Sweat Naples Fit

Sweat Naples Fit is now Sweat Working Naples. Come check us out and Sweat with us around Naples!!! [email protected]

Sweat Naples Fit was taking the principles developed by Katie Werchek in previous gyms and making it even better! Now we are branching out around the community to Sweat and support local studios and celebrate ALL fitness! There will also be a monthly Sweat where we will draw a name from all of the people who sweat with us around town throughout the whole month and that person will win a month free to their favorite studio!

Operating as usual


Where are you Sweating?!??!

Join us at Pure Fitness Naples this week if you are looking for a great Sweat!

Bella Diva Fitness-Laura DalSanto and Katie are also starting a community wide fitness challenge and posting more about it later this week!!

See you all soon!


We are officially closed at this location! Check here later for where to start SWEAT-ing with us around the community!

9 am Pure Fitness Naples is where we will be today!! 2 weeks free to any previous sweat naples fit member!!


Last chance to Sweat at the naples fit location!

See you tomorrow for a Chris WOD at 8 & 9 am!!


LAST FRIDAY! Classes with Kristina 6, 9, 5, 6, and 7

**some of the 9 am people are going to Pure Fitness Naples at 9 am for the workout so if you are interested SEE YOU THERE!!!!

Sweaty Ladies
10 Minute Cindy
5 Pull Up
10 Push Up
15 Squat
100 m Run

3 Minute Rest

10 Minute Christine
400 m Run
21 Box Jump
12 Deadlift Heavy

3 Minute Rest

10 Minute Kelly
400 m Run
30 Box Jump
30 Wall Ball


Wednesday Sweat!!

We are almost done with Sweat at this location!

**we have 2 week passes to Pure Fitness Naples so check it out for times and the HIIT class will be similar to Sweat!!

Warm Up:
Practice Double Under- NO ONE will be doing singles for the workout. Whatever you get in 2 minutes is your replacement for the 100 buy in and cash out. For instance if in 2 minutes you get 5 Double Under then that is your Buy in and Cash out number for the workout. If you get zero- then you have to attempt DU's for 2 minutes before and after the workout!!

BUY IN: 100 Double Under

10 Rounds
1 Wall Walk
2 Med Ball Burpee
3 Hang Power Clean
4 Jerks (or push press if not too heavy)
5 Pull Up

CASH OUT: 100 Double Under


Tuesday Sweat!!
6 am & 9 am Kristina
5, 6, and 7 pm Chris

Warm Up: 5 x Wall Sit 30 seconds, Burpee 30 Seconds

FOR EACH EXERCISE LISTED BELOW YOU WILL COMPLETE 8 Rounds in a row of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest
1) Lunge with Bicep Curl
2) KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull
3) Wall Ball
4) Lateral Box Up and Over
5) Burpee Plate Jump


Monday Sweat!
Last week of Sweat!! Keep in mind that Kristina is Pregnant so if she goes into labor class will be an AMRAP of driving her to the hospital!

6 am Chris, 9 am Katie, 5, 6, and 7 pm Kristina

Total Body Blaster
100 m Run
10 Box Jump
10 Kettlebell Swing
10 Squat Clean
200 m Run
9 Box Jump
9 KB Swing
9 Squat Clean
300 m Run
8 Box Jump
8 KB Swing
8 Squat Clean
400 m Run
7 Box Jump
7 KB Swing
7 Squat Clean
500 m Run
6 Box Jump
6 KB Swing
6 Squat Clean
600 m Run
5 Box Jump
5 KB Swing
5 Squat Clean
700 m Run
4 Box Jump
4 KB Swing
4 Squat Clean
800 m Run
3 Box Jump
3 KB Swing
3 Squat Clean

This is going to be FUN!!!

See you tomorrow!


Sweaty Saturday
8 & 9 am with Coach Chris

It will be a Coach Chris creation!!

**Final week of Sweat! Last classes will be held on Saturday January 30th

**Also as you know Kristina is pregnant so please keep watch of changes to the schedule this week just in case the baby comes during or before one of her classes!!!


Sweaty Thursday!
6 am & 9 am Kristina, 5, 6, and 7 pm Chris

Warm UP:
3 Rounds: 100 m Run
10 TRX Row, 10 Front Squat with weight

Dynamic Stretch

“Skinny Fran” 10 ROUNDS
10 Thruster
10 Pull Up
100 m Run


Wednesday Sweat
6 am Chris, 9 am Laurie, 5, 6, and 7 pm Kristina

Warm Up: 50 Burpee then, 8 Rounds 20/10 Tabata Lunges

WOD 5 Rounds
1 Minute Abmat Jump Over
1 Minute Sit Up
1 Minute Step Up (with DB’s)
1 Minute Right Arm DB Sn**ch
1 Minute Left Arm DB Sn**ch
1 Minute REST

5 Separate Scores

Keep count all the way from jump overs to DB sn**ch! Write down your total for the round during the minute of rest!

POST: Tabata Plank - Side plank during rest for a challenge


Tuesday Sweat!!
6 am & 9 am Kristina, 5, 6, and 7 pm Chris

Work/Rest Day
5 Rounds
3 Minutes WORK, 1 Minute Rest
Run 200 m
MAX Lunge with Med Ball Twist

5 Minutes Rest

5 Rounds
1:30 Minute WORK, 30 Second Rest
100 m Run
Max Pull Up


Sweat at the current location will be closing on Sunday January 31st.

There will be special deals posted here to give you some fitness options nearby starting next week.

NFF will also be offering special deals to keep you at the gym and make sure you have an easy transition out of this program.

Thank you for Sweating with us and we will keep you posted on future Sweat classes!

Starting February 6th we will have a beach Sweat open to anyone that wants to Sweat on the beach on Saturdays!

**If you have any questions please message us OR come to our healthy eating class on Tuesday January 26th at 7:15 PM for some tips and guidance before we close


Monday Sweat!
6 am Chris, 9 am Katie, 5, 6, and 7 pm Kristina

3 Rounds
30 Box Jumps
15 Kettlebell Swings

3 Minute REST

3 Rounds
30 Double Unders
15 Wall Balls

3 Minute Rest

3 Rounds
30 Sit Up
15 Hang Power Clean


Friday Sweat!
Kristina is on the other coast today so Katie is coaching all day!
6 am, 9 am, 5 pm, 6 pm, and 7 pm

Today is weekend prep so come on in and I will let you know what we are doing ;-)


Thursday Sweat

Sweaty Kelly
10 Rounds
200 m Run
15 Kettlebell Swing
15 Wall Ball


Sweaty Wednesday!
6 am Chris, 9 am Laurie, 5, 6, and 7 pm Kristina

Warm Up:
1 Mile Run for fun
3 Minute Group Wall Sit
3 Minute Group Plank

Squat Holding Plate
Burpee Plate Jump

800 m Run

Wall Ball
Med Ball Burpee

800 m Run

Thruster (135/95 Strong, 115/75 Lean, 75/DB's Skinny)
Barbell Push UP


Sweaty Tuesday!

6 am & 9 am Kristina, 5, 6, and 7 pm Chris

Warm Up: Tabata Burpee, 2 Minute Wall Sit, 1 Minute PLANK

3 Minutes work on Double Unders then MAX Double Under in 30 Seconds- use this number for the workout later to replace 15

8 Rounds
200 m Run
20 Box Jumps

4 Minute Rest

4 Rounds
5 Burpee Bar Hop
10 Deadlift
15 Double Under

2 Minute Rest

2 Rounds
400 m Run
40 Sit Up


Monday Sweat!

6 am Chris, 9 am Katie, 5, 6, and 7 pm Kristina

Warm Up: 3 Rounds 200 m Run, 15 Squats, 10 Burpee

Girls for 3
3 Rounds Sweaty Cindy
(5 Pull Up, 10 Push Up, 15 Squat, 100 m Run)
1 Minute Rest
3 Rounds Sweaty Karen
(400 m Run, 25 Wall Ball)
2 Minute Rest
3 Rounds Sweaty Grace
(600 m Run, 15 Clean & Jerk)


Sweaty Fri-YAY!
6 am, 9 am, 5 pm, 6 pm, and 7 pm with Kristina!!!

Warm Up:
5 Rounds
10 Ring Rows
1 Minute Wall Sit

Sweaty Barbara
Five Rounds for time:
100 m SPRINT
10 Pull-ups
20 Push-ups
30 Sit-ups
40 Squats
*3-minute rest after each round*


Thursday Sweat!
6 am & 9 am Kristina
5, 6, & 7 pm Chris

800 m run
80 Power Ball
700 m Run
70 Wipers holding DB's
600 m Run
60 Lunge with Bicep Curl
500 m Run
50 Burpee Plate hop
400 m Run
40 Overhead walking lunge
300 m Run
30 Lunge with med ball twist
200 m Run
20 Plank DB Row
100 m Run
10 Med Ball Burpee


Wednesday Sweat!
Classes 6 am Chris, 9 am Laurie, 5, 6, and 7 pm Kristina

Warm up:
3 Rounds
200 m Run
20 trx squat jump
20 trx mountain climber
20 Double under (practice double under 20 seconds if you don't have them)

Workout: Sweaty 3 Rounds Karen-Grace-Annie
3 Rounds
200 m Run/25 Wall Balls
3 Rounds
400 m Run/15 Clean & Jerk
3 Rounds
30 Double Under/30 Sit Up

Post- 4 minute plarty!!


Tuesday Sweat!!
Classes 6 am Kristina 6 & 9 am Kristina, 5, 6, and 7 pm Chris

Warm Up: 1 Mile Fun Run, 40 Inch Worm, Dynamic Stretch

Michael Back to SWEAT!
9 Rounds
300 m Run
20 Sit Up
20 RDL (15 Left, 15 Right)

**20 Deadlift light weight (as a heavier option)

POST: Work on getting upside down 3 sets of 30 second handstands or 10 handstand push Up


Monday Sweat!
Classes at 6 am Chris, 9 am Anthony
5, 6, 7 pm Kristina

This month is going to be full of some long hard workouts! If you aren't up for a hard one; hit the treadmill instead!

Warm up
400 m run
40 Russian KB
20 body row

Helen on Sweat
1200 m run
63 KB
36 pull up
800 m run
42 KB
24 pull up
400 m run
21 KB swing
12 Pull up


Saturday Partner Sweat
8 & 9 am with Laurie

Sweaty Partner WOD
Partners work while other rests back and forth
10 Minutes AMRAP
Max Curtis P
*switch off as wanted other partner rests

3 minutes rest

10 minute AMRAP
MAX Distance Run
Switch off every 100 or 200 m partner in plank

3 minutes rest

8 Minute AMRAP
Max alternating burpee
Rest while partner does 1, then partner 2 does 2 back to partner 1 etc


You asked for it and you got it! !

New Years Day workout
9 am with KRISTINA! !

Kristina is writing the perfect workout to start your year off sweaty!!!


Sweaty last day of 2015! !

9 am only kristina

Warm Up - 2 Mile Run Record time

12 min AMRAP
3 Toes to bar
1 Wall Walk
20 Air squat
15 Push Up

3 minutes rest

12 minute AMRAP
3 Burpee
100 meter run
20 Double Unders
15 Hang Power Clean

Post - Stretch and write New Years Resolution on white board.


Come and join Coach Kristina at 9am for the last workout of the year!


Sweaty Wednesday!
9 am & 6 pm with Kristina!!

Warm Up:
800 m Run
40 Ring Row
40 Ring Mountain Climber
40 TRX Pike Plank

Dynamic Stretch

5 Rounds
200 m Run
5 Pull Up
2 Curtis P

*3 Minute Rest

5 Rounds
100 m Run
10 Burpee Box Jump

POST- PLARTY 4 Minutes


Sweaty Tuesday!
9 am Kristina
6 pm Chris

Warm up:
5 minute AMRAP
5 Pull Up
10 Push Up
15 Plyo lunge

Dynamic stretch

13 Minute AMRAP
12 lunge with bicep curl
11 DB Jump Over
10 RDL alternating

2 minute rest

9 Minute AMRAP
8 wall ball
7 Med Ball Burpee
6 Med Ball Twist

2 minute rest

5 Minute AMRAP
4 Deadlift
3 Squat Clean
2 Push Press
1 Wall Walk


This week at SWEAT!

The Coaches got together and want to be there for you so here are the Sweats each day!

9 am & 6 pm Kristina
9 am Kristina & 6 pm Chris
9 am Laurie & 6 pm Kristina
Thursday (New Years Eve)
9 am ONLY with Kristina
Friday New Year Day Workout
**If more than 5 people comment on this link asking for a workout Kristina is going to be there for you! Post if you would come to a New Year workout at 10 am?!


Monday Sweat
9 am Kristina
**Bonus 6 pm Workout added with Kristina

Happy Birthday to Laurie and Paulina!

Since you are turning 39 and 29 respectively we made this workout just for you ladies!

39 Minute AMRAP
290 m Run (so 300 m)
29 Burpee
29 Sit Up
29 Kettle bell Swing
29 KB Goblet Squat
29 Box Jump
29 KB Lunge (Lunge holding KB at chest)
29 Double Under


Sweaty Saturday!
Class at 9 am ONLY!

We hope you had an awesome Christmas and now it is time to celebrate with a partner workout!

Partner 1 does movement 1, then partner 2 does movement 2, etc and partners hold Plank while the other is working

30 Minute AMRAP
200 m Run
10 Burpee
10 Thruster
10 Pull Up
10 TRX Row
10 Power Clean
10 DB Sn**ch each arm
10 Wall Ball
10 PLYO Lunge
10 Plate Step Up
100 m Run with Plate

You don't need a partner so get in here and lets have some Post Christmas FUN!


Thursday Christmas Eve sweat!
9 am ONLY

12 days of Christmas workout!

1 Deadlift
2 Hang Squat Clean
3 Push Press
4 Toes to bar
5 Wall Ball
6 Med Ball twist
7 KB Swings
8 Box jump
9 Plank Walk Right then 9 left
10 Tricep kick back each arm
11 Man Maker
12 Clean & Jerk

1...1,2...1,2,3...1,2,3,4...1,2,3,4,5 etc-

Every 3 minutes drop everything and 100 m Sprint then continue


Sweaty Wednesday!
6 am Chris, 9 am Laurie, 5, 6, 7 pm Kristina

Warm up:
600 m run
60 plate up and over
60 leg raise holding plate above chest
60 plate twist

Workout: Before each set run corresponding distance
500 m, 400m, 300 m, 200 m, 100 m
Burpee jump on plate
Overhead Plate Lunge

Post- 2 min plank with plate


Tuesday Sweat!
6 am Matt, 9 am Anthony, 5, 6, and 7 pm Chris

Warm Up:
Tabata: Burpee
Dynamic Stretch

Tabata Back & Forth
16 Rounds: 20 on, 10 to switch to the second movement
#1: Box Jumps/Sumo Deadlift High Pull
2 Minute REST
#2: Lateral Box Step Up/Power Clean
2 Minute REST
#3: Power Ball/Lunge with Med Ball Twist

Post: Tabata Plank

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