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Last week, while shopping, I thanked a stranger for his military service, but later we converged in the parking lot because his car was parked next to mine!

A conversation began with him admiring my car, but when sharing my wife had Alzheimer’s, he asked to come over for a closer look.

As he stepped to my side, he told me his wife (still seated in their car) also has the disease, and his days are consumed by caring for her and maintaining the home, alone with friends no longer making contact. Sadly, he said, “I have had no one to talk to.”

Ordinarily I’m anxious to run to the next thing on my list of errands/projects. But I realized this was God’s way of telling me to live out the leadership challenge of Pastor Eric Peterson, for always seeking ways to “Bring Lift” to others.

Therefore, I forced a pause in that parking lot, while answering many questions, and affirming his sacrificial commitment, and loyalty to his wife. We ended with my sharing contact information, praying over him, and a vow to continue our relationship.

While driving away, his words shared throughout our conversation kept running through my head:
“I‘m sure am so glad I ran into you.”

For nearly 3 years, our dear friends, and caregivers have lovingly worked to bring lift to my life, but I truly believe this incident was God’s way of telling me, it is time to move over and start to bring lift to my team and others.

As an architect, I also have this mental image of what it looks like to bring lift to others. It is the 1891 Firth of Forth Train Bridge in Scotland. And this “Engineering Explained” FB post of a photo uses 3 men to explain the untested concept by using men on the sides to bring lift to the man in the middle (representing the center span).

In our circle of relationships there are many people, like that man in the middle, needing lift.

As leaders, and servants, you and I ought to be intentionally asking:
“Who is waiting in the middle, needing me to extend a hand to offer support, and bring lift?

By doing so we also live out Paul’s command in Galatians 6:9a
“And let us not grow weary in well-doing”


24 years ago, an Indian business owner was overcharged 25-cents for 2 train tickets. His response to the affront was a battle lasting 22 years, with mountains of legal costs, 100 court hearings, hours of lost time, thousands of dollars of lost revenue.

The ROI …..WAIT FOR IT…. A judgment of 25-cents, with 22 years of 15% compounded interest!

Leaders regularly receive personal affronts, and unjust criticisms. To manage them better than the man in India, John Maxwell offers three principles, and Indeed, adds two:

1) Leadership is stewardship: Be a good caretaker of the mission, and don’t become distracted.
2) Tie your self-worth to your identity in Christ, not people and performance.
3) Hurting people, hurt people, so handle the perpetrators with grace.
4) Remain mature, thoughtful, and professional.
5) Leaders don’t dwell on the criticism; lead on.!

These are effective……In fact I applied them just last week! HAHA!

I employ 7 professionals, and the work is demanding.
But last week, our team was recognized by a well-known expert in our industry, for significantly outperforming our peers!

Even so, I learned, from several sources, that an outside contractor and others had been publicly critical of the work of our team, and my leadership.

My response, has been to follow the 5 principles above:
1) I have remained undistracted and laser focused on the mission, by taking care of my stewardship responsibilities for the team.
2) Because, The Lord has placed me in this GOOD WORK (Eph. 2:10), purposed me for it, therefore my responsibilities are to Him, the object of our purpose, our team, and me.
3) Grace is being offered the sources.
4) Instead of battling the affront, like the business owner in India, my responses have been moderated through prayer.

Thank you, John Maxwell, and Indeed!

Episode 55: My Name Is Jay Goltz, and I’m an Entrepreneuraholic - 21 Hats 03/31/2021

This discussion between successful business owners, is a great guide for anyone seeking to expand, or start a business. From past experience with business owners, these are similar to questions which we ought to be asking about our current enterprises!

So these are the 5 QUESTIONS, Jay Goltz, believes must be affirmed:
1) What kind of upside does this have (is there enough reward potential)?
2) What’s it going to cost to launch it (and do I have the wherewithal for it)?
3) Can I get out of it (can I reasonably absorb the complete cost of failure)?
4) Is this going to be a pain in the ass business (are the personal opportunity costs worth it)?
5) Do (I) have some special expertise or things to leverage to give (me) an advantage in the marketplace (do/will I have what’s needed to successfully compete)?

Well, that’s Jay’s criteria, and he says that if he can’t “hit all five of them,” he won’t move forward.

Episode 55: My Name Is Jay Goltz, and I’m an Entrepreneuraholic - 21 Hats In Episode 55 of the 21 Hats Podcast, our regulars talk about new businesses they're launching, e-commerce, and their venture-backed competitors.

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Dear Richmond Parents,

This past fall, I learned that some or our elementary teachers had been leading their children in preparing mission statements and goals. These habits are teaching our children how to succeed like the most successful 3% of Harvard MBA graduates!

We know this because Harvard conducted a long-term study revealing that the 3% of their MBA graduates with the lifelong habit of developing written mission/goal statements, outperformed the total remaining 97% of their graduates ALL PUT TOGETHER, by a whopping 1,000%!

In another study, published in the Harvard Business Review, it was found that families who regularly review their values, missions, and goals improve their chances of achieving their dreams by an amazing 300%!

These studies demonstrate that, by participating in these similar exercises as your children, YOU too will enjoy greater success in your home, place of work, and friendships!

I am passionate about your success, that of our community, and of our children! Therefore, you are invited to participate in a program, designed by John Maxwell, called Beyond Success, which has added value to millions of lives around the globe.

Beyond Success offers the benefits of intentional living that includes help with defining your values/mission/goals. I am offering this It 12-week (1 hour/week) program to our Richmond parents COMPLETELY FREE!

Contact me for program information, schedule, and registration.

Yours truly,
George Clinton
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 765.969.6574

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