Essential Swim Lessons, Naples, FL Video April 27, 2018, 2:10am

Videos by Essential Swim Lessons in Naples. Mother/Daughter Team with over 50 yrs of combined experience. Lessons begin in our pool at 9am 7days

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Flipping on her back!!! A lifesaver!!!

the beginning
the beginning

Moms vid
The beginning

1st lesson!!! Amazing!


Flippin without ISR trauma

I am dizzy, discombob & cannot spell too good! How is him doin' dis?

old swim teacher
This is what happens when you hire an old swim teacher. Your kid will swim better & faster than every other kid...but t...

Selfie kid


U kiddin' me?
Way too funny!!!!

Sarah teaching
I was cleaning files on my computer tonight & found this vid from 2 summers ago. It makes me understand why parents pan...

My 1st attempt at an underwater video & I found a mermaid!

A very good reason to give kids your camera!!!! Too funny!




After 7 weeks! Thanks to hard work and a patient and awesome teacher! Thanks Miss Kate. YEA!!!!

H2O is more fun with your Best Buddy challenge!!!!

Pretty close....she's younger...that's why she won!!! & she had a GREAT teacher!