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Photos from Athlete Jessica Moss-Bechtold's post 11/13/2020

SACRAL 2rd Chakra Yoga 🧡
A few favorite pelvic MOBILITY poses for more creativity ✨
1. Low lunge variation - leaning to side to target hip flexors
2. Standing split - hip strength & release
3. High lunge - hip & core activation
4. Star side plank - hips & core strength
5. Lizard pose - deep hip opening
6. Revolved skandasa - low back & hip focus
7. Revolved pigeon - deep hip & low back
8. Bridge - posterior strength with anterior release
9. Supine twist - thighs crossed to deepen into hips & lower spine
Need a creativity boost?
Sacral Flow to the rescue!
40 min Yoga focusing on balancing our Sacral Chakra, poses to revitalize our pelvis. Strengthen & mobilize our lower abdomen, low back & hips with fluid movement.
Flowing to align breath, body and mind -- to help us feel more creative, balanced, joyful & passionate.
Roll out your mat to balance our Svadhisthana - SACRAL Chakra🧡 🕉🧎🏼‍♀️
Stay tuned for more Chakra balancing ☯️🙏

Photos from Athlete Jessica Moss-Bechtold's post 11/06/2020

Anxious or feeling off?
This ROOT grounding practice is here to help 🤪

Root Chakra Flow for grounding, STABILITY & release❤
1. locust pose
2. lunge pose
3. triangle variation clasping hands
4. humble warrior
5. chair pose
6. yogi squat
7. cow face pose
8. wide leg seated straddle – reaching all 3 directions
9. cat pulling its tail - yin pose
🧘‍♀️45min Chakra Practice focusing on grounding to balance Muladhara our Root Chakra, including postures to activate the base of our spine & pelvic floor to strengthen our lower body, improve stability & open our hips releasing tension.
🌬Flowing with our breath, empowering us to feel strong, secure, energetic & healthy!

Roll out your mat to balance our ROOT Chakra🙏


This week has been crazy...
maybe its the full moon 🌝

If tired & needing a reboot?
This gentle moon flow will help🙏
45min moon salute yoga practice. Flowing gently to rebalance the energetic cycles of our body, which can align with the phases of the moon🌙
Releasing & rejuvenating, taking a lil break from more intense warming sun salutations with this cooling & healing lunar sequence✨
Ideal for full moon practice, evening flow, or if just needing to slow down to honor your body🧘‍♀️
Roll out the mat to move & soothe your body!

Also sharing a foam roller routine to give the entire body a lil extra massaging love🙌

Happy Halloween Full Moon weekend🎃☠👻💀👽🧡🔭 🌚


Great thing about yoga - is that there is always something for every occasion 🌟

If out of balance we feel off or stressed which can weaken our immune system.

Maintaining energetic balance can help us thrive on all levels☮

That said I'm sharing a Yin & a Yang flow to compliment each other - either for same day am/pm or different days when needing to bring balance with one or the other...

1. YANG 👉 1 hr Yang core yoga workout, exploring fiery dynamic movement. Activating with lunges, twists & heart openers to challenge our core. Focusing on strengthening weaker lower abs, to improve core stability & function.
IGNITE our core!🔥

2. YIN 👉 40 min Yin style yoga practice, designed to release tension in the shoulders, neck & spine connecting with breath. Slow paced feel good flow to correct muscle imbalances & rounded posture, opening & relaxing tightness caused from stress with healing postures friendly for all levels🙏

Let's head into the weekend with balance ☯️✌💗


9 Yoga Poses to do Daily 🙏

1. low lunge - release hip flexors & align spine
2. locust pose - correct posture
3. warrior 2 - actively open the shoulders hips
4. extended triangle - releases side body hips & shoulders
5. eagle pose - active hip & shoulder stretch, improving balance
6. wide leg forward fold - benefits of inversion decompress spine, stretch hips, low back & hamstrings
7. bridge pose - hip strength, core stability & chest opening
8. supine figure 4 - glute release
9. supine twist - align spine & massage organs
Holding each for 3 deep complete breaths🌬

Per request 🧘‍♀️ new beginner flow, but great for ALL! Guided 40 min practice with plenty of cues to make it easy to follow!
Flowing to improve strength & flexibility -- Aligning with these 9 Poses to do daily & a few more.

Roll out the mat to explore what feels good & empower your body 💚
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend 😄☮


ENERGIZING short power flow🔥
Quick energy boost?
Yes please🤗

30 min hybrid yoga blast -- exploring movement designed to power up for a total body workout, boosting energy, strength & flexibility when short on time.
Let's roll out our mat for an oxygenating pick-me-up! 🌬💚🙏


This weeks featured flow focuses on mobility - with strong full body stretch

I'll guide through a 50m feel good mobilizing practice. Connecting with breath, flowing to strengthen our total body to help move with more balance, grace & ease☯️

Let's roll out our mat to empower our body with strong feel good movement 💚✨🙏


Total body fat burner? Yes please🔥
Lil sample...
1. Knees Chin Chest variation
2. Revolved Reverse High Lunge
3. Figure 4 Twist
4. Pistol ( just halfway)
5. Side Plank Split
6. Side Bow
7. Handstand jumping to tuck
8. Fish Pose
9. Twisted Cow Face Pose
New 1 hr guided power yoga workout to wake-up and challenge the full body, always giving options. Flowing to burn fat, build strength, mobilize & release tightness exploring healing postures. 🧘‍♀️

Lets roll out our mat to strengthen the body & mind💪🌬☮

Photos from Athlete Jessica Moss-Bechtold's post 08/21/2020

5 min pincha play 🙃🔥
Staying with the arm strength theme 💪
Most fun way to actively open the shoulders & spine while building strength exploring leg shapes...
Holding while deepening breath🌬
Feeling all the unique sensations in each posture.

Warming and preparing the shoulders with dolphin for several breathes, kicking softly to single stag bending one knee while pressing to open shoulders.
Flowing through both sides on each to eagle legs, double stag legs, scorpion 🦂 hollow back with split & straight legs...
Slowly lowering into yogi squat & forward fold to counter stretch ☯️ always best to use support at the wall if new to pincha.
Happy forearm Friday - have a great weekend! 🌞🙏


Sculpt the arms & core? Yes please🔥

Sharing a preview 👉 In this practice I'll guide through a shoulders and core sculpting yoga class, flowing through a strong upper body sequence, with a plenty of full body action💪 Strengthening to improve arm, forearm and hand balancing 🤸‍♂️ as well as release muscle tightness and restore shoulder mobility -- exploring movement for better function🙏

Movement is medicine!

Roll out your mat and let's feel its healing effects 💚🙌☺


Sculpt the hips? Yes please...
Sharing the highlights 👉 In this class I'll guide through a strong 1hr legs & hips sculpting practice, moving through a lower body focused flow, with a bit of full body work. Strengthening the posterior chain, releasing muscle tightness & restoring hip mobility for better function -- empowering our body with healing movement🧘‍♀️

Let's roll out our mat & explore🙏💚✨

Photos from Athlete Jessica Moss-Bechtold's post 08/03/2020

Rollin into the week with a full body yoga wheel flow for strength and release 🧿
Really helpful to use the yoga wheel to protect the spine from compression with deep heart openers and for correcting rounded posture!
1. Bridge
2. Eagle
3. Figure 4
4. Ninja Lunge
5. Monkey Pose
6. Side Plank with Hand to Toe
7. Forearm Balance with Half Split
8. King Pigeon Pose
9. Puppy Pose
Holding all 3-5 deep breaths 🌬

👉 Pic 2 shows high lunge pose to warmup the hips before the flow👍

Wishing everyone a productive and healing week ahead, love & light ☮✨🙏


Flow for weight loss?
Yes please🔥

New guided ladder style practice powering up the full body, dynamically building our sequence in 5 sets adding on each round to boost our heart rate and improve weight loss, strength and flexibility -- connecting each breath with healing movement🧘‍♀️
Yoga is a gift to yourself🙏
On that note... let's roll out our mats 💚✨😃


Strengthening the hands can help prevent wrist pain 🙌
Found these cool gadgets on Amazon, handy to use throughout the day 🖐😁

Here's a simple wrist, shoulder & neck flow to help too 👉
• hand srengthening switching flexion and extension of fingers (prop optional)
• wrist flex/ext stretch
• finger extension and squeezes
• overhead wrist circles
• shoulder lateral rotation
• hands crossed wrist/forearm release
• hands clasped overhead side stretch
• lat/shoulder stretch pulling elbow
• eagle arms and forward bend
• anterior shoulder stretch and circle body
• cactus arms stretch
• inverted prayers hands and turned over
• chest ooening lift and press hands down
• upper trapezius stretch
Takes less than 5min... I try to do these at least 3xs a week to help prevent wrist, neck or shoulder problems 👐
Everyone needs these - enjoy! 🤗🧡💙


If you work at a desk... it's time to stand up and take a break🌟

Excessive sitting can cause metabolic disorders and muscles imbalances – moving more often can offset these effects.
New flow to wake the body up and stretch after too much sitting👉
1. Warrior 1 ~ interlace fingers and reach to side
2. Pyramid Pose ~ keep hands down or reverse prayer
3. Warrior 3 (Strong Variation) ~ option extending back leg out to side as well as opposite arm to other side same side arm reaching forward
4. Revolved Sugar Cane ~ from revolved half moon
5. Twisted Chair ~ extended arms
6. Wide Leg Fold ~ fingers pointing back
7. Lizard Pose ~ with hand reversed gently stretching wrist
8. Reverse Table Top ~ head back only if neck feels good
9. Standing Half Pigeon ~ hands down or bring in to prayer to deepen
Hold each 3-5 breaths🌬
🧘‍♀️ or flow with me for instruction…

I'll guide through a 30 min yoga practice you can do about anywhere, even without your mat... giving you a break from your desk or sitting too long -- to stand up, activate the total body and release tension from stress and rounded posture, helping you realign and energize to finish out the day strong🙏
Let’s move to boost our health & productivity! 💚🤗


Playing with some fun backbend drills🌟

Flow 👇
• shoulder stretch
• band supported dropping back
• single arm drop back
• supported legs straight
• wheel pose & lifting to stand
• shoulder stretch legs to side

Backbending can be one of the most healing movements for the body - opening and strengthening the full body, but its important to do it safely to avoid compression of the spine.

Tips 👇
Keep the core and thighs active drawing the tailbone toward the knees gently tucking the hips squeezing the knees toward each other all to protect the spine.
Also, warmup the full body before all deep stretch especially backbends🔥
Progress slowly and stop or ease off if you have any discomfort or if your breath becomes labored 🌬

Try these to feel more aligned and progress your wheel 🙏💚


If you have tight hamstrings... this is the flow for you 🤗
Sharing highlights ➡️ In this new class I'll guide through a 50-min yoga practice focusing on the hamstrings -- activating to warm and lengthen tighter hamstrings with deep releasing postures; and if your body is calling for it, the option of flowing into splits.

Roll out your mat -- and let's show those hammies some love 💚 ✨🙏


Many reasons to love handstanding 🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️

10 reasons to Handstand👇
1. Strengthen the upper body and core, and the legs too if fully engaged
2. Improved bone health to weight bearing points especially hands, arms, shoulders and back
3. Better balance and body awareness
4. Boost circulation to brain and lungs energizing the body and improving concentration
5. Detoxification and purification through movement of lymph, boosting immunity and promoting elimination
6. Relaxes and rejuvenates the body reversing the effects of gravity activating parasympathetic system when legs are above heart – more so in longer supported holds
7. Physically changing perspective helps give perspective and improve mood
8. Working toward a goal that is challenging can build confidence
9. More patience acknowledging progress takes dedication
10. Handstands are a healthy and fun way to challenge yourself and explore movement

If newer to handstands its always best to start out supported and the easiest variation to begin with is stag legs at the wall.
Just be cautious, listen to and honor your body.
Remember to grip the ground and press more through the thumb, 1st and 2nd fingers, gaze to the thumbs, and squeeze everything in tight. And, if handstanding isn't your thing there are other options like legs up the wall, shoulder stand, forward fold, headstand or forearm balance each with benefits of their own ☯️

Wishing everyone a fun and safe 4th & don't forget the healing inversions 🤗🎆🎆❤🤍💙



Slow burn flow for strength with deep stretch🔥
sharing highlights...

In this class I'll guide through a 45 min creative strong slower style practice to challenge and strengthen the total body using time under tension, and improve flexibility with releasing postures.

Roll out your mat -- and let's explore some strong healing movement 🙏
Love & light 💚☮


Dynamic move with many benefits 🌟

Single leg reverse table with tricep dip transitioning into L-sit 🙌

Come into reverse table lift one foot, ground and press the other foot to lift and level the hips while also bending elbows for a tricep dip and amazing shoulder stretch... slowly using the supporting leg actively to move into L-sit or staff pose, alternating the single leg being lifted after each rep, and L-sit builds strength pressing hands isometrically even if hips don’t raise off the ground🔥
Continue pressing opposite foot and lifting the other return to reverse table lifting and dip elbows actively opening the chest... keep going, moving with the breath 🌬
This movement will strengthen the total body -- especially upper body and core, but also the legs 👍
5 reps per side switch sides as you go, rest and go again 💪
The move that does a lot!
See if you agree? 😉
Happy Friday💚



Feel Good Flow for Back Health🧘‍♀️
A little sample of poses to relieve back tightness👉
1. Bird Dog Pose
2. Twisted High Lunge
3. Triangle ~ top arm extended toward ear
5. Half Moon ~ to side cartwheel variation
6. Half Bound Revolved Garland
7. Side Bow
8. Revolved Wide Leg Down Dog ~ opposite hand to ankle
8. Revolved Seated Wide-Angle Pose
9. Supine Figure 4 Pose
Holding each 3-5 deep breaths🌬


45 min slow practice for mild back pain - will release back tightness, helping to prevent injury and relieve discomfort, allowing healing movement to align and strengthen deep spinal stabilizers to improve back health✨
Let's show your back some TLC💚🙏


Preview for new flow to fire-up the CORE 🔥🔥

Core Strength is important for spinal stability, good posture and balance in yoga and nearly all movement ☯️

The psoas muscles being key, are hip flexors connecting the hip and thigh to spine and facilitate movement, unifying the top half of the body with the bottom; and if tight or weak cause low back pain 🙄

In this practice I'll guide through a 40 min core yoga workout, moving through a sequence designed to activate and challenge the full core, especially the deeper psoas muscles with various postures to create more stability with movement, correct muscle imbalances and help prevent injury 🕉

Roll out your mat and let's tighten-up core areas prone to weakness!

Enjoy this strong core class 💪
Have a wonderful day🙏☮💗


New practice to dynamically challenge the total body 🙌 sneak peek 👀

35 min dynamic movement practice to build strength and stability as we lengthen to release the total body, creating space with lots of twists and plenty more healing options -- some arm balances, binds and inversions to play with in the comfort of home 🧘‍♀️

Oh, and ignore me calling a side crow a side plank 🤣 no clue where it came from - half the time I mix up right/left - please bear with me!
I hope you enjoy this practice anyway 🧘‍♀️

Join me on your mat -- and let's turn those intentions into actions 🙏

Have a great weekend - much love and light💗✨


Leg Strength & Release flow ~ just 3 root balance challenging moves ☯️💪

1. Pistal Squat 👉 (3 slow controlled reps) going only as far as comfortable.

Helpful tip ~ rather than avoid them if you can't do a full pistal squat or saying you can't, begin by going partial or halfway down, and over time getting deeper as you build strength -- think you can👍

2. Warrior III Hip Hinges 👉 (3 slow reps) clasping arms overhead drawing core in with hips square and level, slowly hinge forward lowering hands toward the ground - trying to keep the arms up by the ears you can see 👀 as I lean forward mine aren't quite at my ears in -- but that is the goal.

When feel slight hamstring tightness, begin to hinge back up with arms reaching high, back leg actively engaged lowering toe close to ground while keeping the body extended as continue for 3 reps.

3. Half Moon into Sugar Cane Pose 👉 (3 full breaths) come into half moon with fingers down on ground for support keeping hips and shoulders stacked move in to sugar cane pose by bending top knee bringing top foot to top hand and pushing the foot into the hand to deepen the hip and shoulder opening and release.

Complete one side, then the other alternating 2-3 times through moving with breath🌬

Enjoy this lil flow -- and ignite your root chakra repeating the mantra "I am grounded, centered and safe" ❤🙏

Peace to all ☮✨


New guided practice to mobilize the total body🌟
Sharing a lil preview here🎞

30-min vinyasa yoga, flowing through a feel good class for anytime of day - to get moving in the morning, unwind in the evening, or if you need a boost in the afternoon👍
This sequence will help mobilize the total body 🕉

See ya on the mat for plenty of healing movement to nourish your body anytime🧘‍♀️
Love, light & peace to all 🙏☮💞


New fun interval yoga workout 🔥

Sharing the highlights 🌟

30-min guided creative flow - connecting breath with movement, flowing twice through an interval style yoga sequence, first warming the body to help with weight loss and building strength 💪 Then, finish off cooling the body down with some deeper releases and bind options to improve flexibility; promoting healing and recovery 🕉

Let's build some heat & release🧘‍♀️
Have a great weekend, much love and light 🙏💞


Quick Posture Fix to wake up the total body! 🤩

1. Squat ▶️ bending forward keep spine long squeezing shoulder blades together
2. Half Forward Fold ▶️ arms extended out straight to a diagonal with thumbs up keep neck relaxed and gaze downward
3. Side Bend ▶️ lifting tall pull the wrist of side that is being stretched engaging drawing core in
4. Upward Salute ▶️ slightly tuck hips lift tall and core in to protect the spine - continue applying a light pull upward of the wrist - and if you have no discomfort, slightly lean backward into a mini backbend.
Hold each posture 1 breath cycle 🌬
Flow 3-5 times alternating sides 🙏

Head into the weekend feeling lighter and more aligned with just a few simple moves 💟🌟


New guided practice for Strength & Balance ☯️
Sharing the highlights 🎞
We'll move through a yoga sequence to build strength with balance postures!
Working on various shapes to challenge dynamic stability and improve balance while strengthening and stretching the total body💪
Full practice on YT 🧘‍♀️

Hope you enjoy the flow💗🙏


New guided practice to help rebalance 🌟

Sharing highlights here for this 30 min yoga class, giving options to decide what feels best.

We'll flow through a sequence designed to rebalance the full body ☯️

At times, we can feel a bit off and connecting our breath, body and mind is just the remedy to help us to feel more ourselves 🌬
Aligning and bringing harmony back into the body, releasing what is no longer helpful and welcoming rejuvenating pranic energy 🕉
Rebalancing while improving strength and flexibility to get us back on track and feeling better 🧘‍♀️

Roll out your mat and bring more balance into the body during stressful times, sending you love and light ✨🙏💗


Post Flow Handstand Play🤗

Spending more time at home has many of us in constant spinal flexion with rounded shoulders, and in need of some heart opening stretch to balance us out💗
Hollow Back shape eliminates the hip flexors from the mix, flexing the hips while extending, opening the heart and lengthening the spine as well as the shoulders and front core☯️

Working on different hollow back handstand shapes todsy and making an interesting upside down observation🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️
Taking notice of the sensation with each leg shapes opening the spine in a slightly different place👇
1. Stag Legs ~ feeling some in lower and middle back
2. Eagle Legs ~ more in middle and upper back
3. Tuck Legs ~ mostly upper back
Handy Tip -- be sure to grip the ground with the fingers to create that stable base👐

Practice supported or try with hollow back options in forearm stand with these leg positions - which feels a bit different.

If inversions aren't your thing, try puppy or chair pose options or simply just bending forward and extending the arms on a counter top or wall - basically any pose with the hips tucked and upper body extended💕

Bring on the hollow backs and healing sunshine 🌞🌞

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