Pilates On Fifth Workouts

Pilates On Fifth Workouts


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Dear Kimberly and Katherine,
Last year you created a new Reformer workout when I asked. It is one of my favorite routines! THANK YOU!!!!! Your responsiveness and customer-centric approach is the BEST!☺️
I recently learned I have a condition that requires me to do more weight-bearing exercises. Can you help me? I love to do outdoor workouts and its often windy, so I am thinking a stretch band workout that blends classic Pilates with weight bearing. Gratefully yours
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Is there a way to save favorite workouts on the website?
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I have really enjoyed Ultimate Pilates Workouts as they have given me tones of ideas for my own Pilates classes! They are always challenging and original. Thanks!!
I bought a reformer 6 years ago and a couple of DVDs. If it weren't for UltimatePilatesWorkouts videos, I think my reformer would be gathering dust, not to mention a sore subject in our marriage. I mean, reformers are not cheap! I love my reformer! I can do all of the exercises. I've tried other UPW videos as well and they are great but I always go back to the reformer ones. It's so relaxing and a great workout. I really like listening to Kimberly and Katherine. I like their work-out tips and explanations. I finally found out why after 10 years of Pilates, I still can't do a roll-up but I can do teasers on the reformer. It could be I have a tight back, like they do...
I've always had a hard time doing videos at home but LOVE Ultimate Pilates! I always feel so good after doing them and the videos are just perfect. Much better value than going to classes. Can't wait to go to NYC and go to a class in person though!

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Get all the benefits of studio instruction anytime, anywhere with your iPod, laptop, PC, TV.or any portable media device! Select Pilates Mat videos are absolutely free to view along with mat-related workouts such as Stability Ball, BOSU, Exercise Band and Pilates Ring. Or, sign up for one of our affordable subscription plans to enjoy full length equipment workouts on the entire library of Mat and

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Join us TONIGHT at 7pm as we discuss how COVID has impacted Katherine & Kimberly Corp from Pilates on Fifth in New York City. The former New York City Rockettes will join us on Wednesday, April 14th at 7 pm to discuss how the pandemic has changed the way the studio operates, interactions with clients, and online class. You don't want to miss this! PLUS GIVEAWAYS TOO!!

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Join us as we discuss how COVID has impacted Katherine & Kimberly Corp from Pilates on Fifth in New York City. The former New York City Rockettes will join us on Wednesday, April 14th at 7 pm to discuss how the pandemic has changed the way the studio operates, interactions with clients, and online class. You don't want to miss this! PLUS GIVEAWAYS TOO!!


LiveStreaming and 24/7 On-Demand Access at PilatesonFifthOnline.com


Our predecessors were on to something! They used springs, we use exercise bands! ... And we ❤️exercise bands! At Po5 we all use extra long 11ft stretch bands for extra versatility 🥳and for increasing strength 💪🏻and flexibility 🤸🏽‍♀️simultaneously!!! See you soon virtually or in the studio! Live-streaming with Katherine & Kimberly has started! Go to PilatesOnFifthOnline to sign up!

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Pilates on Fifth has over 40 live-streaming classes weekly and now NEW live-streaming classes from owners Katherine and Kimberly Corp. Check the description for how to sign up!#pilatesonfifth #onlinepilates



This week's video is HERE! We have had requests for both a flat abs video and an arms video so we decided to combine the two and create FLAT ABS AND FIRMS ARMS FAST! This video is only 30 minutes so we know you can find time to do it. Almost every exercise targets both the arms and the abdominal muscles at the same time, so it is very efficient! Join PilatesonFifthOnline.com now for this and many other great workouts.


Well, Socrates WAS a wise man, wasn't he!?! So Socrates perfectly sums up why -- whether you're a runner or a chef -- caring for your feet is so important. So! We are going to move up the body to the knees this week, but after all that turkey and stuffing (and please tell us you had some pie), we have had requests for some content that makes people feel they are doing SOMETHING to counter turkey-week!!! So we're putting up a new video on PilatesonFifthOnline.com this week -- Flat Abs and Firm Arms FAST! We will show you highlights of this plus give you our two cents worth on some common fitness hype -- for there are two sides to every coin!


We promise we are moving on after today! But we will leave you with one parting thought: you have the chance to help your feet and thus your foot-ankle-knee-hip alignment every time you get up and walk. So just start being mindful. We always talk about core strength and neutral alignment with Pilates, but if your initial "heel strike" when walking throws all of this alignment off....think about it! You could be getting so much more out of all your exercise endeavors if you corrected any foot/ankle issues or walking abnormalities. Ok! Hopping off our soap box now, and will roll evenly through the feet as we do!


As former Radio City Rockettes who performed 5 shows a day in 3 inch heels, we can tell you right now THAT YOU NEED TO STRETCH YOUR CALVES AND YOUR LOWER LEGS! All the muscles in your lower leg absorb the shock of your life all day long, so show them some love and stretch them! Also, as Pilates studio owners of Pilates on Fifth for 20+ years, we can tell you that clients from every walk of life (bad pun intended) ALL experience foot pain and calf cramps. It's so funny (not funny) that when we teach clients "the Hundred" in a mat class, so many people have to stop due to calf cramps! (Needless to say, we tell them "just flex your feet!", but since the exercise traditionally calls for pointed feet....!) Ha! Clearly the calf muscle is not target muscle for "The Hundred!" So even if you're just lounging and watching TV, take a moment to roll your ankles, wiggle your toes and stretch your calves!


Foot Care While Cooking!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope you are staying safe this Thanksgiving! Even as former Radio City Rockettes and owners of Pilates on Fifth for over 20 years, you would THINK that we would have foot pain and foot care under control. NOT! What kills us both the most is standing in the kitchen! And what will you be doing Thanksgiving day? STANDING IN THE KITCHEN! So watch this short video of little tips for keeping your feet enlivened and active while you cook! You can also add little heel lifts (we dancers call them "releves") and anything that keeps your arches lifted and your feet healthy.


Week 2 of Feet Week! Everyone's feet need some love, so we decided to extend it! Also, we have heard from some of our clients that their feet hurt more because they are spending more time barefoot. Aside from the obvious "walking around the home barefoot" situation, the real pain comes from standing in the kitchen cooking. So since it's Thanksgiving week and many of us will probably be standing in the kitchen cooking, you MUST give your feet some love. So this one is simple! Write the alphabet with your feet! This strengthens all the little muscles that cross the lower the leg over the ankle and into the feet, so it helps hold the arches up. Do this many times during the day -- and it's best done seated, but you can always do it one leg at a time when you're standing in the kitchen. Of course, this exercise is GREAT for runners, walkers and exercisers too! So Happy Cooking and take care of your feet!


Feet Week, Day 3! We hope you're thinking about your feet in a new way now! Your feet support you as you move through life, so let's support them. If you've ever wondered "what is my walking habit?", take a look at your shoes! They are the best indicator of where you carry your weight and your alignment when walking or running. A groovy video is coming tomorrow with lots of do's and don'ts and more info on the feet that a static picture can't tell you! In the meantime, ASK US ANYTHING! We are former Rockettes who also used to run, so we treasure our feet and want to help you! New feet-focused videos coming to PilatesonFifthOnline as well, but in the meantime, check out our hundreds of videos for every age and fitness level, with lots of targeted themes so you can train the way that is right for you.


Feet Week, Day 2! Yesterday we talked about the first part of running/walking: the heel strike when your heel makes contact with the ground. The midpoint of your heel should make contact with the ground first, not the outside or inside of the heel.

Today talks about the next step! When you roll through your foot to continue walking or running, you should endeavor to hit the three points shown in the graphic evenly and not favor one side or the other. Think of the bottom of your foot as a tripod, the triangle between the heel and the right and left sides of the ball of the foot. As with a tripod, weight should be even! (When you're running, this will be a snapshot in time. When you're standing, this "tripod" should be evenly weighted.) So start paying attention to your habits -- even randomly as you stand and move through life -- and notice if you favor one side of your foot or another.

As you go about your day and walk from here to there, endeavor to have the midpoint of the heel -- the first point of the tripod -- strike the ground first and then roll through the foot evenly to the other two points of the tripod. This way, you can start improving your run or power walk even when you're not exercising! We have lots of fun videos and pictures to come with stretches, strengthening exercises and self-massage techniques so stay tuned for the rest of Feet Week! Who knows, Feet Week may end up lasting two weeks! Pssst!

For all you runners out there, we have a "Pilates for Runners" video on www.pilatesonfifthonline.com and are filming "Pilates for Runners 2" this week. Let us know if you have requests!


It's FEET WEEK! Your feet are so important! They are our contact with the earth and they propel us through life and get us where we are going. And when your feet hurt, well, everything hurts!

So this week is FEET WEEK! We will spend a week talking about foot alignment, stretching, strengthening, massage techniques and all the information you need to have your feet feeling GRAND!

Attention Runners! This will be soooooooooo good for you!!! Look out for links to videos and ebooks this week!

Pilates On Fifth... by Pilates on Fifth 05/15/2020

Pilates On Fifth... by Pilates on Fifth

Join us for a 45 minute workout with the small ball! Hang with us after for Q & A!!!

Pilates On Fifth... by Pilates on Fifth Pilates with the Small Ball

Self-Massage Bundle by Pilates on Fifth 05/01/2020

Self-Massage Bundle by Pilates on Fifth

Grab a foam roller or tennis ball and join us for some self-massage and myofascial release!

Self-Massage Bundle by Pilates on Fifth How Rockettes Roll


These are the things we love to see! Presenting Ms. Ellen Fluhr, our Golden Pilates teacher, and Golden Mat & Chair. Right in the comfort of your living room!


Join one of our VIRTUAL classes today!



Join one of our VIRTUAL classes today!


Work out with us! We're preparing a GREAT class full of traditional Pilates favorites plus some of our signature "Corps Physique" (Get it?? CORE PHYSIQUE!!!) moves. The class will be one hour and we'll hang around after to answer your questions. Spice up your workout regime and try some new moves! Space is limited, so sign up here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=528&stype=43&prodid=9712170

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LiveStreaming and 24/7 On-Demand Access at PilatesonFifthOnline.com
Foot Care While Cooking!
Pilates on Fifth Online - Feet Week!
Pilates on Fifth Online




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