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This is a bootcamp for Warriors! If you are looking to increase strength, lose weight, feel good about yourself and meet people its the perfect place to be

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Photos from Warrior's Bootcamp's post 02/01/2021

Join us for our February Challenge of “I Love Me!”

Photos from Warrior's Bootcamp's post 09/11/2020

Photos from Warrior's Bootcamp's post


For all my group instructor followers! This format is becoming my favorite to write, teach and DO! (I almost always do the workouts first before class). See video for instructions! This is a great way to make your clients feel special and kick their butts at the same time. You also learn about what people like. The whole class has fun! I make each section in two parts. So it would be “The Katie” part 1: manmaker add ons, part 2: AMRAP legs, for instance. Each part is about 5 minutes which makes this workout 50 minutes total. You can switch up every persons mini workout with AMRAPS, HIIT, tabatas, hold and go, ladders, pyramids, partner trade offs or whatever you (or they) like. Both the class and I love this so much that we do it once a month so everyone has a turn. Enjoy!

Child Rescue Coalition 07/22/2020

Child Rescue Coalition

With all of the disturbing news of human trafficking and phedophilia floating around I have unfortunately fallen down a horrible rabbit hole of terror. I was so very naive to think this was not as wide spread as it is. I have not been the same since reading and researching this topic. My stomach has been in a permanent knot. I can’t just sit with this information and do nothing. Unfortunately in instances like these where there is a problem so extremely big and so terrifyingly horrific....HORRIFIC, sometimes the only thing we can do is educate others and donate to those organizations that help the most. The things happening to children are way beyond any horror any of us can imagine in our worst nightmare. I encourage you to honor these children who have suffered to be aware, pray, educate, donate and help STOP this abuse (abuse is such a light word here for what’s happening) BEFORE it happens.
So I have decided to speak up and say this is happening EVERYWHERE!! In ALL circles of race, religion, political parties, socioeconomic classes and anywhere you can think of. There are “ordinary” everyday people involved and there are very powerful and wealthy people involved.
So this weeks class I plan to donate to our local police department who specializes in human/child trafficking and abuse, as well as


Which is an organization that can track IP addresses to help locate and stop child pornography on the internet. They turn in the IP address of people on these sites and police can follow up. Then they are hopefully prosecuted and flagged so they cannot get jobs with children.
If you share these organizations and/or donate I will give you a free class. As a matter of fact if you share ANY information leading to educate and help this cause I will give you a free class.
“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way it treats its children.” ~Nelson Mandela

Child Rescue Coalition Nonprofit that enables law enforcement to track, arrest & prosecute child predators. Over 12000 arrests, 2500 child rescues, 90+ countries and counting.


I’m going to let you in on a little secret the beauty industry does not want you to know.
You are perfect the way you are! You do not have to buy their products to find happiness in you. If you do, there are always going to be more products, newer products and more bogus promises the beauty industry cannot possibly keep. They put out images of IMPOSSIBLE women in order to make us feel bad about ourselves so we... BUY. THEIR. PRODUCTS. They know damn well no one can achieve these looks (not even the models themselves because they are pinched, snipped and filtered to be “perfect”). Our media and definition of “beauty” is a SHAM!! We all see the media for what it is lately. An overblown load of bullsh*t set up to sell stories, products, votes and opinions. We all know better. We should NEVER trust the media to tell us what an “ideal” woman, man, child, house, pet, job or family should be like. We know they cannot be trusted so let’s stop.
You SHOULD have crows feet, it means you’ve smiled a lot.
You SHOULD have laugh lines, it means you’ve laughed a lot.
You SHOULD have a crinkle in your forehead, it means you’ve rightfully thought WTF a lot.
You SHOULD have cellulite, it means you’re a healthy woman.
You SHOULD have some what of a pouch, it means you’ve made babies.
You SHOULD have “bat wings” under your arms, it means you’ve waved at neighbors.
You SHOULD have poor posture sometimes, it means you work hard all day.
You SHOULD have a butt no matter if it’s flat, big, droopy or dimpled, it means you can sit comfortably on it or tell people to kiss it.
You SHOULD be happy to be you and love yourself enough to be healthier, lovelier and happier by any means necessary.
It’s hard to block a lifetime of messages that are impossible to live up to. They engraved it into our heads and lifestyle. Maybe it’s something we have to remind ourselves daily.
Stop looking to the media for advice on how to live. Now is the time to see through them. Now is the time we look within ourselves ❤️


It’s been awhile since I posted!! I thought I’d put my daughters flash cards to some good use and did a twist on the alphabet workout. The end was a cute little finisher. Enjoy with your group!

Timeline Photos 06/02/2020


Timeline Photos 05/29/2020

New info!! Please read!
Hi guys!! Here are a few things-
⭐️ 1. Tomorrows class is 9am and is legs and core (all Saturdays will be like this) anyone is welcome.
🚨 2. Tuesday and Thursday class starts at 6:15
⭐️ 3. No more sign ups necessary just come!
🚨 4. Continue to bring your own weights and mat and practices social distancing
🌧 5. If it is raining and we have more than 15 people we have to cancel class 😢 (pavilion holds 15)
⭐️ 6. Zoom classes still available for purchase at $5 if you want to workout at home or miss a class. I will do pop up Zoom classes too here and there to add to the library 📚
🦵 7. Saturday’s 9am classes will focus on lower and core from here on out. So if you love leg day this one is for you.
⭐️ 8. Please continue being awesome! I will be spread a bit thin due to everyone being spaced out so much- continue to push yourself and work hard.
⭐️ This class is what YOU make of it. YOU are the one who makes it great and YOU are the one who creates the REAL results ❤️
I can’t wait to start June fairly back to normal and ❤️ THANK YOU for continuing to support me and my business throughout this mess and coming back to me. I can’t tell you how much it means 😘


Faîtes du sport ! 💪


How are you using your time?

Yes I know it sucks staying home but it is what it is. No one is in control of what’s happening in the world but we are in control of ourselves. We may not be able to stick with our usual routines but it’s our responsibility to adapt. DO NOT THROW YOUR PROGRESS AWAY! There are so many ways to still get in your workouts. Warrior Bootcamp is STILL going! The workouts are still hard af and different. Are you letting the monotony and isolation of this virus get you down? You CAN stop it! Join us for class, join ANY class and keep going! Do you want to return to regular life starting at the the very beginning? Or maybe fitness is new and you want to begin now! Do you want to come back stronger than ever? Get up and join us, you won’t be sorry!


Anyone ANYWHERE can join us! Come out of quarantine stronger! 💪

Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing 03/20/2020

Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing

Our next Zoom Class is tomorrow at 9am and is total body with a wee bit more focus on core and upper (due to leg day on Sunday).

Yes I did change the class to 9 😉

You’ll need a set of dumbbells. I still have loads here to loan if you need them so please don’t hesitate to ask!

This is a heads or tails class of add on exercises which should be killer 👍.

Here are some things I’m learning on Zoom. You can opt to mute yourself and even the screen of you and just watch. So if you are private this is a great option. If you get kicked out please text my PHONE so I can add you back. I am still learning to record a smooth video. I did order a mic and some lighting and working on a “studio” setting in my very professional garage 😂
See you all in tiny screens on my laptop tomorrow 9am 💋

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Your daily workout....good luck! Pause the video to write down the list of exercises. You can do reps 10-15 or time it with an interval timer like “GymBoss” which is free. To modify this one take out the jumps and for the plank hops hold a plank and do side steps. Keep going!


I’ll be posting some of my fav videos. Look at how little Lila was 😍 😭. All you need is a for this and some 😉 stay home and stay sane! Here is the moves...
Do one plank row, one push-up, one row to press in a plank, one curl to overhead press, one jump squat on each side. The next round do TWO of everything, next 3...4...get the idea? Sure ya do! Go to 10 and pass out floppy body style. Have fun! !


Don’t let this thing stop you from your progress!


Push-up plank challenge


I LOVE what I do! I am in the business of helping people build confidence, get stronger and be healthier. This “business” is WAY more than a job to me. This class is as loved as family for me and it’s because of all of you. With that said I am following suit of many fitness professionals, schools, churches and other facilities and shutting down for next week. I actually came to tears deciding this because I absolutely HATE something I can’t control forcing me to be fearful. If I was a bootcamp “member” I would keep coming to class...but as the instructor who is responsible for your health and the health of your friends and family I do not have an option. I hope you all understand that I am doing this for the safety of our entire community, not just our small group of younger and healthier people. I would never be able to live with myself if someone got sick or made someone else deathly sick because they came to my class. I would be devastated!

So I am going to do short, free workouts on FB live and our regularly scheduled classes on Zoom if there are enough people interested. Zoom is a conference app where we can all see each other. This kind of app will make you more accountable. I will also charge a session for this to make you accountable as well. If you cannot afford classes right now please let me know and of course I will work with you. I have lent out a few weights already and am happy to supply you with whatever weight is right for you. Please let me know if you are interested.
I ENCOURAGE YOU TO NOT STOP WORKING OUT. Please I beg of you!! This virus has already stopped so much, DO NOT LET IT STOP YOUR PROGRESS!!
Please text me if you want to be included in Zoom. I’ll need your email address.
I’m so sad and to be honest, pretty pissed it has come to this but I have to error on the side of caution. The stakes are high and it’s simply not worth it. Just so you know I have contacted everyone I know who is a fitness professional or a health care worker when I made my final decision and it was unanimous.
Thank you for understanding and I just love you all!!
Please continue training and text me privately with any concerns or questions!!
All my love,


Come workout with me!


PLEASE READ: Special Announcement
As much as I genuinely HATE feeding into this virus hysteria, as a business owner I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility for everyone’s health and safety. With that said I feel like I must disclose that I was in a room with someone who just traveled from France yesterday (it was my other bootcamp class and she didn’t tell anyone until the END of class 🙄). I have no idea if she was exposed to the virus or not and had no symptoms. We were not close to each other and I didn’t touch anything she did luckily. I will still have class tomorrow morning and monitor myself closely (I have no symptoms either). I don’t want this hysteria to control my life but I feel very obligated to at least let you all know so you can make a choice right for you. If you choose to come to class there will be Clorox and Lysol spray available. If you would rather keep away I will do a Saturday 9:30/9:45 am Live FB post of a HIIT workout you can do with me at home. Also if you did travel out of the country recently please let me know before coming to class.

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How are you using your time?




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Thursday 6pm - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 10am

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