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State of the art equestrian training facility. Home of sire eventing team and Equestrian Olympian imtiaz anees. Springtown stables welcomes boarders, lessons and horses in training.

[09/23/20]   Dear All,
Thank you for all your support over the years and for following my equestrian pursuits. I have started a new adventure please follow Seahorse Equestrian Training on Fb.
Look forward to continuing my journey with you.
Regards, Imtiaz

NEGS Armidale

Every young girl’s dream: Watch as the young women of NEGS demonstrate why they are leading the way in creating an exceptional culture of equine excellence.


NEGS Armidale

A huge "Congratulations to Year 12 student, Jaimie McElroy and her horse Hh Hawke who were recently named 3rd, in the Junior Horse & Rider in the Eventing NSW Leaderboard for 2018 which featured in the Eventing NSW magazine. We are extremely proud of the successes that Jaimie has had whilst here at NEGS and we wish her the very best for the future. #negsmorethanaschool #negsequestrian #eventing #equestrian #playlikeanegsgirl Eventing NSW

PRIME7 News North West

The New England Girls School is on a mission to build itself a reputation as one of the top equine schools in the country.


A star in the saddle: Jaimie McElroy wins at international event

armidaleexpress.com.au NEGS student and Gunnedah local Jaimie McElroy picks up a win at prestigious event.

NEGS Equestrian

NEGS Equestrian goes International

For the first time in NEGS’ history, high-performance riders from the school will head to Malaysia having been selected to take part in one of the most significant events on the equestrian sports calendar.

Under the skilled guidance of NEGS Equestrian’s Head of Department and former Olympian Mr. Imtiaz Anees, the school’s profile has been lifted both nationally and internationally, and this latest event will cement NEGS’ reputation as a global competitor in the dressage and showjumping arena as they compete at the Malaysian National Horse Show.

International exposure has been high on Imtiaz’s agenda since commencing at NEGS in 2016, and recent study tours to the United States and New Zealand have proved a drawcard for students thanks to his Olympic connections and extensive network within the equine world.

The NEGS Equestrian High-Performance Squad consists of seventeen students skilled in eventing, dressage or show jumping. Currently, the squad members compete throughout NSW, Queensland, and Victoria and from July 25th, eight girls can also add Malaysia to the list.

The process will be slightly unusual Imtiaz says, “because the girls will be riding on borrowed horses when in Malaysia, the selection process will involve each student riding unfamiliar horses and demonstrating their skills in a show jumping round and a dressage test. The process aims to see how students handle strange horses and confirm they can do so under pressure."

"It's an incredible opportunity for NEGS to represented on the international stage and the realisation of several years of planning and preparation. I truly believe that NEGS will not only be the best equestrian school in the country but also the world", Imtiaz concludes.



nbnnews.com.au It's been a busy few weeks for the equestrian team at the New England Girls' School. They've just ar

NEGS Equestrian

NEGS took a big team of eventers to Tamworth ODE last weekend!
We had riders in every class!
Jaimie McElroy had a brilliant ride in the CNC2*. She did a super show jump round with an unlucky two rails and a speedy cross country. She came home with a 5th in the open.
Lucy Ramsay did an exceptional job in the CNC1*. Once again, she was the highest placed junior and only added one rail to her dressage score. This is a real credit to Lucy and her commitment to the sport!
Sarah Wyatt and Isabella Arabejo had great riders in the EVA105 to finish 5th and 7th in the Junior.
Ashley Randle, Ellen Archer and Cilla Clonan rode superbly in the EVA95. They finished 2nd, 4th and 15th.
Tilly McCarroll had a brilliant time on her new horse! They managed to take the win in the Open Junior EVA80. Jaimie McElroy, Holly Coulthard, Charlotte Kingham, Ashley Randle and Anna Jarvis were all close behind in 4th, 7th, 8th, 11th and 13th.
In the Amateur Junior EVA 80 Katie Hancock did brilliantly to finish 2nd. Jess Bull wasn’t far behind in 7th place as well as Elise Payne in 8th. Ash Lowe did a great job but had an unlucky few rails.
Cass Drummond did a great job on her new mount. They put in a solid dressage test and unfortunately missed a jump on cross country.
Matilda Hall was unlucky to have an equipment malfunction, leading to elimination.
In the EVA60, Jess Bull, Sahvanah Hunt-Falkiner and Caitlin Barber all had a brilliant run. They finished 11th, 13th and 15th.
Congratulation to all the girls on their efforts!
Imti thoroughly enjoyed the event with 20 girls competing. The team spirit and camaraderie that all the girls showed was excellent. They were supportive to one another and had great manners at the event, making it a very enjoyable competition.

The countdown is on with only 9 days until North West Equestrian Expo!


NEGS Equestrian USA Tour 2017

Orlando, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Ocala, Atlanta, Lexington, West Virginia, Washington D.C



nbnnews.com.au Five equestrian riders from Armidale are preparing to represent New South Wales at the upcoming Aust

NEGS Equestrian

We are very excited to announce that no less than five of our equestrian team members have been selected to represent their state at The Australian Interschool Championships to be held in Sydney in September. Huge congratulations to Charlotte Jacobson, Jaimie McElroy, Isabella Arabejo, Elizabeth Hancock and Olivia Ruzsicska on your selection. This is one of the biggest number of riders we have had selected for several years, so best of luck girls and can't wait to hear your results.


Two-time World Champion J.B. Mauney becomes the first man this season to walk away from Wicked with a score, earning 89 points from their 8-second face off.


PRIME7 News North West 03-08-2016

youtube.com Local news, sport and weather.

Fédération Equestre Internationale

The next flights have landed and the dressage horses are settling into the stables at Rio 2016 - see the whole journey here with from start to finish to find out just what is involved... #Rio2016 #TwoHearts #Equestrian Olympic

Walking the course at the Inter school Championships with NEGS young riders.

Imti walking the course for CT1. Beautiful sunny day in Coona.

The Logical Indian

So much to learn about humility. World No 1 Tennis player but more important world no 1 Sportsman!!

Here Novak Djokovic shows what sportsmanship is all about.
The incident is important not just for the boy but entire world. A small act of kindness it takes to make a big difference.

via - Boom Indya


Developing Your Horse's Back: the Biomechanics of Engagement

It is a bit long but a must see for all riders, we owe it to our horses.

Learn how to properly ENGAGE YOUR HORSE'S BACK through gymnastic stretches. www.EquitopiaCenter.com presents Art 2 Ride trainer Karen Loshbaugh and Equine Ve...

Empowered Living


Instagram photo by Matt Lisle • Feb 15, 2016 at 9:12pm UTC

instagram.com See this Instagram photo by @coachlisle • 19 likes

Poppy Appeal Australia

Incredible tribute to the 8 million horses, donkeys and mules that died faithfully supporting their respective armies. Faithful to the end.

We will remember them.


Niagara Equissage Therapy


[10/27/15]   Thanks Giving Clinic is around the corner please contact the required person if you want to register.

Nov 19th Alpharetta
Nov 20th Alpharetta
Nov 21st Cedar Knob Pony Club TN ( Joanne @ 931-993-9566)
Nov 21st to 25th Madisson Al (Denise @ 256-509-2142)
Transportation of horses or riders from Atlanta area to Madison (Melanie @ 678-673-1106)
Nov 26/27 Springtown Stables GA
Nov 28th Dressage at Fort Walton Beach Fl Area (Janet @ 850-803-8632)
Nov 29th Rustic Trail Stable Milton Fl ( Julie @ 850- 324- 7682)
Dec 30th Springtown Stables
Dec 1st Alpharetta

Springtown Stables and Alpharetta lessons email me directly at [email protected]

Looking forward to see you all soon.

[09/17/15]   Today is a day to rejoice! Good things happen to good people..

Five years ago I was touched by an amazing family, THE BOHANNONS.

Kate came to me as a special gift. What was even more special were her children, all of different ages and disabilities. She had instilled one thing in all of them, love; that it’s better to give than to receive. She said her daughter Sarah would like to work with me. Sarah didn’t have any experience but was a hard working girl. I took this family on board at Springtown stables and have never looked back since. They have taught me more about life than I have learnt about horses or what i could teach them about horses.

Every day, they came in to work with a smile helping each other; and in the five years they never once complained, or were late, or didn’t carry out what was required for the horses.

Kate was the rock. She kept them all together as a family, juggling a job, teaching riding on the weekends, running a home, and an endless list of voluntary work she did for her church. She is a real life Wonder Woman, always smiling, and so grateful to God for what she has and for her the children.

With time life brought upon her many challenges & stress, but she never once shared them or bestowed them on others. Instead took it in her stride and dealt with it, never giving in and always smiling, until one day she was told she had cancer.

I couldn’t understand why this would happen to good people who live their lives for others, who give unconditionally and are placed on this earth as God’s messengers. But God allows things to happen for His reasons, whether or not we understand them. Often things happen to us that we simply cannot comprehend. However, instead of doubting we need to trust.

It is true, Kate had surgery last week and was told they got rid of all the cancer. Why was this obstacle placed in a life so undeserving, we’d never know. Everything happens for a reason but it isn’t for us to question. Have faith, be good, do good and help others. Always be grateful for life’s simple miracles. Life is too short, so celebrate it!

Always remember that giving — far greater than receiving — is a surprisingly potent force whose impact reverberates across an entire lifetime, nourishing health and happiness in astonishing ways. That's why Good Things Happen to Good People.

Thank you Kate, for all you do for me, the horses and Springtown!! You are truely a special person.

Abraxas Equine

Would you agree :-)

After an intense two weeks of teaching lessons and clinics in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina, thks to Julie, Jan, Louise,Cary, Denise, Melanie and Tracie for putting it all together.(I know keeps an Army to keep me on track) It was a very hectic scheduled only possible with your help. On my way to India, i stopped in England to train with Diana. No rest for the wicked up at 6 am and she whipped me into shape. I have attached a short clipping of my Dressage lesson, thought all my students would enjoying watching me get shouted at for a change! Will send the jumping lesson later. Always trying to improve and be a better rider!! So i can shout at you even more!

Trinity Farm of Northwest Florida

Trinity Farm and Rustic Trail are proud to announce that we will be hosting a lecture on Equine Business Management with Imtiaz Anees. He is originally from India, and rode in the 2000 Olympics. He is an Eventer, and had a successful barn in Atlanta area where he did lessons, clinics, showing, and show coaching all over the Southeast. He has recently moved back to India to run the largest Thoroughbred farm in that country. Lunch will be provided. The cost is ONLY $20.00. The lecture will be from 12-2 on August 1.

Topics of Discussion:

- pros and cons of the industry
- education requirements to be successful
- important factors to make business a success
- careers in the industry
- International job opportunities
- nutrition
- stable management
- traveling with horses to shows
- sport and horse psychology
- equipment
-pros and cons of working student

To all my girl students, Keep the boys away and keep riding!

Amazing words from the amazing Mary Trowbridge of Trowbridge's LTD.

Do you agree?

Healing Light

[09/23/14]   Springtown Stables would like to send condolences to the family of Cary Thorpe. Cary was a very special friend, student and our first boarder. She was an excellent horsewoman, an amazing athlete and such a joy to be around. We enjoyed many great moments together including several riding trips all over the US. She was a competitive tennis player and took a special interest in Zameer's tennis achievement and wanted to play with him.

Unfortunately Cancer got the better of her and she passed away leaving behind two lovely children.

Cary you are very dear to us all! We pray for her family and ask that you send your positive thoughts towards them to help them get through this incredibly tough time.


POONAWALLA GROUP El-O-Matic, Intervalve, Poonawalla Stud Farms, Hotels and Resorts

This has been the longest since i have posted anything on my page. But as some of you know, it has been a world wind. I have moved to India, to manage Asia's biggest thoroughbred farm. A very challenging job, except for missing riding, I love it. We have a total of 400 horses! The farm website is www.poonawallagroup.com

Masume and I have a lovely place and have settled into our new home. So you are all welcome to visit. The farm is in Pune, a town in the mountains about 3 hrs from Bombay. Zameer has started school, excited that he has to wear a tie and blazer to school. He has made some friends and is enrolled in two tennis academies.

My tel no is 91-9167499482, please try and contact me via viber, whats-app or call. My email remains the same. imtia[email protected]

poonawallagroup.com Horse Racing & breeding, manufacturing of vaccines,valves & actuators as well as Hotels & Resorts

Untitled Album

Training in Florida

Training in Florida

[02/05/14]   Sorry for the late update but I have been on the road. I was asked to teach a clinic at the Mid South Dressage Academy in Memphis. I have to say it was one of the nicest facilities I have taught at in a very long time. A beautiful Indoor arena with felt footing and 15 rooms for students and clinicians to stay above the barn. The best part of teaching in the south, is you never go hungry. The mothers cooked up a storm every night. But I do have to say the best meal was cooked by a father!!!! Vonna did a wonderful job organizing it and the kids were extra special. of course I couldn't stop there, so on my way back which was another 5 hrs away I stopped in Madison Al and taught on Monday my usually crew and caught up with my old friends.

[01/23/14]   Nothing like coming from a very relaxing warm holiday to hitting the ground running and freezing!!!!!

Just got back from India and was invited by Terrie Pierce to do a clinic at her lovely farm in Milton florida on Saturday. Full day of teaching, a super group of enthusiastic ladies. Thank you Terrie for inviting me and looking after me so well. Then met up with some friends and students in pensacola to watch the Indoor GrandPrix which finished at 10pm. The next day Julie Catone at rustic trail stables in Milton had me teaching from 7.30 am to 6 pm. Yes no lunch break, but I can only do that at Julie's as all the students are such a delight. I don't get tired, as they all ride beautifully and our matched so well with their horses. Was a wonderful day teaching. Then drove 5 hrs back home, reached at midnight and left the next morning at 6 am to teach the UGA EVENT TEAM. I must say they are a wonderful bunch of young girls. So refreshing under the guidance of kay Amann and Jorgia Millar the program has really grown and I enjoy supporting such a team. Thank you all for making my three days go so smoothly. Only possible with your coordination and time and effort. Wish you all the best for your 2014 competition season!

Cavalor North America

Cavalor North America

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307-Imtiaz Avees-Valenta-TRA-XC-26Mar11
Imtiaz Anees & Valenta - Chattahoochee Hills - May 2011
Imtiaz Anees & Valenta - Show Jumping
Imtiaz Anees & Valenta




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