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“That price seems too good to be true.” A sentence I heard on a call last week for our Global Soccer Pathways residential program.

Our residential PG/Gap year scheme costs $19,000 a year including all sessions, games, travel, food and housing. As the picture shows, we are in an industry where our peers are creeping their prices up towards the six figure mark.

So how do we remain competitive at such low cost. We get a significant discount on housing that is owned by our club, play our Soccer in Florida (including elite Men’s amateur, College and professional reserve team opposition) and run the sessions ourselves.

We do not see a need to employ a full time coach when combined our resumes bring first hand experience of the following;

- We combined to play 370 professional games (Enoch contribute 370 to this total!)
- 16 years of College coaching in all three divisions.
- 9 years of college placement experience with students from USA and abroad.
- Two years of professional coaching (including a NISA championship)
- 16 years of Sport Psychology consultancy.
- Mentorship to over 100 players on their journey from youth or college to the professional game.

Our feedback is not guesswork, it is direct comparisons to the failure and success of players we’ve seen at these levels.

Click the link in the bio, open to parents or players looking to train and play in Naples starting this August and boost your career, whether that be in pursuit of the college or pro game.

We know both, we’ve lived both. If you’re wondering how this applies to you, let’s set up a chat with myself and Enoch. Roster limited to 20 spots.


“I wanna play pro.”

Do you though?

The info below is from a good journalist I met during my time coaching in NISA and I don’t doubt the accuracy.

It’s an extreme example but the scenario of pay not meeting living standards and needing to sacrifice or take a second job to chase the dream is a very real thing.

“Bridge professionals” is the term I have seen used again and again. There is enough there to look longer, but not enough to invest tight resources into a development project.

Those players that can play on low pay expend their window of opportunity, but for those who need a higher figure or more desirable situation, the dream dies that day.

If you are a coach or mentor who claims to be developing player for the pro game then these realities need to be taught and discussed. Setting a player up with a Utopian mindset does not prepare them for the battle that is an early stage pro career.

Those kids that are pandered too left and right during their development and can’t function to an elite level when the realities of life hit fade away.

I’ve seen Power 5 college grads and MLS academy products step into a NISA tryout and look bottom of the barrel, their perspective such a clear obstacle for them.

They expected a certain style, a certain locker room type, an extended window if time to make an impression.

Pro dreams are great, but make sure to prepare for what the pro game is, not what you want it to be.

These are lessons we teach on our GSP year long residential program, DMs open to those interested in chatting further.


What kind of educators are mentoring students on our Global Soccer Pathways residential program?

Our director Enoch Showunmi pictured at the home of Inter Miami delivering a lecture for Global Institute of Sport.

The ability to balance time dedicated to studies with Soccer is going to be a key piece for our postgrad students and is applicable to all levels of the game.

When I coached professionally a good percentage of my players were in online school, some had a side income, job, some coached and some had an even bigger time commitment to be good fathers and husbands.

Teaching a young player that to succeed all other aspects of life must stop is unrealistic, unsustainable and not true development. Playing well in a bubble where all other responsibilities, academic or otherwise don’t exist is nice, but they will never live in one.

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Hold your vision!

Keeping your vision and achieving your dreams does not consist of a direct correlation between the more you believe, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. It’s much more of a tightrope and this is a concept we teach players over the course of our PG/Gap year residential program here in Naples.

It’s true that if a player has no belief that their vision will be swayed or even killed by the critics and doubters.

However, it’s equally true that a dream will die if a player is filled with dishonest feedback and told they are much better than they actually are, this can hinder development significantly.

Sell what you can be rather than what you currently are.

At the pro level if we got a resume of a pro “veteran” only to find out they’ve never played a pro game we don’t go further down that road of communication.

There are pay, attitude and playing time realities for pro rookies and those who come in thinking they’ve done what they haven’t poison teams. Coaches know this and know teaching becomes tougher. You can’t fill a glass that’s full and you can’t motivate someone to aspire to a level they inaccurately think they’re already at.

Often, these mistakes are well meaning. Parents and friends wanting to boost the esteem or make a player who has failed feel better, soften the blow of rejection by painting it as the fault of the “environment” or “situation.”

Guidance and mentorship should be a balance of giving your player reasons to believe they can do what they dream of, but avoid telling them they’ve already done it. Build a vision of where we want to go, then build the bridge to it with goals, actions and habits.

Interested in a year long residential program with daily training and a 20 game schedule for PG, gap year of online home schooled players with dreams. Also happy to answer any questions if you’re lost on the college/pro search path.

Register now and secure our spot at the Naples Residential Soccer Camp. See you on the field!


Being relatable is a key aspect of great teaching and mentoring, we must see some aspect of ourselves in a leader to truly connect.

At our PG/Gap year residential Soccer program here in Naples Enoch Showunmi has a gift for relating to the type of player we see, as we do not see the finished article walk through the door.

Now make no mistake our players have quality, two recent signings play in the MLS Next and ECNL leagues in California or Indian, but they come to us after some form of rejection.

Players who want to go pro and have not found a way to preseason, players that have college offers a level below where they play, players who started their search too late and are running into closed door, this is who is finding their way to Naples to spend the year training, playing and bettering themselves with us.

People look at Enoch at first nowadays and don’t think he would relate to that. Having played for the Nigeria full national team and featured in over 350 pro games for Leeds United, Luton Town, Bristol City among other teams people assume he had a smoother road.

Fact is, Enoch was overlooked by every academy in England and did not sign a professional contract until two weeks before his 22nd birthday, this in a sport we are all told you must be signed young.

When Enoch looks at the players studying and training with us, he sees himself. When our players look at Enoch, they see a living example of how obstacles can be overcome.

🌟 Calling out ALL aspiring young athletes! 🌟

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Photos from Global Soccer Pathways's post 07/14/2023

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“That price seems too good to be true.” A sentence I heard on a call last week for our Global Soccer Pathways residentia...
“That price seems too good to be true.” A sentence I heard on a call last week for our Global Soccer Pathways residentia...
“I wanna play pro.”Do you though?The info below is from a good journalist I met during my time coaching in NISA and I do...
What kind of educators are mentoring students on our Global Soccer Pathways residential program?Our director Enoch Showu...
Hold your vision!Keeping your vision and achieving your dreams does not consist of a direct correlation between the more...
Hold your vision!Keeping your vision and achieving your dreams does not consist of a direct correlation between the more...
Being relatable is a key aspect of great teaching and mentoring, we must see some aspect of ourselves in a leader to tru...





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