Stroke Victor

I'm Bob Mandell, an 18-year stroke survivor. I'm here to support others who refuse to be victims - caregivers and family, too. Stroke Victors welcome here!

As the author of the soon to be published book "Stroke Victor: How To Beat The Odds After Stroke and Other Disabilities," I’ve learned many lessons of recovery to share. Sitting in a nursing home at the age of 53, paralyzed, unable speak, think or control even the most basic bodily functions, I learned how to move forward with a smile on my face. Providing an inspirational story of recovery, I am

[09/09/16]   Heading up to Canada to be US Media Representative and Bulletin Board presenter at Canadian Stroke Congress next week. If you have some questions pass them along and I will see If I can find answers.

[05/10/16]   Stroke Awareness Month - besides diet, fitness or the lack of it is a second BIG risk factor to prevent strokes. If you are not walking or engaging in some kind of regular fitness program, resolve to start today or tomorrow. Start slowly but do it at least 4 days per week, thoUgh 5 or 6 days are better.

My motto - 5 minutes is better than no minutes; 10 minutes is better than 5 minutes and so on.


[05/05/16]   Stroke Awareness Month - a big stroke risk metric is poor diet and obesity. If that's you - resolve to lose 1 pound a week, just 1 pound! Sounds like nothing BUT After a few months it will add up to many! Stroke Victor Bob

[01/23/16]   Friends - You are invited:

Southwest Florida based Stroke Recovery Foundation Launches Humanistic Post Stroke Initiative


WHAT: The Stroke Recovery Foundation is pleased to announce an educational panel to be held on Sanibel Island on Saturday afternoon January 30 from 2 to 4 pm as part of its Stroke Recovery Month event calendar. The multidisciplinary panel discussion will feature two leading physical therapists and a stroke survivor who will together delve into 21st Century strategies and techniques to maximize stroke recovery.

DETAILS: The panel’s title is:

“Conquering a Stroke – Multi-Modality Perspectives

The panel will be moderated by Bob Mandell, author of the book Stroke Victor, How to Go from Stroke Victim to Stroke Victor. Light refreshments will be served.

RSVP: Free but registration is required. Reserve your spot now by calling 239 254 8266 or emailing [email protected]. RSVP by Friday January 29!

WHERE: The Community House, 2173 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel Island


Bob Mandell, stroke survivor and author, is Founder and Managing Director of the Stroke Recovery Foundation, a 501c3 focused on improving post stroke lifestyles and outcomes.

Rachel Triteck of Island Therapy will focus on traditional therapy approaches to stroke recovery.

International physical therapist Irene Hujsa, whose practice is in Bonita Springs, will discuss interactive approaches she successfully utilizes with stroke patients.

Stroke survivor Allison O’Reilly, a five year stroke survivor will discuss stroke recovery from a patient perspective. One weekend in the fall of 2010, this very active 49 year old professional woman with a family suffered a devastating stroke which resulted in “locked in syndrome”. One minute she was an engaged full time career woman with a family and the next her life radically changed. The story of her recovery is very inspirational and a life lesson for us all.


Launching Stroke Recovery Month

Naples Fl Mayor John Sorey proclaimed that January is now Stroke Recovery Month. Founder Bob Mandell and his caregiver wife Debbie joined the Mayor for the Proclamation yesterday. Bob said, "we want to focus on stroke rehabilitation solutions, not just awareness - that's a mission of our new Foundation, Stroke Recovery Foundation". 11/17/2015 Bob and wife Debbie attending NCH fundraiser for NCH Stroke Center on Saturday night. Great time, great cause! 10/29/2015

World Stroke Day 2015

Today, October 29th is World Stroke DAy!

It's time to raise awareness. Stroke Victor Bob 10/23/2015

Pediatric Stroke Campaign for World Stroke Day 2015

Surprise - Pediatric babies have strokes! We are supporting World Stroke Day. To get more information on pediatric stroke go to Once on the home page if someone has been impacted by pediatric stroke, they can click on the map under BE VISIBLE and add their story.

The exact page is We are also people to help raise awareness about pediatric stroke by going to the BE HEARD page and sharing the graphic on their social media. We have the graphic listed in multiple languages because we are hoping this will be a global campaign. We have also included a UNITE FOR CHANGE page with a list of resources to share and educate about pediatric stroke.

[10/20/15]   Spoke at the YoungStroke Retreat where folks were in attendance from both N and S Carolina. Lot's of positive energy and thoughts. Very well organized event. But the geography is greatly underserved, particularly since there is a higher incidence of stroke in the area. How can we help them?

[10/10/15]   How do we help young stroke survivors. That's one of the focus points of my Foundation, The Stroke Research Foundation. Wondering what ideas others have to help these people.

[10/10/15]   Invited to speak at Young Stroke Retreat in N Carolina on 10/16. Excited to learn more about younger stroke survivors. Stroke Victor Bob Mandell 09/28/2015

Bob Mandell Attends Canadian Stroke Congress as US Survivor Representative

Stroke Victor Bob Mandell Attends Canadian Stroke Congress as US Survivor Representative. #CanadianStrokeCongress I, with nearly 900 others attended the 6th Canadian Stroke Congress in Toronto held from September 17-19th. In my case I had been invited to be a media person representing US survivors. An impressive effort devoted to Stroke Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation was clearly visible. I was taken b…

[09/15/15]   Heading up to Toronto this week as invited guest to attend Canadian Stroke Congress and annual meeting of Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery. Looking for new therapies and rehabilitation approaches to share with US survivors.

Also, great networking opportunity to meet leaders in Stroke Rehabilitation field who might be interested in my recently formed Stroke Research Foundation. 09/07/2015

A Healthy Salad for a Labor Day Cookout - Stroke Victor

For those of us who either have had a stroke or heart attack, or don’t want them, this recipe works because it is low in fat and salt.

Labor Day Special! With Labor Day on the horizon the end of summer is near! For those of us in SW Florida the end of hot humid summer means it’s more likely that we will eat outside, go to the beach or have a cookout. Years ago I developed recipes that are at once heart healthy, tasty and Continue reading 09/06/2015

No Good Startup Names Left - Want To Bet? - StrokeVictor

Why a simple search for URL's made me more passionate and determined to make the Stroke Research Foundation successful... When I started thinking about forming a non-profit in the stroke area in December 2014, just a few short months ago, one of the first things that I did was to think about obtaining a good name. As a prudent entrepreneur, what do I mean by a good name? I like names that say what Continue reading 08/27/2015

Stroke survivor becomes advocate for research - Naples Daily News

The word is getting out - so thrilled! Thank you Naples Daily News for sharing news of the Foundation! A Naples resident since 2002, Mandell is launching a foundation to raise money for research and to improve the lives of individuals who have suffereda stroke. He has written a how-to book, “Stroke Victor,” to help people rebuild t heirlives. “You have to have a new life after stroke,” Mandell,71, sa… 08/22/2015

The Shoes on the Other Foot -

Caregivers are such an important part of a #stroke survivor's recovery; but what happens when roles are reversed? Thinking back while writing my book, Stroke Victor I realized that Debbie was an excellent caregiver. That doesn’t mean that she did everything for me. Actually, in my view that is not a good caregiver. The survivor must strive for independence to be a Victor and that means that they must learn, or… 08/15/2015


Some may think that strokes only affect the elderly. Unfortunately, may youth suffer and parents need to know the signs to get help as quickly as possible. A mission of The Stroke Research Foundation that I have founded is to develop media initiatives to spread awareness about things that I am sure that the general public is wholly unaware. In many cases, the same can be said about me even though I am a survivor, and one who is now an author …

[08/09/15]   *Stroke Victor Bob Mandell invited to attend the Canadian Stroke Congress as a US Survivor Media Representative*

The 2015 Canadian Stroke Congress has received endorsement from the World Stroke Organization. The Congress has been recognized as a leading conference which brings stroke experts from around the world together to advance stroke prevention, management and recovery. The Congress will be held in Toronto September 17-19 2015. Bob will be posting articles about the latest technologies in stroke rehabilitation during and after the Congress. US members of the stroke community who have particular questions should contact Bob at [email protected] prior to the Congress. 08/09/2015

Stroke victor shares his successes at The Community House - | Island...

Thank you Meghan McCoy and the Sanibel/Captiva Islander for sharing my event recently held at the Community House on stroke recovery and research. Despite the constant rainfall Sunday afternoon, more than 25 individuals attended a launch party at the Community House that shared the message...


*The Shoes on the Other Foot*

Thinking back while writing my book, Stroke Victor I realized that Debbie was an excellent caregiver. That doesn’t mean that she did everything for me. Actually, in my view that is not a good caregiver. The survivor must strive for independence to be a Victor and that means that they must learn, or relearn to do things for themselves. This is true for stroke in men and stroke in woman. Find another way if the original approach is not doable after stroke. The caregiver can certainly give close support and perhaps finish a task if at a particular stage the survivor just can’t do the task. But only after a really good “college try”! And the survivor should understand that the next time they try that task they should try to extend their gains with the objective of ultimately finding a way. I can’t tell you how many times I did that while recovering from my stroke.

Last Friday Debbie had some fairly complicated foot surgery. In 1995 a surgeon in New York while removing a bunion had taken too much bone. Over the years and more recently her large toe had shifted significantly allowing the next two toes to likewise shift. She had gotten to the point that she could not wear any shoes without serious pain and had to rely on flip flops. To a large measure you can get away with flip flops in South Florida but that leaves everywhere else at risk and we do travel and also go out where flip flops would be inappropriate. So the surgery!

Coming home from the surgery she could not walk on the damaged foot. We had purchased a rolling scooter so she could get around. This type of equipment allows the injured party to place their injured leg on a seat taking the weight off of the foot. However our roles had suddenly changed with me providing many more services than at any time since the stroke. I am putting the scooter in the car boot and having to serve food etc. You know the drill.

I was making mistakes that I was saying were wrong for a successful caregiver. “Let me do it” has recently been the operative phrase. “I can do it faster” even in my disabled state. But Debbie is always trying to do things herself hopping around on one foot and actively using the scooter. Fortunately her superb fitness in this situation is a substantial advantage so; I am learning to let her do her thing as she let me in the past. Anyway, I have a whole new perspective.

In the book, I said a “toast” to all the caregivers but now I see the role from a completely different perspective. I should have said, a double toast!


Stroke Victor

[07/29/15]   Have set up new private group - Stroke Recovery Awareness Group. Please join the group! Stroke Victor Bob Mandell


Reminder -- join us THIS Sunday, July 26 at the Sanibel Community House from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. to hear how Stroke Victor Bob story can help others!

Stroke Victor Bob is on the road and will be sharing his story of going from stroke victim to stroke victor at the Community House in Sanibel on Sunday, July 26 from 3 - 5 pm. Come out and join us. RSVP to [email protected] 07/23/2015

Home - Stroke Engine Just had a Stroke Click here for more information on stroke. ::Read More Starting Rehabilitation Click here for information on stroke rehabilitation and different types of intervention. ::Read More Leaving the Hospital Soon Click here for information to assist you or your family member with the tran…


*A Common Sense Approach – Functional Medicine*

Functional Medicine (FM) - a new term to me and perhaps to you! It was highlighted in a recent article in Florida Weekly (July 8, 2015). It turns out that I, admittedly unwittingly, have been practicing the elements of FM for years. This approach seeks to combine the best of integrative medicine with the best of traditional approaches. In my book Stroke Victor, How to Go from Stroke Victim to Stroke Victor I described my approach to “pushing the pencil” of my stroke recovery by utilizing integrative techniques as one thing to beat the many plateau’s I endured.

Additionally, I took several additional steps beyond as do many others. These steps include getting “real” about a healthful diet and physical fitness. Many adherents of this approach subscribe to the idea that diet and fitness are a natural extension of this approach. I got my weight down to what I had weighed when I graduated from Ft. Polk, LA basic training many moons ago. I have to say that when I tell people that fact they find it quite remarkable. To me, it was common sense – if you are disabled isn’t it easier to move around if you have less to move?

Similarly with lifestyle considerations, being more fit is better than less fit. Again to my way of thinking it makes you more mobile. I try to work out daily, even when traveling, but usually go to the gym five or six times a week as life sometimes gets in the way.

With all of this good old fashioned common sense, what prevents people from adapting this lifestyle? First money – most integrative medicine is done on a self-pay basis since most insurances including Medicare are quite stingy in their coverage’s of integrative techniques. While slowly changing as some well known hospitals like Johns Hopkins and the Cleveland Clinic get behind the FM movement, change is slow. Dr. Mark Hyman, Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, believes that FM will be “more mainstream in another ten years” according to the Florida Weekly article. (

Then there is personal disciple – changing our eating and fitness habits do take some effort and sacrifice. Most of us enjoy rich food which is tasty but which put the pounds on and fast food which, likewise, tends to be highly caloric and full of fat. So there is sacrifice! And truthfully, how many people truly like to work out? Some like my wife, Debbie do, but not many!

Still doesn’t it make long term sense to treat our bodies with more respect and love? For those of us who are disabled after stroke, for example – we each know that we have taken a big hit –is it prudent to risk any more hits? 07/21/2015

Naples’ Bob Mandell goes from stroke victim to victor

Big thanks to the The News-Press Editorial Board for running my story today! After using a variety of therapies to recover from a stroke, Bob Mandell has written book 07/16/2015

Going to Holiday Parties After Stroke - Stroke Victor Bob Mandell

Stroke Victor Bob shares some great tips on attending holiday parties, and as a special treat, he even shares his super easy and delicious recipe for coleslaw! 4th of July and the summer hold the prospect of an invitation to a sharing party. You typically will be asked to bring a food item, dessert, salad or appetizer depending on the menu and group. That’s always great fun! In Naples we have good friends who have their 4th of July party at their …





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