Longevity Performance Center

Longevity Performance Center


Why did the name change?
We did it! The original goal of raising $2000 for cancer research was surpassed today. I am so deeply appreciative to all of the individuals and businesses that have donated to this cause.

Today is August 13th. The date of the tournament is October 5th. That leaves another 39 days to keep the efforts going. If we were able to raise $2020 is 15 days, imagine what we can do with 39 more. I have officially raised the goal to $3000. I know that we can hit this new goal.

If you haven't donated already, please go to the donation page https://wecan.tapcancerout.org/fundraiser/2207002

Every donation counts and every effort matters. If you can't donate, then please share this link on your social media and with your friends and family in other ways. The more people we reach, the more money we can raise, and the more people we can help!
Please help us reach our goal to raise $2000 to benefit cancer research.
Grand opening!!! Check this place out!! 4-9pm!

LONGEVITY seeks to lead you into your optimum state of health, utilizing advanced technology and you

Operating as usual

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Our future content, education, announcements, specials, and more will now live at Fountain Life. So please join us and follow Fountain Life today!

Learn more: Fountainlife.com
Get in touch: [email protected]

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Longevity Performance Center is now

Introducing you to the FOURTH of our FOUR pillars – Regenerative Medicine:

At Fountain Life, we believe we can optimize your healthspan by harnessing restorative medicine technologies and integrating extensive treatment solutions. Each one is backed by unparalleled science, rigorous testing, and powered by next-generation technology so that you can impact the way you age. Safely and effectively.

Learn more at Fountainlife.com

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Longevity Performance Center is now

Introducing you to the THIRD of our FOUR pillars – Rapid Recovery.

Rapid Recovery from injury with the world’s best personalized, data-driven treatments. Physical therapy techniques using proprietary laser protocols, therapeutic and functional medicine for injury recovery, pain management, and optimal mobility - for the athlete in all of us!

Learn more at Fountainlife.com

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Longevity Performance Center Is now

Introducing you to the SECOND of our FOUR pillars: Performance Optimization.

Reach your peak performance with the help of experts empowered with the latest in performance optimization therapies, and data-driven technologies. These include personalized nutraceuticals, therapeutic exercise and nutrition, pain management and mobility. Planned to perfection, our goal is to get you to your personal best, faster and better than ever. Learn more at Fountainlife.com

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We hope you are enjoying this holiday season and would like to wish you a very happy and healthy new year!

In 2021, we are excited to bring you a new brand with infinite possibilities, Fountain Life. We optimize your health and performance through our four pillars: Precision Diagnostics, Performance Optimization, Rapid Recovery and Regenerative Medicine.

Today we will introduce you to the FIRST of our FOUR pillars - Precision Diagnostics.

Learn more at www.Fountainlife.com


Happy Thanksgiving from our families to yours! We are grateful for good health. ❤️


Meet Bob, with a muscle age of 36! 👏🏼🎉

My name is Bob. I am 69 years old and was a high school teacher and coach for 44 years. I am also a Type 2 Diabetic.

When I joined LPC in January, 2019 I weighed 191 lbs., had 25.4% body fat, and visceral fat of 11%. I currently weigh 178 with 16.4 % body fat and 7% visceral fat. My latest A1C was 5.8.

I have more energy, less food cravings, less aches and pains, sleep better, and feel a lot younger!

Joining LPC was a life changer for me! After a recent visit with my P*P he told me that I was one of very few of his patients going in the right direction.

Bob Smith

How exercise stalls cancer growth through the immune system 11/15/2020

How exercise stalls cancer growth through the immune system

The importance of exercise, a good read.

How exercise stalls cancer growth through the immune system People with cancer who exercise generally have a better prognosis than inactive patients. Now, researchers have found a likely explanation of why exercise helps slow down cancer growth in mice: Physical activity changes the metabolism of the immune system's cytotoxic T cells and thereby improves the...


Sharon’s latest Inbody analysis after 7 weeks of no sugar, low carbs. She feels so much better; no bloating, no brain fog! 🎉❤️


No guesswork! Just scan your band and follow the screen. Call and schedule your tour at 239-238-1650. See for yourself! 💪🏼💪🏼❤️

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Happy Halloween from our family to yours! 👻


Do not let the COVID pandemic interfere with your health! Boost your immune system by staying physically active and eating nutrient-dense foods!

Our members are rest assured when they come in for their training, nutrition consultations and therapies that they are in one of the safest environments. How? Our facility equipped with a state-of-the-art air filtration system that uses dry hydrogen peroxide to reduce viruses and bacteria in the air and on the surfaces!


♾ Different training goals
♾ On different training programs
♾ Social distancing
♾ Breathing clean, fresh air filtered by Synexis
♾ Staying safe *new gloves and masks offered
♾ Boosting their immune systems
♾ Getting fit 💪🏻
♾ Feeling strong and happy!

Call us at 239-238-1650 to learn how we can help you safely reach your health goals ♾

Photos from Longevity Performance Center's post 10/14/2020

See what 2 weeks of NO sugar, NO carbs did to Sharon’s InBody analysis! 😱🎉🎉


Did you know that we offer multiple peptide therapies?

Today's feature is Thymosin Alpha 1, a peptide, or small protein, produced naturally by the thymus gland.

• Modulates immune function and inflammation
• Improved chronic fatigue
• Improved autoimmune function
• Suppresses tumor growth
• Improved autoimmune function
• Increases vaccine effectiveness
• Helps eliminate unhealthy cells and stop infection or cancer growth

For more information on our peptide therapies, call 239-238-1650.

*By prescription only


Be Well in Paradise celebrates World Wellness Weekend

Come and join us! 😊


No guesswork! No need to remember how much weight, how many repetitions, just follow the screen. 32 minutes for a full body strength training! Call to schedule your tour today @ 239-238-1650. You’ll be glad you did.

Be Well in Paradise Celebrates World Wellness Weekend 09/15/2020

Be Well in Paradise Celebrates World Wellness Weekend

Join the 4th Annual Be Well in Paradise Event on September 19-20. Hope to see you there!

Be Well in Paradise Celebrates World Wellness Weekend 2020 Wellness Calendar Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Linkedin-in Youtube Experience the #1 rated U.S. destination for well-being

Poor sleep may predict Alzheimer’s onset years before symptoms appear 09/13/2020

Poor sleep may predict Alzheimer’s onset years before symptoms appear

A great article about the importance of sleep.

Poor sleep may predict Alzheimer’s onset years before symptoms appear A robust new study from researchers at UC Berkeley has found a consistent association between poor sleep and greater accumulation of the toxic proteins thought to be the pathological cause of Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers suggest fragmented sleep could be an effective early way to predict.....

Vitamin D deficiency raises COVID-19 infection risk by 77%, study finds 09/06/2020

Vitamin D deficiency raises COVID-19 infection risk by 77%, study finds

A good article about Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency raises COVID-19 infection risk by 77%, study finds Vitamin D deficiency increases a person's risk for catching COVID-19 by 77% compared to those with sufficient levels of the nutrient, a study published Thursday by JAMA Network Open found.


The key is to lose the fat and develop muscles! It’s all up to YOU, take the first step. and

Photos from Longevity Performance Center's post 08/20/2020

Our own VP, Sharon Bruno, graces the pages of this month's Gulfshore Business! The article tells the story of her medical and business career. "An equal passion for health care and entrepreneurship makes Sharon Bruno the driving force and the face of Longevity Solutions, Inc., the Naples-based medical technology company offering a new paradigm in proactive health care." Sharon says, "Our work is nothing short of lifesaving, setting the standard for preventive and proactive well-care worldwide.”

Muscle Mass Now Viewed as a Key “Vital Sign” - Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics 08/18/2020

Muscle Mass Now Viewed as a Key “Vital Sign” - Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics

Muscle reduces health risks, here is a great article to read.

Muscle Mass Now Viewed as a Key “Vital Sign” - Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics Vital Choice is a trusted source for fast home delivery of the world's finest wild seafood and organic fare, harvested from healthy, well-managed wild fisheries and farms.


Meet Geri, one of our healthy and glowing members. Geri, 69, has a "muscle age" of 41. She has been working out at the Center for nine months, three times a week. The admirable dedication has brought the rewards of increased muscle mass and loss of fat, and great confidence, energy and agility. She has also been working with our nutritionist, Natasha, and incorporating healthy eating habits. Thank you for letting us tell your story, Geri. (Here with Sharon Bruno.)


You become what you think. You are what you eat.

Photos from Longevity Performance Center's post 08/08/2020

Complete transparency: Sharon Bruno, 44, is not only our VP but an LPC member, too. She practices what she preaches and is sharing details of her transformation.

Since Feb. 2019, she has lost five pounds of body fat and increased her muscle mass, from 43.4 pounds to 47 pounds! Her "muscle age" is 21. Sharon feels great, sleeps like a baby now, and eats properly thanks to guidance from Natasha, our nutritionist. Sharon's tennis elbow is no more due to five sessions with our MLS laser. She also regularly uses our MagnaWave lounger to relieve stress and enhance wellbeing. Sharon is a wonderful role model for Longevity members and the entire team. Thank you, Sharon!


Meet Ron, 78, with a "muscle age" of 46! Ron has been working out three times a week for the past eight months -- he's clocking in at 122 workouts! He enjoys the results of greater muscle mass and well-being. He's also cleaned up his eating habits by working with our nutritionist, Natasha, reducing his volume of food and being more aware of his nutrition. Ron takes advantage of almost everything we have to offer, reducing soreness with our laser and stress with our soothing MagnaWave lounger. His favorite thing about our Center? Seeing motivated staff, like Genesis, pictured here with Ron. Thank you, Ron!


Tired of aches and pains? Our MLS Laser is FDA cleared to treat pain and inflammation. This 10-minute treatment is painless and effective. Our member here is receiving a 10-minute treatment to address lower back pain.

Our most popular treatment request:

1. Knee Pain
2. Back Pain
3. Shoulder Pain
4. Bursitis
5. Plantar Fasciitis
6. Tennis Elblow
7. Wrist/Hand Pain

Call us at 239-238-1650 for more information or to schedule a tour!


Check out our new member enjoying a fun and effective workout in a safe, clean environment! Safety is our #1 priority and our 35-minute circuit allows for maximum physical distancing between our members during their workout.

Complimentary masks and gloves are provided as an extra precaution. Call us at 239-238-1650 for more information or to schedule your tour.


We could all use an immune boost! Listen to our Nurse Lauren explain our PEMF immune boosting therapy. This 30-minute, restorative therapy is included in our Premium membership. Call 239-238-1650 for more information and to set up a tour.


Meet Lori, 58. By her own admission, she was out of shape, had "horrible" eating habits and had sold all her skinny clothes. Then she discovered Longevity Performance Center and has been working out with us for one year. She’s gone from a size 12 to a 6, lost 17 pounds and gained muscle. Her “biological age” has gone from 73 to 27! Lori tells us she is so happy with her decision to become a member and that she is no longer aimlessly trying to change her health with no direction. Now she benefits from the direction of our nutritionist and trainers. We are all so impressed with her transformation! She shows what’s possible with consistency. Thank you for sharing your story, Lori! (She's pictured with one of our trainers, Nertila Spahi.)

Optimize Health & Immunity with Peptides 07/21/2020

Optimize Health & Immunity with Peptides

NEWS: We have tapped into our cutting-edge medical sources to bring you one of the best immune boosters available: peptides, including thymosin alpha 1 (Ta1), a peptide that is a powerful modulator of immunity and inflammation. Our peptide therapy is physician-prescribed. The treatment utilizes the purest, highest-quality peptides provided by a compound pharmacy. In addition to immune-boosting, peptide therapy has a dazzling number of other benefits including cognitive health, muscle building, fat loss, tissue repair, reduction of inflammation, skin health, hair growth, healing intestinal issues, and enhancing libido. Call us at 239-238-1650 to schedule an appointment and follow the link for more info.

Optimize Health & Immunity with Peptides


Our state-of-the-art facility was designed for our members to get a safe and efficient workout. Our EGYM machines are now equipped with an "Immunity Boost" program to help keep our members immune systems optimal. Machines are set up in a circuit fashion, so there's no waiting for a machine. A full-body strength-training workout is done within 35-minutes.

Breathe our Structure Pure Inc. - Distributor of Synexis Biodefense air filtrated air, which eliminates viruses and bacteria on contact.

Call us at 239-238-1650 for more information or to schedule your tour!


We had a great Happy Hour Presentation, thank you for joining us! A lot of good questions and thank you to my amazing team! To RSVP to the next one, please call 239-238-1650, seats are limited.


Meet Sandy, who has a biological age of 23 since working out with us! With her greater stamina, she completes 35-minute workouts on a regular basis and enjoys improved balance. She says our "amazing machines" have given her new strength and confidence, and that our MLS laser therapy cured her shoulder pain. Sandy appreciates our supportive staff, including our VP Sharon Bruno pictured here. We're proud of you, Sandy!


Feeling stressed? Do you suffer from body aches or inflammation? Come and relax on our MagnaWave Therapy chairs for 30 minutes to help relieve muscle tension and boost your immune system. MagnaWave PEMF is FDA approved to treat depression, anxiety, migraines and a lot more. Room is private and more than 6 feet away from anyone, masks are also available. Call us at 239-238-1650 to learn more!

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