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Kery, I loved your book. You give great resources and practical coaching support to improve our over all health and wellbeing. I would consider it a lifestyle playbook. I love your use of “eating style” rather than using the word diet. Being on a diet can just make you feel bad. This book will change lives life and inspire people to reach their goals!
Is there a time when you might want to avoid fruit? 😋Hint: #sugardetox
Check out what our health coach has to say about strengthening the immune system!

Wellness Coach helping people to create healthy habits that stick! Kery Knutson is a Wellness Coach, Real-Food Educator and Founder of

Kery helps people gain energy, boost their immune system and improve sleep through real-food education and coaching change-talk techniques. Her practice can be done 100% virtually, no in-person meetings are required. At times, she hosts local education classes in South Florida and online as well. Ready to create healthy habits for a thriving life? Then contact Coach Kery! As a certified as a Nutri


Yep 👍


So true! Put the effort into eating well, it won't steer you wrong.


Minding your mitochondria | Dr. Terry Wahls | TEDxIowaCity

A must-watch for all... A medical doctor who turned to diet to help her heal from chronic illness when conventional medicine couldn't help her. #DrTerryWahls #chronicillness #dietasmedicine

Note from TED: This talk, which features health advice based on a personal narrative, has been flagged as potentially outside TED's curatorial guidelines. Vi...


Yes! Every vote counts ✅


Yes it does. Put good stuff in and you’re likely to get good results!


Root Cause The Movie

Sick? Loved one with chronic illness? Watch this!

From the creators of E-Motion comes their next powerful chapter in health and wellbeing. #RootCauseMovie available now on iTunes & Vimeo. US & Canada: https:...


All new meaning to WTF 😁


Cooking Light

Stay safe while eating!

JUST IN: They are sold at Aldi, Costco, and Walmart, among other regional supermarkets.


Yes, food that has a story of growth not manufacturing! 01/23/2019

50 Paleo and AIP Super Bowl Party Snacks

More #healthy #Superbowl options... on this one I feel like I hit the mother load! Lots of great choices! #recipes Are you ready to party? Here are 50 Paleo and AIP Super Bowl Party Snacks that will keep your tastebuds rockin all night long. 01/23/2019

Tropical Guacamole - Immaculate Bites

Anyone else scouring the web these days for healthy #SuperBowl snacks? Here's one I'd like to try! #Yummy #recipe Jump to Recipe Print Recipe Tropical Guacamole- An intriguing guacamole with some sweetness from mango , papaya and pineapple and less guilt. Yes! Yes! Yes! Paired with plantain chips, they make an amazing pair Avocados doesn’t have a season for me, I eat them all the time. They sometimes make a g...



Hilarious food critic 😂

Meet the new Top Chef judge 👩‍🍳
Via Jade the Sable GSD


Love this 💕

Remember to take time for yourself, so you have time and energy for others. #selfcaresaturday 01/11/2019

Create Your Healthy Life: A complete plan for more energy, less stress, your ideal weight and dis-ease prevention

New Year's Resolution planning in full effect? 🥳✅📗This book can help you! It's an exciting day to announce that my first BOOK IS NOW available in PAPERBACK! Check it out and leave a review for yours truly. I do help this book provides inspiration and accountability for creating your healthy life! 🌟😍🙏 Rejuvenate your health, alleviate the anxiety of a future illness. Create Your Healthy Life is a guide for people who want more health and vitality out of life. It’s for those who will not settle for the status quo when it comes to their health. It’s for people who want to boot the root cause of... 01/09/2019

Experts Review of 107 Scientific Studies: Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Disease – Statin Drugs are Useless

Important stuff! And as my friend Mitzi puts it, "Blaming cholesterol for heart disease is like blaming the fireman for the fire. Both are on the scene, and both for the same reason, they’re trying to 'put out the fire.'" A recent massive study review coordinated by 16 medical scholars and practicing MDs throughout England, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Sweden, and the USA has confirmed the falsity of the lipid theory of heart disease that blames cholesterol, and the disinformation and dangers of cholesterol-lowering statin...


Sad but true! Avoid this stuff on the holidays and every day.


Find ways to support your local farmers! Big or small, doesn’t matter how. Shop local farms in whatever way you can! 👩‍🌾 #floridafarms #foodisfromafarm


Eat Local Grown

Oh so very important information that is not widely known! Most of us are #magnesium deficient.

Make sure you know these signs!


I rest my case. It’s what they said...


Jonathan Otto

You could be exposing yourself or your kids to a future of autoimmune disease and you don’t even know it. Even the promo video is worth the watch! #aip #autoimmune #dumpprocessedfoods #restore

We encourage you to get your own copy of the Documentary Series: Autoimmune Secrets.
Receive unlimited access to all episodes to watch as well as other valuable tools and resources at a discounted price!

Learn more here and take advantage of this limited time offer ➝


A little holiday-themed nutrition humor 🤣 🎅🏽


The Daily Goalcast

Let's all start to cook more at home! Why? Because when we do, we no-doubt, are taking a step towards eating healthier. 👩‍🍳🍲

Here's how every meal is best served

Speaker: Michael Pollan for RSA 11/29/2018

How we can eat our landscapes

A MUST-WATCH TedTalk on the conversation around food. "If you eat, you're in," she says and "People respond to the story of food." I know I do!" What should a community do with its unused land? Plant food, of course. With energy and humor, Pam Warhurst tells at the TEDSalon the story of how she and a growing team of volunteers came together to turn plots of unused land into communal vegetable gardens, and to change the narrative of food in t...


Amen to this times 10! When was the last time you did a quality check on your food?

Nutrient dense foods such as good quality protein and fats, plus carbohydrates in the form fo vegetable fuel your body. 11/29/2018

Cassava Flour Biscuits {Grain & Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free & Paleo}

I can’t wait to try this #recipe! 🌟💕😋 Cassava Flour Biscuits {Grain & Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free & Paleo} 11/29/2018

"The Food We Eat" from TED Radio Hour by NPR on Apple Podcasts

Great conversation about #realfood 🥘 I highly recommend giving it a listen! Guy Raz explores the emotions, insights, and discoveries that make us human. The TED Radio Hour is a narrative journey through fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, and new ways to think and create. 11/20/2018

Romaine lettuce is not safe to eat, CDC warns U.S. consumers

Important information to know on an important week for food! E. coli contamination sickens dozens; feds say throw away lettuce


Important point!


So true! 👏👏👏


It’s a sad state of affairs that this is where we are at today. But instead of ending the conversation asking why healthy food is more expensive, why not ask who is benefiting from making food-like commodities so cheap... it’s not us, the people!


Edouard Gilles

So #Grateful to be interviewed at my alma mater Florida Atlantic University - #GoOwls! What a great time we had chatting about #healthy #habits and my new book, #CreateYourHealthyLife which you can pick up on Amazon:

How’s it going powerful people! Today I have the pleasure of bringing to you Kery Knutson, wellness coach, author and founder of Your Health Path Coaching to share some tips about achieving your best health. She discuses her new book, Create Your Healthy Life, which lays out 9 weeks of steps that addresses mind scripts to help create a healthier lifestyle and avoiding noise in the health space.

Key Knutson Self-Introduction 3:00
What is your main desire with Wellness Coaching 5:44
Who did You write your book for? 9:32
What are some tools to help people get healthier? 10:05
Kery’s Top favorite books 10:45
Kery’s Morning Routine 14:24
How Important is Gratitude on Life? 16:18
How important is self-awareness and how do you practice it? 17:45
Kery’s New book: Create Your Healthy Life 19:37
Nutrition Myths to be Aware of 20:51
Principles Discussed in “Create your Healthy Life” 21:36
What are some self-destructive habits that you endured and Overcame? 23:19
Kery’s top 5 Tips Pst Optimal Health 25:34

Kery Knutson is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, certified Wellcoach®, certified registered yoga teacher and has a Master of Arts in Communication (from FAU). After 14 years in communication careers she made a big pivot into entrepreneurship with, offering virtual wellness coaching to get her clients healthy habits that stick. Kery specializes in coaching clients through uncovering blocks and creating a road map to a life full of vitality. She’s excited to bring her wellness expertise into back to the corporate sphere with corporate wellness programs as well.

Facebook :
Instagramm: 10/26/2018

Stop Using Canola Oil Immediately!

Yes please! When making dietary changes, adding more vegetables is a quick and easy way to get the ball rolling. Next, you might think, “I’ll add some vegetable oil, too,” for a few more veggie bonus points. So you pat yourself on the back, thinking you’re doing the right thing, but unfortunately, you..... 10/11/2018

How Successful People Handle Toxic People

Such good stuff, applies to our health too. #toxic #detox #health #wellness Toxic people defy logic. Some are blissfully unaware of the negative impact that they have on those around them, and others seem to derive satisfaction from creating chaos and pushing other people’s buttons. Either way, they create unnecessary complexity, strife, and worst of all stress. Studies h...


Happy October! 🍁Hey, that’s me doing some modeling for my friends at Caloosa Water Wear! Check them out! They also do custom apparel work and are just all around good people. Plus, I got to dress up for Halloween so that was a blast! 🎃 👻

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Nutrient profile: magnesium
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