Breaking Par The Podcast

Breaking Par The Podcast


Are you getting to a full balanced finish position?
The summer season is on the way. After a long lock down many of us are getting back in the swing. Here’s how you can bring your game back to life.
Six years ago this I posted this video on hitting fairways more consistently and it still applies today.
Improve downswing sequencing by staying connected in the takeaway.

Do you finish in balance with your shoulder to the target? 🎯
Are your using your body to deliver the club for more power? Rotation is key!
Control short game distance
Thanks Paul McEldon for having me on today
Throwback Thursday
Load-Lag-Deliver! How is yours?

Sr Staff Instructor/ Coach for ImpactZoneGolf Naples Fl. Host of Breaking Par Podcast Take control of your golf game with Breaking Par the podcast.

Tips videos and info about golf and how you can play better all online. Bernard Sheridan Founder Certified Golf Channel Swing Fix Instructor, US Kids Golf certified Instructor, Advanced Impact Zone and Putting Zone certified

Operating as usual


This hand slide drill helps eliminate early extension and release of the club. This will improve consistency and angle of attack.
Check my YouTube channel for more info.
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All of these PGATOUR players are maintaining right wrist extension pre impact. This allows the proper angle of attack to produce compression and spin control.


Golf’s moment of truth. Impact!
Look for these points in your own swing.

Photo credit


Don’t let fear undermine your true potential.


Justin Thomas swing sequence 4 iron


Much truth in this statement. Know you can and you will give yourself a much better chance.


Justin Suh swing sequence.


Swing sequence iron


Swing sequence Jon Rahm with a Driver


Much truth in this statement. What do you think?


Congratulations Bernhard Langer on making history. Well deserved!


The swing sequence with an iron of Lexi Thompson


Tommy Fleetwood swing sequence iron


Billy Horschel swing sequence driver


Swing sequence Rory McIlroy iron


Balanced finish posted on lead leg up on back toe shoulder to the target.


Proper foot work leads to improved impact. Rolled over on lead foot through impact. Back foot up on the toe.


Xander Schauffele address and impact driver Impact posted on lead leg with left arm extension


Tommy Fleetwood P6-P7-P8
Notice the footwork and extension through impact.


Are you delivering the shaft down your target line for improved accuracy?


Using a launch monitor to dial in average carry distance with your wedges improves proximity to the hole. Do you know your average carry distance with your wedges 52,56


Looking for golf lessons in Naples Fl. ? Voted the best of Naples for five consecutive years.


When was the last time you had a playing lesson on the course?



Getting the grip under the heel pad improves release point and the ability to maintain lag a little better.


Are your hands ahead of the ball at impact with your irons? This will improve ball first contact.


Ben Hogan demonstrates how the motion the body makes in the golfswing is similar to skipping Stone.


Are you producing some rotation into impact in your golf swing?


Rest in peace Jeff Beck. One of the best!


Do you have a pre shot routine before each shot? This is a must to build consistency in you game.


Justin Rose address and impact. Pressure posted on lead leg. Hands slightly ahead of ball at impact.


May a warm light from above shine happiness health and prosperity upon you and yours this 2023!


Where would you like to play this time of year? Time to make a trip down south.


Tommy Fleetwood address and impact. Rotation, hands ahead posted into lead leg.


Swing hard to a balanced finish. If your can’t stay in balance you are sacrificing consistency.


Merry Christmas to all! Hope your day is surrounded by family and friends.


Merry Christmas and Holiday greetings to all my family and friends!


Which grip style works best for you when putting?


Center of face consistency should be your goal to add distance.


Justin Thomas address and impact. How is your impact?


Rory McIlroy address and impact. Hands ahead hips, open to target. Pressure transferred into left heel.

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