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Operating as usual

[11/30/20]   Searching for winter weightlifting partner

Atlas Stones

Trying out these Atlas stones

The newest members to the under construction fitness training facility arsenal

[08/04/20]   Just a short video of some of today's tricep workout. I wanted to see how much the hernia popped out while doing these.

Fingal Finger training today

I finally got in a good workout with my fingal finger. It wore me out but feels great now!

It's been quite a long time since I posted in this account. But it's time to work on that. I'm finally getting some insulation hung in the Training Facility. Yay!!

[01/23/18]   Special thanks to Ben Shaw for visiting the Under Construction Fitness Training Facility today!

Anyone looking for a great gym, with no rules and restrictions? A gym with no equipment waiting? A gym that plays music you like? A gym that offers free training advice?💪

Its all coming together


Ironmaster IM2000 Self Spotting Machine User Guide

Tips and helpful tips on using the Ironmaster IM2000 See this item at: http://www.ironmaster.com/products/im2000-base The IM2000 self-spotting machine is a v...


Power Spot self- spotting barbell and dumbbell Machine

Power Spot self-spotting barbell/dumbbell machine makes it possible to lift heavy barbells and dumbbells safely. It can be used with most dumbbells such as B...


Click here to support Floor for safety organized by David Johnson

gofundme.com Man near his 50s in need of help repairing what Irma wrecked havoc on. The building doubles as a fitness center and hurricane shelter but easily flooded when Hurricane Irma arrived. I have a disabled wife along with a service dog to look after and keep safe. I need to fix the shelter area by bui...

After 3weeks off I gotta start somewhere

Time to knock the dust off this program and start it again!

[06/05/17]   Leg day

[06/05/17]   Leg day

The wood is all hung, the next step is to hang all the mirrors

[05/31/17]   It turns out that my loyal, faithful gym partner isn't so loyal and faithful, apparently its even too hot for Xena. 100° won't scare me away!💪 #getting🚢ready

Flea market find, #dealoftheday, #$8

[05/25/17]   About to push these shoulders to their limits and beyond. Then its traps and calves

Time to Lift

The new used A/C unit for the gym

[05/10/17]   Anyone looking for a good training partner with his own gym?

Finally got the rings hung up #ladderin bedoftruckworks

Always show support And RESPECT for our country and those that volunteer to protect it!

Training time

The newest piece of equipment

New dip bars installed in the training facility.

New piece of cardio for the gym

My pre workout for shoulders

Monster and hyphy mud to kick start this BACK session

A small video of the inside

From the outside looking in

From green to black just like that! 󰀀

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Atlas Stones
Fingal Finger training today



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