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Team InMotion Physical Therapy wrapping up their first season of soccer today. Proud of these boys and all their growth throughout the season and blessed to be a part of it all.

Team InMotion Physical Therapy wrapping up their first season of soccer today. Proud of these boys and all their growth throughout the season and blessed to be a part of it all.


Institute of Clinical Excellence

Why Physical Therapy is the most cost efficient way to get better and stay better!

The United States does NOT follow the science when it comes to healthcare spending, especially in the area of musculoskeletal pain


InMotion Physical Therapy is pleased to announce we have opened up a brand new location! Come visit us inside beautiful Keystone place in Naples. For more information visit our website


It was a great pleasure to attend the boys and girls club as a sports medicine mentor. What a beautiful opportunity they provide for young boys and girls to meet one on one with an adult who has worked in or is working in their chosen future career. These children will be our future and today I was encouraged by their drive in taking the first step to achieving who they inspire to be when they grow up.

[05/10/19]   It’s always nice when you are reminded that you are doing exactly what you are being called to do in life. Below is an email I received from a current patients spouse who sent this out to his family to update them on her current condition after he observed our last physical therapy session.

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was May 8, and something really great happened. Roberta gets physical therapy from an outside company that works very closely with the staff at Bayshore Memory Care where she lives.

Since the big falls of last winter, she has been willing to stand up, but then sort of collapses as if she were afraid of falling. I have suspected for some time that there is a connection between the dementia and the walking business. Anyway, a Dr. Adam Guiliano (a medical Ph.D.)

guided her through the motions of standing up, and then walking with her hands on the 4-legged walker. That sounds simple enough, but if you'd seen him in action with her, you'd see a lot of classy little moves and a calm presence. So Roberta slowly walked for several yards,

for the first time in ages. Not only walked. She stood up straight, unaided, with her head erect. She was smiling and looking like it was 4 years ago. She remained in the present all day, and understood that the walking had possibly influenced brain cells in a good way. I told her

what a great fight she was putting up, and she said, "You know, I am happy. Even when I go away at times." We chatted about this and that, and there was confusion, at times, but also a sense of awareness that I haven't seen much of lately. So, God is showering us with Mothers

Day blessings. I just wanted to share with all the people who are my family now. I think there are some breakthroughs coming with dementia, and I think Dr Guiliano is right at the cutting edge.

Meanwhile, here's wishing all of you a loving Mothers Day. Your prayers are so important, and I want to share your concerns too.

Love to all,


[10/23/18]   We are looking for a PT in the Orlando area who treats the pediatric population! Please message us if you are or know some one interested.


I came across this today and thought it was an appropriate representation of how we at InMotion Physical Therapy strive to treat our patients. Keeping love and compassion at the center of what we do. Our patients are more then just patients, each one is individually unique and has specific goals which we cater to help achieve.


I came across this quote today and had to share. Here in southwest Florida many people who have done very well for themselves financially move here to retire and enjoy the rest of their lives. What I get to see more often then not are patients that in accumulating their wealth have pushed their health to the side and now suffer from pain that is preventing them from enjoying their wealth, that they worked so hard to accumulate. At InMotion Physical Therapy were serve to help get that person back to doing the things they want to do, but we also strive to help those stay and maintain their health so they won't have to be put in this type of dilemma in the future.


Direct access means that you can see a physical therapist without a referral from your physician. This way you can get better, sooner, and save some money too.


The new tshirts are in and they LOOK and FEEL GREAT! If you would like your shot at winning one enter the drawing which will be held this Friday by Andrew our intern. In order to be entered in the drawing please like and share our page then visit us on instagram @ inmotion_physical_therapy and like this picture and comment with your favorite color shirt.


2017 is already off to a great start and InMotion Physical Therapy would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. If this is the year you have decided to take your health serious and treat that nagging injury you have had or just want to continue to make sure you stay at your optimal level of health and fitness to avoid injury, stop in and see us.

[12/06/16]   We love working with athletes that desire to get better, this is an example of how we were able to use Physical Therapy coupled with modern non surgical techniques, to get Janine back to doing the things she loves and allowing her to continue to live a healthy lifestyle.


Happy to be a part of this.

Our volunteer group returned last week from our trip to Haiti with Soles4Souls. It was truly a life changing experience. We want to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts who supported our efforts through financial donations, shoe donations, and your help raising awareness! (And an extra huge thanks to our major donors and sponsors, InMotion Physical Therapy Services Inc., Jim Fish, Denise Morales, and Shoes for the Cure)

Our group was able to personally fit around 500 kids in various schools and orphanages throughout Haiti with new shoes! The gratitude expressed by the children was so amazing, beautiful, and heartwarming. Seeing the levels of poverty was also heartbreaking at times. But we had a truly amazing team of volunteers, and we are so grateful for the experience. Thank you again!! Here are just a few pictures and videos from the trip. (We will be posting a complete album soon.)


Because as a patient you deserve to know what the research says.


Great discussion today on balance awareness and fall prevention. Thanks for the invitation Senior Living blue book for the opportunity to be a panelist and discuss these pertinent issues and keeping everyone educated. 06/28/2016

Top Glute Activation Exercises - The Barbell Physio

Great exercises to help activate the glutes, to help prevent lower back pain and muscle imbalances


Get PT 1st

Great video done by the PT school I attended.

What does a physical therapist do, and how can they help you? Here's why you should get physical therapy first.

Thanks to Eric Chaconas and Patrick Berner for the video, produced by Franchot Barba of That Moment Productions. 03/12/2016

Inmotion Physical Therapy | Home Page

InMotion Physical Therapy's website is now active. Come check us out at Welcome to the official Inmotion Physical Therapy website. We proudly serve the South West Florida area.


Timeline Photos 02/28/2016

Back pain? here's what an orthapedic surgeon says not to do There is very little evidence that back fusion surgery for back pain works - so why are are surgeons performing more and more spinal fusions?


Use of Physical Therapy Following Total Knee Replacement Surgery: Implications of Orthopedic...

This is very relevant because their are patients that first don't know they have the right to choose where they receive PT after surgery and second a lot of them think by receiving it at the clinic owned by the surgeon they will have a faster and more successful rehab because the surgeon will be over seeing the rehab. This research proves this is indeed NOT the case. Mitchell, J. M., Reschovsky, J. D. and Reicherter, E. A. (2016), Use of Physical Therapy Following Total Knee Replacement Surgery: Implications of Orthopedic Surgeons’ Ownership of Physical Therapy Services. Health Services Research. doi: 10.1111/1475-6773.12465


InMotion physical therapy will be helping sponsor the better everyday fitness 5k and health expo. Come join us for an active and fun Saturday morning. February 27 save the date.


What a great quote. We are here to help those that feel this way about their injuries. We want you to not only BE ALIVE but to FEEL ALIVE!


It's great to see patients achieve their goals and live healthier lives. A big shout out to Allision and all her hard work, that is paying off.

Allison Morell Heil A little help on my hip and thoracic spine from Dr. Adam Guiliano at
InMotion Physical Therapy and great coaching by John Rosabella at Better Everyday Fitness
helped me go from 195 lb deadlift (top pic) to 230 lb today (bottom pic) in 90 days. Also increased bench from 100 to 130 lb, all time max.. #betterwithage #bettereveryday #myaddiction


I love seeing and hearing about our patients getting better and better.


Let InMotion Physical Therapy help turn your dreams of living an active pain free lifestyle, into a reality.


InMotion Physical Therapy would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. 12/09/2015

Rethinking Movement: Why You Should See a Physical Therapist Every Year

I have started to see more of my former patients doing this and I believe this in conjunction with performing their home exercise program diligently is a big reason they are able to stay injury free. Your muscles need a regular checkup even more than your teeth do. 12/08/2015

‘Text neck’ is becoming an ‘epidemic’ and could wreck your spine

I've had several YOUNG patients recently come in with painful facet entrapments initiated by this. Do you have this problem? You don't have to. Thanks to the earth's gravitational pull, the average adult can put up to 60 pounds of pressure on the cervical spine when bent at a 60-degree angle.


During this busy time of year its easy for us to allow our health and fitness to take a back seat in our daily lives. Don't let those annoying aches and pains get worse, stop in and start your road to a healthier and better life.


"Don't wait for tomorrow or the next day or a week from now, live in the NOW and if you aren't make the change to."
Doc AG


"Don't give up! Sometimes the results you want aren't immediate."
Doc AG


Enjoy the freedom of living an active and healthy lifestyle.


Timeline Photos


Steves Testimonial

Have you had surgery and still suffer from pain and inability to do the things that you love? Maybe you can relate to Steve as he tells his story of how he was able to return to doing what he loves most through the help of InMotion Physical Therapy.

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Steves Testimonial
Project InMotion (Yesenia)




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