Iron Cross Training, Ltd.

Iron Cross Training, Ltd.


I have been working with Joseph Trefney for a few months and I have found him to be a caring and motivational trainer. He has helped me progress with my fitness and makes a point to vary the exercise routine to keep things fresh. I have seen positive results in working with Joseph and I would recommend him to others who have an interest in becoming more fit as well.
I have been working out with Joseph for a year now and he has helped me grow immensely throughout it. He has stuck with me through difficult times, pushed me to be better and do my best, and has made such a huge impact on my life. When starting with him, I was around 240 and currently weigh about 175. I was at a plateau at 240 after losing about 25 pounds and could not seem to lose the weight. I used to have high blood pressure and would take medicine to lower it. Now, I no longer have to take it, I feel better overall, and can do much more due to higher endurance. He also never made me hate the training because he allowed for me to rest in between sets, made it more fun, talked to me, etc. Training with him was one of the best decisions I've made for myself and would absolutely recommend for people to workout with him.
Joe has been training both my husband and me for the past (3) months and have had tremendous results. Joe is a very experienced trainer and would highly recommend him to anyone. very glade to make new friends any where.
Happy New Year!

Iron Cross Training offers specialized personal training - one-on-one, group setting, and boot camp I DARE YOU TO CROSSOVER!!!

Iron Cross Training was built for one reason and that is to create and sustain the best possible outcome regrading your Soul, Mind, and Body. After this process is completed it will lead to true Health and Wellness. I have dedicated myself to finding healthy, natural ways to increase, protect, and optimize our bodies. This method which is rooted in science is built on a Biblical foundation. It is

Operating as usual


Practice makes perfect


Special delivery.

This has been a recurring theme when it comes to training at ICT.💪

Many times this has been the scene.

A freight truck pulls up to the end of the drive.Then the driver will come up the driveway to the door, knock to make sure someone is home, and then we head down to see what he has to drop off.

By the time they see what they are dropping off it's always met by laughter and excitement!!

This was before we all were quarantined.

I asked myself what new additions would step it up and bring a good challenge. Amazing timing as these are exactly what will test and prove who is made of sterner stuff.

Do you dare to be Legendary?


Training never stops 💪

Here we are with another example of how desire can overcome any obstacle.

Jack has been applying himself and learning from ICT and the change is undeniable 🏆

His performance and overall strength has skyrocketed!!

Another success story in the making
Crossover now👊


On to the next challenge ⭐💪👍

Nora has been working so very hard to recover from her stroke, and we have moved on to training by standing up from chairs now!!

This is a new struggle for her as there is nowhere near as much support that her wheelchair provides.

Every session we strive towards Victory!!!

Do you dare to be Legendary?


Iron Cross Training, Ltd.

Here we can see that Peggy for the first time in 10 years is actually able to start to take steps again by the power of her own legs and no support or assistance.

A decade of not walking or being able to stand is over!!



Rise up!!!

Here we can see that Peggy for the first time in 10 years is actually able to start to take steps again by the power of her own legs and no support or assistance.

A decade of not walking or being able to stand is over!!



All Star Day ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Just a quick update on how this lady is doing with her progress.

Today is the first time that Peggy was able to walk 320 feet with her ankles weighted!!!

It was an Allstar day here at ICT, and we are thrilled with all of our clients who put forth the effort to Crossover from Impossible to possible 💪💖🙏💯


Peggy Update 1/3/20

Well the new year has begun, and with it we have increased our work load to yield even greater results.

Peggy has been getting much stronger and definitely has made excellent improvements, but we are not finished yet!!

Crossover from Impossible to possible💪


Foundation building. Nora's first time using a walker.

The Bible says that there is a time for every season. Nora has just reaped her first fruits from all the planting we have done.

So much work has gone in and we have kept constant watch of this seed and through his glorious light kept and protected the process.

By water, light, time, and commitment. We are now ready for the harvest!!

This principle works in all aspects of life
Soul, Body, Mind


It only gets more challenging.

When last we checked in with Peggy
she was just beginning to learn how to use the exercise bike to improve her leg strength.

In this session I introduced her to walking with ankle weights.

This challenges the body to do the same amount of movements and work, but just harder. It's kind of like walking in cement boots or very thick mud.

Progressively moving forward.
Do you dare to Crossover??


Nora is starting to walk.

Here we have yet another day and ICT has made tremendous progress regarding the Rehabilitation of Nora!!

By increasing her strength and endurance we are one step closer to walking without assistance and regaining her function.

There is quite a challenge that is still before us, but with every session, each repetition, and all our efforts.

Nora is headed to Absolutely and Complete Victory!!!


Overcome all obstacles.

Here we can see that the rehabilitation of Peggy is nothing short of miraculous!!

Two months ago she barely was able to get around using her walker and now see was able to ride the exercise bike 💪

Oh we hear you.
So what is the big deal??

Well it just so happens that it is on level sixteen and she went for 18 minutes 👊

Look to the Cross for transformation!!!


Well 6 weeks ago Nora couldn't stand out of her wheelchair once. Fast forward to today's session and she accomplished this 80 times!!

What was once Impossible is now a reality with ICT.

This is only the beginning of the Rehabilitation of Nora 🙏💖

Stay Tuned 👊
Do you dare to be Legendary??


On this day of Thanksgiving ICT is thankful for moments like this.

It has always been our goal to change as many lifes as possible by providing the best possible care and services.

These are the success stories that drive us to be the absolute best at what we do.

It's time to Crossover!!


Remember Nora from her workout last time well look for yourself and see how effective the ICT method has worked for her.

Empirical evidence that documents the return of functional movements in less than a month!!!

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
Look to the Cross for answers 🙏➕💖


Let's check in with Peggy and see how her posture is coming along.

After a case of the shingles and a hospital scare due to dehydration. Peggy is back at it determined as ever 💪💯

Let's build that posture and correct that imbalance, and then build that bone density with some good old fashioned muscle!!

Crossover from Impossible to Possible


If you have been following us you have seen how Nora is the next success story in the making. Here is footage from her second workout and look how determined she is to get up out of that wheelchair!!!

Nora will Crossover from Impossible to Possible 💪💯

A Miracle Is Coming!!
Stay Tuned 🙏🙏


When you lose function of your limbs
it can be very detrimental and depressing.

Sometimes it feels like all hope is gone and you are going to have to get used to these limitations that are now apart of your life.

Watch as Nora regains what was said to be lost.

The thief only comes to steal, kill, and destroy.
Well Jesus and ICT are going to find this thief and get it all back!!

Live life more abundantly!!

Join in the battle and Crossover 🙏🙏


Rehabilitation of Peggy is going beyond expectations!!!

Check out her journey as she overcomes limitations that others thought were impossible 🚫

You all should know by now ICT method is life changing and we are more than capable of
helping people just like Peggy🙂

Crossover from Impossible to possible 💖👍💪


Here is a little sample of a success story in the making😉

Stay tuned in to see if ICT has what it takes to build up this lady and Crossover from Impossible to possible.


A special thanks to all of you who took time out to like our page!!

Whether you liked a video, sent a comment, put in a testimonial, or shared this page👍

Absolutely Appreciate

Help us to continue to reach those who are in need so they can Crossover from Impossible to possible.

Dare to be Legendary



Here we are another day of success stories at ICT!!

Stop 🚫 putting off your goals and dreams for a later date.

The time to act is now!! Not tomorrow or next week.

Now is the time 💪



Check the Symbol!!

It's one you should become aqinted with and when you see this remember🤔

It is a standard that's of the highest level and if you are wearing it you have earned it!!

You went through a hell of a lot of hard work and sacrifice to receive it.

Crossover from Impossible to possible
We have found our source of power will you??


Take a minute and go see what people like Kendra have to say about ICT 💪


Regardless of age, injuries, or lifestyle.
ICT will change your life for the better.


A small sample of the female segment that trained under the ICT method.

We have helped all ages with a vast variety of issues all shapes, and sizes.

From injuries to chronic illnesses, joint pain, or weight loss.

We will build you better than ever 💪

A wide scope of the female population from 8 years old to 88 understand that
Ladies have and will Crossover!!


One Arm Preacher Curl (Instructional)
Can you catch the blooper in this one?
A throw back to some of the first videos that we started making, but if you follow these directions you will Crossover to amazing results

In this video I will be demonstrating One Arm Preacher Curls alternating each arm. This is just the beginning of a series of videos that will help you CrossO...


Working with you to create a stronger you regardless of your fitness level ICT will take you beyond your limits!!
Crossover now!!!


Good friend and the man behind the camera for ICT🎥

Rob is putting in that work!! Let's keep building that Soul, Body, and Mind together.

Keep moving and never give up this is so very important 👍


Just another day in the office correction leads to perfection!!
Get that form right👍💪


People asked how much more effective ICT method was compared to the competition??

Results do not lie so we strapped on a heart rate monitor and this is a real recorded workout💪 On average you will burn 500 calories per half hour and around 1000 an hour.

You want to be your best?? Look no further than the Cross!!


Intense focused training designed to enhance your individual needs and reach your goals. Custom built programs to help you in a variety of training styles!!
Crossover to Legendary!!!


Is ICT effective?

Is ICT the meanest?

Can ICT give you the way to better nutrition?

Is ICT dedicated to changing your life?

Is ICT able to help you overcome limiting factors that have kept you from being healthier?

Is ICT the Master?



Overcoming Asthma.

If you or someone you know is suffering from Asthma please share this information.

In this series of videos I discuss how it is possible to increase your health and wellness regardless of the Chronic Diseases that challenge you. Through pro...


Senior Training... Age is Just a Number.

Who ever thinks they can't get in shape because they are past a certain age I challenge you to readjust your mindset on this matter. It's never to late to reap the rewards as long as there is breath in your body. Movement and resistance training with proper nutrition are key to longevity and health!!

Watch my client Pearl prove that through consistent work that the Impossible is just someones opinion. Proper form, technique, and heart are all you need to ...

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Practice makes perfect
Special delivery.
Training never stops 💪
On to the next challenge ⭐💪👍
Rise up!!!
All Star Day ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Peggy Update 1/3/20
Foundation building. Nora's first time using a walker.
It only gets more challenging.
Nora is starting to walk.
Overcome all obstacles.




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