Holiday

Chag Sameach! I wish for you an abundance of time to bond with your family. A Brooklyn NY relationship coach shares 6 Passover Relationship Tips for a Happier Holiday. Work together for the benefit of the entire family!

New York Marriage Coach: Discussing Finances with Your Spouse

What kinds of financial disagreements do you have with your spouse? A New York marriage coach gives couples rules for how and when to discuss finances with each other.

Prepare Your Marriage for Your First Child

How have you prepared to transition into your new role as parents? A Brooklyn relationship counselor discusses four things expecting parents should know. Prepare your marriage for your new parenting roles.

Marriage Coach: How Date Night Can Keep Your Marriage Strong

When was the last time you had a date night? What did you do? A marriage coach describes the benefits of going on date nights regularly, even after you have been married for many years.

New York Couples Coach: Is Couples Counseling Right for You?

How do you know if couples counseling is right for you? A New York couples coach breaks down misconceptions about counseling and talks about how it can benefit any relationship.

New York Marriage Coach: Revisit Old Happy Memories Together

Have you revisited your happy memories together recently? A New York marriage coach describes the benefits of revisiting happy memories with your partner. It can help bring you together.

Relationship Coach: 4 Tools for Being Empathetic

Are you practicing empathy in your relationship? A New York relationship coach breaks down the four tools needed to practice empathy in a romantic relationship.

Free Couples Video Course Coming in Spring 2017 - Sara Freed

Don't be a victim of hindsight. Develop 20/20 relationship foresight with my FREE 20-video course. Sign up now! Sign up for this free couples video course coming in Spring 2017. Don’t be a victim of regret and 20/20 hindsight. Develop the skill set you need now.

Relationship Repair that Works | Dr. John Gottman

watch here;

Dr. Gottman describes how the "masters" of relationships make repairing their relationship after an argument a priority. But what makes some repair attempts ...

Relationship Conflict: Why It's So Hard to Sincerely Apologize

Do you find it hard to apologize to your spouse? A New York relationship coach talks about why it is so hard to apologize after a relationship conflict and what a sincere apology looks like.

In Divorce, Don't Let Power Shift to the Kids - Sara Freed

After divorce, do you find that your kids are in charge - instead of you and your ex? A New York divorce coach discusses the shift in power between parents and children that often comes with divorce.

Marital Bliss: Compromise and Negotiation Are Crucial Skills

Do you dig in your heels and fight for the way things “should” be? Learning how to compromise and negotiate in a friendly, respectful way has many positive benefits for your relationship and can help you find...

The secret to a happy marriage may be an emotionally intelligent husband Men who allow their wives to influence them have happier marriages and are less likely to divorce.

Authenticity: Share Who You Are to Strengthen Your Relationship

Are you communicating who you truly are? Good communication is important for struggling relationships, but your communication must also be authentic to strengthen your relationship.

Sara Freed

Self-Love: Real Love Starts with You - Sara Freed

Do you make loving yourself a priority? How are you expressing your love for your partner? How are you expressing your love for yourself? Are the two connected? Self-love should be a...

The Importance of Being on the Same Page with Parenting

Have you invested the time and effort to get on the same page about parenting? Invest the time and effort to get on the same page about parenting. Here are a few tips for managing disagreements.

The Value of Divorce Mediation - Sara Freed

Most divorcing couples don't consider mediation, but it can help you reach a mutually beneficial resolution. Instead of publicly battling each other in civil court or airing their dirty laundry in front of the Beth Din, you can move forward in divorce...

Check out this link

What are some unique challenges couples face with a second (or third!) marriage?

Brooklyn Relationship Coach: A Tool to Get You Through Conflicts

Do you use this tool to help you manage conflict in a healthier way? A Brooklyn relationship coach explains how to use mantras during conflict resolution and why they can help you to have a better relationship.

What Husbands Need to Know How I stopped being cruel to my wife and saved my marriage.

Brooklyn Relationship Coach: Are You a Team or Opponents?

Is there a way to "win" an argument together? A Brooklyn relationship coach discusses why “winning an argument” should be done as a team rather than attempting to "beat" your partner.

NY Marriage Coach: Giving Your Spouse the Benefit of the Doubt

Should you give your partner the benefit of the doubt? How? A NY marriage coach talks about why you should try to give your partner the benefit of the doubt and offers suggestions on how to do it.

Are you having a hard time feeling grateful?

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