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We’re participating in an AAPI solidarity raffle with a bunch of other folks like Sacred Bones Records, Kings County Brewers Collective, Two Minutes To Late Night, Nusweat, Mobsh*ty, Faktor Music, Beer Street, REVOLVER Magazine, Physical Culture Collective, Caroline Harrison, and Alien Body. Entering is simple: donate to an NYC-based AAPI organization (we’ve got a list of suggested places where you can donate below but it’s not comprehensive so please feel free to add more suggestions!). 1 entry = a $5 donation. If you want more raffle entries, just donate more! $40 = 8 entries, for instance. Next: send a screenshot of your donation receipt to [email protected] (David put this whole thing together so he’s collecting screenshots for entries). If you want, you can also Venmo @confinesworld and put your IG handle in the notes, and David will make the donation to Heart of Dinner. At the end of two weeks, we’ll post the results, and David will pick a winner. Please feel free to share to help us raise as much money for these organizations as we can, and to help us keep the momentum going. Thank you to everyone in advance for your donations, and thank you to everyone who contributed raffle prizes.

Some suggested organizations in NYC:

Caaav: Organizing Asian Communities
Heart of Dinner
Send Chinatown Love
WOW Project NYC
Mekong NYC
Protect Chinatown

Please let us know if there are other organizations you’d recommend! And thank you for sharing & donating. #aapisolidarity #stopaapihate
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We are brought together by a love of movement, strength, health and consciousness. An awareness that the mind body connection is integral to a maintain homeostasis and a sense of well being.

We are a facility and community for people who are looking to improve there lives through strength, movement and martial arts.

Operating as usual


Oh yeah!! It’s on fam!!
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This Sunday we are back @diamondheartpcc NEW TIME: 4:20 pm. Featuring live music by The Awe!

And remember this yoga is ok to show up late to…bcs we dose the first 30 minutes. Is it a party? Is it yoga? Can it be both?! Come find out! We’re adding more dates every month DM to get on our email list ❤️☘️.

*Bring a friend on 3-20-22 and get a free 1oz pain salve while supplies last.

📸 @mr.hudson_ave
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Things you don’t want to miss!!??
Like tonight’s Body Ownership class at 5:30 lead by Coach @brianna.farris .
We are stoked to now be offering this class on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm right before the Interval bagwork class.
You couldn’t find a better combo to help you get the results you are working towards!
#playoften #bodyownership #lightyouup #fastandmobile


DH fight team player @buantastic gets in some text book Muay Khao in the smoker last week. Currently he and other team members are getting ready for their next fights!
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isak placing the knee

church street boxing gym, 2022

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Our yoga program is brought to you by our Fam at @thepharmnyc
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4:20 Sunday March 20 Cannabis Yin Yoga with live music by The Awe!
Dosing with
1 White Street @diamondheartpcc
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Thank you to @polish_punisher and @churchstreetboxinggym for hosting such a dope event!!
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สิ่งพิเศษในศิลปะการต่อสู้ ลูกศิษย์ที่ตามคำพูดของครู ทุกคำ ขอบคุณครับ

@davidmcortes @gavin_van_godam_vlack


Coach @ironkimono has some strong thoughts on a lot of really valid concepts to help you get the most out of your journey.
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That last paragraph though. So true. Keep moving fun. Keep moving exploratory.
#playoften #skillbasedplay #playbasedlearning #playbasedskills


Oh yeah! It’s on!! We are so stoked to be putting this back on the schedule!
@missjessyjess workshop will be held on April 11th at 7-9pm at our facility in amazing Bushwick , Brooklyn .
This workshop will get you in front of one of the top strikers in the game.
The fee is $60 for members and $75 for visiting guests.
DM us for more info and booking. There is limited room and we are already 1/2 sold out from the previous date so act fast.
#playoften #strikingyounglass #womenwhofight @csagym #ufc @muaythaigram @chopandchopsmma @hithouse @superareshop @kreaturesofhabit @combatclubretreats


2 of you favorite 💎❤️coaches @coachbloodymustache and @davidmcortes bringing you more cool concept on technique Tuesdays!

Switch Kick Fake set up for a sweep and overhand.

-Establish switch kick against opponent.
* make sure that your switch fake is consistent and believable, otherwise your opponent will be able to read the fake easily.
-Close distance ( keep your feet under you)
-Step through deep for the sweep ( leverage up top, leverage below)
- Get your head off the center line for your overhand. As you close distance after the fake make sure to cut a slight angle. This will make landing the overhand easier.
#ilovemuaythai❤️ #nakmuay @muaythaigram #techniquetuesday


If We continue to try new things and stay curious about our limits development is inevitable!
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TRAINEE SPOTLIGHT: here is @kirabind taking the Yoke for a ride on some conditioning
Before integrating this move we spent several moves patterning the cyclist then —> heel elevated squat—> back squat to build all around strength and the back rack position.
Framer & sandbag runs to build conditioning. Next session we’re adding 30lbs; the session after that, weight will stay the same but distance will go up 10ft. That’s how progressive overload works💪
Drop a 💪 or 👏 in the comments for Kira and for being strong!
#strength #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #strongwomen #strongmantraining #yokeruns
#playoften #staycurious #strongpeoplearehardertokill


We love that the community we are involved in is constantly working towards raising the bar!
Our fam over @kreaturesofhabit sent us some of this absolutely amazing oatmeal that delivers on but flavor and nutrient values!! @michaelchernow is as focused on delivering quality as we are and he has been a long time friend and sounding board for us as we are as always stoked to be in cahoots with him.
#playoften #feedthemachine #theprotagonist #koh


Coaches need Coaches!
DiamindHeart Coach @brianna.farris gets down with some fun additions to her already innovative style of movement training as she works with Coach @ironkimono at this past weekends KBA level 1 certification.
This was booked specifically for our coaches continuing education but we have had a bunch of members ask about the next one being available to them if they want to sign up.
We are discussing it with Jason to expand the availability of it next time.
For those of you who are new to our facility and community, if you want to take advantage of this kind of movement training and athletic development Coach Bri holds her Body Ownership classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30am and due to increased demand we will be expanding the availability and adding 5:30pm classes on Tuesday and Thursdays starting March 15th right before the awesome new Interval bag work classes with Coach @davidmcortes .
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We are continuously looking to make the best workshop and continuing education available for our members as well as our coaches.
This weekend Coach @ironkimono brought his unique and extremely versatile style of coaching Kettlebells with a KBA level 1 certification.
We are already planning more workshops with him as well as other cutting edge coaches and presenters.
Repost from @ironkimono

Just had the incredible pleasure of hanging out with this crew for two days. Thanks for being there with me! @diamondheartpcc thanks for opening your doors to us!
#playoften #athleticdevelopment #kettlebells #strongpeoplearehardertokill


We always do our best align ourselves with the best in our community and @ironkimono is exactly that!
No one teaches kettlebells for athletic development in the comprehensive fashion that he does.
We are proud to be presenting the 1st of many awesome workshops with this incredible teacher and human!
Repost from @ironkimono

Let the wild rumpus begin.
#playoften #kettlebells #strongpeoplearehardertokill #athleticdevelopment


DiamondHeart coaches @coachbloodymustache and @davidmcortes give you some great concepts to demystify solid dumps from clinch techniques.

Key points to remember:
1.) Hips forward, light on the balls of your feet.
2.) Arm control from partner sweeping.
3.) Leverage points (pull, pop, stop)
* technique should be fluid. If you’re bearing down or forcing the movements, you’re doing it wrong.

#playoften #nakmuay #muaykhoa @thepnarin_tee #throwsfromtheclinch #ilovemuaythai❤️ @diamondfightsbk


All hugs and smiles in our afternoon Jiu-Jitsu session. Get in and train with us! Monday-Friday at 11:30 AM and 6:30 PM.

#diamondheart #BJJ #jiujitsu #bushwick #brooklyn #martialarts


Yesterday’s conditioning 90ft(45/45) yoke walks at 360lbs for 8 sets, every minute on the minute.
Modified #strongman training is the conditioning & fat-loss tool that has the greatest carryover to athletic endeavors and strength. I’m STOKED🤘🔥we have an excellent selection of #strongman gear here at @diamondheartpcc
#fatlosstips #strength #strengthtraining #fitness #bushwick #brooklyn #yoke #yokeruns #yokerunsforcardio


Our goal is to make better training partners!
Repost from @sayerfit

No better piece of gear in the gym than good training partners👍💪
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Our fam gets mad stronger!!
We couldn’t be more excited to be bringing Coach @urstrength onboard with us at DiamondHeart.
We are currently setting up a workshop with him to bring his special skillset of training to our members.
#playoften #strongpeoplearehardertokill #kettlebells #girvoysport #strongisthenewskinny


So this will be a thing going forward!!
Thanks to @rick__nogers we will be able to live stream the upcoming smoker.
So if you are traveling in from outa town and want your friends who couldn’t make the trip to be able to support you they will. We are looking into making this a donation pay situation to be able to spread the love and support martial arts charities that our community feels strongly about.
We would also like to thank @warriorscup_3pp @muaythaigram and @gammaunitedstates for helping us step up our production levels and be able to make each event just a little bit cooler by offering more great features.
#playoften #ilovemuaythai❤️ @8limbsacademy @junipermuaythai @518muaythai @stockademuaythai @saintvitusbar @birdysbushwick @motospirits @speakeasyofstrengthbk @lurkshop


So this will be a thing going forward!!
Thanks to @rick__nogers we will be able to live stream the upcoming smoker.
So if you are traveling in from outa town and want your friends who couldn’t make the trip to be able to support you they will. We are looking into making this a donation pay situation to be able to spread the love and support martial arts charities that our community feels strongly about.
We would also like to thank @warriorscup_3pp @muaythaigram and @gammaunitedstates for helping us step up our production levels and be able to make each event just a little bit cooler by offering more great features.
#playoften #ilovemuaythai❤️ @8limbsacademy @junipermuaythai @518muaythai @stockademuaythai @saintvitusbar @birdysbushwick @motospirits @speakeasyofstrengthbk @lurkshop


Juan is a coach, educator and presenter with 18years of experience beside some of the greatest minds in strength.
As a member of the US National team Juan has won World Championships and successfully coached athletes at a domestic and international level. He holds the rank of Master of sport in the 32kg clean and jerk and held a US national record in the 78kg bodyweight division.
His attention to detail has helped Weightlifters, Powerflifters, Crossfitters and Kettlebellsport athletes compete at a levels they’d believed out of reach. Juan believes intelligent choices are the key to longevity when pursuing strength.

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1 White St.
New York, NY

Opening Hours

Monday 11:30am - 9:30pm
Tuesday 7am - 9:30am
Wednesday 11:30pm - 9:30am
Thursday 7am - 9:30am
Friday 11:30am - 8:30pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm
Sunday 12pm - 3pm

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