M. Barnett Lawley Forever Wild Field Trial Area

M. Barnett Lawley Forever Wild  Field Trial Area


Pairings for the Dixie Classic Field Trial this weekend at M. Barnett Lawley Forever Wild Field Trial Area, aka the “cattle ranch.” Good luck to all our Cahaba Bend FTC members!
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August 21 at 8:50 AM ·
We are located about 45 minutes from Bryant Denny Stadium, only 5 minutes from M. Barnett Lawley Forever Wild Field Trail Area and only 15 minutes from Lock 5. We have water, sewer and electric hook ups, 50-amp breaker connection for electricity. There are only six lots available. $35.00 per night, $200.00 per week and $600.00 per month. 334-507-0429 or 334-507-0771.

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Operating as usual


It has been quite a while since I have written anything for this page, main reason is we have been real busy which is what we get paid for. The wet summer has cost us a lot of productive time as we seem to do nothing but mow yards and fix roads. We do have enough areas mowed to start the retriever trials and hunt tests we are also working on the birddog courses. This will be an exciting year as we have some time honored Birddog championships here this winter. Carson Hill our new hire will soon be with us a year. I hope he will stay as he gets a lot done. This week he is at burn manager school. I worked on fire lanes yesterday so will soon see if he learned anything. While working on fire lane yesterday I did see a young covey of quail. Wild Quail in this area are a rarity maybe some of the things we do here are helping. Seeing more fawns and rabbits than past several years also beavers which have become a real problem. We have a lot going on here until next May with 32 Sporting Dog Events and 11 youth hunting days.


it is cold and raining here today . yesterday morning it was cold and windy . Finished up the Quail Run Shooting Dog Classic yesterday. Great group who seemed to enjoy themselves even though it was cold. Sitting in my office with one of my birddogs hope he gets over his illness soon so I can go back to working him. It will not be long and the retriever trials and hunt tests will start back. Jimmy Darnell called and will soon be here training as I am sure a lot of the northern group will be wanting to come south. We still have a few days left for the youth hunters to come. We are not seeing many deer but have seen some really good bucks. Hope all the youth hunters take a trophy and get a limit of ducks.


Heading to the Forever Wild board meeting in a few minutes. So I thought I would spend a few minutes updating everyone on what is happening at The M.Barnett Lawley Forever Wild FTA. We are mowing a good bit around the technical ponds and also some of the areas where I hope it will not grow back before the Sporting Dog Season begins. We had a great crop of Milo and Egyptian Wheat but have now found Sugarcane Aphids in our strips. I have insecticide ordered should start spraying Monday. 40 hour weeks will be over for me until we are through mowing and getiing youth dove and deer fields ready. Hope this wore out equipment and manger will hold together until we are done . Hopefully some of this rain will move to areas where it is needed so that we can catch up on everything. Hope All of my dog friends who are up north training have a great summer and think about those of us suffering from the heat and humidity.


Raining all day but I have gotten the Forever Wild report done . While working on the report I would look out my office window or step outside to get a breath of fresh air and I have seen Geese, Fox Squirrells, and a young Fox. You can hear birds whistling and even hear a Woodpecker tapping on a metal sign. I don`t know if he is sharpening his beak or lost his mind. He probably just flew hear from a big city. I know i do not make much money but I wonder what those high paid executives have seen from their office windows? SMOG


So much to do and so little time to do it in.


We just finished with the HRC Grande 399 dogs and untold number of great people. The next day Magnolia RC and Red Hills RC held a double master. Two more events this spring, May 13 & 14 North Alabama RC & May 20- 21 Magnolia RC will host another event. Our yearly stakehoolder meeting will be May 26. We already have 23 sporting dog events signed up for this next fall and spring. Ken Grice who was recently hired by State Lands to assist me here has shown a positive work ethic. We are preparing our feed strips for planting now. I
am taking a few days to go visit my mother and hopefully hunt some Turkeys and if I`m real lucky find some Morel Mushrooms


This last Saturday the M. Barnett Lawley Forever Wild Field Trial Area hosted the Alabama Blood Trailing Seminar. This group tests dogs on their ability to track wounded Deer. 12 dogs were tested to be certified. According to Paul Couget many states ask that a dog and handler be certified by the SBTA and UBT to track wouded game. I saw many different breeds here during the seminar . For more information on Tracking Dogs and how they may help you recover your trophy contact Paul Couget 504 250 7456 or [email protected]


We have finally finished the Black Cow parking lot. Will still need to do some work on road but it is accessable. Those trucks hauling 27 tons of rock made some pretty deep ruts. Christopher has had surgery on his right shoulder, but is recouperating fine. Mark Brashear has been here helping and has finished a lot of projects that I have wanted to get done for a long time. It is real dry here some of the feed strips we planted are not doing much but seeing a fair amount of adult quail. probably leftovers from last winters birddog events. The time for all our events is drawing nearer just hope it will cool down some.


Whew it has been sometime since I have been on this site. We have finally recieved some rain. I am going to give it 3 or 4 days and if I do not see the milo coming up I will replant while we have some moisture. We have 21 scheduled sporting dog events and as soon as I hear from our newest club I will send it to Montgomery and try to have it posted on the Outdoor Alabama website. It has been hot and muggy here but we are still working on roads, technical water, creek crossings, and cogon grass. Hope everyone has a good summer


Have an exciting weekend this weekend with a group of youth rabbit hunters on Saturday, foxhunters on Sunday and youth squirrel hunters on Monday. This last Saturday we had a fellow come to train his Coonhounds and had 3 little boys with him that could not have been over 5. They were decked out with all the proper gear including the helmets with lights. That is what is so great about our youth program watching these kids really having a good time being outside and seeing all the things Mother Nature has for them to enjoy.


Today is our last day of youth and PD hunting. The duck hunts have been very disappointing. There just have not been many northern birds around. We have had a decent deer season, with one youth hunter taking a 14 point scoring 176 and a young lady taking a very wide racked 8 point that if he had not broken some of his points would have scoredover 140. Several first time hunters have taken smaller bucks. The Becoming an Outdoors Woman hunt was interesting with all the ladies being 1st time hunters or with very little experience hunting. Jeremy Doss and his crew of guides did an excellent job teaching the ladies about shooting and shot placement.
We are starting to have retriever trainers start working their dogs with the 1st event on February 26. Hope everyone has a successful spring.


Just wanting to let the youth hunters know that sign up for the duck and deer hunts is now scheduled to start on OCT. 8 at 8 AM


The HRC Grande finished yesterday with 65 great retrievers passing all tests. My hat is off to the Grande committee, judges, Central Alabama HRC members, contestants, and the retrievers. Never have I seen this place as well kept after any event. Thank all of you for making mine and Christopher`s job easier. We really appreciate it.


The HRC Grande has started today. Seems like everything has gone well. We wish all the contestants the best of luck.


Well I have about 7 minutes before I clock in so will try and update on what we have been up to. We have had 2 successful youth dove hunts but seems that people have a hard time not shooting at low birds. Luckily no one was hurt. Started the sporting dog season off with the North Alabama Retriever Club`s Field Trial. Starting on the 28th of this month we will host the Hunting Retriever Club Grande. This is a 5 day event and should be interesting as the also have an upland test. Whoops time to clock in . Hope everyone had a good summer . I`m ready for some cool weather no matter what season it is.


I`m sorry I would write and tell what we have been doing but just too tired.


Christopher and I have been laying out some new technical water in the Bodoc pond today. It will have a big S all the way across and several connecting points. This is something completely different than any water we have ever done. I just hope that we will be able to complete this work. Ronnie Ramsey has been here running the dozer working on Bodoc dam. It should be a whole lot safer to cross once we finish with it.


We finished planting Tuesday and the rains have showed up right when we need them. We were given a ton of Sunflower seeds and they will go a long way. Seems the deer like young sunflower plants so have gone back and replanted some areas with milo. Would have liked to have planted more areas but feel like we have run out of time. I am real excited about the 2015- 2016 Sporting Dog events with 20 different events scheduled. Have some people coming to train this weekend , sure seems hot. Christopher has been working on crossings and the Bodoc pond dam. My nephew Sgt. Max Mason was here for several days so put him to work bushogging. Just the short time he was here was a big help. Hope everyone has a good summer. Those of you that have gone north (Dave Kress) need to feel sorry for us as it has been hot and humid. Six more years and I will probably spend my summers in cooler lands.


Hope it stops raining soon. We really need to do some mowing and preparation to plant. We are going to try and do some things different to see if we can get better stands of Native Grass. Hopefully we will have some better weather in the next 2 weeks. Two more dog events one this weekend and one next both have large entries.


Just left area we call The Wildwoods. Saw several turkey tracks. Have several youth hunters signed up. Hope they all have good luck.


It is cold here today. Have a lot going on this weekend with the foxhunters coming Saturday morning. Two groups coming to train retrievers. One of the groups will be working their dogs for upland game in preparation for the HRC Grand. They came last year and did this training and it was very interesting to watch. Hope it does not rain them out.


Fast approaching the spring events. First event is North Alabama Hunt Test. Good group here training this last weekend and some training here during the week. We are in preparation to do our spring burns. Hopefully we can start burning around the 23rd.


Here it is raining but kids are still having fun at the FWFTA. Some are duck hunting, some fishing and some hoping for that trophy deer. It is good to be a part of such a great property.


This time I have an excuse for not posting anything lately. On December 8 1st day of the U.S. Championship one of my new horses bucked me off. Broke a collar bone, some ribs, and my pride. Having a youth duck hunt today lots of shooting but no feathers.


I have not been on this page since June. Shows how busy we have been . We have 3 sporting dog events this weekend and another next weekend. We will have several youth hunts around thanksgiving , then the pointing dog trials will start. Hope all the hunters are having success and all the sporting dog people are winning ribbons or trophies. Good luck to everyone.


We are done planting the hay field with Brown Top Millet and it is thundering out. Hope it comes a good shower and the field will make a lot of hay and produce enough seed to attract some doves for our youth hunt. We have to repair a bushhog tomorrow and then we will get started on the roads. Went to a law enforcement class and saw a classmate but he was busy and did not see me. I am going to give him a call in just a little while. It was good to see Drake Jones he is a top notch fellow and seems to have the Tuscaloosa Academy in good shape.


The only thing we have left to plant is the youth dove field. Planted 4 ponds and a good many strips throughout property. Hope to be able to get some more road work done and get gravel on road to technical area at Thigpen pond. We did get the dead pine tree by guest house cut down and it looks a whole lot better. The areas that we burned this spring really look good. I do see some areas that we will need to spray after upcoming winter burns.


Have a big group training here this weekend. Some new faces I have never seen or maybe I just cannot remember. Hope they are new and become interested in training for competition. What was the saying " The Thrill of Victory and The Agony of Defeat " well the only way to get the Thrill of Victory ,is to train.


How time flies. I did not realize how long it has been since I have written anything. If we can get the parts and get the disc back to running we should be done planting strips by June 1st. Will still have some ponds to plant but we do have the water drained just waiting for them to dry. Two local farmers have the hay lease and one has started cutting waiting to hear from the other one. The annual stakeholders meeting was May 14 and everything went well Chris Smith was here and had some interesting things to say.
We have a lot of good events scheduled for the upcoming sporting dog season with 19 events on schedule. We have also heard some talk about a couple national events but do not want to say anything until we have a definite answer. Christopher and I are working hard and hope to have the grounds even better this year. Hope everyone has a good Memorial weekend and remember the soldiers that make our great country what it is and has been.


Over 5 inches of rain here Sunday and Monday. We need to send this rain to some of my friends in Nebraska. I talked with Stan Libolt this morning and he said it is so dry they are scared to drive through pastures for fear of starting a fire. Hope things get better for them they are wonderful people. We need to get ready to start planting but can`t disc until it dries some more. We will have another youth turkey hunter this weekend. I believe he picked a good time. Let`s all wish him luck as this will be his first try. One more sporting dog event this spring (Magnolia Retriever Club Hunt Test) April 25-27 hope they have nice weather.


Things are going great here at the field Trial Area. Since Monday we have had between 25 and 30 people training there retrievers here. This morning we have a man and his twin sons out Turkey Hunting. This weekend the Montgomery Retriever Club will have their Field Trial. The following week the Black Warrior Club Hunt Test will be here. It has been a busy spring but that is what makes these grounds great. I will try and post info a little more often but no guarantees Turkey season is in.


I have not done a very good job of posting and for that I apologize. We had a good youth Duck Season with lots of shells being shot. I feel bad about our Deer population here but we did have several nice deer taken and the young hunters passed on a good many bucks hoping for that trophy. I have been very impressed with the young hunters that come here. They are well mannered and follow all safety rules and game laws. I have been doing a bit of scouting around on some areas. Next year I hope hunters will be sure to read the rules about feeding deer. Seems that on some of the areas I have visited some people do not understand the game laws.
We have really been having a lot of the retriever people training here the last several weeks. Some are new to our area and we have really enjoyed their company. It has been really good to see Sam and Helen Milton training here again. They have a nice young dog that I hope turns out as good as some Sam has had in the past. dave Kress stopped by the office this morning to let me know that North Alabama Hunt test has over 500 dogs entered on February 28- March 2. All the club members should be applauded as hosting good events make for large entries. We will be busy from now until May-11 with Sporting Dog Events. Hope we are able to work in a few burns and of course I am going to work in a lot of Turkey Hunting. Good weather is on the way so let`s all smile.


Our youth and PD hunting seasons are winding down. Some training by the retriever groups starting and still having some of the pointing dog people coming to train. The MBLFWFTA just finished hosting our 3rd Becoming an Outdoors Woman deer hunt with 6 lucky ladies taking deer one being a great 8 point. We all have a good time at these events with lots of laughter. February 14 will start the spring sporting dog events with the Mobile Retriever Club.


We are finally through with preparing the Sporting Dog Courses. The Internatonal Armbruster was a big success and we have 4 more events before Christmas. The Youth and Physically Disabled hunters will have several hunts before the 1st of the year and then all of January. We have pictures of 2 bucks that I hope some lucky hunter takes. Starting in February we will have 11 more sporting dog events ending the second week in May. Then I will be ready to go to Nebraska visit Mom and do some Turkey Hunting.


I know we need the rain especially on our green fields for the youth and P.D. areas. But it would have been better if it would have rained on Monday instead of right before a retriever trial. I know the Black Warrior Club will do their best to put on a good trial and not let folks tear up the property. We had to do some cutting in areas that we had already cut because of the warm wet weather. I know some people will be mad at me but we need some cold weather to keep the Johnson Grass from growing.

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