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[08/10/18]   We congratulate any winners of this year’s White Marlin Open. We encourage them to celebrate now before polygraphs are administered. We believe polygraphs can and will destroy sport fishing and the prestige of this tournament.

We are saddened that the White Marlin Open chose to hand over its tournament to polygraphers and the legal system. The fact that the past two winners are not fishing in this year’s tournament speaks for itself.

We urge others to look further into the tournament, the case, and the truth about polygraphs. We believe the truth is obvious to anyone who’s willing to read more than headlines. We are finding ways to advocate for this truth.

We continue to fish and find joy there. We thank all of our supporters.






Letter: Polygraph is unreliable, unfair way to verify White Marlin winner

Here’s a recent op-ed on the White Marlin Open. It was written by Phil’s daughter, Gwendolyn.

delmarvanow.com The daughter of disqualified 2016 White Marlin Open winner Philip Heasley expresses dissatisfaction with the tournament's use of polygraph tests.

naplesnews.com 11/09/2017

Naples author's Christmas novella is Hallmark channel's top film of 2017

Some good news out of Florida :) http://www.naplesnews.com/story/life/2017/11/08/naples-authors-christmas-novella-hallmark-channels-top-film-2017/845032001/

naplesnews.com "Miss Christmas" the Hallmark film based off the novella by Naples' Gwendolyn Heasley, is Hallmark's top film of 2017 — so far.

[10/26/17]   Questions the Kallianassa would like answered about the 2017 White Marlin Open.

1. If first-place winner (and lawyer in the legal case against the Kallianassa) Glen Frost was among those who failed or had an inconclusive polygraph in 2016, does that change his opinion about polygraphs? In the 2017 trial against the Kallianassa, his firm's opening statements said that it doesn’t take a “leap of logic” to go from failed polygraph to someone being a cheater. Does he still believe this to be true?

2. If Glen Frost failed or had an inconclusive polygraph, does he still believe that second place should be entitled to the winnings based on that inconclusive/failed polygraph?

3. Does the the city on your transom matter more than any of the White Marlin Open's polygraphs or procedures?

4. If the White Marlin Open doesn’t release any polygraphs or evidence, how do we know boats didn’t buy passing polygraphs?

5. If the White Marlin Open conducts themselves differently year-to-year and continues to use unreliable polygraph methods, does this mean that the tournament has lost its integrity?

6. Should anglers, especially those not from Ocean City, invest the money in this tournament, despite the utter lack of transparency and possible biases on the WMO's part? Would anglers be better off putting their Calcutta money toward lottery tickets?

[10/25/17]   Statement from the Kallianassa- October 25th, 2017.

After more than two months of silence, the White Marlin Open announced yesterday that all 2017 winners will be paid. The statement is long on generalities and self-glorification, but short on specific facts. Honorable fishermen are left with many questions.

Where was this 'extensive process' and ‘expert’ in 2016 when the WMO filed a lawsuit just 5 days after the polygraphs were given?

If all WMO rules have been adhered to, why hasn’t the WMO released the names of the boats with failed and inconclusive polygraphs? What is there to hide?

What evidence exists regarding the results and validity of these further polygraphs? Why has this evidence not been released along with the polygraphs?

Without transparency, it’s impossible for participants and supporters of the White Marlin Open to know that the tournament rules have been followed and that no preferential treatment was given.

wgmd.com 10/20/2017

UPDATED: Kallianassa: Something fishy at White Marlin Open | WGMD


wgmd.com NEWSA WGMD Local News ArticleUPDATED: Kallianassa: Something fishy at White Marlin Open By Tom Sherman - October 18, 2017 0 421 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter The crew stripped of its 2016 White Marlin Open win are questioning why Tournament officials have been silent regarding failed polygraph…

[10/17/17]   Today, we issued the following statement.

In 2016, the Kallianassa fairly caught the only qualifying white marlin during the 2016 White Marlin Open Tournament. The White Marlin Open (WMO) put the decision of the tournament’s winnings into court through an interpleader. This occurred five days after the second set of polygraphs were conducted. The WMO had not reviewed our polygraphs before putting the case into court nor did not they meet with us, as we had requested multiple times.

With this in mind, we would like to ask why the names of the boats who failed/had inconclusives on the 2017 polygraphs have still not been released nearly two months after the second round of polygraphs. We imagine other tournament participants and supporters would also like to know why there has been no follow-up or transparency on this year’s polygraphs and subsequent tournament action. We find this especially puzzling in light of the White Marlin Open’s August 28th statement, which again touted the merits of polygraphs.

We find their silence to be telling.

-The Kallianassa

Media: Please email [email protected]


The Kallianassa would like to share the following letter to the editor from Marlin Magazine Nov/Dec. Issue. It is written by Mike Leech, past IFGA President. As always, thank you to our supporters.

gofundme.com 09/26/2017

Click here to support Barta Fund organized by Tred Barta

Please consider joining us in helping "Fishtown, USA" recover from Irma. https://www.gofundme.com/bartafund

gofundme.com THE BARTA FUND I am safe and sound in Islamorada and although I’ve taken some good losses, I am okay. However, Islamorada and areas close to it, are not okay due to Hurricane Irma. As I have discussed many times, this is “Fish Town, USA” and most people who fish around the world come to Islamor...

[09/22/17]   The Kallianassa is continuing to pray for those affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria. We will be sharing stories of bravery and courage. We will also share as ways to help, in particular the fishing communities that have been badly hurt by these storms.

[09/09/17]   The Kallianassa continues to send prayers to all those affected and who will be affected by Irma. We also send eternal gratitude to all those who stayed behind to help others. You all are first rate Heroes.

[09/07/17]   Our thoughts and prayers are with all those still being affected by Harvey and those who are/will be affected by Irma. Stay safe, everyone.

inthebite.com 08/31/2017

Hurricane Harvey- Fishing and Marine Industry Recovery Fund

A great cause to support and donate to if you're able.

inthebite.com Hurricane Harvey – Fishing and Marine Industry Recovery Fund A project of the The Houston Big Game Fishing Club and The Lone Star Shootout Tournament. The money raised will be distributed 100…


Need a new cooler? Friday is a good day to get one and help out Houston.

We’re donating 100% of YETI.com and YETI Flagship sales this Friday, September 1st, to fund Hurricane Harvey relief organizations.
Learn more about how you can give back. - http://bit.ly/YETI_Harvey_Relief_

washingtonpost.com 08/29/2017

‘Cajun Navy’ races from Louisiana to Texas, using boats to pay it forward

Fantastic article on how The Cajun Navy is using boats to help in Houston.

There are also good resources
listed about how to help Houston.

We send our prayers to the people of Houston and the heroes helping out like the Cajun Navy.


washingtonpost.com Joined by the culture of the bayou — and hurricanes — private volunteer rescuers sweep through inundated Texas towns: ‘You help your neighbor.’

nap.edu 08/28/2017

Read "The Polygraph and Lie Detection" at NAP.edu

No machine can determine a person's integrity or the contents of one's heart.

Please read the report by the National Academy of Science on polygraphs.


nap.edu Read chapter Executive Summary: The polygraph, often portrayed as a magic mind-reading machine, is still controversial among experts, who continue heated ...


And some good (older) news involving the Kallianassa and Ocean City area.

One boat towing another in rough waters. We think of the fishing and boating world as a community. We were just doing what we think anyone should do and helping out in a time of need.

Today we received a call from the f/v Kallianassa that there was a disabled vessel 18 miles de of Indian river that requested TowBoatUS to come and get them. Winds were SE @35 kts seas were 7-10 feet. Capt Clarke and mate Tyler responded aboard the towboat Delaware to rendezvous with the Kallianassa who graciously took the vessel in tow and started him towards Indian river

[08/25/17]   Official Statement: The Kallianassa doesn’t delight at anyone’s misfortune. We’re saddened to hear that yet again there is a controversy surrounding polygraphs and the White Marlin Open. As we’ve learned throughout our yearlong involvement, polygraphs are unreliable – even when conducted to standards the polygraph examiners set for themselves. We had hoped that the White Marlin Open would have learned this lesson as well and eliminated polygraphs from its competition. Polygraphs have no place in our society, be it in government hiring or in fishing.

We do not know the details of this year's issues, so we cannot comment on the particulars. However, we believe the White Marlin Open could have prevented this if they had only listened to us last year and let us present our evidence, including eyewitnesses, rather than take us to court. We will be monitoring this situation with intense scrutiny. In conclusion, we send our sympathies to all honorable fishermen. You don’t win a contest by winning a polygraph—or a court case. You win it by catching a fish fairly.

oceancitytoday.villagesoup.com 08/25/2017

WMO orders more polygraphs for ‘17 winners - By Brian Gilliland


oceancitytoday.villagesoup.com (Aug. 25, 2017) Though he did not identify the boats or people involved, White Marlin Open tournament founder Jim Motsko confirmed this week that additional lie detector tests were ordered for two winners of this year’s tournament, with another test scheduled for today, Friday.

southstrandnews.com 08/25/2017

Nonprofit makes kids' outdoors dream come true

A heartwarming and heartbreaking story about sharing the love of fishing. http://www.southstrandnews.com/nonprofit-makes-kids-outdoors-dream-come-true/article_7713c9c4-86c7-11e7-b95f-fb059cec99ec.html

southstrandnews.com Every child has dreams, but not every child has time to fulfill them.

arkansasmatters.com 08/23/2017

Non-Profit Fulfills Veteran's Last Wish, To Go Fishing

More happy fishing news from the amazing nonprofit Hooked On Heroes. http://www.arkansasmatters.com/news/local-news/non-profit-fulfills-veterans-last-wish-to-go-fishing/790510207

arkansasmatters.com A central Arkansas non-profit takes veterans of any age out fishing. It's a way they give back to soldiers that have put their lives on the line.

ocnjdaily.com 08/20/2017

Kids Look to Hook a Big One at Ocean City Fishing Tourney | OCNJ Daily

And a happy fishing story out of Ocean City (NJ)! http://ocnjdaily.com/kids-look-to-catch-a-big-one-at-ocean-city-fishing-tourney/

ocnjdaily.com Chase Aleszczyk, 11, was hoping to reel in a sand shark or a sting ray. His 8-year-old sister, Colbie, was looking to catch a flounder or a sea bass. Unfortunately, the fish were eluding them Saturday. “I had three bites, but no fish,” Chase said, shrugging his shoulders. “I’m still waiting to catch...

heraldpalladium.com 08/20/2017

Fishing trip hopes to lure in veterans

Another good news fishing story. Wonderful work, Scott Mann.

heraldpalladium.com ST. JOSEPH — When Marine Corps and Air Force veteran Scott Mann began sailing on Lake Michigan and putting his fishing line in the water, he hooked more than that

fox13news.com 08/18/2017

Local organization offers foster children 'A Reel Future'

Here's some happy fishing news. Florida nonprofit A Reel Future (areelfuture.com) takes foster children out fishing. http://www.fox13news.com/good-day/hometown-heroes/273247983-story

fox13news.com A day out on the calm gulf waters can relax even the most stressful minds.

[08/07/17]   Thank you to everyone who has liked our page. We're grateful for your support. Please consider sharing our statement as well. We will keep everyone as updated as possible.

[08/04/17]   Statement of Philip Heasley

[11/22/16]   Update: New statement from attorney Christopher P. Sullivan after the ruling that case will stay in federal court.

"Philip Heasley and his crew followed the rules of the tournament to the letter. They even contacted tournament staff during the tournament to ensure their actions would not violate tournament procedures. As he stated in his affidavit, Heasley and his crew also fully cooperated with the tournament officials’ questioning as part of the investigation following their first prize finish. When they learned of the tournament’s concerns, they reasonably expected to have the opportunity to defend themselves. Instead, the tournament never allowed them this opportunity and instead filed a lawsuit against Mr. Heasley. Heasley and his crew will show through boat records, eyewitness accounts and other strong evidence that the tournament’s allegations are false and that he is the rightful winner of the White Marlin Open.”

[09/12/16]   Official Statement: We removed this case to federal court so that first place winner Mr. Phillip Heasley and his crew can rightfully defend themselves against the White Marlin Open’s allegations of wrongdoing. We believe a federal court will separate Mr. Heasley from the other named defendants who actually stand to gain from the White Marlin Tournament’s allegations. Mr. Heasley is the only true defendant here. Upon first learning of the allegations against them, Mr. Heasley and his crew expected to have the opportunity to defend themselves. The Tournament never allowed them this opportunity and instead filed a lawsuit against Mr. Heasley. Mr. Heasley and his crew eagerly await the chance to present boat records, eyewitness accounts and other extremely strong evidence to refute the Tournament’s allegations in court.
As the matter is currently in litigation we will decline any further comment on the situation. ‐ Christopher P. Sullivan, Attorney for Philip Heasley






#IstandwithKallianassa #Kallianassa

[08/25/16]   Official Statement from The Kallianassa on The White Marlin Open

In response to a "perceived to have committed" allegation against the Kallianassa, the winner of the 2016 White Marlin Open held in Ocean City, MD, its owner regrets that there is any ambiguity surrounding its successful participation in the tournament.

The owner, captain and crew adamantly state that they have followed all tournament rules and regulations without exception and have unequivocally committed no wrongdoing. “The Kallianassa’s excellent crew and superb captain have always maintained the highest levels of integrity; they will be vindicated and walking tall in the fishing community,” said Philip Heasley, owner of the Kallianassa.

For additional information, please contact:
Chris Sullivan
Robins Kaplan LLP
[email protected]



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