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Come MELT and Decompress before the crazy holiday's really set in. 1st Class gift to YOU!


Tis the season! Classes up until December 19th. Classes will resume January 7th after the week of New Years. Enjoy!


How do you naturally maintain adequate hydration around your face and neck to give it a lift? The same self-care techniques can be used to alleviate neck, jaw, and shoulder tension...often experienced during the holidays. It's called The MELT Method.

On-going classes available to learn techniques for the whole body to reduce pain, stuck stress, balance the nervous system and give yourself the gift of a wonderful self-massage.

On-Going Weekly Classes Thursday Morning 10-11pm at Shine Collective in Nevada City in addition to Private Sessions. No classes the week of Christmas & New Years. Classes for 2020 will resume January 9th. First Class is FREE!

Provided by Grounded LLC - shauna white - certified instructor. visit

Come move with this amazing human we have in our studio this month! Tuesdays 11:30-12:30

We offer Foundation Training at Shine Collective but if the day/times don't work, here is another opportunity to try it!

Want to experience what FOUNDATION TRAINING™ is all about and how it makes your body feel? We are extending the opportunity for you to "Drop-in" on the last class. Fee is $20.

Don't worry...this wasn't a Progressive is more of 3 classes (each basically the same) so people could try it out and get a chance to practice. Come join us!

Contact Rhythms directly to register/sign-up - see flyer.

For more information on FOUNDATION TRAINING™ visit

Want something to do Thursday external power needed? Join Allison Rivers Samson​ for 8:30am Nia at Shine Collective​ in Nevada City. 💃🕺

Thanks to Aimee Retzler for the loan of a speaker while Allison's is vacationing in Miami with her family! 🤩

[10/24/19]   Due to PGE power outage there is NO MELT or Foundation Training classes tomorrow Thursday 10/24. See you all next week when power is restored.

In honor of Indigenous People's Day and in deep gratitude for our local Nisenan folks rising, all proceeds for today's
Nia Technique 10-11am class will be donated to C.H.I.R.P. to assist the Nisenan in their mission for federal recognition and restoration of tribal rights.
We are so blessed to be their guests in this gorgeous land. If you would like to give to this worthy cause and can't make it to class, please support using the link here.


Actor Jeff Bridges uses FOUNDATION TRAINING™ to keep his back pain-free. As helpful as this program has been for him, he could use some "brushing up" on the details. Nevertheless, he shows it to his audience on late night TV and gets his audience laughing!

"My back likes to let me know when it's pissed at me. When it does, life can become a bit more challenging. Foundation exercises have been a great addition to my exercise routine. I really notice a change in how I move. My back doesn't just feel better, it feels strong. That is a big deal. These exercises let you move with some real confidence. Everybody with a bad back should do these exercises." - Jeff Bridges

To learn this work “properly” contact:
Shauna White - certified instructor with Grounded LLC for group classes and private sessions.
Your 1st Class is Free!


Happy Autumn Equinox!
Fall is upon us, can you feel it in your bones? Come move and dance your amazing self, bones and all, tomorrow morning 10-11am with Denay Joy Woodman and Lennie Olbrycht!
Hope to see you there!

Niraga Kimberly Cahill MacKillop
Pauline Abrons Suzieq Hotpocket Kristin Summer Englund Alana Lu Celine Boag Ursula Young Maria Fernanda Castañeda Zamora Amalia Maria Royals Sarah Griscom Maria Talbot Jym Schmidt Vanessa Kulgoski Amber Buchanan Brittney Battaglia

Squelette humain

[09/02/19]   Yes, we are dancing Nia today on Labor Day!
10-11am see you there 💖😍🙌


Garmin Professional Cyclist Team uses FOUNDATION TRAINING™ as part of their regular training routine and has since 2014. Cycling, like many other sports, develop poor habits or over-stress parts of their body. Cyclists tend to develop stronger in the front of their body instead of their back side. So, this program fits in perfectly to counter balance those habits.

Learning how to hinge properly and learning our principles of anchoring and decompression you will learn how to keep a long strong spine, and then use that long
strong spine to facilitate proper power from your legs while you run/jump/bike etc.. You can feel the changes in your body in five to ten minutes.

Use FOUNDATION TRAINING™ as a warm-up and also as a cool-down. Then your body doesn't just remember the negative habits that it develops from cycling, for example. It remembers real basic human movement habits and that's our hope as cyclist slowly develop a skill of becoming not only world-class athletes, but also efficient basic human movers. That's how we keep people healthy! Empower yourself!

Private Sessions, Weekly Drop-in Classes and Other Events for the Community. Training available for private groups, corporate employee wellness programs, and local happenings!

shauna white - certified instructor
Grounded LLC - Serving Nevada County
Movement Revolution - Freedom from Pain

Also providing The MELT Method...simple self-treatment techniques to hydrate your connective tissue, balance your nervous system and reduce or eliminate pain.

When you strip away your fears and excuses, what do you have left?

In addition to a new 6-class Nia series Monday, September 9 - October 14 at 5:30p with Allison Rivers Samson, we've got classes four mornings every week:

Mondays at 10 with Lennie and Denay
Tuesdays + Wednesdays at 8:30 with Aimee
Thursdays at 8:30 with Allison

This wisdom is from Nia Sister Christina Mae Wolf in Centralia, WA....

Belly hanging... hair flying... smile wide... not a care in the world... and joy oozing out of every cell. This is my Nia experience. This is also why I believe so many people are absolutely terrified of Nia.

If I had a nickel for every time someone says “I don’t think Nia is for me... you all look so FREE! I could never be like that!”

It’s so much ‘easier’ and ‘safer’ to conform to the linear, robotic, structured, confined and prescribed movements of traditional fitness... or even Yoga. There is an emotional safety in the confines of a mat.

And yet if one never moves beyond the confines of the box... the mat... the form... how much of the joy of LIFE is missed!

How many dances have you sat out in your life out of FEAR... fear of what people would think... fear of feeling silly... fear of freedom?

You get ONE chance in this body and this life... it’s time to OCCUPY your body... OCCUPY your LIFE! Find the FREEDOM that you were MEANT to experience instead of living in a small box of fears, ideas and limitations.

Ready to step in?

Looking to Solve Joint Pain?

You are not your diagnosis. You are also NOT alone.
Living pain free is a process, not a pill. Incorporating The MELT Method &/or FOUNDATION TRAINING can jump-starting your own process and eliminate dysfunction, daily body pain, and reduce stress. Learn how movement can be your “medicine of choice”.
Empower yourself to heal and transition from pain to play.

The best way to predict the future of your health is to CREATE it!

Your first class is FREE for both MELT and FOUNDATION TRAINING. Try these methods for a month and see what a difference you can create. Private sessions and on-going classes available.


Vegan Summerfest Flash Mob: Give Love by Andy Grammer

From Allison Rivers Samson:

Headed home from DC from my Vegan Summerfest conference in PA, and I’m looking forward to dancing with you in the morning!

There are just three Thursday 8:30 Nia classes this month at Shine Collective in Nevada City.

You can get your pass at the link in the comments or in class, as you prefer.

In the meantime, here’s the video of our Flash Mob!

Thank you for helping me craft this choreography throughout May and June.

I’ll be bringing in a new song for us to play with fresh choreography this month as we practice being Sensation Scientists.

Thank you for sharing the JOY of Nia with me!

With love,
💜 Allison Rivers Samson, Sustainability Expert Vegan Summerfest is a 5-day conference and on the last night, we have a big dance party. This is the the night we perform our Flash Mob.

How Dancing Gives Your Brain and Mood a Big Boost - The Best Brain Possible

No wonder we feel better when we're dancing!

Join us for Nia at Shine Collective:

• Mondays at 10a (w/Lennie Olbrycht + Denay Joy)
• Tuesdays + Wednesday at 8:30a (w/Aimee Retzler)
• Thursdays at 8:30a (w/Allison Rivers Samson) Dancing, of any kind, combines physical exercise with the positive power of music and social engagement to yield major mental health and brain benefits.

Stepping In and Stepping Out.............what does it mean and why do we do this in Nia? Join Aimee Tues. and Weds. 8:30-9:30am at Shine Collective to find out more about this unique practice within Nia.

Expand, Elevate, & Evolve

Make "Self-Care" part of your personal "Health Care".


Learn how to unleash the amazing healing powers of stimulating the body's connective tissue so you can live a healthy, pain-free life in only 10 minutes a day.

The 'Big Little Lies'-Approved Workout the Whole Internet Was Begging For

Guess what?! We have it right here at Shine...Yep, it's Nia! Come get your Nia Shine on!

⭐️ Mondays at 10a with
Denay Joy Woodman and Lennie Olbrycht

⭐️ Tuesdays + Wednesdays at 8:30a with Aimee Retzler

⭐️ Thursdays at 8:30a with Allison Rivers Samson It’s a simple fact that HBO’s Big Little Lies is designed to keep us asking questions from [...]

Life Beyond PTSD: How Nia Gave Me My Body Back | Heather Leah Huddleston | TEDxWilmington

Check out this TEDx Talk on Nia and then come dance with us to experience this delicious healing in your own body!

Nia classes at Shine Collective 578 Searls Ave in Nevada City, CA:
Mondays at 10a with Lennie Olbrycht and Denay Joy Woodman
Tuesdays + Wednesdays at 8:30a with Aimee Retzler
Thursdays at 8:30a with Allison Rivers Samson

Heather Leah Huddleston suffered from painfully paralysing PTSD -- her body was either so tense that it shook, or so out of her control that she embodied sel...

[05/30/19]   What if I told you that your posture and the way you move and use your body have everything to do with your current level of pain?

Would you believe me? Do you agree or disagree? For most people this information causes a big a-ha moment, as they finally connect the dots between body and pain. Learn how to reverse the pain from poor posture naturally and sustainably. It is easier than you might imagined with a little bit of dedication. You are worth it!

"Movement Revolution - Freedom from Pain"

[05/27/19]   Nia with Denay Joy Woodman and Lennie Olbrycht
Cancelled for Monday Memorial Day
Enjoy your holiday 🙏

Dancing can reverse the signs of aging in the brain

No wonder we feel better when we're dancing. 😊

>>> Join us for Nia at Shine As we grow older we suffer a decline in mental and physical fitness, which can be made worse by conditions like Alzheimer's disease. A new study, published in the open-access journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, shows that older people who routinely partake in physical exercise can reverse the s...

An answer to "What is Nia?"
What is Nia to you?

Wahoo! 🥳 We've got a new Nia White Belt in our community! It's our very own Alana Lu, co-owner of Shine Collective!

Congratulations, Alana! And hooray for our community! 🎉

We love you, Alana! xoxo 💜✨

What is Nia?

Join Allison's Introduction to Nia workshop and get a delicious taste!
Saturday, April 27 10a-12p

Sign up today and save!


Nia Education - The Body's Way

In Nia, The Body’s Way is the way we study anatomy. It is a unique approach to somatic education based on the science of the body that gives us a map to follow that respects the natural intelligence of the body. It gives us a way that respects and works with the inherent, natural differences of every body to develop an interactive and dynamic relationship between you, your body and the world you live in.

The Body’s Way says, “Know the way of the body and you will get to know the way of your body. The more you know about the body the deeper the relationship you will have with your body and with other bodies."

The Body's Way is guided by five fundamental principles that keep the body functioning optimally.

>> The Body's Way Principle 1

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Monday 09:00 - 17:30
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