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We have a new page!

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Have you tried our group classes yet?

We have some amazing clients! You'll get pushed to your limits with the team here at Galaxy!


Don't just train in one plane.

At Galaxy, we combine strength, cardiovascular, and functional training altogether!


Work hard. Have fun!

The only way we do it in the Galaxy.

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Strength Class at Galaxy Fit Lab may cause you to get JACKED.

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Don't mind us.

Just in the Lab getting strong.


The winner of the Body Fat Challenge is...

Steve Stacy! ()

Steve dropped 8.7% body fat in 2 months. And, it shows!

He has been incredibly dedicated to his training and nutrition. Because of his hard work, he has also eliminated his nagging knee and back pain. Now, he is playing volleyball better than he has in 20 years! And we couldn't be happier to have him as a member of Galaxy Fit Lab!

Congrats to Steve and all of his recent success.

If you want results like Steve's, give us a call! (239) 860-5929


New name, new logo, new spirit, same great group workouts!

Dynamic Training & Physiotherapy is now Galaxy Fit Lab!

What has changed? Not much! The same great small group workouts you have come to love are still here! Moving forward, Galaxy Fit Lab will be more data driven. This will improve your ability to maintain and track progress.

To do this, we are now implementing Performance Evaluations for everyone! Current members get their first Performance Evaluation Free!

We will be making some awesome improvements moving forward. You can expect better workouts, more awesome challenges, and a bigger and more badass community of fitness fanatics looking to help each other reach their goals!

If you're not already a member, now is the perfect time! New members get one free week and a free performance evaluation!

Give us a call to schedule! (239) 860-5929


Losing weight and body fat is possible if you do three things:

eat well, workout effectively, and build a healthy lifestyle. It sounds simple in theory, but you may not know what a healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle look like.

In practice, these three things (your diet, workouts, and lifestyle) should be tailored to you so that you can achieve the weight loss results that you've been looking for. If you don't build these aspects of health and fitness around your life, achieving progress will always be one step away.

At Dynamic, we are certain we can provide you results with our unlimited workouts, nutrition counseling, and accountability coaching. And the best part? Everything we do will be made for your lifestyle.

If we don't succeed in helping you lose 10 pounds in 2 months, we will give you all your money back!

Call us at (239) 860-5929 or email John ([email protected]) to learn how you can get started!


New Podcast


Is it Your Hip or Your Back?

I discuss common patterns to determine where your pain is coming from.

Stay tuned to the end for a limited time special.

Link in the story highlights


S3E13: Dr. Chris and John talk about their reasoning behind being barefoot, and the pros and cons of shoeware.

Find the episode in stories.


Which Core Exercises Should You Be Doing?

We all want a beautiful six pack, but we aren't sure what to do for core exercises. A million crunches or a 60-second plank? Or maybe something completely different...

Blog link in bio!


Do you need physical therapy?

Here at Dynamic, we have PT on staff ready to get you out of pain! Our quiet, private physical therapy office is the perfect place to learn about your issues and resolve your pain.

Book an appointment with Dr. Chris today! Booking link in bio!


Client of the Month: Fernanda!

Fernanda has been training with us at Dynamic for nearly 3 months. She trains 6 days a week, and you’ll often see her on our story doing 2 workouts in a day!

She is an absolute animal. She started doing Accountability Coaching with Coach John and has dropped 8 pounds in 3 weeks since starting the program!

If you want to train alongside Fernanda to see how it’s done, come to the 6am class. Just don’t be disappointed when she out-lifts you by 50 pounds!


What's holding traditional physical therapy back?

In last week's episode, Dr. Chris and John dove DEEP on what is holding traditional physical therapy back from providing excellent care to patients.

Find The Dynamic Naples Podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts!

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Get your Dynamic Hat!

Moisture wicking, adjustable fit hats. And if you want one free, just leave us a 5 star review on Google!

Timeline photos 07/20/2022

The Lounge

We created a comfortable lounge area where you can hang with your friends before and after workouts!

Come in and check it out!

Timeline photos 07/18/2022

Bring in a friend, get $100 to The Capital Grille!

Steaks on us! When you refer a friend to us and they buy a membership, you get a $100 gift card to The Capital Grille right next door in Mercato!

Timeline photos 07/12/2022

Limited Time Offer: 60-Minute Health Consultation!

We are offering a 60-Minute Health Consultation to new members. The Health Consultation at Dynamic will help you choose the health plan that is right for you! But hurry, we only have 17 spots left!

If you want to reach your health goals faster than ever with small group personal training classes, accountability coaching, and physical therapy, come and see us! We are confident you will lose weight faster, get stronger, and eliminate pain!

During your 60-Minute Health Consultation we will evaluate your needs, past medical history, and movement to determine the right health plan for you.

Use the "Book Now" link on our website to schedule. Link in Bio!

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Want to level up your fitness? Get Accountability Coaching!

Accountability Coaching with John gives you the systems to improve your fitness, health, and mindset faster than ever.

If you want to...

🥅 Make real progress on your Goals
🥕 Create a sustainably Healthy Lifestyle
📈 Track your Growth over time

then Accountability Coaching is for you!

By working with me, you will begin to see a meaningful impact in your ability to stay on task, systematize your lifestyle to maximize results, and perform at your highest level in fitness and in life in general!

Here's how it works:

STEP 1️⃣: Fill Out the Accountability Coaching Form. This form allows me to understand the goals you're looking to achieve, your level of commitment, and whether or not my systems will work for you!
STEP 2️⃣: Schedule your FREE Consultation to further discuss your goals and how you can best reach them by systematizing your lifestyle.
STEP 3️⃣: Build the Systems! I will create a comprehensive Spreadsheet for you to fill out daily. Then, we will work together to build your Calendar to make sure you're always making time for the things that matter most to reach your goals!
STEP 4️⃣: Continuous Progress and Refinement of the Systems. We won't get it right the first time! But, with enough fine tuning, we will build a plan that works for you!

Here's is what you will get every month with the Accountability Coaching program:

🎯 Daily Check-Ins to make sure you're staying On Task
📞 Weekly Calls to find out what's working and what is not to refine and improve the systems we build for you
📈 An easy to use Spreadsheet to track your progress in one place

Be warned, I will not be doing any of the work for you. I am here to guide you on this journey of health and happiness. If you're ready for a change, it's time to stop waiting and stay Accountable!

Optimizing Your Stride, Sun, Jun 26, 2022, 12:00 PM | Meetup 06/15/2022

Optimizing Your Stride, Sun, Jun 26, 2022, 12:00 PM | Meetup

Want to improve your running performance? Have a running event coming up that you're not totally prepared for? Join coach John on Sunday, June 26th to learn drills and skills to optimize your running stride!

Optimizing Your Stride, Sun, Jun 26, 2022, 12:00 PM | Meetup Sun, Jun 26, 12:00 PM EDT: **Want to improve your running performance?** *The most important* thing you can do to improve your running performance is improving your stride efficiency. Having a great


We have a new website!

Contact us, see our new blogs, view our services, and check out our facility!


Do you need to work on your squat mobility?

Join Dr. Chris on Monday, June 6th, at 11am to improve your squat. He will take you through ankle and hip mobility drills to have you squatting deeper than ever, pain free!


Are you a runner?

Our Learn to Run group is a great way to improve your running efficiency! Coach John will also teach you how to run pain free!

Join us this Sunday for our second Learn to Run session all about decreasing shin splints!


Integrating strength training and physical therapy.

At Dynamic, we seemlessly integrate physical therapy with strength training. Our physical therapy team will do a thorough evaluation on you. Then, they will inform the training staff on what to look out for in your training to optimize results!


Want small group training that actually gets you results?

Are you sick of group training that packs 30 people into a class where the trainer doesn't even know your name?

Come to Dynamic! Our small groups have a max of six people. Our trainers have their degrees in Exercise Science. You'll always get the attention to detail you deserve!


Just so everyone is aware, we are open on Sundays! Come in and get a workouts between 8am and 12pm!


Need physical therapy?

Physical therapy at Dynamic is completely different then the physical therapy you've experienced in the past. Our cash-based model means you get better quicker! No assistants will be working with you. You'll always be with a Doctor!

Photos from Dynamic Training & Physiotherapy's post 05/18/2022

Meet the owners of Dynamic!

graduated with his Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2013 from FGCU. After almost a decade of practicing physical therapy, he knows exactly what to do to relieve you of pain and injury.

graduated with his degree in Exercise Science from FGCU in 2019. He has trained athletes and adults his entire career. He even built a fitness app that is used at Fitteo to track your workouts!


Want the highest quality small group training Naples has to offer?

Come to Dynamic! Our small group training has a max class size of 6 people. And, all of our trainers have at least their Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science!

You can expect to be pushed to your limits while being free of the fear of injury!

Photos from Dynamic Training & Physiotherapy's post 05/17/2022

Need a new place to train?

Come check out Dynamic! We have plenty of space for our small group training. We have everything you need to train hard!

We keep our place tidy and clean as well. Come by Gateway Shoppes off of 41 and check us out!


Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a great Tuesday.

To start off the week right, we would like to offer everyone who follows this page a free week of training!

Offer is good until the end of the week!

Message us at the link below to reserve your spot. We will be taking the first 5 people that DM us!


BodyTrac is now Dynamic Training & Physiotherapy!

Want the best small group training and physical therapy Naples has to offer? Come to the new Dynamic Training facility! Located where the BodyTrac used to be.

Are you a former BodyTrac member? Here are the upgrades you can expect if you come to train with us!

🕐 60 Minute Strength & HIIT Classes
⏰ Longer Open Hours
🏋‍♂️🏋‍♀️ Trainers with Degrees in Exercise Therapy (
& )
👨‍⚕️Physical Therapy by
🚫📃 No Contract Memberships

And much more! Get your first week for only $25!

See you soon 💪


If you're exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed and defeated from dieting, you're not alone!

The problem with most diets is that they don't lead to permanent weight loss.

If you're thinking you'll white knuckle your way to your goal weight and then go back to eating the way you always have, you'll likely gain the weight back.

Unless your goal is to lose weight now and gain it back later, a short-term diet makes no sense.

The emotional fatigue from yo-yo dieting is part of what inspired Diane Lynn to find a method that actually works, become a weight loss coach, and develop a program to help other frustrated dieters.

So how is her weight loss program different from a typical fad diet?

Brain re-training to help you gain freedom from food
A personalized, healthy food protocol tailored to your lifestyle
Learning the simple physiology of how your body stores fat
The first class kicks off on March 31st from noon to 1:00pm and it's FREE! Then if you want to learn the rest, it’s just $247 for the remaining 5 classes.

PM us to sign up!!


Have YOU signed up yet? You do NOT need to be a member of BodyTrac and we encourage you to invite a friend!
Hope you can join us for this virtual class at the end of the month with weight loss coach Diane Lynn!
PM us if interested. First class is FREE so there’s no excuse.


Any emotional eaters out there? Hope you can join us for this virtual class at the end of the month with weight loss coach Diane Lynn!
PM us if interested. First class is FREE so there’s no excuse. Invite your friends!


Question: some months have 30 days… some months have 31 days…
How many months have 28 days?

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New PodcastS3E14:Is it Your Hip or Your Back? I discuss common patterns to determine where your pain is coming from. Sta...
S3E13: Dr. Chris and John talk about their reasoning behind being barefoot, and the pros and cons of shoeware. Find the ...
What's holding traditional physical therapy back?In last week's episode, Dr. Chris and John dove DEEP on what is holding...
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FORM FRIDAY 💪💪 Proper form is of the utmost importance when working out, which is one of the benefits of our small group...
FORM FRIDAY 💪💪 Proper form is of the utmost importance when working out, which is one of the benefits of our small group...
FORM FRIDAY 💪💪 Proper form is of the utmost importance when working out, which is one of the benefits of our small group...
Meeting you at your level!  Small group personal training at its best! Happy Monday!#bodytracnorthnaples #bodytrac #pers...
FORM FRIDAY 💪💪 Proper form is of the utmost importance when working out, which is one of the benefits of our small group...
Never miss a Monday! Space to work out, personalization by our trainers; THAT is the BodyTrac difference! #bodytracnorth...
FORM FRIDAY 💪💪 Proper form is of the utmost importance when working out, which is one of the benefits of our small group...




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Monday 6am - 8pm
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