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Welcome to my personal training page! I'm 20 years old, and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I've been training myself at the gym for over 5 years now, and fitness has become my passion.

I offer 100% personalized coaching, both in-person & online.

Operating as usual





Ladies!!! My small groups have now grown from 2X a week to 3X!! Due to many requests for a “late nite” small group time for all of you who get off of work around 5-6ish, I added one on Friday nights!😏🥰
Small Group Workout, for 45-minutes, including just 2-4 peeps, which means more 1-1 attention and personalized workouts for YOU specifically and YOUR GOALS!!😎💪🏼
This is a perfect opportunity for those of you who are either considering personal training and want to come see what it’s like to train with me, OR you’re looking for a way to train that’s maybe a bit more economical ($$) or you just would rather workout with friends than by yourself!!👯‍♀️
If you want more info, all you have to do is shoot me a DM! I would love to push you to your limits and help you break some serious barriers THIS WEEK and help motivate you to be THE BEST you can be!! Let’s do it✊🏼
@taylormadebands code “CHANEL15” to save dat 🤑🤑, and support me too!! ....check out the link in my bio
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>>>SWIPEEE to see the fiercest post-workout Chanel face ever
Lol well kinda!🐅
For me, a solid solo leg day with great music and heavy weights followed by a nice carb + protein loaded meal makes me feel HELLA fierce😎
Is it your music?
Your pre workout?
Your mid-workout dancing to your music?
Trying new things?
Training with friends?
Maybe it has nothing to do with working out! Maybe it’s checking off the very last thing on your to-do list, or meal prepping for the week... orrrr something!!🙌🏼✨🐯
WHATEVER IT IS, leave it below in a comment and let me know!!
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@ TailorMade Fitness


Totally inspired by the one and only @danny.matranga to do a post like this!! This info is very simple but very important. Don’t underestimate the basics!
1️⃣Fat makes you fat. NOT! Truth is: overconsumption of any macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates, or fat) will cause you to store extra body fat. The biggest reason fat gets a bad wrap is because it contains more calories per gram when compared to protein or carbohydrates. Healthy fats are necessary for our brain health, gut health, and the health of our very cell walls🦠!
2️⃣Cardio is the best way to lose fat. NOPE! Actually, a combination of HIIT and LISS cardio and weight training in your weekly routine is the best recipe to speed up fat loss. Hours on the treadmill or elliptical or bike won’t do it for you! Instead you’ll most likely start to lose precious muscle mass (acquiring more lean muscle = more calories go to feeding that muscle versus getting stored as excess body fat).🏋️‍♀️
3️⃣Fat turns into muscle/or muscle turns into fat. NOO. Fat is fat, and muscle is muscle. Being lazy and not working out won’t make your muscle turn into fat, just like working out daily won’t turn your body fat into muscle magically! Building muscle by working out, and eating your protein supports fat loss, that’s it!💪🏼
I hope this is a good reminder for US ALL to..
Keep it simpleeeee. So simple.
Master the basics
Keep working hard
Peace out!✌🏼
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Alone we’re STRONG but together we’re STRONGER🔥
Doing things alone is cool and everything buttttt have you ever tried surrounding yourself with a like-minded squad of amazing people who help push, motivate and educate you??👥🎉🗝
I am SO THANKFUL that I am not alone in this crazy ride called life, and I have a support system made of pure GOLD✨💪🏼
THE PERKS of having other people in your life with similar goals and motivations:
💞Another perspective, someone on the outside of whatever situation you might be right smack in the middle of. Sometimes they see things that you’re missing!
💞New ideas, approaches, and styles! This could apply to working out but also everything else!!
💞Accountability. This ones a no-brainer but still— I do sooo much better when I’m accountable to more than just my reflection in the mirror!
💞Being encouraged out of your little comfortable circle of safety... aka your comfort ZONE! It’s hard sometimes to venture out alone— but with a team by your side, it’s not so scary!
💞Things are more FUN. More people means moreee personality! If fitness ever starts to get boring, join a group class! Get a gym buddy or two. If working out can become something fun you look forward to... you’ll never quit!!
Thank you @emmavgoll for these amazing pics you took!! You got some serious skillssss babe📸🥰
Also we’re both wearing ALL @styleloftfashionb 😍🔥 my favorite affordable gym wear that feeelsss like you’re wearing $300 Lululemon gear but you paid way less and got it locally😏🙌🏼 WIN!!
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Focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on BUILDING the new🌱
WHERE are you focusing your energy?⚡️
Is it positive?
Is it negative?
Or is your energy even being put to work??
#thoughtfulthursday moment here: we hugely underestimate (myself included) the POWER of stopping and taking a look inside of ourselves and our life and where our energy is really going all day every day!
Take a moment to check in with yourself today or tonight and think about where you’re expending your own emotional and physical energy daily.
Happy Thursday babes!!
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Never stop trying new things, pushing past your limitations and getting UNCOMFORTABLE!
Never stop somewhere because you think that you’ve somehow “arrived” at the peak of information you need or skill you can have!
We are all a work in progress.⚒

This is why we MUST push ourselves and be pushed to do things out of our comfort zone, try things we might suck at, and not get complacent and stay in our comfy “norm”.👊🏼

I’m not even CLOSE to being done learning things about myself, about life, and about what I do. And I’m SO EXCITED about all the knowledge and experiences that the future holds for me. Like I’m SO stoked. Bring it on!!😤🤩
Who’s with me on this?
—Ready to take on life but also learn all the lessons we can along the way?🙌🏼✨
Oh and here’s my amazing sidekick and best friend @juarbe.julie back at it again with me PER USUAL kicking b***y the other day, NBD🔥👑
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Learning to B E N D but not break🔑
Progress is not in one, straight, perfect line (I WISH RIGHT), but it’s a bumpy ride of ups and downs that we have to learn to ride and bend with and not B R E A K!
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Much love for my person🥰 he’s my gym partner, massage therapist, personal chef, videographer, lover, and best friend all in one. I couldn’t do this thing called life without you by my side!!🤗
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🤜🏼Don’t just be a goal setter, be a GOAL GETTER!!🤛🏼
I fully believe that when you radiate positivity, you’ll attract positivity to yourself, heck yes.
BUT this doesn’t mean that good things will always just ~happen~ to you when you have a good attitude!☝🏼
Being content, grateful, thankful, and having big dreams are all AMAZING AND GOOD don’t get me wrong here— we neeeed that too.
What we also need is HARD WORK🔨
Pushing, learning, growing, failing, trying new things... these are all also things we need to constantly keep up in our lives, ALONG with all the positivity, grateful attitudes, and dreaming.🌈
There’s a time to plan and set goals and a time to get up and GET THEM. 👈🏼That time is now.⏰
So go get it sister! (Or brother!)
I hope this stirs someone up inside today and sends you the message you need to go👏🏼and👏🏼get👏🏼that👏🏼thing!
Because it’s not just going to fall in your lap.
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B A L A N C E in our lives is so extremely important. B U T I think it’s one of the things we struggle with the most.
Can I get an “ummm yeah, me!!” ?
In today’s society when it comes to the way we eat, we tend to live in EXTREMES most of the time.📈📉 A lot of us will boomerang back-and-forth between the two totally opposite sides of the extremes...
We’re either on an extra-restrictive diet where we can only eat spinach and grilled chicken breast and drink lemon water, OR we’re splurging on excessive amounts of hyper salty or sweet foods, and just going with whatever we’re craving whenever we’re craving it.
Relatable at all?✋🏼
Just imagine for one second, that you actually finally achieved BALANCE in your eating habits.
How does it feel??
Probably Empowering, Secure, Freeing, Relieving, and maybe even Blissful.✨⛅️
You can have this, I can have this... we ALL CAN!!
We just have to start quitting:
🚫labeling certain foods as “bad or evil”
🚫demonizing entire macronutrients (building blocks of food) like carbohydrates or fat
🚫believing in BS “health products” like fit tea and fat burning lotion
🚫thinking we can “fix ourselves” in 30 days or however long the internet told you it would take to get “skinny”
And we need to start doing:
✅trying new veggies and fruits, aka expanding our whole-food-horizons
✅listening to when our body is really hungry, and when it’s really satisfied (notice I didn’t say FULL)
✅fueling our body with what it really needs and wants, like naturally sourced protein, carbohydrates, and fats
✅commit to doing just a little more, a little better, every day, for our health. Sacrificing time, money, and effort because we are INVESTING in ourselves!!
✌🏼that’s it insta fam! Thanks for hearing me out. If you made it through this whole caption and have something to say... then SAY it below! I love talking to you guys, answering your questions, and hearing what’s on YOUR mind!
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If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way
If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.

Love this quote. And it’s really true, for pretty much every part of our lives. We lie to ourselves daily about what our mindset and priorities really ARE. It’s time to get real with ourselves and do what we already know we need to do, and quit messing around!!

That’s it, tough love for you today, but even I need to hear this!! Have a great week, make it amazing for yourself!
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@ Naples, Florida


Just here to spread peace, love, and sweat!!✌🏼❤️💦
When’s the last time you got a good sweat in? No no, not just a workout— but a hard, sweaty, ugly, no-nonsense sweat session?🥴☠️
Soooo if it’s been a while, I’d like to invite you to come train with me, in a 1-1 personal training session, or one of my small groups on Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:30am!!🤗
My goal: to help you reach all of YOUR goals. And to equip you with lasting education and skills to help you KEEP SUCCEEDING on your own!😤💪🏼 Let’s make some major #confidencegains !!⚡️
DM me for more info🙌🏼 I’m here for YOU! Let’s do this.
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FITNESS is a long-term relationship we gotta commit to💘
Fitness is not just a “summer fling” or a “one night (or week) stand”.💔
What fitness wants to do, is get to really know you, spend everyyyyday with you, meet your parents, and move in😳
We are all familiar with trends like shedding for the wedding, 20-day fix, summer shredding, bikini body programs, whole 30, 1 month special offer gym memberships AND MORE.
Not saying these things are “bad” at all. Some of them can help you achieve a goal in a certain timeframe and learn some really important things about your body and food.
BUT this isn’t where fitness should end for us!...
Like I said you’ve got to COMMIT to let your health become a priority in your life, and with that commitment comes the sacrifice of TIME, MONEY, & EFFORT.
We don’t just expect our relationships to take care of themselves 90% of the time and then just occasionally pop in on our gf/bf to say hey on a Monday or after New Years or before summer...🤨
Yeah no, we would all agree that’s not how relationships work.
I would encourage everyone to treat fitness like it’s a long-term relationship in your like that really MATTERS to you.👩‍❤️‍👨 Put in the sacrifices, time, and effort it takes and it will pay off!!
Thanks for listening to my analogy, have a great Thursday friends!!👍🏼😚
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DO NOT underestimate the power of having a strong support team around you.💪🏼👑
((Tag someone below that you support OR who even shows you massive support!!))💯
Having a supportive environment can make all the difference in your success.
Using your own willpower alone to push ahead 24/7 can be exhaustinggg if you’re surrounded by negativity, distractions, temptations, and poor examples.
—You’ll just eventually burnout.💨
Who brings out the best in you? Who keeps it real, but also genuinely cares about your wellbeing?
Keep those people around! Tell them how much they mean to you, and then support them BACK!🔄
Let’s start a never-ending cycle of supporting others in their journeys and then getting uplifted right back! It’s a win-win🏆
Forever grateful & thankful I met the boss babe pictured above, @belladivafitness ✨🙌🏼🥰🔥
Learning from the literal BEST that I could imagine or ask for. I’m so #blessed to wake up every single day excited about my entire schedule!!🤩 not even kidding or exaggerating here. Lately I just have a fire for life and I’m constantly just pumped up!!🥳
Here’s to living our best lives surrounded by a supportive system of amazing humans!!🎉
Both wearing all @styleloftfashionb ❣️
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Spread love everywhere you go, let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.❣️Mother Teresa
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