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Core to Core Fitness offers the community individual and class instruction in Reformer/Tower Pilates, MOTR, Barre Fitness and Mat Pilates Classes, TRX Suspension and RIP (lever bar and resistance band) Training Classes.

Small, personalized classes. Core to Core is a privately owned personalized fitness studio that offers small classes so that each person is ensured individualized attention.Core to Core offers 4 modalities of fitness exercise classes that focus on the entire body but always starting from utilizing the core (abdominal) muscles. We offer Ballet Barre fitness, Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates, TRX Suspe

[01/09/20]   Thank you very much for all the heartfelt birthday wishes!! I love and miss you all, Rebecca

[01/04/20]   Starting Part Time Teaching at the Pilates & Yoga Loft this week!! It felt wonderful to be teaching again and really appreciated the warm welcome! I am still missing my pals down in Naples!

[12/24/19]   A very Merry Christmas to our extended family in Naples!

[08/17/19]   Arceli Bacsinila (Pinky)

Active and athletic since childhood, Pinky has always been a strong ambassador for overall health and well-being. She considers herself a perpetual student who loves to share her diverse and broad background in different modalities to create a fun and unique experience.

She has been an ACE (American Council of Exercise) certified fitness pro for over two decades, teaching cardio and strength based classes to assorted populations in a variety of settings - corporate fitness centers, private homes, and boutique studios. She became a therapeutic exercise specialist to deepen her expertise, respecting that everyone, including herself!, has some type of chronic pain or condition to deal with on a daily basis.

Pinky trained at a leading martial arts studio for twenty years, becoming the studio’s first certified cardio kickboxing instructor. She helped students improve their strength and conditioning, taught self-defense techniques, trained other teachers, and performed at community events. She is a proud member of the prestigious martial arts black belt community.

Pinky initally discovered yoga as a complement to her training routine. She then began to experience yoga’s powerful mental and spiritual benefits, its healing abilities, and its pursuit for harmony between body, mind, and spirit. Inspired and transformed, Pinky completed her RYT (registered yoga teacher) training and has been teaching various styles of yoga over the last several years, even infusing yoga into her high energy classes. She is also a certified Yin Yoga instructor.

Whether you take her assorted classes to ‘work out’ or ‘work in’, Pinky encourages you to challenge yourself, honor yourself, laugh at yourself, and enjoy life.

[08/17/19]   We are very excited to be adding a new instructor and classes to our studio!! Come in and meet Pinky!!!

[07/05/19]   We hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!! We are back in the studio on the 5th and looking forward to seeing everyone! 05/19/2019

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[05/15/19]   What are you going to decide today?

[05/11/19]   Just thought some of you would enjoy this...

[05/01/19]   Come Love Pilates with us at Core to Core!!

[04/28/19]   It's bikini weather! Come in and feel good at the Beach! 04/28/2019

Exercise makes you happier than money, according to Yale and Oxford research

Now you will understand why coming in makes you so happy! Yale and Oxford researchers say exercise is more important to your mental health than your economic status.

[03/23/19]   Mind Body Connection - Pilates vs. Yoga
In Pilates, there is constant attention on posture, alignment and movement mechanics. The practitioner is encouraged to focus on each movement, staying present and intentional. The theme of controlling the body with the mind is ever-present.

In many types of yoga, the session starts with the setting of an intention for the practice and ends with a guided meditation and relaxation or "savanna". Goals are the Clear the mind and surrender to the movement.

[03/23/19]   Differences between Pilates and Yoga per the PMA:
- Movement
Pilates movements are often guided by the apparatus, which can be configured by the teacher to provide assistance or resistance for the client. The focus in a Pilates session is often choreographed emphasizing control and precision. A movement is focused on and repeated before moving onto the next exercise.

Yoga poses are typically held for extended time periods to release muscle tension. In some styles, a long series of poses is repeated sequentially with the purpose of warming the body to allow for increased range of motion.

[03/23/19]   As a Pilates Studio we get a lot of questions like the following; Pilates, that's just expensive stretching, right?, Pilates, that's like Yoga, right? The answer to both questions is NO. While we do have stretch Pilates classes, Pilates is so much more than just stretching!!!

As described by the PMA; Pilates is a systematic approach to focusing on individual movements as they integrate with the whole. The intended outcome from Pilates is improved posture and creating a strong, balanced and stable base from which to move.

Yoga emphasizes the mind-body and spiritual connection, quieting the mind by focusing on mastery through introspection. Flexibility and strength are improved through repetition of the asanas.

[03/22/19]   Spring is here and Core to Core is enjoying helping people achieve their fitness goals!!

Our Story

Core to Core is a privately owned personalized fitness studio that offers small classes so that each person is ensured individualized attention. Core to Core offers various fitness exercise classes and programs that focus on the entire body, but always starting from utilizing the CORE (abdominal) muscles. We pride ourselves on our Pilates Programs to include Reformer and Tower Pilates, both private sessions and classes.

In addition we offer Floor Classes to include: Mat Pilates, Frog Fitness, MOTR Resistance and Balance Training, TRX Suspension & Weight Training and RIP training all for one price. Therefore you can take advantage of any and all of our classes without being bothered by different memberships or package costs. The more you attend, the less you spend and the better you look and feel!! To compliment our exercise programs we have a special, low impact floor which is easy on all the joints.

At Core to Core, we strive to make your work out sessions fun and results driven.




5002 Tamiami Trl N, Ste 100
Naples, FL

Opening Hours

Monday 8:30am - 7:30pm
Tuesday 7am - 7pm
Wednesday 8:30am - 7:45pm
Thursday 7am - 7pm
Friday 7:30am - 2pm
Saturday 8am - 11:30am
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